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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 18:04


Joe Horzempa
Joe Horzempa - 4 dager siden
I literally remember when Will first started with Alec. He was so awkward at first
grant Beach Priest ring
grant Beach Priest ring - 9 dager siden
Will has twice the genuineness of al. And now you see Will is getting phased out like poor sam.
B_12 - 10 dager siden
I'm a vise in a vise pretending to be a vise!
Joe Weintraut
Joe Weintraut - 10 dager siden
Will, I really want to see you make a Navaja... (I know, off topic, but I just watched your folding knife vid, and it made me think a BIG navaja would be fun.)
Darin Roodman
Darin Roodman - 16 dager siden
I see you too went to Costco for your big-black-yellow-topped buckets :-D
Wild with Chris
Wild with Chris - 17 dager siden
I'm getting dizzy from all the special effects 🤯
CelticShadow - 18 dager siden
we not gonna talk about the even larger vise at the beginning? hidden behind the one hes working on.
Bernardo Patino
Bernardo Patino - 19 dager siden
Super cool video. !!!!!!
Teresa Singletary
Teresa Singletary - 20 dager siden
Derek Casady
Derek Casady - 20 dager siden
JeremyK 541OR.
JeremyK 541OR. - 20 dager siden
This is now my favorite YouTube channel these two are doing a great job
Andrew - 20 dager siden
As a Machinist I love seeing you guys hone your skills and use the mill and lathe a lot more! One of my favorite channels for sure
Nic Chopin
Nic Chopin - 20 dager siden
Thats a sexy looking vise, I like the gold lettering
forcedtoregister100 - 20 dager siden
Holy crap the quick cuts and shaky camera made me feel like I was watching a Paul Greengrass movie. Nearly got motion sick 😫
Ryan Dillon
Ryan Dillon - 21 dag siden
New name is Will Steele with that hair do. You guys need to be hair care ambassadors. Get some sponsors.
Ryan Dillon
Ryan Dillon - 21 dag siden
I would have blasted it with walnuts. Very safe method and non degrading of metal. Looks like a beast in good shape. Cheers
Pete Lasko
Pete Lasko - 21 dag siden
Two of the most talented, dedicated young men in the states❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸
Elisha North
Elisha North - 21 dag siden
Loved the whole thing, but especially the gold lettering
King Quesadilla
King Quesadilla - 22 dager siden
If you ever need to spice up that simple green, a pint of pure limonene is pretty cheap on amazon
Asjdj - 22 dager siden
idea, doesn't look like you checked if your stock runs true at all when you machine it. Might be a good idea to check for how true it is to make sure it will machine well. It looked like it was running off a bit in one end. i would recommend Abom79's youtube channel to see how you can do it with grinding, becoming true etc
J - 22 dager siden
I love seeing how far Will has come as a vlogger and presenter. So much more confidence and finesse in his delivery
Ethan .S
Ethan .S - 22 dager siden
i love ho they use $200 hammers as machining hammers .
Roel ten Hoor
Roel ten Hoor - 22 dager siden
Those forearms and biceps tho
Douglas Daniszewski
Douglas Daniszewski - 22 dager siden
I absolutely love your attention to detain and the amount of work you've put into this (and every item you've worked on) vice. You do EXCEPTIONAL work, and are a TRUE craftsman! Congrats on your work, someone is going to benefit to your attention to detail and craftsmanship! I'm glad I am a subscriber to your channel and I look forward to all your work (yea, Alec's!! Thanks for that video, I look forward to your next find and restore!
Chip Goostree
Chip Goostree - 22 dager siden
Thanks Will, great job!
Matt Watts
Matt Watts - 22 dager siden
As a long time fan can I ask you guys for a favor? PLEASE never leave the file noise in the video. When you filed the screw head it sent visceral shivers down my spine.
Edward G
Edward G - 23 dager siden
Shop hack: Smear Vaseline on your hands before working on something greasy. Dip fingertips into Vaseline and scratch it under and around nails. The clear Vaseline will block dirt and grease from getting under nails making it really easy to clean up. Also keeps your hands from drying out.
Yabbie - 23 dager siden
Great restoration!
FitFo - 23 dager siden
why would you jb weld that lol, why not weld/grind it
A. Freeland
A. Freeland - 23 dager siden
Beautiful. NYC proud
Robert Quin
Robert Quin - 23 dager siden
I hope you tested for lead paint before you started.
Earline Jorgenson
Earline Jorgenson - 23 dager siden
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart - 24 dager siden
Yes! More restoration!
Sam Wise
Sam Wise - 24 dager siden
Do i see Conflict, is there something we should know about?
Toby Bardon
Toby Bardon - 24 dager siden
Surely it would have been cheaper, to just buy the vice?
Felix_The_CAT5e Gaming
Felix_The_CAT5e Gaming - 24 dager siden
"Whack on that jaw until is comes...loose" -Will, 2020
MGTOW GHOST - 24 dager siden
A pity the vice wasn't made in Miami......!!!!
MGTOW GHOST - 24 dager siden
is the 300lb power hammer fixed now ??
Black Dog Workshop
Black Dog Workshop - 24 dager siden
New drinking game! Everytime Will says, "I'm gunna go ahead..." take a shot!
Great video though, really enjoyed seeing this old tool come alive again!
Steve Preston
Steve Preston - 24 dager siden
A great job done there Will i just love to see you guys restoring old machinery and tools they have so much character and look fantastic on completion, keep them coming
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson - 24 dager siden
Whenever I see a video will makes I'm always super happy you two guys perfectly complement each other's work styles
baggd65 - 24 dager siden
Basically, Forged and Fire.
VIKINGRAIDER - 24 dager siden
That was awesome man!: You gave that thing new life!! Plus,... Your producer worked magic like straight outta Hollywood: Thats was very impressive. You have quite a future in this.
Kyte Pheonix
Kyte Pheonix - 24 dager siden
Well I think I found another fan of this channel locally ... the give away was 2 days after this video was released they listed an un-restored Prentiss #22 vise, rusty as all hell ... for $600 -__- ...
Hellsong89 - 24 dager siden
Talk about timing :D I just started utility restoration on English Record nr.3 vise that i salvaged from scrap metal bin. After getting rid of the grime i was blown away how tight the tolerances were, even though it had gone hell and back. Only problem was the grime, same pancaked jaw arm it being used as anvil and missing slack spring, washer and pin. Jaw had one side missing, so i just made one from some random peace of steel, but probably need to harden it, now that i think about it and my replacement random spring needs to be lot stiffer. I have another where body had snapped and someone had tried to repair it, but with poor results.. maybe i do restoration on that someday.
Jason Aguirre
Jason Aguirre - 24 dager siden
Always a pleasure watching you work...
johnkent2009 - 24 dager siden
One thing I've noticed haha yu Americans have so much baby faces
Martin Bogomolni
Martin Bogomolni - 24 dager siden
Site is down? I just tried to log in
Joseph Comeau
Joseph Comeau - 24 dager siden
Having a nice website is one-thing, but having good product photos is another. you may wanna get some better shots up that are not from a phone. ESPECIALLY when you guys ahve all those pro level cameras sitting right there.
Crazantics - 25 dager siden
Soooooo... Will, you been hanging out with the warrior poet boys?
Theo Ekelmans
Theo Ekelmans - 25 dager siden
JBWELD ? seriously? Why not weld the holes shut?
Matt Zimm
Matt Zimm - 25 dager siden
Nice video! Also, nice job marketing, not too "in your face".
STtyrone - 25 dager siden
Very nice, Great job
Chris Lucente
Chris Lucente - 25 dager siden
If only my government showed as much care and respect as Will does a vice.
Amazing work!
Bas van Etten
Bas van Etten - 25 dager siden
Maybe this is a good time to buy a ball turning attachment for your lathe
Koh Hedley
Koh Hedley - 25 dager siden
Try blacksmithing without a forge or a propane torch
Магомед-Гирей Гантемиров
Норм. Инструмент
Quentin Hudspeth
Quentin Hudspeth - 25 dager siden
Make something pretty out of those old jaw heads!
Joseph Prozinski
Joseph Prozinski - 25 dager siden
Look at Will giving up the scruffy looking nerf herder look at 12:16.
Scramppy Pamp
Scramppy Pamp - 25 dager siden
You should make a karambit.
norscanhordes - 25 dager siden
Great job sir, super interesting, well shot and edited.
Goose Ross
Goose Ross - 25 dager siden
I am typically impressed with the workmanship but this was substandard. Why wouldn't you use a hand held wire wheel versus holding 40 pounds of steel to a grinding wheel. Just looked like a lack of fire thought compared to previous videos in general. Normally I learn something but this video I can point out the issues. I'm not trying to be mean I have a lot of respect for all these guys. I'm just disappointed in the video. There are a lot easier/more realistic ways to deal with those issues
Milton B
Milton B - 25 dager siden
An idea for a new project. The sword Cade (Mark Wahlberg) uses in Transformers: The Last Knight
Mike Boone
Mike Boone - 25 dager siden
Outstanding now all you need to do is make some drop on soft jaws. Happy Trails
Morsaliger - 25 dager siden
TIL That Americans have their own spelling of the word Vice.
J tb
J tb - 25 dager siden
Thanks guys great video! Shortly after your last vice restoration video my grandmother past away and we had to liquidate the estate. I inherited my grandfathers super old seized up vice. And with the pandemic I’ve had time to work on it. It turned out awesome after being even after being completely seized up! I’m no expert and wouldn’t even thought to have undertake this project without have seeing that video. Thanks to you guys I was able to turn a hunk of scrap iron into a second generation useful tool. Thanks again.
Sy Kahtic
Sy Kahtic - 25 dager siden
Need to make a couple knives out of those old jaw plates
TheSuperGuitarGuy - 25 dager siden
Matthew Horton
Matthew Horton - 26 dager siden
Okay, I have basically no experience forging, but I think it would be incredible to try to use the steel filings and dust, trying to make them one piece, then make something out of it.
shane sizemore
shane sizemore - 26 dager siden
Hey boss do you know anyone in Oregon around eugene or Springfield that might want a helper/ apprentice. If you can help me id really appreciate it. Im very new and have limitations on time and tools. Stay at home dad wanting to make knifes. Any suggestions.
ORflycaster - 26 dager siden
The thumb-down are just jealous that a young man has such a sweet vise.........and shop. Great work Will!
Photography 13
Photography 13 - 26 dager siden
The gold paint was the best part of this whole video.
A C Creations
A C Creations - 26 dager siden
I appreciate not going too far with the JB weld filler. It needs to keep the look.
daily8150 - 26 dager siden
So I noticed title vise(en-US) and description vice (en-UK).
Luisfacero78 - 26 dager siden
You can really tell that y’all love what you do. Just the attention to detail at something as humble as a vise is just amazing.
Michal Zaskovsky
Michal Zaskovsky - 26 dager siden
nice u see all of u lads are busy
DPrime The nut bolt and what not
Wow will, grown such a nice man within one year.
Farzan Misbah Arefin
Farzan Misbah Arefin - 26 dager siden
Can you make a every metal sword
one and only Blake
one and only Blake - 26 dager siden
What happened to your accent
Ashley King
Ashley King - 26 dager siden
Wow did Will just do a sponsor. Instead of Alec cut to 😂. Well done will vice looking great.