Pogba and Bruno Fernandes Works! | Spurs 1-1 Man United | United Review

THE REVIEWS ARE BACK! Tonight it's a review of the Spurs v Manchester United game.
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Android602715 - Måned siden
You’re agenda against shaw is a little embarrassing...
Jack H
Jack H - Måned siden
Thanks Stephen
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor - Måned siden
Ole hasn't changed the expectations of supporters, Bruno has. We finally have a player who can dismantle a low block. Furthermore Bruno acts like a coach on the park.
Dan Fenech
Dan Fenech - Måned siden
Luke shaw was wank he should have been there to cover maguire
Dan Fenech
Dan Fenech - Måned siden
I think we left it toolate to bring pogba on i get why but he was brilliant he looked well up for it
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela - Måned siden
Steve. Enough of the Luke Shaw agenda. Shaw apart from the terrible header he had a decent performance. Brandon Williams is the future but he ain't ready to be the main man in Manchester United yet.
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela - Måned siden
I don't blame Ole Gunner Solkjaer for not starting Pogba but in hindsight he should have.
Maguire was at fault for the goal. De Gea must man up. Luke had a decent performance for Manchester United. Dan James, Fred and Martial were shocking.
Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba works and he should have won the game. We all knew Mourinho was gonna park the bus. Unlike most fans I will never disrespected Mourinho.
It's a must win match on Wednesday after Chelsea won. Ole Gunner Solkjaer must start Greenwood since James is useless in the final third.
Svarthe Skaane
Svarthe Skaane - Måned siden
How can you make Maguires very big mistake a Lindelof issue? When Lindelof did a big mistake last autum where was the discussion about Maguires backup then (and your critic?). Maguire, was at least 30 meters away then. But I guess that is a totally diff thing? I do agree that M and L isnt the best combo but please...
4Bester - Måned siden
Amongst all those errors for their goal was also Rashford not making it to the ball before Aurier after Luke Shaw headed it down.
Manas Sharma
Manas Sharma - Måned siden
He looks like Kevin owens
Infinite Potato
Infinite Potato - Måned siden
spurs didnt park the bus they parked the tank hahahah
ALK 96
ALK 96 - Måned siden
ole didnt raise the expectations you knobhead..the team sheet (we have a very good team) is the reason why we are disappointed. sloskjaer is useless
Question MK-Question
Question MK-Question - Måned siden
Is it the British accent that I'm hearing?
Manchester United "Won" Tottenham Hotspur "Won" 🤷‍♂️
Josh S Fox
Josh S Fox - Måned siden
Position Team Played Points GD
1 Liverpool 7 19 +10
2 Man. United 10 18 +6
3 Man. City 8 10 0
4 Chelsea 8 10 -4
5 Tottenham 9 6 -4
6 Arsenal 8 6 -7
This season's top six Mini League. Our issue has been breaking down team defending deep in two banks of 4 or a 4 and a 5. No wonder Ole is looking at No 10s. I didn't think Shaw was the only one highlighted as not being good enough long term. Fred gave the ball away alot. McTominay was better after Fred left and he was playing deeper. Dan James was poor. Wan Bissaka looks lost in attack as a single man. Need a quality player ahead of him. I think Ole left out Pogba and Greenwood to keep them fresher for Wednesday. A little bit of squad balancing.
Reefa Le Funk
Reefa Le Funk - Måned siden
Howson nooo. The bar is on the floor. That was a bad result and Ole bottled it. There’s no other way to describe this.. wrong tactics, wrong lineup, wrong subs. Spurs were AWFUL we should have comfortably won. Everyone knew what Jose would do, except ole..
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson - Måned siden
How exactly did Ole bottle it?
AFL Auto Blendz - 3D Car Creations
The other error and to me the main error was that no midfielder covered the gap in front of maguire. I think matic would have covered that space and then maguire wouldn’t be drawn out plus lindelof too slow getting across. Bailly or Mengi would have perhaps got across . Greenwood did look mint!!!
Chris C
Chris C - Måned siden
IMO De Gea should be replaced next season with Henderson stepping up. He's made the joint-highest number of errors leading to a goal of any goalkeeper in the Premier League since August 2018 with 7. How many more is he going to be allowed to get away with?
Ove Tang
Ove Tang - Måned siden
I don't get this criticizm. Lindelof and Maguire have played well the entire season. The entire defense have been great. Conceded 3 goals in 12 matches. One error and people gets hysterical. Very unfair.
Danny Keogh
Danny Keogh - Måned siden
Mourinho did a number on us... simple as that. His tactics were basically STOP BRUNO. Watch every time Bruno got the ball, 2/3 Spurs players within a few yards of him. When Pogba came on, different story. Because Spurs had to then mark the pair of them, which opened them up. I wont blame Ole for not starting Pogba, he hasn't played since December. But after his impact he will deffo be starting next game.
Ironic that the reason Mourinho got the point was the exact reason why most of our fanbase didnt want him at United.
Pissed off at the result, 3 month ago with the form we was in, we're coming away from that with all 3 points.
Ngọc Trịnh
Ngọc Trịnh - Måned siden
"De Gea is the most overrated goalkeeper I have ever seen"; fukin spotted on you genius. I am sick to death here, too. Dude!
Leon Dyer
Leon Dyer - Måned siden
Ole out 🤷🏽‍♂️
Matthew Vlacich
Matthew Vlacich - Måned siden
Only thing ole did wrong was start James. He’s so much better off the bench. Next game Pogba needs to start over Fred
sHOTTA - Måned siden
spurs was shit but still pogba had to dive so united could get a draw. you guys are delusional with ur championship manager lol smeegul
Sinclair James
Sinclair James - Måned siden
Without prejudice, please keep believing the Pogba hype. Please, please ! As an ABU, your continued faith in him and his loquacious agent will keep emptying your pockets and more importantly, keep you well away from the Top 4, for a long while. Positive news - young Greenwood is real class - which I’m sure you’ll all ignore as he obviously doesn’t share Man Utd’s appetite for underage, young teenage boys. Michael, Michael - Michael, Michael, Michael...x
Farukh Maner
Farukh Maner - Måned siden
Have you left Full Time Devils ?
Bobby Baker
Bobby Baker - Måned siden
I still don't understand why Nobody sees the failure of MAN U is Martial...He is spinless on big games. Why the coach does not give his starting job to Ighalo...Why didn't he start Pogba, Matic ,Eric Bailly...This coach somehow has a dead tissue on his brain...De Gea is done. he is a strainer. it's time to downgrade him.
Shaz01212 - Måned siden
Greenwood on the right wing will be more of a goal threat than anyone else we have right now
tomp231288 - Måned siden
Only targeted Shaw because Rashford unlike James was told to stay up the pitch. How can Shaw mark Bergwijn and also cover Aurier. Who was the free man all the time (Rashford s man)
Marco Cash
Marco Cash - Måned siden
Don't forget pogba character that only thing that boders me, he went to the pitch when everyone was dying and he wanted to prove something to Mourinho I think. I need to see more games of him. Still not buyest
Marco Cash
Marco Cash - Måned siden
PS his skill is world class... But that is not enough sometimes
keeperzz - Måned siden
Ole should have started matic with fred and bruno...with greendwood then half time he should have bring in pogba n scott as cdm and mata as rw
Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons - Måned siden
Henderson, Williams and Tuanzebe need to get more game time and in Henderson's case he should take over DGG. If we could add Saul Niguez and Sancho we'd have a young and exciting outfit. Maybe be in the race for the championship for the first time post Sir Alex.
SAX0N_WARRI0R [VIBES] - Måned siden
McPognez for the win
gerard solomon
gerard solomon - Måned siden
I know it's not about loyalty...but I'd give Dave 1 more year...before bringing in hendo.
Omo - Måned siden
Martial isn’t good enough to start every week for United. Need Haaland asap
Kevin Boateng
Kevin Boateng - Måned siden
I've missed you Howson 😄
Scoontoo - Måned siden
How can you talk about Lindelof being a second late when Maguire just gave the space away!??
Scoontoo - Måned siden
Stephen Howson Guess I missed that part Stephen.. My bad!😅 Thanks for awesome content and staying active in the comment section dude😜💪🏻
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson - Måned siden
Did you totally ignore the whole part where I said Maguire made the initial mistake
MANU-Mowgli - Måned siden
Greenwood looked class and looks like He has filled out a bit over the break. I think the midfield changes could have been done at half time but Pogba and Bruno worked well :)
Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel - Måned siden
luke shaw set up martial for his chance. It wasnt a cross he fizzed it in low.
1000 subs before the end of quarantine
Can we make Rashford number 7
rhinoboy09 - Måned siden
We were let down but it's so easy to fix , we bottled that were sooo much better I want no respect football get our best guys on that pitch
Waza88 - Måned siden
Water breaks at 10 o'clock at night when it's fucking raining 😂👍
RayRawkuss - Måned siden
Bit harsh on De Gea made a few mistakes past couple of seasons but he's still a top goalkeeper for me & with what he's done for the club he deserves patience from fans & manager tbf
Tanishq Chawhan
Tanishq Chawhan - Måned siden
Ste be a man and get over Luke Shaw
Ah Rin
Ah Rin - Måned siden
The effect of Mourinho on Spurs is a sad sight! His dramatic way of life clearly not supported by the Spurs players. Bergwijn and Son were at fullback positions mostly, their midfield was passable. Defence was okay since it's a patched one. If both teams were on form, I think United would have won by some margin. In the end, I'm just glad United are back!
Mr Moss
Mr Moss - Måned siden
Pogba,Greenwood, Odion and Williams for Fred,James, martial and shaw.. we’d have won at ease
luca brasi
luca brasi - Måned siden
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 i share the same opinion with that water break, it broke our momentum ...it was fucking 20 minutes into the match .. fucking ridiculous
tom finnie
tom finnie - Måned siden
Playing a Jose team you know what your coming up against. Mason should of started instead of james and maybe ighalo ahead of martial. Big matrial fan just feel it was a game that would of suited ighalo more. De gea has got to be dropped too many mistakes
Arslaan Saeed
Arslaan Saeed - Måned siden
Great vid keep it up
Anish A
Anish A - Måned siden
Luke Shaw:
Clearances 1
Interception 3
Touches 70
41 passes with 81% pass accuracy
2key passes
0 crosses 0 longballs attempted
4/9 duel won
2/3 aerial duel won
Disspossed 0 times fouls committed 1
4/6 dribbles completed
Clearances 1
Interception 2
101 touches
52 passes with 76.5 % passing accruacy
0 key passes
2/5 crosses , 2/3 long balls
6/10 ground duels, 0/1 aerial duels
Dissposed 2, fouls 2
2/2 dribbles
I know your agenda with him and brandon williams. But you have to look stats as whole. Please dnt throw random stats. Plus shaw was not focused on crossing. He was coming in and linking play with marcus. We all know how good marcus and martial are with crosses. I think he was intelligent going forward and defensively aware. Plus he looked fit.
The whole defense including shaw and ddg was reponsible for that goal
Jimmy V
Jimmy V - Måned siden
Marvyn Wilson yeah, as much as his underlapping/inside runs don’t make tactical sense on paper, he’s not bad at it and it can work. It also opens up an absolute mile of space on the outside for play to move into (Pogba especially likes operating in these wide areas), should the initial attack fail. Being able to drop back off into those areas to recycle has been key to some of our attacking play. He was caught out of position quite a bit, though, which Mourinho of all people would know is an effective way of attacking our defense. I don’t think Shaw’s someone we should be relying upon for the next 10 years, but he’s not as bad as people say he is. He’s a solid player, just not a world beater.
Marvyn Wilson
Marvyn Wilson - Måned siden
It was his drive forward and pass tha set up Martial for that shot that forced Lloris into that worldly save
Ger Mooney
Ger Mooney - Måned siden
Simple, they tell the ref that a water break might be needed and they wait until the next time momentum breaks. They can see it just as well as anybody. There is a better way to do it for sure.
clammy Oregano
clammy Oregano - Måned siden
Ole should have brought Pogba and magic on at half time not the 55th minute. Maybe even Brandon Williams for shaw aswell
clammy Oregano
clammy Oregano - Måned siden
In the long run de gea, Maguire, shaw and lindelof mistake could cost us top 4
Ashish Giri
Ashish Giri - Måned siden
luke shaw was one of the better players. you are just picking on him. pathetic
femi Omotoso
femi Omotoso - Måned siden
Luke shaw no crosses? What about the one when he won the ball and crossed?
Adam Carroll
Adam Carroll - Måned siden
As you should know possession means nothing against a Jose team as he wants to let you have the ball he did it most games when he was are manager he won the game against Barcelona with inter with 30 odd % of the ball in both legs and knocked the best team in the world out of the champions league
Elliot Dunn
Elliot Dunn - Måned siden
I feel like that Luke shaw is going the way of Ashley young for our man here
Cathy Blackhall
Cathy Blackhall - Måned siden
I get he loves Brandon, I like him,in fact I think he is more dynamic than Shaw and he has enormous potential but it's untrue to say that Shaw offers nothing going forward.
bubbzz 11
bubbzz 11 - Måned siden
About time de gea was dropped
Jonathan Joseph
Jonathan Joseph - Måned siden
United need to test watford resolve for Estupinan. Chelsea are sniffing around currently.
alexEi4o - Måned siden
Oooh piss off with the De Gea bashing is this to hide Harry Maguire's fucking error man's like a road sign he was just jogging casually by Berfwijn no tackle no positioning awful and he's the captain main CB 80 mil. De Gea could've save that but what about the save against Son to keep us in the game huh ? C'mon be more objective
Duggs 88
Duggs 88 - Måned siden
We need a proper striker as well Martial is not the answer