PEOPLE VS FOOD CHALLENGE || Try To Eat In 1 Second! Fastest Speed Eating By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

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Have you ever competed in a speed-eating competition?
Or perhaps you’re just a speedy eater in general - hey, no judgement!
Why not gather your friends and hold your own speed eating competition!
Just be sure to have lots of water handy, and maybe a pale, you know, just in case things get out of hand.
Share this video with your friends and challenge them to a contest! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO! CHALLENGE’s NOburn page for more awesome videos like this one!
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Kamari Mchenry
Kamari Mchenry - 43 minutter siden
Kamari Mchenry
Kamari Mchenry - 46 minutter siden
Gemma Sharp
Gemma Sharp - Time siden
You are a spoyerl
Perla Hernandez
Perla Hernandez - Time siden
Lol pizza won 😂
DARWISH WAWA - 2 timer siden
minazviita gonzo
minazviita gonzo - 3 timer siden
7:16 I thOUGt I hAd tHAT in ThE bAEg
Pshtiwan Ali
Pshtiwan Ali - 4 timer siden
They speed up the time
Anita Mhaka
Anita Mhaka - 8 timer siden
Who eats that much hot pepper
Samanvita's wonderful world
Samanvita's wonderful world - 9 timer siden
How did you did that
مرتضى البصراويohkbibkbunpg
ag js
ag js - 9 timer siden
Shiva Kumar
Shiva Kumar - 10 timer siden
Spicy parlour
Spicy parlour - 10 timer siden
Good gob
eso eso eso...
Krithika S
Krithika S - 13 timer siden
i also do not like sushi 🍥
Asma Razak
Asma Razak - 14 timer siden
Km I'm I'm
VINOD PARKHE - 14 timer siden
How did Clare eat that pizza in only 54 seconds
Anita Mhaka
Anita Mhaka - 8 timer siden
It takes u what
abby - 9 timer siden
It takes me 10 seconds to eat pizza
D Y A K O 88
D Y A K O 88 - 15 timer siden
Yas plzz
Marlice Espina
Marlice Espina - 16 timer siden
MrRedge023 - 16 timer siden
zul vtec
zul vtec - 19 timer siden
Nkk knn
ENDER BLOX - 19 timer siden
ewww you love vanilla i hate vanilla so tasteless ewwww
vinus music
vinus music - 19 timer siden
Neha Agrawal
Neha Agrawal - 20 timer siden
How did Clair just take a bite of the green part of 🍉
Sidney and Eve Nava
Sidney and Eve Nava - 22 timer siden
The red ahirt is cheating Not faire
Dream cat
Dream cat - 22 timer siden
This is litearly me and my bff am the fastttt eater if da food is good u.u and shes slow as fu 1:50
irish quizon
irish quizon - Dag siden
WilliamBernie Sagabaen
Literally captions:
Harper Hemara
Harper Hemara - Dag siden
Why would you say you needed to dunk your head in the toilet?
S Risheed
S Risheed - Dag siden
Jeff Power
Jeff Power - Dag siden
X5 %&#:"
Keke Thegemini
Keke Thegemini - Dag siden
Amber Munley
Amber Munley - Dag siden
As a fan
Amber Munley
Amber Munley - Dag siden
Live you
Elmahdi Beyyoudh
Elmahdi Beyyoudh - Dag siden
deskangel dulce
deskangel dulce - Dag siden
deskangel dulce
deskangel dulce - Dag siden
👎 bad
Rasheedah Baruwa
Rasheedah Baruwa - Dag siden
Please save some food for me 🙏🙏🙏 I am begging you 🙏😂😀😅😆😋
Shawn&Allen super cool Bros
Emily ate in 22 sec
jeba aaron.s
jeba aaron.s - Dag siden
தமிழ் நன்பர்கள் யாராவது ஒருவர் இருந்தால் என்னோட வீடியாவ பாருங்க ப்ளீஸ் அண்ணா ப்ளீஸ் அண்ணா ப்ளீஸ் அண்ணா
Kavya Shree
Kavya Shree - Dag siden
I think Clare love's pizza 🍕🍕 who think like this please give 500like
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Dag siden
Wow 😋 yummy food
Chris capano
Chris capano - Dag siden
These are all the people that love cotton candy 👇🏼
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Dag siden
Ray Baker
Ray Baker - Dag siden
Ga'Dasia Pitts
Ga'Dasia Pitts - Dag siden
Andi Andi
Andi Andi - Dag siden
priti bhattacharya
priti bhattacharya - Dag siden
Clear is bad 😬😤
oyshi Barua
oyshi Barua - Dag siden
😮 so nice nice nice girl
Rajeesh Rajee
Rajeesh Rajee - Dag siden
I love ice cream🍧🍧🍧🍧
Tricky Mathsmind
Tricky Mathsmind - Dag siden
Atidzhe Mehmed
Atidzhe Mehmed - Dag siden
Eischelake Abordo
Eischelake Abordo - Dag siden
What the that sushi round Claire was the worst I'm seriously a kid and know how to use chop sticks
Kalpana SP
Kalpana SP - Dag siden
I love123 go thanks
Kalpana SP
Kalpana SP - Dag siden
Kalpana SP
Kalpana SP - Dag siden
Iam from india
Kalpana SP
Kalpana SP - Dag siden
Kalpana SP
Kalpana SP - Dag siden
But l subscribe to your chanel l am from India love 123 go sorry this channel not nice
Feride Eliyev
Feride Eliyev - Dag siden
Utpaltuu Dutta
Utpaltuu Dutta - Dag siden
Sohibadavr Munirova
Sohibadavr Munirova - Dag siden
Manasi - Dag siden
Wow 😋 yummy food
lorly caperida
lorly caperida - Dag siden
claire: said she hates this game
also claire: she almost won every round
Chris capano
Chris capano - Dag siden
I no she one
ana navalta
ana navalta - Dag siden
Tumpa Ghosh
Tumpa Ghosh - Dag siden
Rea Almacha
Rea Almacha - 2 dager siden
emily is so bad to clare