PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

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At launch, we will offer two options: a PlayStation®5 console with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and a PlayStation®5 Digital Edition without a disc drive. The PS5 gameplay experience will be the same, so the choice is all yours. While there are some slight differences in the look of each model, for the overall design, we wanted to deliver a console that’s bold, stunning, and unlike any previous generation of PlayStation.
Runtime: 03:12


FRANCISCO 6599 GAMEPLAYS - 23 minutter siden
Spencer Basinger
Spencer Basinger - 27 minutter siden
Ps6 coming 7/6 years
PP&CO - 34 minutter siden
This means they built the ps5 because they are Certain it will all fit in that
RIDU - 51 minutt siden
Un like por todos los latinos que estamos aqui ♡
Ash - 53 minutter siden
I thought this was a ps5 not my WIFI router well anyway I am probably gonna pick the mini fridge or what Xbox call a Xbox X nah actually I will go with smart fridge
In Game Details
In Game Details - 55 minutter siden
For all you broke people saying they can't afford the PS5.....

Get a job
Mago Hernandez
Mago Hernandez - Time siden
Alaaaaaaaaaa 👛👛💵💸💴💶💷
Cheeseranger8 GBR
Cheeseranger8 GBR - Time siden
After the ps4 keep it
ChemE - Time siden
This trailer looks completely different at 4k, 60 hz
darkshadow55 - Time siden
Sony: Reveals PS5
Me: "(sigh) Oh well, I guess I'll have to go on dark web, and sell my hearts or kidneys."
Elmythico - 2 timer siden
me saves money for 2 years
ps5 : your time has come
my wallet: yes my father
Rayan 911
Rayan 911 - 2 timer siden
1.3m Like 😨😨😨😨😨😨
GoOfY _GAmiNg
GoOfY _GAmiNg - 2 timer siden
Life Owns your end
Life Owns your end - 2 timer siden
Sony WiFi Router
Microsoft Mini Fridge
Aaron Johnston
Aaron Johnston - 2 timer siden
Yeah, I get a PS4 and the PS5 comes out like right after i get the PS4 . So knowing my luck I'll get the PS5 and turn around and a PS6 will come out.
Zach - 3 timer siden
A minute of this trailer is just black and blue
Ban Inmortal
Ban Inmortal - 3 timer siden
El módem vs el refrigerador la batalla del siglo xd
SD4thewin Plays
SD4thewin Plays - 3 timer siden
Wow i need this
Jamber - 3 timer siden
Is it just me who hopes there will be a black version, I prefer black tbh :/ but it’s still pretty neat
OJ B - 3 timer siden
Ps I really do respect you guys for all the hard work that you have all done for us but I’m sorry I’m not going to buy the ps5
Alpha Rocky
Alpha Rocky - 4 timer siden
This is so cool! Cant wait to get one
The Big O Show
The Big O Show - 4 timer siden
Gotta get that ps5 disk version
Newbport - 4 timer siden
Rosetta stones vibes
Tooquick3you2 - 4 timer siden
Me: "Hey Mom, I want a PS4 this holiday!"
Trailer: "Woah slow down there kiddo, Want this instead the old junk?"
Феликс Соколов
Феликс Соколов - 4 timer siden
"WiFi Router Vs Mini Fridge"
Sebastian Rhodes (c)
Ey B0ss
Ey B0ss - 4 timer siden
“I don’t care what console I just care about games”. Me:
legion - 5 timer siden
But does it sound like a jet engine 🤔
Seyair M
Seyair M - 4 timer siden
Get ready for Tomorrow
GameOver - 5 timer siden
Yes it's beautiful, but does it have backwards compatibility??? That's the real question
Cooking Sauce
Cooking Sauce - 4 timer siden
They said its backwards compatible with ps4 back in 2019 lol
Mirage Mashod
Mirage Mashod - 5 timer siden
It does have backwards compatibility but for some PS4 games but I'm sure they will soon update the catalogue even more
Epic Phoenix
Epic Phoenix - 6 timer siden
Sony. Let make it look like my wallet when they go ham for it
NIKE 15L - 6 timer siden
ASMR 0:58
Meredith Elaine
Meredith Elaine - 6 timer siden
I'm so happy I can witness this, like a time capsule. I grew up with this and my brother loved it too 😊
Meredith Elaine
Meredith Elaine - 6 timer siden
I'm proud of Sony! Keep striving and held your head high!
The road ahead will be tougher and rougher hope you will get stronger!!! 😊
Best hug from your biggest fan!
Ayşe Öztürk
Ayşe Öztürk - 6 timer siden
How much is this how much TL
Life Owns your end
Life Owns your end - 2 timer siden
Around $500-$800 are my assumptions
David Lønstad
David Lønstad - 6 timer siden
I am getting way too satisfied by the way they setup this trailer 😂😂
cock and ball torture
cock and ball torture - 6 timer siden
So y'all getting the mini fridge or the wifi router? 😂
Skrrtt KCA
Skrrtt KCA - 6 timer siden
This is a lost alien technology
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer - 6 timer siden
As a man if Xbox 😂 I hope y’all have some fun with your new baby’s!
Life Owns your end
Life Owns your end - 2 timer siden
If you are a man, then why can’t you spell properly? “Baby’s” “As a man if Xbox”
SoloDT - 7 timer siden
Ps6 release 2027-2028 year
SPRING LOCKED - 7 timer siden
Me: I can make that!! For free!
Also me: **sticks 2 pieces of paper on my WiFi router**
Arthur Nasa
Arthur Nasa - 7 timer siden
xxJeremy1337xx - 7 timer siden
I will switch with this generation
Stefano K
Stefano K - 7 timer siden
Looks so dumb and slow 😂
Meredith Elaine
Meredith Elaine - 6 timer siden
When I say gigantic rivals : Sony owns SO MANY BRANCHES electronics, entertainment movie music, game console, studio, but still lower than them Google : obviously PC windows, android google PlayStore, the obvious biggest search engine, runs ads, youtube, twitch, game console, apple investment These above are the biggest of big This is like Disney and universal always acquired their rivals all over again
Meredith Elaine
Meredith Elaine - 6 timer siden
MS fans act Like Royal then brag how they got this that for FREE I don't get it I thought it's the 'royal' big money, well make sense that MS do it give it for free this company literally TRILIONS Again, I'm proud supporting my favorite, they keep their head high never loose hope with their Gigantic RIVALS , knows that fans still rooting for them
hakz77 ***
hakz77 *** - 7 timer siden
Sony: Reveals ps5
Me: who never had a gaming console
Jeff 'the gamer' Boy
Jeff 'the gamer' Boy - 7 timer siden
Ah, found my router. Wonder where is my speaker at....
Alexander :3
Alexander :3 - 7 timer siden
Mi Router ahora Tiene Un Chush UwU
jasmine dhaliwal
jasmine dhaliwal - 7 timer siden
It’s ps5 not 7
Шпион -spy
Шпион -spy - 7 timer siden
Мне кажется или вначале сказали "Чётко“?
Aidan James
Aidan James - 7 timer siden
I wish a had ps5.
El Tsuru Mamalon
El Tsuru Mamalon - 8 timer siden
I need a cougar to sell my brand new virginity lol
Imani and Ariel's Gaming
Imani and Ariel's Gaming - 8 timer siden
PS5 Is Fake
Life Owns your end
Life Owns your end - 2 timer siden
This is the Official PlayStation 5 Trailer by the PlayStation channel, which is run by Sony
Un Duxer mas que un Angelo
Un Duxer mas que un Angelo - 8 timer siden
Nose por que cada vez que veo esto me hace falta un riñon?
EPIC GAMER - 9 timer siden
Song is: Self Control by MF Graves
Timmythedog - 9 timer siden
So this is our next 7 years? I like that. Welcome to the family PlayStation 5.
Meredith Elaine
Meredith Elaine - 6 timer siden
This is like time capsule so glad can see this far 😊
The Planted Tank
The Planted Tank - 10 timer siden
Its 2020 why does is still have a CD port. Lol now I feel stupid. Of course they wait to show the digital edition at the very end. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Life Owns your end
Life Owns your end - 2 timer siden
It’s a 4K Blu-Ray Disc Drive but ok
1000 subscribers without any Videos
Simone Sansavini
Simone Sansavini - 10 timer siden
TheGodFather - 10 timer siden
Another console? Geez, just get a pc at 1200$ and only upgrade every 5 years for 245$. Just sayin. You people giving your nutz away for a console with low res.
Life Owns your end
Life Owns your end - 2 timer siden
This console can run at 120 FPS, 4K, and likely 8K. Add on the fact that you don’t need to change it every 1-5 years and you have glory
Meredith Elaine
Meredith Elaine - 6 timer siden
No thanks
Mohammed Gholam hussain dadi
Caua peixi do omi
Caua peixi do omi - 10 timer siden
*Parece um roteador*
GabrielGamer Jackson
GabrielGamer Jackson - 10 timer siden
Zain Osman
Zain Osman - 10 timer siden
Me:When is PS6 Coming?
Sony:Can't tell y-
Sony:How did you know that?
Me:You make a new playstation like every 7 years like with ps3 to ps4 and ps4 to ps5.
Денис Севрюгин
Денис Севрюгин - 11 timer siden
Это завараживает
Nazeem Federicks
Nazeem Federicks - 11 timer siden
Is there a display port on there.
Life Owns your end
Life Owns your end - 9 timer siden
Should be
Panda Craft
Panda Craft - 11 timer siden
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle - 11 timer siden
alien wifi router
Cyber Gaming
Cyber Gaming - 11 timer siden
If ps5 release than gta 6 is also releasing soon
XxMoonshineXx Gacha
XxMoonshineXx Gacha - 12 timer siden
My wallet: say sike rn
Pranav Sagar
Pranav Sagar - 12 timer siden
It’s of $400
willzurmacht - 12 timer siden
ugh! Worst thing is waiting and waiting.
dimas gaming
dimas gaming - 12 timer siden
My ps
Sohail Ahmed Ahmed
Sohail Ahmed Ahmed - 12 timer siden
I will claim playstation 5 playstation 5 will always be my love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
PlayStation 5 Elite
PlayStation 5 Elite - 13 timer siden
The very best console reveal ever
•TiM4iK• - 13 timer siden
Turtzi 375
Turtzi 375 - 13 timer siden
Hopefully it isnt a jet engine
Owen Becerra Caero
Owen Becerra Caero - 13 timer siden
Mi mision.
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神桜〆帯! - 14 timer siden
なんか、X BOXみたいになってるやん
Alicia Schuster
Alicia Schuster - 14 timer siden
sehr gut eins der besten modele das bisher der hersteller herausgebracht hat
腾讯用户 - 14 timer siden
Cookie DE
Cookie DE - 14 timer siden
I hate this price jokes. Have you all no money? I weather those who make these jokes have a PC at home.
Kyle the warrior
Kyle the warrior - 14 timer siden
It's crazy how this reveal was a month ago. It only feels like 2 weeks
Thetruth - 15 timer siden
2021 and we still be playing at 30fps I'm not buying a ps5 just to go backwards, and if it won't be better then ps5 is just a big money scam
Life Owns your end
Life Owns your end - 9 timer siden
I’ve heard that the PS5 can play at 4K 60FPS and 120 FPS but ok
Jared Smith
Jared Smith - 15 timer siden
Playstation 5: Exists.
Taiko no Tatsujin: I've been expecting another from you.