Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN

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Do I have too much time on my hands or do I have too many bottles of nail polish?
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Runtime: 24:14


Jay Williams
Jay Williams - 20 minutter siden
Definitely like this layout better!
Phoenix Lord
Phoenix Lord - 22 minutter siden
Ben making weird noises shows that hes fully comfortable with the camera and i am so proud -
Nidhi❤︎ - Time siden
Christine: bennnnn
flin fakin
flin fakin - Time siden
OMG I found simplys piterest
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - Time siden
“I don’t think Safiya would do this even for money” jajajaj I don’t know, she spends hours mixing lipsticks, she may do this justo for fun
Freddie Holland
Freddie Holland - 2 timer siden
Stacy Hurtado
Stacy Hurtado - 2 timer siden
Love the outcome 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻looks so much better
Jack F
Jack F - 2 timer siden
Jack F
Jack F - 2 timer siden
When all three of you where there, it felt like you all had like three beers 🍻
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - Time siden
I NEED to know jen’s birthday like. She’s got to be an aries.
Jack F
Jack F - 2 timer siden
This is proof that your sister hates you
Sarah Terry
Sarah Terry - 3 timer siden
Menchie is really just tolerating you destroying ANOTHER part of her castle the entire time lmao
starkbux - 4 timer siden
you should put some glass doors on those shelves to save yourself from all the dust
Sahaj Jaiswal
Sahaj Jaiswal - 6 timer siden
Chris *tea* ne
Her parents also knew her love for tea when naming her what a champ
BTS army For life
BTS army For life - 6 timer siden
I’m Canadian 🇨🇦
moonangel511 - 7 timer siden
Has something happened with you and Ben?? Did you guys finally "quite" one of your jobs?? Since in this video, Ben seems a lot more happier reorganizing you nail polish again.
Karen R
Karen R - 8 timer siden
Jen got a booty 👀
Khloe Lynn
Khloe Lynn - 8 timer siden
And why aren’t these two married yet
Kayla L
Kayla L - 7 timer siden
they don’t want to get married. To them, it’s just a title and piece of paper
Ananya Murali
Ananya Murali - 9 timer siden
honestly doing something like this is like a beautiful fever dream for me
Cole Lowe
Cole Lowe - 9 timer siden
I just watched someone organize nail polish for 24 minutes ... And I enjoyed it. What?
Alexa Green
Alexa Green - 9 timer siden
Hi Christine I know you're I spelled your name wrong a watch your videos every day they make me happy I live in Canada to I drink tea I've been dealing with anxiety lately I want to come home and watch your videos they always make me happy
Alexa Green
Alexa Green - 9 timer siden
I meant I watch your videos everyday
KitsuneKuddles - 9 timer siden
Hey! Cristine! 22:54 You're welcome lol
Claudia - 10 timer siden
Cristine, so how much does the expensive nail polish you showed cost?
KitsuneKuddles - 10 timer siden
Loving how the method of holding the polishes is car beds. SUPER Simplynailogical vibe.
Edit: Fucking Sally Hansen bottles are the WORST to organize.
2nd Edit: Why don't you make nail polish haul videos?
Bente - 10 timer siden
I NEED to know jen’s birthday like. She’s got to be an aries.
Jorja Panda
Jorja Panda - 11 timer siden
“Well we can move the cat off the table!”
Helena Skwarczyńska
Helena Skwarczyńska - 12 timer siden
You should do a giveaway of nail polishes you don't use anymore:-)
Jorja Panda
Jorja Panda - 11 timer siden
Or she should make a video of swatching all of them on paper so she can throw away gross ones
Ariana Simpson
Ariana Simpson - 12 timer siden
Why was there no wall tour at the end?!? Ummmm..... still waiting.
Jorja Panda
Jorja Panda - 11 timer siden
Just wait till the next video and you probs can see it
Mahek Patel
Mahek Patel - 13 timer siden
When you see this in your recommend and click on it:🌪🌪🌪🌫🌫🌫
MercedesVirgo - 13 timer siden
Where’s Nails Inc.?
Lisa Akinlabi
Lisa Akinlabi - 13 timer siden
This made me Happy and even though I no longer drink, a vodka would have been great as Jen requested LOL 🤣
Megen Ashley
Megen Ashley - 13 timer siden
I'm so glad you reorganized back. Watching your more recent videos with the rainbow organization in the background was giving me anxiety just thinking about how inflexible it was.
E Lawless
E Lawless - 13 timer siden
Ben : I'm not doing this
Proceeds to carry on helping in pointless task
Necility - 14 timer siden
honestly I liked it for a while, even tho it looked messy I think it was kinda nice seeing a lil rainbow 👀 but I'm glad to have it look this organized again lol
Μαρινα καιτ
Μαρινα καιτ - 15 timer siden
Ben, you were referring to the Stockholm syndrome.
Μαρινα καιτ
Μαρινα καιτ - Time siden
@Jorja Panda Hi! Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response. It occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of captivity or abuse. In other words, when one is falling in love with the person that kidnapped them.
Jorja Panda
Jorja Panda - 11 timer siden
When? And what is that
MariaBlake - 15 timer siden
I wonder had Christine ever tried Barry’s tea. It’s the Most famous tea brand in Ireland.
Zeesha Zapz
Zeesha Zapz - 15 timer siden
OMG!! I missed you🥺🥺❤️❤️
Amanda Rojas
Amanda Rojas - 15 timer siden
Omg love you too, it's really fun to watch both of you😍😍
Talpa 1987
Talpa 1987 - 15 timer siden
Thanks for fixing the strange mess you had made.
FireFrenzieFire - 15 timer siden
I love the use of the cat beds
Jorja Panda
Jorja Panda - 11 timer siden
Kathy Thomas
Kathy Thomas - 16 timer siden
Your a tea Rex it’s a joke
Kathy Thomas
Kathy Thomas - 16 timer siden
I’m just waiting for the thing to fall and the explosion meme happpens like if lol
fluffy Marshmallow
fluffy Marshmallow - 16 timer siden
U n I c o r n e p e e
Roop KD
Roop KD - 17 timer siden
Smh. This women can’t be satisfied lmao. Also Ben is such a whole mood
psycho emo
psycho emo - 17 timer siden
More like re-re-organizing
Maria Unknow
Maria Unknow - 17 timer siden
Simply: "ugh it's molding"
Also Simply: probably still not throwing it away
Joonsexybrain - 18 timer siden
ben has such a virgo vibes
ryan ok
ryan ok - 18 timer siden
Thank goodness. I prefer it this way too 😂
Anna Sophia Groen
Anna Sophia Groen - 18 timer siden
The moment when the DAY 1 popped up i Knew i fucked up
N a i v a r o
N a i v a r o - 20 timer siden
I personally found the rainbow organization pleasing to look at as well, but this hits differently. It looks neat and it's much more convenient!
On that note, pls don't do this again.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 18 timer siden
And then christine saying "no." My fellow tiktok kids know what im sayin'
Eva Jordan
Eva Jordan - 21 time siden
Christine, it's not fair because I live in the UK and we have pounds not dollars do I can't buy your amazing nail polish, holo taco, and I am really upset. Please can you resolve this problem,
Yours sincerely,
Your very own holo 🌮
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 18 timer siden
How many times did cristine change it this year???
Lady Capricorn
Lady Capricorn - 21 time siden
I feel exhausted just by watching you! But I'm glad it's over 😊😊😊
Lady Capricorn
Lady Capricorn - 21 time siden
I feel exhausted just by watching you! But I'm glad it's over 😊😊😊
Sonia Kumari
Sonia Kumari - 22 timer siden
Ben: where do you think you’re going?
Cristine with no H: over your head
Ben: like all your jokes 😎
AvalonDemina - 22 timer siden
Watching this while buying more nail polish online to add to my measly collection.
Not Holo Taco though sorry, you don't ship to my area. 🙁
Lina Garibay
Lina Garibay - 23 timer siden
2nd comment sorry. I think it looks better after. The new organization. Not rainbow.
Lina Garibay
Lina Garibay - 23 timer siden
My nail polish always dries out. I clean too much. My nails will be doing good than after a deep cleaning I have permanently wrinkles on my hands and all my nails are peeling away! Then my kids have crazy hard nails.
FrozenFruitAddict - Dag siden
Ben must love you so much 😄
Madeleine Mercy
Madeleine Mercy - Dag siden
really a miracle that cristine's sister did not just quietly murder her as a child
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - Dag siden
Stockholm syndrome
James Ruby
James Ruby - Dag siden
Who else watchin this in 2020
Amy Gallagher
Amy Gallagher - Dag siden
Stockholm syndrome... it’s called Stockholm syndrome Ben
Quin S
Quin S - Dag siden
Not only does this look better but it feels better
Samantha Cartojano
Samantha Cartojano - Dag siden
How many times did cristine change it this year???
Dave. The.Mother
Dave. The.Mother - Dag siden
Hi just wanted to say that i can't wait for someone on tiktok to make a sound out of ben going "Can we get rid of some" followed by a dun dun duuuun and an exadurated gasp. And then christine saying "no." My fellow tiktok kids know what im sayin'
krissjay - Dag siden
Lisa Misterek
Lisa Misterek - Dag siden
I'm so glad I saw both versions when I did! I have just purchased some shelving for my nearly 400 bottles (with room for growth). I, too, thought the rainbow would look best until I saw yours. It looked so messy! The final version is definitely the way to go, and I'll be following the same plan. Thanks!
Iman Metzger
Iman Metzger - Dag siden
please tell me you threw away the moldy nail polish....
kizi180 - Dag siden
I like it better this way.
Ashley Sosa
Ashley Sosa - Dag siden
5 cat beds....
Ashley Sosa
Ashley Sosa - Dag siden
I love how the argument is that you have to move all of them when you get another one.... How many more polishes can there be out there? lmao
All in all though, i actually liked the way it was before the change last time. I remember watching it and thinking that it was a good idea to color code it that way, but the final result just looked like a messy bookshelf. only the colors were the same, the styles, the heights, the bottles all screwed up what wouldve been a beautiful rainbow. So I just started this, and I have no idea where it is going, but I hope it goes back to how it was before,, i think that looked really good and i regret that I thought this rainbow version was a good idea. lmao
Ashley Sosa
Ashley Sosa - Dag siden
oh good, you said this like 10 seconds later, awesome.
Michaela McCrea
Michaela McCrea - Dag siden
hey Cristine, what's that on your oThEr HaNd?
Mary - Dag siden
We need a new shelf tour!
C M - Dag siden
Did cristine quit her job? Or did she organize her nail polish over a 3 day weekend?
C M - Dag siden
@Kelsey oh okay thanks!
Kelsey - Dag siden
Yes, she still has her job. She mentioned on Instagram that she took vacation time.
Holly Cole
Holly Cole - Dag siden
hello, question, where can I find my own ben to have. id really like to own one I just cannot find a ben in my area.
Along with Alana 💕
Along with Alana 💕 - Dag siden
The Menchie shots in this video are TOP NOTCH 🙌 Also LOL @ Ben describing Stockholm Syndrome 😂😂😂
Jill M
Jill M - Dag siden
Is Christine pregnant?
Kelsey - Dag siden
No. People really need to stop asking inappropriate questions about people they don't know personally.
Sugar Packet
Sugar Packet - Dag siden
Finna risk it all for Jen
JustKidding MV
JustKidding MV - Dag siden
When you have to stand on the couch to be the same height as your husband 😔 ⚰
Somebody Irrelevant
Somebody Irrelevant - Dag siden
Honestly this setup is more satisfying for me to look at. I’d have expected for the color-organized to look more satisfying, but something about the bottle sizes/shapes and lid colors being by the same sizes/shapes/colors is soooo much better 🥰
Natalie Sanderson
Natalie Sanderson - Dag siden
video idea: going through all your nail polishes to see if they even still work and throwing out the ones that don't
TheAnti-Guru-Art - Dag siden
Menchi is the real star of this video😸
Little Dove
Little Dove - Dag siden
next video like this is going to be testing every single nail polish she has to see if they still work
Jadedslave - Dag siden
PRAISE MENCHIE!! Giiiiirrrrrrlllll thank you so freaking much for doing this! 😭
I literally had to pull back from watching your vids because the polish rainbow was killing my OCD 😫
It looks amazing!! 😍
ItsjustJordanCy a
ItsjustJordanCy a - Dag siden
Ben and Christine are basically married if you think about it
Midknightsnow 37
Midknightsnow 37 - Dag siden
No one:
ben: what is it called wen someone kidnapped someone and they think they love them
Me: why did you ask that it so random
Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith - Dag siden
Ima be 32 next month I feel ya
Jorja Panda
Jorja Panda - Dag siden
I know she will never see this, but she should make a video where she swatches all of her nail polish to help her get rid of some old crusty ones
Leila English
Leila English - Dag siden
mixing all your oats together
UniSpaceLlama 13
UniSpaceLlama 13 - Dag siden
Everyone: ooh cool and shiny
Me: why so many cat beds?
Grace King
Grace King - Dag siden
i like the rainbow better
Grace King
Grace King - Dag siden
I love how she was just like ´Be like Jen' to Ben lol
Yihan Qin
Yihan Qin - Dag siden
I thought Safiya had crazy amounts of lipstick, specifically lip stuff... until I saw this video.
Katie Townend
Katie Townend - Dag siden
I’m so glad you changed it back! Honestly I hated the rainbow too 😳
the official simp
the official simp - Dag siden
that room is one of the most flammable room their house...
Novineux - Dag siden
I wonder if Beyyyn ever think about wanting to be stuck in that sister sandwich...
Kiarah Copeland
Kiarah Copeland - Dag siden
she is going to need a bigger shelf
Inara Mack
Inara Mack - Dag siden
the pure fear in her voice at is amazing
aces&eights A&8
aces&eights A&8 - Dag siden
I've got nearly 2500 bottles. I did mine by brand then by rainbow order.
Pebbles5863 - Dag siden
Ben.. get sofia, and a group of friends... i think its time for an intervention. She has to throw away the old crusty nail polishes