overpromise, sell, underdeliver Cyberpunk 2077

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All gameplay footage is original, recorded on PC (high/ultra settings) and console (PS4 Slim).
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Lowen264 - 16 minutter siden
After avoiding everything about this game leading up to launch I can now see why people who were watching all the trailers are so unhappy with this product. Damn let me tell you after 30ish hours in it doesn't feel believable at all. I like the game play, but it doesn't feel like their previous games. Even Witcher 1 was a more believable world than Cyberpunk. Oh well every developer has its peak and its eventual decline.
Phucklord3000 - 18 minutter siden
"Alright check this out". I lost it 🤣🤣
Govardhan Sunil
Govardhan Sunil - 29 minutter siden
Mateusz Kaczmarek
Mateusz Kaczmarek - 35 minutter siden
That's why you never believe prerelased footage. In this case I didn't, it made my expectations love and made me love the full game.
PROMO MAKER - 2 timer siden
Stupid game
cool vids123
cool vids123 - 3 timer siden
so what happened to the people who had the physical copy after it was removed from the PSN
Arvin Jay
Arvin Jay - 3 timer siden
they either sold it or played it and it still crashed after 3 hours.
Braydon S
Braydon S - 3 timer siden
I actually believed this game would be something greater than anything I've ever played. I didn't figure that everyone who made TW2 and 3 fucking retired before development on this one began. Must have been really hard on Valve to create a new chapter to an old story known for it's jawdropping creativity with new staff members in today's hiring market. Jeez
Jezreel Jeremias
Jezreel Jeremias - 4 timer siden
I love how old games are much more better than cyberpunk 2077
Ker Plunk
Ker Plunk - 4 timer siden
imagine building a house by painting it first
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam - 4 timer siden
Greed Rekt Redeadaption
Long Dong Silvers
Long Dong Silvers - 5 timer siden
TheJshow - 5 timer siden
I just don’t understand how these guys made Witcher 3? What the hell actually happened? Where was the direction? Quality control? Budget?
Why would Keanu sign onto this? Was he lied to as well?
Why did they reboot development in 2016?
Why did they promise so many things that clearly weren’t achievable?
Hans Alanson
Hans Alanson - 3 timer siden
@Ker Plunk The Witcher 3 is a mess when it comes to game design and technicalities, but compared to CP-77, that game still has more tact. Funny example being how TW3 actually have a more functional law enforcement that is a challenge to get away from in many cases...
Ker Plunk
Ker Plunk - 4 timer siden
Did you even play witcher 3? the game wher you just pres a button and ur guys spins around with a sword like a dumbass that I stopepd palying after 5 minutes even after riping it for free...
CunningCondor - 5 timer siden
Here I am still playing System Shock 2 instead.
Irene In The Wonderland
Irene In The Wonderland - 6 timer siden
And just like that, the funding is gone.. 🍃
TheJshow - 6 timer siden
The story is good. Gave me a new feeling I ain’t experienced before. However it’s one of the worst games I’ve ever played.
Rachel Amber
Rachel Amber - 6 timer siden
People: complain about the bugs

Also people: kept on asking for the game, despite being told it wasn't finished.
Hans Alanson
Hans Alanson - 3 timer siden
What? They told us the game was feasibly launch-able like twice at least... Remember when they went gold and delayed again? You want to blame this much cockiness 34:44 to the consumers?
caspillo siblings
caspillo siblings - 5 timer siden
well they shouldn't announced the release date then
Thiago Consolaro
Thiago Consolaro - 6 timer siden
Keanu: "Check this out"
And so the shit storm begins.
VanillaGold - 6 timer siden
Mirrors edge was more open and less buggy.
Kingy C
Kingy C - 6 timer siden
A game for the mentally insane cool 👍👀😅
ObzTicle - 7 timer siden
ObzTicle - 7 timer siden
Lets be honest. We all enjoyed finally getting to fuck Panam or Judy
Dcfan200 - 7 timer siden
29:14 Dude just used Crazy Diamond to cure the guy of being a paraplegic. Lol
Ivy Emoji
Ivy Emoji - 7 timer siden
This video was worth the wait.
IKEA - 7 timer siden
Amazing Cyan
Amazing Cyan - 9 timer siden
Cyberpunk 2077 more like cybertrash 2020
Arvin Jay
Arvin Jay - 3 timer siden
also known as OVERHYPE 2077
nitem pl
nitem pl - 10 timer siden
I hope lawyers use this video as evidence
praszu - 10 timer siden
28:05 best scene
Mugen [Tube]
Mugen [Tube] - 10 timer siden
They focused more on merchandising that the game itself, such a liars anyways the lied to us so bad.
Playing Persona 5 Strikers for the same price, 40 hours of fun perfect gameplay, simple game but perfectly playable and funny. Wish in some months cyberpunk runs good on consoles but I'm hopeless about that
Adawg503 - 10 timer siden
Calling this a train wreck seems like an understatement. How does this happen?
UCantNinjaMe - 10 timer siden
I wasn't even planning to buy this game and I was disappointed
X I V A S S - 10 timer siden
CDPR : "This is new generation of gaming. We did our best."
everyone : *sees this and many other vids showing how bad this game is*
Modders : "Wake the fuck up community, we have a game to repair !"
Romeal Watson
Romeal Watson - 10 timer siden
I bet Youtube is the shit in Night City. Can't imagine the footage.
Some Guy & His Girlfriend
Some Guy & His Girlfriend - 11 timer siden
Samurai, I Love This Game 🦾😝🤘 Thanks For V And All The Cool Stuff 🥳 Where All My Chooms At ?!?!
Sexiestmanalive01 - 11 timer siden
The game‘s buggy, yeah, but the bashing is cringe asf. The game’s far from being that bad as presented
MKI - 21 minutt siden
Acid-Nemesis - 11 timer siden
Remember guys, if a game has too much hype like Cyberpunk 2077, it can only end up in 2 ways :
-A masterpiece that will last for years and be recognized as one of the best games ever.
-Be total bullsh-t and deceive all players.
krelian30 - 12 timer siden
In 2077, cars are made of adamantium
yutro213 - 12 timer siden
*1 million* subscribers, @Crowbcat!!!
Holy - 12 timer siden
The problem I had is I went into it thinking it would be the same quality as Witcher 3. Which is one of the best games ever made IMO, all the characters feel real, even the NPCs walking around in towns felt real. Cyberpunk has such a massive world, yet it feels so small. There's nothing to do but your missions, they could have made this into a linear story game and it would have been better. I truly hope in time the game feels much better, but honestly I doubt it will. The game again, in my opinion, was pretty boring.
Juan Diego Posada giraldo
Juan Diego Posada giraldo - 13 timer siden
Cyberbug: the master king of bugs
Samuel Reid
Samuel Reid - 13 timer siden
"Bro it's you're fault for buying the game on a console that the developers said it runs great on"
Geo Fox
Geo Fox - 13 timer siden
29:14 why couldn't they just do whatever they did at 28:43 when the guy won't stand up?
Lord Unregistered Hypercam 2
Lord Unregistered Hypercam 2 - 14 timer siden
I'd much prefer playing Noita over this, at least my soul will be crushed from Noita's difficulty and not from high expectations being false.
bloop penguin
bloop penguin - 14 timer siden
Sounds like fallout 76
Sir Glenn
Sir Glenn - 14 timer siden
The board game has much better graphics than this one.
spiralflame88 - 14 timer siden
I don't regret buying this game and I don't regret refunding it!
Joe Bieden
Joe Bieden - 15 timer siden
This is reason why gta vi wont release at hurry
Lars Wiegmann
Lars Wiegmann - 16 timer siden
source code from gta = priceless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Groovy king
Groovy king - 16 timer siden
10:39 *all this guys are liars and paid.*
Ar Henriksen
Ar Henriksen - 16 timer siden
Don't hate this game guys, remember no man's sky was like this but they did a legendary comeback.
Arvin Jay
Arvin Jay - 3 timer siden
@Ar Henriksen Bullshit
Hans Alanson
Hans Alanson - 8 timer siden
No Man's Sky was done by a group of tightly knit people who do not get steered by corporate bs, so the game having problem with scope was understandable, and they had the sovereignty to expand and improve the game within their self-contained environment. Cyberpunk was a product of a publicly traded company, worked by studios who employed hundreds and it's obvious that problems of communication dissonance and conflict of interest is pretty strong in there; the devs can't even work on the game on account of recent security breach. To think that CP-77 has the same chance of redemption like NMS is so reaching, it will likely end like Anthem or Bleeding Edge if anything.
Star Comet
Star Comet - 17 timer siden
i was disapointed because its a story driven game. not a sandbox.
olivver2 - 17 timer siden
This made me fucking sad.
SPR Mehmet Emin Savaş
SPR Mehmet Emin Savaş - 17 timer siden
I mean I spent 140+ hours on one lifepath but won't actually try to play the other ones really,at least for a very long time because even though I liked it the game has so little replayability value due to the fact the game ends the same way for everyone,the choices will be same. There's not really any difference between the lifepaths,maybe one mission or two will change but that's it. Even your character's sex affects the gameplay more than lifepaths. Speaking of which there's no hanging out with a companion,which is quite disappointing to be honest,I mean yeah there is cut content in every game but this one by far had the most cut content of all time. Damn CDPR really meant that this game could "change" in the trailers but that was just messed up. Add more bugs to game and serve it as content.
Artur - 18 timer siden
I love how they drop the price after realise to scam so many ppl as humanly possible.
LenTos1337 - 18 timer siden
How do I YouTube
How do I YouTube - 18 timer siden
They set a new standard alright
Shankhajit Das
Shankhajit Das - 18 timer siden
I wish more ppl were fooled.😋
Mr GamerKing
Mr GamerKing - 18 timer siden
Finally the Legend is Back!
Дмитрий Иванович
26:07 southeast asian tourism ads vs reality
The Role Playing Gamer
The Role Playing Gamer - 19 timer siden
Might wanna get started on an Anthem video next...
red imposter
red imposter - 19 timer siden
When you learned that saints row from 2006 is better wuth reaction
Jimy stark
Jimy stark - 19 timer siden
"They really know what they're doing"
Onizuka Eichiki
Onizuka Eichiki - 19 timer siden
“What is under my mask, is another mask...”
Greendragon 245
Greendragon 245 - 19 timer siden
From what I have seen looks like the future to me:)
Sada Jiwa
Sada Jiwa - 20 timer siden
Average Side Quest in RDR2:
You can find a Prostitute in the side of a Cantina that's asking you for help. Turns out, the men that's in bed with her, started attacking her and in self-defense she stabbed and killed him. Now, you can either help her by bringing the body to a nearby pig pen. Or bring her to the authorities by bringing her to the police, or bring the body to the police. If you report her, you can see her getting hanged a couple days later.
Average side quest in CP2077:
Go kill this dude near here.
Aight here's your payment.
Jacob Graf
Jacob Graf - 20 timer siden
17:00 killed me
Nookiblix lil
Nookiblix lil - 20 timer siden
When a 16 yr old game beats the current Gen game
Fawx Artt
Fawx Artt - 21 time siden
That background ambient music makes it like how much real and fucked up it is.
Pizza parker
Pizza parker - 21 time siden
He attack
He defend
Most important he T‐POSE
Kailash - 21 time siden
Cyberpunk is insult to gaming industry .
Pizza parker
Pizza parker - 21 time siden
Just don't pre order
Jet Bento
Jet Bento - 21 time siden
Trust is dead .. such money for this !
Bruce van der Mescht
Bruce van der Mescht - 21 time siden
This game is criminally fucked. It's as if this was not made by CDRP at all.
Sachin Sudarshanan
Sachin Sudarshanan - 22 timer siden
Big communication gap between marketing and game developer.
Senpai Kuso
Senpai Kuso - 22 timer siden
so glad i didnt waste money and SSD space on this crap.
Grade E Quality
Grade E Quality - 22 timer siden
Cyberpunk 76
Grade E Quality
Grade E Quality - 22 timer siden
The most overhyped game of all time
Versatile Pro
Versatile Pro - 22 timer siden
who dislikeed it?fbi is on the way hahaha
OFFSET 6279 - 23 timer siden
RockStar would have made Cyber punk better
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - 23 timer siden
They released this before Christmas because of money. Capitalism is ruining the world. Slowly but surely.
Data Matters
Data Matters - Dag siden
I can sense a lot of crybabies lol. Wait the fcukup, so they can patch things.
Gupster 23
Gupster 23 - 5 timer siden
Yeah, but that doesn’t save it from being a pile of shit lol.
SketchyChips - 14 timer siden
Ok cybersimp
SapoMercador - 17 timer siden
@Data Matters they can't patch the story
Data Matters
Data Matters - 23 timer siden
@Matthew Ockey I mean till the time they patch things up, people might move on. Or, they could go forward with what GTA Online is doing all these years.
Matthew Ockey
Matthew Ockey - 23 timer siden
They can't patch they game being boring as fuck
Data Matters
Data Matters - Dag siden
Well, the artwork and the soundtrack are breathtaking!
SketchyChips - 14 timer siden
Matthew Ockey
Matthew Ockey - 23 timer siden
This is a game tho, so, ya know, the game has to be good
All_NightGamer - Dag siden
@6:48, the ghost rider easter egg. @6:54, Harry Potter easter egg. @13:12, that's the funniest glitch by far. @18:57, one of the most harshest roasts ever. @21:27, "that's just one quest", yeah they didn't finish the complete dialogue, "that's just one quest which we spent our whole budget on to make fancy in the demo". @21:51, I mean comeon even the jacket, A JACKET, they failed to include at the start like the demo. @25:23, JUDY 😍. With all honesty, it's thanks to Judy Alvarez and Panam Palmer, that the game is managing to hold in. The worst thing is CD will release certain things they promised in each update, but what's the point of it. I mean a huge percentage of us have already played the game and side missions in multiple playthroughs. Does CD expect us to replay the whole game because they brought the interactive advertisements into the game.
The_Real_Big_Boss - Dag siden
Watch the video first, the game sucks not just of the bugs, also the dislikes are from butthurt fans
Anthony Mancini
Anthony Mancini - Dag siden
Would have worked as Matrix: Fix the Glitch and you have to return the Matrix back to its proper operating state as the game's glitches improved throughout the missions.
Aarif Iqbal
Aarif Iqbal - Dag siden
No promises, Create mystery, Get people talking and Over-deliver with quality - that's why Rockstar dominates the market.
possumshake - Dag siden
An embarrassment to customers, an embarrassment to investors, BUT WORST OF ALL... An embarrassment to Keanu.
jackspyccer - Dag siden
Daxaaar The Bot
Daxaaar The Bot - Dag siden
So, is it better yet? Haven't bought it yet.
Daxaaar The Bot
Daxaaar The Bot - 19 timer siden
@Jack M Damnit. That sucks. Still playing old games that I got on Steam during a special though, so at least I can wait a couple of months extra.
Jack M
Jack M - 19 timer siden
Games been out for months and virtually no progress has been made.
Zizi Gaming
Zizi Gaming - Dag siden
Wait a few month
Allysaurus - Dag siden
SisAndBroTOYShow Collier
Rockstar & fromsoftware
...they only company's that I'll pre order from.
Ubisoft & Cd project red etc. Can't be trusted
DesertFerret7 - Dag siden
When games like Saints Row, GTA 3, Mafia and GTA: San Andreas and other sandbox games from previous gen consoles are more detailed and run better than Cyberpunk 2077, there is a big problem.
SisAndBroTOYShow Collier
Rockstar is the only open world game company that does what they say they will do. Rdr2 is a masterpiece
Fromsoftware just needs to make a bloodborne 2
DesertFerret7 - Dag siden
Cyberpunk 2077 is just like Fallout 76 and the promise was broken. These are the voyages in a septic tank. It might as be a sequel to Fallout 76. If I was in a city that's glitched like that and pedestrians T posing and walking through walls and cars falling through the bridges and the ground I'm getting the fuck out of there! This is a circle jerk marketing ploy of bullshit. Games like Saints Row, Saints Row 2, GTA: San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and other Sandbox games remind us of how shit is done right for the most part. This hype train was filled with feces and used tampons and used needles. Good thing I didn't but the game for PS4 because If I paid full price for it and opened the case, and stick it in PS4 console, I would have lost it and the PS4 would have been destroyed with the game. I wonder if the PC is still good.
Phantom R
Phantom R - Dag siden
The amount of red flags and people still fell for the trap of the hype train.
Carlos Oliveira
Carlos Oliveira - Dag siden
the fall of cd red projekt
Ristofec - Dag siden
I was a cdpr apologist for the past year, but I can’t anymore— this game fucking sucks
Anteater - Dag siden
Do anthem
Sam Nawi
Sam Nawi - Dag siden
Even if it's free, I don't want to play this broken game...
Scratchy Nougat
Scratchy Nougat - Dag siden
that buggy game makes every indie open world sandbox game look like GTA 5
Ristofec - Dag siden
Do you guys think this can actually be fixed? I mean these issues seem so fundamental. Like the core mechanics are just wrong