Ping Pong Stereotypes 4

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It's time for part 4 of table tennis stereotypes!
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Runtime: 03:12


Pongfinity - Måned siden
Whose first session after lockdown looked like this? 😂 Let us know which stereotypes we haven't covered yet!
Mike Pacheco
Mike Pacheco - 10 timer siden
I have a ping pong table at my house I play it every day
Mustafa Kirca
Mustafa Kirca - 13 dager siden
@Hugo Martos Garcia ⁹
Eduardo Bauab
Eduardo Bauab - 15 dager siden
the bandana guy, the acessories guy, the guy who claims to be left and right handed
Lan Anh Nguyễn Thị
Lan Anh Nguyễn Thị - 17 dager siden
Part 5 pls pongfinity
Adam Geller
Adam Geller - 23 dager siden
The: “only goes for the corner”, Smashes in the same place every time Only uses backhand counterclockwise sidespin The “one killer shot” The one with a way too advanced racket The one with incredible footwork and horrible playing style and vice versa The sloppy smash e.g literally hitting down on the ball from above with no spin The makeshift racket The one that tries to describe a rally with sound effects eg pa-ka pa-ka-BOOM The wannabe sensei eg going for complex smashes and clever serves badly The “only knows one serve” The guy that made their first block and won’t stop going on about it for the next week The “hey let’s switch rackets!” guy The lonely one that only plays ghost serves and super backspin shots The ones that need to become youtubers to pursue their career. Jk you guys play greater than I could ever hope
Pier_ln - 2 timer siden
I laught so much
Alexandre Tavares
Alexandre Tavares - 14 timer siden
hola in fron brasil very good pongfinity!
I'm Elfo
I'm Elfo - 23 timer siden
Stereotype: The guy with one testicle hanging outside shorts.
Axel Pro Gaming
Axel Pro Gaming - Dag siden
0.00 That's me
Kkubik cz
Kkubik cz - Dag siden
Please do anather
mukkamala srikar
mukkamala srikar - Dag siden
Try playing by tying a racket to thread and rotate it to hit the ball and play!!!
WOP - Dag siden
1:54 otto's face tho
庄司砂織 - 3 dager siden
蔡承佑 - 3 dager siden
STRYKER KS - 3 dager siden
Tomas Lesko
Tomas Lesko - 3 dager siden
Pls intro the Slovakia
cookieyummytummy 123
cookieyummytummy 123 - 4 dager siden
Could you do a part 5 please. This series is too good
Movie Trailer
Movie Trailer - 4 dager siden
Lol thats fun
Bazooka - 4 dager siden
A got a mate who no joke only backhand it. Its not an exaggeration he only backhands and its hilarious to watch
Дар'я Мельниченко
Guys, you are so funny! Thank you for the creative approach I've never thought about table tennis this way.)))
Battilana Hugo
Battilana Hugo - 5 dager siden
the 2-2 10-10 time out? x)
japan天の川 - 6 dager siden
Matteo Buonanno
Matteo Buonanno - 6 dager siden
I do something like the weird but I’m not that weird!😂
Krishnasai Chalasani
Krishnasai Chalasani - 6 dager siden
The warm up guy absolutely killed me
Artem Vasyliev
Artem Vasyliev - 7 dager siden
super !!!
Zen Malik
Zen Malik - 7 dager siden
I'm definitely the weird technique guy.
muhammad harris ynd
muhammad harris ynd - 7 dager siden
speak malaysia language for intro
Srini Nandimalla
Srini Nandimalla - 8 dager siden
challenge play with books on your head
Shanmuka Bommana
Shanmuka Bommana - 8 dager siden
Those dance moves though 🤣: 1:50
Oluwaloni Familoni
Oluwaloni Familoni - 8 dager siden
Otto though?! Jeez
Oluwaloni Familoni
Oluwaloni Familoni - 8 dager siden
Please let me be able to like this Video twice!!!
lo ve
lo ve - 8 dager siden
I love you!
Ilkka Klemola
Ilkka Klemola - 9 dager siden
Nyt on kyl kova lausuminen enkus :DD😁
Jae Ko
Jae Ko - 9 dager siden
I'm the killer serves guy and weird techniques
Unknown Cat
Unknown Cat - 9 dager siden
Hey wait a minute, they're the same person
Jasper Low
Jasper Low - 10 dager siden
Me: wants to practice with the good player

The good player: 2:01 and 0:42
Jaewon JANG
Jaewon JANG - 10 dager siden
Can you do a part 5
Yulduz Shukurova
Yulduz Shukurova - 10 dager siden
Love your vids keep up the good work😍
Halen Greaver
Halen Greaver - 10 dager siden
I just realized that Otto has his mic clipped to his beard
Liang Aidan
Liang Aidan - 11 dager siden
In lockdown i gave up table tennis. Decided to focus on badminton.
gateroverrade - 11 dager siden
As the graceful puppy leaps to hit the ball
Vassilis Kyriakopoulos
Vassilis Kyriakopoulos - 12 dager siden
I used to be the cheater - now I am just the weird-teqnique guy😂😂😂
richa jayaswal
richa jayaswal - 12 dager siden
Play ping pong with cricket bats
Kai Rong Nay
Kai Rong Nay - 12 dager siden
weird technique more like animal man
TroPXar - 12 dager siden
koki niwa fits in weird technique guy
ExTreMe - 12 dager siden
What song is this
SeanEzra Calasara
SeanEzra Calasara - 12 dager siden
0:02 New title: the Person who doesn’t say hi back.
Edit: the way Emil hit Miika is like that ping pong machine.
Garvisepic - 13 dager siden
come on you have to agree everyone has at least 1 weird technique
THE PRO - 14 dager siden
Saygısızlık etmek istemem ama "dont give me there" i nasıl beni oraya götürme diye çevirmiş çevirmen arkadaş? Bi kere give "vermek" demek. Basit bir fiil. Google translate'den çevirip gelmeyin Allah aşkına.
Civan Taşkan
Civan Taşkan - 14 dager siden
Kuzey balcı adamsın kral
Olkku Boiii
Olkku Boiii - 14 dager siden
What rackets do you guys use?
Mistah Kittyi
Mistah Kittyi - 14 dager siden
0:29 I bet he enjoyed doing that 🤣
auru nieda
auru nieda - 14 dager siden
Dale Miller
Dale Miller - 14 dager siden
Hilarious and true too...
Murat SERTKAYA - 14 dager siden
Türkler burdamı
Gway - 15 dager siden
*Why don't you go play with the neighbor kid?*

The neighbor kid: 2:35
max. - 15 dager siden
when you're trying to wipe after you poop 2:20
No Scarz
No Scarz - 16 dager siden
I’m prolly the killer serves guy. When my dad returns one I can’t return it tho😂
Blooming Plonker
Blooming Plonker - 16 dager siden
I’m the fast guy. I go for fast shots and a spin.
Muzhi Li
Muzhi Li - 16 dager siden
2:55 WTF
Shamiere Henry
Shamiere Henry - 16 dager siden
The speedy crab walk took me out😂🇯🇲
Goj Tyraxyz
Goj Tyraxyz - 16 dager siden
0:22 funniest part of video
Goj Tyraxyz
Goj Tyraxyz - 16 dager siden
because it looks real
Benno Hoffmann
Benno Hoffmann - 16 dager siden
The Killer servs guy ist so cool
B.I.G. CJ - 16 dager siden
Ehhhh don't think you have to train like you're in the army but ok