Productivity // Ground Up 091

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Way Huang
Way Huang - 3 dager siden
When the measurement becomes the target, it ceases to be a good measure... GPA, money, GDP, follower count, view count, productive measurement, political votes, etc... my god.... this idea can be applied to so many areas and argue that the measurement has ceased to serve its purpose. I personally noticed lots of quantified measurements serve their intended purposed, then would slowly become the target, is this one of the reasons why the universe tends toward entropy?
Alexander Müller
Alexander Müller - 6 dager siden
Great podcast. Do you guys know what watch does Matt wear? Thanks
elsa Grace
elsa Grace - 7 dager siden
41:21 See ya guys. Getting dull. Bye.
Eduardo Alvarez
Eduardo Alvarez - 10 dager siden
The guest is handsome, well both are 😁
ⵡⴵⵔⵝⵏ '
ⵡⴵⵔⵝⵏ ' - 13 dager siden
Tomas frank gfys
Daniel Dey
Daniel Dey - 13 dager siden
Beards and biceps
NIBHRIT MOHANTY - 13 dager siden
Recently got into this stuff and discovered both of your channels. Never knew this gem of a video existed!!!
Traveling with Kristin
Traveling with Kristin - 14 dager siden
I’m only 8 min in, but this is great advice so far. After getting rejected for writing jobs, I became a top, viral writer on Medium. After getting edged out for Bumble’s “dream job” of Global Connector Bee, I doubled down on my own content. Now, my channel and podcast are growing exponentially, while the Bumble position was discontinued due to COVID.
Everything happens for a reason. When one door closes, another opens. “Be so good they can’t ignore you,” as Steve Martin famously said. Hard work always works. Put your head down for a few years, then people will come to you with opportunities.
정봉금 - 16 dager siden
Jesus Christ that’s Thomas Frank
Rosered Berryblue
Rosered Berryblue - 23 dager siden
2 fav youtubers 🥰
diana banana
diana banana - Måned siden
when u thought u were gonna marry her but only cry for a few days :((((

kidding aside, i love this collab of 2 brilliant minds!!!!!
Cortney Salerno
Cortney Salerno - Måned siden
Is that Thomas Frank on Matt's channel? Hold my coffee while I go ahead and SMASH that like button.
lion reda
lion reda - 2 måneder siden
best combo
Patrick Lemay
Patrick Lemay - 2 måneder siden
Kinda weird. You do not name your guest in your title and no contact info in the description.
Jerry Peñaflorida
Jerry Peñaflorida - 2 måneder siden
I really enjoyed this episode and it has helped me a lot to keep making content on my YouTube channel. Thank you!
William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain - 2 måneder siden
55:08 1:02:00
Hayk Mikaelyan
Hayk Mikaelyan - 2 måneder siden
thanks quarantine i can watch this podcasts . love from belgium dude
Guillermo Sanchez
Guillermo Sanchez - 2 måneder siden
watched the whole podcast
Juan Mackenzie
Juan Mackenzie - 3 måneder siden
I thought they were gonna swap their bicep routine
Daniela Elliott
Daniela Elliott - 3 måneder siden
i think you may be overusing the word "meta"
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima - 3 måneder siden
Hey, stop reading the comments while listening to the video, this is not productive...
Emilie Cassab
Emilie Cassab - 3 måneder siden
I swear to god ive been making excuses for not starting my food blog for 2 years. I keep saying that my appartment doesnt have enough light and idk how to fix it. i start TODAY.
S.P. Budda
S.P. Budda - 3 måneder siden
I love tide omg
Riri - 3 måneder siden
my iconic bearded duo
The Lyrics Guy
The Lyrics Guy - 3 måneder siden
I looked at The Rock's photo on the wall the whole video
Rronald Li
Rronald Li - 4 måneder siden
How many methods are named after dead philosophers?
Pablo Niño Pérez
Pablo Niño Pérez - 4 måneder siden
Is Minimalism the opposite of the Diogenes Syndrome. Iit's ineresting to think about it cause we tend to call thinf not by their names. You could make a podcast about this.
Kye - 4 måneder siden
I'm watching a 1hr video on productivity
Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow - 4 måneder siden
I loved how he used the analogy "it's like breaking up with a girl that you're not going to marry, it may be hard for a couple days..." This ladies is why you should never wonder if your ex is thinking about you....he's not...
acidtrip141596 - 4 måneder siden
Thomas Frank at 50:47: "It's like breaking up with a girl you know you can't marry. It's painful, for probably a few days at least, but it's worth it if it puts you on the path of living the life you wanted to live." How many women did he date where he was so arrogant, he was like, "Nope don't want to marry you, my life's better without you, it'll just take a few days at least to get over you. Bye, next"? :D I'm sure there are better ways he could have worded that. :D
Anna Bressi
Anna Bressi - 4 måneder siden
Omg I loved collegeinfogeek! This is so cool!
J q u
J q u - 4 måneder siden
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson - 5 måneder siden
I love this! what a beautiful message about productivity and success. I love that you guys don't support burn out culture. so neat. thank u
Rajesh Mukherjee
Rajesh Mukherjee - 5 måneder siden
14:02 i didnt think paying rent with blog was possible , so maybe more is possible (which i wrongly assume to be impossible)
17:00 meta skill of Presenting Glamarous image to mass media led to growh of trump & frank , which the uninitiated cant see
25:50 caught himself making excuses , discovered 500k sub channels with 200$ cameras
36:00 4 bulb theory
41:30 past failures in sports & limited options , narrows our physical activity choices later on in life
49:58 flinch , lifetime to running away from choices
1:03:00 procrastination equation
Paul Schneider
Paul Schneider - 5 måneder siden
Besties: Matt D’Avella, Thom Frank, and Nathaniel Drew!!!!!!!!
Marcon Paredes
Marcon Paredes - 5 måneder siden
I was about to take a cab to go home, but started listening to the podcast. I walked home. Listened to the entire podcast. Thanks you Matt ang Thomas for inspiring me, and the rest of the people here. I will definitely be better, everyday. I won't procrastinate anymore.
jerico abulencia
jerico abulencia - 5 måneder siden
WISH GRANTED for this of both
Kamohelo Motsoeneng
Kamohelo Motsoeneng - 5 måneder siden
I'm not even a creative nor do i have any talent that i want to capitalise on but these podcasts are still so relevant to my hustle and I am so grateful
Daniel Adam
Daniel Adam - 6 måneder siden
I think that's the first motivation / coaching podcast I've listened to without the focus being on posing with expensive sports cars and women. I like how they emphasize the meaning of health, discipline, happiness. This is success! I wish I had more positive people around me
ArizonaWillful - 6 måneder siden
2 gorgeous guys into the same things.
Alex Isidro
Alex Isidro - 6 måneder siden
They're almost twins.
Jay - 6 måneder siden
Kiss! 👏Kiss! 👏Kiss! 👏
liv3435 - 6 måneder siden
Thomas is actually really smart. I never followed his stuff but any person who is thinking at that level of abstraction has my love and admiration.
Ms Zarifah
Ms Zarifah - 6 måneder siden
Hi from Malaysia. Great session. I am listening while working. :)
Angiel Stahley
Angiel Stahley - 6 måneder siden
I love Thomas Frank deff. Lots of good stuff on his channel too
Myat Doh Htoo
Myat Doh Htoo - 6 måneder siden
Olivia4448 - 6 måneder siden
Shannon La Madrid
Shannon La Madrid - 6 måneder siden
He looks like Liam from One Direction. 😃
Marta Morgado
Marta Morgado - 7 måneder siden
the voice of these two is so satisfying
Gilberto de Barros
Gilberto de Barros - 7 måneder siden
Thomas Frank
All eyes on me In o.c
All eyes on me In o.c - 7 måneder siden
Thank you so much for this video. A lot out of it I just moved into a really tiny tiny studio so my way of utilizing the space is guy got a bunk bed with space underneath it for a desk and sofa what not answering me it helps me to stay out of bed until I have to leave it just to go to sleep because I usually just lay in bed and read her be on the phone which makes me lazy which make me procrastinate so just thought I'd tell you okay thanks again for you the video
Stephanie Awuah
Stephanie Awuah - 7 måneder siden
Hey! Tom's videos helped me in college!!
Change Life
Change Life - 7 måneder siden
I just finished washing my clothes and pieces of stuff while listening to you guys! let me join you.
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 7 måneder siden
These 2 muscular beings sitting in a room with periodic movement of their biceps ! 🔥
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 7 måneder siden
Best thing that happened to Matt and me this year! ❤️❤️
Ильяс Хамитов
Ильяс Хамитов - 7 måneder siden
27:50 Pomodoro
Miracle 5:28
Miracle 5:28 - 7 måneder siden
When you talked about our generation getting rid of the shed stuff. Def not anecdotal. I am really interested in that subject, dude.

So think about it: our parents were the generation raised by the generation that grew up during the depression. So our parents gen lived in a scarcity mindset. They hoarded things and they were pretty stressed out (Maslow's needs).

Now our generation lives in a time of abundance - we're the Amazon generation. We can have whatever we need very quickly. So now commodities are devalued and we are sifting through the crap and realizing what's most important in life.

It's a beautiful thing. And now we just have to learn to have compassion for that older generation.

I think the youtuber Teal Swan really gets into this topic too.
Tim Busch
Tim Busch - 7 måneder siden
Anyone else miss these podcasts?
Edwin Feliz
Edwin Feliz - 8 måneder siden
does anyone notice, the Dwayne Johnson picture?
Jimmy Nolan
Jimmy Nolan - 8 måneder siden
53:37 The tree analogy resonated with me and was a great confirmation for my experience. Thanks for this talk really helpful.