PlayStation 5 UI Walkthrough (60FPS) - PS Store, PS Plus, PS Now, Settings, Etc.

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For PS5, Sony has gone with a new, completely revamped, built from the ground up user interface. Coming from PS4, there's definitely a number of changes that will shift how you interact with your console on a day-to-day basis. The UI was the last major mystery of PS5, it still feels new and unfamiliar, so let's take a thorough walkthrough of all the systems features and settings. From the new PlayStation Store, to PlayStation Plus, Activity Cards, Control Center, and more, here's the PS5 user experience. Also, you can enjoy the Ryan experience. It's me talking about the UI for 45 minutes. Not nearly as exciting.
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0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Login, Home Screen, Explore Tab
2:05 - PlayStation Store
5:17 - Game Application Pages
6:58 - PlayStation Plus
8:55 - PlayStation Now
10:25 - Game Library
12:19 - Media Apps (Streaming Services)
13:12 - Search Bar
14:21 - Settings: Accessibility, Network, Users And Accounts
16:34 - Settings: Family And Parental Controls, System
20:33 - Settings: Storage
22:02 - Settings: Sound, Screen and Video
24:41 - Settings: Accessories
26:18 - Settings: Save Data And Game/App Settings
27:55 - Settings: Notifications, Captures And Broadcasts
30:29 - Your Profile, Trophies, Friends
33:10 - Control Center: Switcher
36:05 - Control Center: Notifications, Game Base (Parties, Friends)
37:03 - Control Center: Music, Sound, Mic, Accessories, Profile
38:18 -Customize Control Center
40:07 - Create Button, Share Menu
41:02 - In A Voice Chat Party, Reporting Function
42:17 - PS Button Double Tap, Game Help
42:57 - PS Button Difference On PS5
#PS5 #PlayStation5 #Sony
Runtime: 45:11


Mystic - 2 måneder siden
4K, 60FPS still seems to be processing for now, hopefully it will be up in the next few hours. These larger uploads take forever to process.
Nicktendo! - 26 dager siden
Question: how do you access the Media Library? (Where you find screenshots and videos)
Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley - Måned siden
How much Johnson did you blow off to get a ps5? You look like you are a professional jimmy blower.
GOAT theory
GOAT theory - Måned siden
700th like noice
Paul Mclean
Paul Mclean - Måned siden ps5 in flames???
Giovanni Beltran
Giovanni Beltran - Måned siden
where is the news tab where you see your trophy pops and friends activity
Donald Fredrick
Donald Fredrick - 12 timer siden
I Thought its was A Joke until I Got in touch with #KRIPZTOOLS on I.G and He Enrolled my name two days Later A PlayStation 5 Got to my House
Donald Fredrick
Donald Fredrick - 12 timer siden
I Thought its was A Joke until I Got in touch with #KRIPZTOOLS on I.G and He Enrolled my name two days Later A PlayStation 5 Got to my House
Hastomo Hadi
Hastomo Hadi - Dag siden
How to bring up the quick menu (bottom of the screen)?.
Laterrious Elliott
Laterrious Elliott - Dag siden
Yk u got it bad when ur just watching PS5 videos when u want one yourself
Megaman Huncho
Megaman Huncho - 3 dager siden
When you still don’t have a PS5 those of bots and scalpers
Tyla Viviers
Tyla Viviers - 5 dager siden
Those beeps are the GTA IV menu beeps
Said Tahir
Said Tahir - 7 dager siden
I feel like you are too underrated
mashhmh - 9 dager siden
how do u join a community on ps5
Andy Wu
Andy Wu - 9 dager siden
The ps4 standard mic does not work properly. I hear the whole system game in the earpiece instead of the voices of the other players, any ideas?
Лена Барыльник
Лена Барыльник - 10 dager siden
unpossible11 - 11 dager siden
So 2 things. I cant put my games in folders anymore. Also, for some stupid reason everyone chat is coming through the controller and there is no way to fix that at this time.
Frozen Falcon
Frozen Falcon - 13 dager siden
*Current issues I’m facing with PS5* :14.01.2021)
(Will keep updating)
1) No notifications on changes to wishlist items even though they are set to ON
2) In Capture settings I have set to Save Trophy Videos and turned Save Trophy Screenshots OFF, yet trophy screenshots are also saved
3) When going to trophies section, I always have to set toggle options (examle sort by earned date) EVERY SINGLE TIME. The sort option is not saved
Sam M
Sam M - 13 dager siden
Who else is watching this and wishing they had a ps5
Sassy the Sasquatch
Sassy the Sasquatch - 14 dager siden
I don’t like the circular profile pictures, a lot of ps4 profile pictures now can’t be used as they’ll be clipped out.
Mom's Spaghetti
Mom's Spaghetti - 14 dager siden
#Techgeek620 on lG from the comments got my hacked account back!
eugene maddux
eugene maddux - 14 dager siden
Please help. I haven't found an answer yet. Can I use my ps4 harddrive ( loaded with games) on my ps5? Plug n play? Or do I have to reformat it, ans re-download all my games?
مرتضى قصي
مرتضى قصي - 14 dager siden
العربي يعرف شنو
West Side is da best
West Side is da best - 15 dager siden
This looks slick. Years ahead of the Series X.
Kermit Wants Death
Kermit Wants Death - 15 dager siden
Welp I dont even have the PS5 and I'm watching this...
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed - 16 dager siden
Much, much better than PS4.
Itz-good- Cuhhh
Itz-good- Cuhhh - 16 dager siden
Is there a time stamp on how to un zoom your background screen
Deuces Wild
Deuces Wild - 17 dager siden
I recently hooked up my ps5. I currently added my account and everything. However I had all disc for ps4. If I had my content from ps4 and I wanted to play it on my ps 5 digital,do I have to down load it digitally, and if do will it work?
Amir ali
Amir ali - 16 dager siden
your ps4 disc cant be used on ps5 digital console at all
DarknessGaming - 17 dager siden
38:23 you could've said click on the option button to customize control center,
Cyrill Anicoche
Cyrill Anicoche - 18 dager siden
This is my current "I missed the PS5 at launch and I'm waiting for it to exist in stores again" video
Kermit Wants Death
Kermit Wants Death - 15 dager siden
stolen Spyro The Gerudo already said that lmao you copy and pasted it get outta here
Ledgeitzxet - 18 dager siden
Can anyone show me how to join communities
marco S
marco S - 19 dager siden
Don't understand why the didn't put a browser app. Like ps4
Kovahaus - 21 dag siden
Why does the interface UI remind me of the PS3? Lol
Margarita Cooper
Margarita Cooper - 21 dag siden
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joel_FCB - 22 dager siden
How much does GTA V cost?
Caesar Augustus
Caesar Augustus - 22 dager siden
Liam Featherstone
Liam Featherstone - 23 dager siden
I keep about 6 games max on my ps4 Pro out of the 70 odd top games I've got so oll delete one when im fed up download a different one when I want to play that not worried about storage one bit at least for the FIRST 2 YEARS then games will be a minimum of 100GB
imightdoyoutube - 24 dager siden
16:39 didn’t know this was a singing channel
Brimbram - 24 dager siden
I will be getting my PS5 next week so this is going to help me out big time
J Xndj
J Xndj - Dag siden
No you won't!
apo Akacak
apo Akacak - 25 dager siden
where buy ps vr game
Kayin-nn - 25 dager siden
Is there no communities
Depzy_ - 26 dager siden
35:40 look in the background
Pervy Dude
Pervy Dude - 26 dager siden
If only I could find one
Mehrbod Ghobadi
Mehrbod Ghobadi - 26 dager siden
No community tab
FaKe_MaN_xD - 27 dager siden
Does anyone know how to go to communities on ps5?
Khalid Maniam
Khalid Maniam - 28 dager siden
I'm only watching this because I know I will never get this!
Black ghost
Black ghost - 28 dager siden
Same as ps4 rubbish. Same with x box new thingee
Timelymirror78 - 27 dager siden
It's not
k j
k j - 28 dager siden
Are parties like they were before 8.00 update
Matthew Didier
Matthew Didier - 28 dager siden
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KB 206gti
KB 206gti - 28 dager siden
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Fed up with scalpers?
Do you live in the UK?
Then please show your support here:
FUFU - 29 dager siden
I hope they will add Trophy shortcut in the Control Centre.
Dean Reynolds
Dean Reynolds - 29 dager siden
The feature where you can get a notification on sale items is going to very handy. When will there be new stock for the UK
LORD MEOW MEOW - 29 dager siden
My PS4 sounds like an airport when I looked at the dirt u couldn’t even see the fan
Josie Annna
Josie Annna - 29 dager siden
You all should check on instagram she got my acct fixed Thanks to @Hackershayah
Um Kao
Um Kao - 29 dager siden
Nasty next gen bullshit nuff said
Um Kao
Um Kao - 29 dager siden
Hate the PS5 it's a complete fail
Yuzuki 23
Yuzuki 23 - 29 dager siden
I like how fast the ps store on the ps5 now
Stevie P
Stevie P - Måned siden
The smelly dime presently repair because detective fortuitously tow since a bloody smash. narrow, scared t-shirt
King Towns
King Towns - Måned siden
Does the Ps5 have a community tab ?
Almarhoon Nation
Almarhoon Nation - Måned siden
You toL me
RustbrosFan - Måned siden
I got to get a PS5 Sweet video!
hgfgh gfhfffh
hgfgh gfhfffh - Måned siden
Gerald Vince Dunsford
Gerald Vince Dunsford - Måned siden
23:41 can it support 1080p you didn't really enter that setting you kind of went to fast on that
Isaac St-Jean
Isaac St-Jean - Måned siden
I’m saving this for when we’ll finally get PS5 in stores in 2023 😂💀
steven johnson
steven johnson - 23 dager siden
Good for you
Timelymirror78 - 27 dager siden
Maybe sooner than that
heavyrain4485 - Måned siden
I want to ask a few questions, please let me know. It there is turn off renewal on ps plus? I rather pay ps card. I don't see gaming community like ps4, if I need help doing Destiny 2 I go to destiny 2 community ask for help. I don't have a phone and discord tho. There is no photo section like ps3? Without phone again lol.
jonathan techaira
jonathan techaira - Måned siden
The UI on PS5 is so trash. I’ve had it for over a month now and I just cannot get how stupid the set up is. Major complaint is starting voice chat parties creating them inviting people and leaving is restarted! They need to nuke and start over developing
makan44 - Måned siden
Visual bug, Controller icon over the time. Just like the spider man ready to play message over the time and everything else. Seems like these are just toaster popups alerts and are meant to display over top of anything else on screen.
hgfgh gfhfffh
hgfgh gfhfffh - Måned siden
Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum - Måned siden
31:25 Ps5 to overwatch hey can we copy your homework
Overwatch: sure just change the name so it won't be obvious
Tbfit Tbfit
Tbfit Tbfit - Måned siden
Game base is cluttered
Tbfit Tbfit
Tbfit Tbfit - Måned siden
The interface is so cluttered
Darsan - Måned siden
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NotYourAverageGamer - Måned siden
I dont have the explore icon on my ps5
GOAT theory
GOAT theory - Måned siden
enough for today
maurice CARTER
maurice CARTER - Måned siden
Thanks Sir !!! U really educated me I'm a older guy !!! I don't have one but I like to keep up with new technology !!! Again thanks your a very smart guy !!!!
Fletcher Watson
Fletcher Watson - Måned siden
Where a dedicated web BROWSER??Wth?
MrBimbo - Måned siden
Can i have digital games in the ps5 disc version?
The Name Changer
The Name Changer - 29 dager siden
MrBimbo - Måned siden
Does the ps5 have live from ps to livestream to twitch or youtube from ps?
JayzBeerz - Måned siden
why when you delete a game it stays all the way to the left of that top bar? it's frustrating to look at.
Jim Johns
Jim Johns - Måned siden
It’s pretty much identical to the PS4 UI
Jose Luis Gutierrez Maloof
Im relatively new to the PS ecosystem. When you where talking about psn now, there was a part where you could also buy a game. If you buy it, does it go to your game library and can be installed anytime, even if you don’t have now active? Also I heard that some now games sometimes get taken off the platform, if I bought the game and it’s taken off do I still retain it on my game library? I would think that the only games that can be purchased on now would be the downloadable ones and not the ones that only stream, correct?
NUOFENG ZHU - Måned siden
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Monori - Måned siden
Have a like. Your the first person to include Media view. Thank you.
Umbra Deus
Umbra Deus - Måned siden
the UI looks like ad space......
can we remove unwanted bloat from the main XMB? like if i dont want to see the explore BS can i hide that? if i get a PS5 all i want to see on the XMB are my folders full of games... up on the top tab where it says Games, Media, it should also say Store and thats where all the store BS should go...
there should also be a Social tab too i think...
having it the way it is now with all the impulsary buy ads pop up when you hoover over icons, imo is not a good idea.
HM_Ghostz - Måned siden
Do u know how to join a communitie
KO Manic
KO Manic - Måned siden
This is a very well made video
You Tube
You Tube - Måned siden
This guy made a ps5 ui for pc:
TylerAllenTV - Måned siden
You can add all the PS+ games through the PlayStation app!! I didn’t know until this year
GammaBoost Gaming
GammaBoost Gaming - Måned siden
Man, I always wanted a game walkthrough of the PS5 menu!
Especially since I don't have a PS5 and I can't use game hints.
Mathias White
Mathias White - Måned siden
If you turn off the annoying ui menu navigation sounds, will trophies also be silent? Like on ps4?
Clownbl4xx - Måned siden
Me watching not having the ps5.. but is getting it😎
Pedro A
Pedro A - Måned siden
where is the explorer tab? cant find it
Dvelop - Måned siden
get a pc lmao
Lee Radford
Lee Radford - Måned siden
Can you turn the console off and on when you have external storage connected? You cannot do that on PS4, if you power off while it is connected it will tell you it wasn’t removed correctly last time and needs to be checked.
If you power the PS4 on while the external storage is connected, it will fail to load the OS.
Young Ramen
Young Ramen - Måned siden
The precious mine enthrallingly program because animal visually sin out a hysterical chive. whimsical, old-fashioned spider
Roy B
Roy B - Måned siden
Great video. Need more ppl that does these types of videos inside of quickly showing off certain features.
Elimanning 414
Elimanning 414 - Måned siden
How do I join a community
Dale Winter
Dale Winter - Måned siden
Fuck I timed out after you felt the absolute need to mention the ConTroLler IcOn shOWs Up OvEr thE TiMe :(:(:(:( Who are you people? Who the fuck even cares about something like that?
elpinikh palaiopanh
elpinikh palaiopanh - Måned siden
I might wait a long time before i buy a PS5, I was wondering is there an expiration date on the PS plus collection ?
killerch33z - 24 dager siden
We dont know yet!
BigRed Made In America
BigRed Made In America - Måned siden
excellent video sir!
PerseusTheGameSlayer - Måned siden
So question if a trade in a PS4 for ps5 can I still have my save date transfer to the ps5 with playstation plus?
PerseusTheGameSlayer - Måned siden
Does the elgato HD’s 60 work for ps5 our do I need a new elgato
Edward Teach
Edward Teach - Måned siden
So they recognize the PS3 titles that you own, but refuse to let you download them until you subscribe to PS Now? Feels like blatant theft.
Marlon T.
Marlon T. - Måned siden
I'll wait for PS6 for a solid 8K gaming! Still have some JRPGs havent finish playing.
Nash Pezzlo
Nash Pezzlo - Måned siden
Who else is watching without a ps5 :(