Our Barn Find Volkswagen Caddy Gets a New Heart! TDI Swap!

Super excited to share this new beginning in our little Caddies life! After buying a parts car and selling parts we have less than $200 in this swap at this time! The idea is a fun and clean, bolt in swap, adding more power for cruising todays roads! Hope you all are excited for this and what is to come! Thank you all so much for the continued love and support!
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Dave Kauffman
Dave Kauffman - 21 time siden
Don't you need the ECU from the Beetle to run the engine from it? That's the only thing I don't like, these new Diesels have to have an ECU and sensors in order to run, unlike an old Diesel that will take any abuse you can put it through.
VOLKZZORN - Dag siden
Top job 👍🏻 only one thing I would do the toothed belt is very close to the motor mount, I would take the rework two to three millimeters off, the belt swings and rubs against itself! Just a tip 👍🏻
IFA - Motors
IFA - Motors - 2 dager siden
Great Job Man 👍🏼
TalenGryphon - 2 dager siden
Volkswagen Caddy: The truck my dad didn't believe existed!
I really dont know about removing the automatic belt tensioner tho. Manual tensioners are old V-belt tech. Never seen a manual tension serpentine belt that long. With the length of the belt and how thin it is, it might stretch enough to lose grip under full throttle/ heavy load
kshitij tulsian
kshitij tulsian - 3 dager siden
Saw a fast bike in the background
Shawn Beckmann1
Shawn Beckmann1 - 6 dager siden
The build is looking very nice can't wait till it's finished also I would like to know more about kitty litter from Petco thanks
aceadman - 3 dager siden
XOZ Industries
XOZ Industries - 6 dager siden
I couldn’t figure out that max speeding rods web site, it wasn’t fully in English on my web browser. I’ve always wanted to build one of those VW TDI rabbit trucks, my buddy built one with a camper body in the back and removed the rear of the cab so it was more like a wagon
Tobin Frost
Tobin Frost - 7 dager siden
the boss is talking....you better get that kitty litter.
AJ DeGraw
AJ DeGraw - 7 dager siden
Glad I stumbled across this build. I have been thinking about doing this for sometime. All of the videos I have found never seem to quite finish the whole swap. Looking forward to seeing how you deal with things like air conditioning and the computer stuff.
Felipewpew - 9 dager siden
That's awesome to see and hear 🙌🙌
DjoSimd - 11 dager siden
I like it, even I find it sacrilegious 😂 keep the good work brother
JoeyLovesTrains - 12 dager siden
A fwd truck? Not often you see those
Parker Turner
Parker Turner - 13 dager siden
Hey man! It’s the Geico agent you spoke on the phone with earlier today! Your videos are awesome! Keep it up!
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 10 dager siden
Hey man! Thanks! Glad you like them!
Music with Chat
Music with Chat - 14 dager siden
How is the PORSCHE restoration going? any video update on the way?
nezsy - 14 dager siden
wheres the rest of the Porsche rebuild ??
Leonard Zore
Leonard Zore - 16 dager siden
Hi there Buddy - what happened to the Porsche? A lot of us are wondering the about the Porsche. To be honest the other builds don't interest me
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 17 dager siden
Gonna be a sweet ride when u get it done
Collin Welch
Collin Welch - 17 dager siden
Post more caddy videos please we love them!!
John Galt
John Galt - 19 dager siden
I have always loved Rabbits and I used to bad mouth the old Ford Fiesta (from the late 70s) and thought of them as cheap Rabbits, until I owned one. The Fiesta uses the Ford Kent Crossflow which is one of the most raced engines of all time (used in Formula Ford back in the day). So, I built another engine to typical Lotus Seven standards of about 140HP and it was a rocket ship. Damn cars are almost impossible to find nowadays or I'd have one as a commuter. I remember the famous race car builder Smokey Yunick was a big fan of them as well. Your little pickup kicks ass Brother.
House on Pleasant Street
House on Pleasant Street - 19 dager siden
Love that little truck
Øyvind Hanstad
Øyvind Hanstad - 19 dager siden
Awsome, great job😁👍
Mk1Dub - 19 dager siden
Put some wings on the side those trucks are so light you will fly with that tdi engine 😂😂
Matthew Bourne
Matthew Bourne - 20 dager siden
I guess it's not illegal in the US to let the Aircon gas into the atmosphere
evan evan
evan evan - 20 dager siden
love the swap. looking forward to seeing how you do the wiring
Zeitgeist Zamovar
Zeitgeist Zamovar - 20 dager siden
Man, Mk1 drivetrain mounts are bone rattlers. I'd prefer to see if I could make the Mk4 mounting system work.
dan m
dan m - 20 dager siden
Your content is getting better all the time. Great project
Kevin Lavorgna
Kevin Lavorgna - 20 dager siden
wish I would've kept my 80 pickup, I wanted to do this swap too! its what should've came in the trucks.
D S - 20 dager siden
C mon Man!
Get back to the Porsch!!!!
Alisdair MacDuff
Alisdair MacDuff - 20 dager siden
What’s happened to the Porsche ?
MnPaul - 21 dag siden
I'm pretty sure that you have that tensioner tensioned incorrectly. It should be tensioned in a clockwise motion which brings the tensioner away from the cover and motor mount. Been there, done that.
Bjyrgen666 - 21 dag siden
Jason Kowitz
Jason Kowitz - 21 dag siden
Cool it the little truck, I was wondering where it was at. Can't wait to see the progress you do with this little truck!!!
don esper
don esper - 21 dag siden
Thanks on the tip about Eurowise, live in Charlotte and have a Porsche 911 996 will check them out for some service on my auto
elmar van heuven
elmar van heuven - 21 dag siden
Mercedes sprinter intercoolers fit really nice between the radiatur and front body panel.
Peter Lee
Peter Lee - 21 dag siden
Clog monster....diesel soot is their nemesis... water injection , will it help..?
Chris PLACE - 21 dag siden
Nice. How is Porsche
Fake_Snake_91 - 21 dag siden
NG Hermit
NG Hermit - 21 dag siden
This is perfect timing! I’ve got an MK2 golf IDI that is begging for a TDI swap. I’ve been afraid to even start this project and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for over 10 years... Hopefully this will motivate me to get going. Please update us on the project!
Patrick Bailey
Patrick Bailey - 21 dag siden
Those TDI's have a whole lot of torque, can't wait for another update
Eric Lester
Eric Lester - 22 dager siden
My wife thought I was watching a porn with that first music lol
K Misercola
K Misercola - 22 dager siden
I just picked up a 1981 caddie. My friends son is a Diesel mechanic. They finally got it running but it blows white smoke . Any suggestions?
K Misercola
K Misercola - 21 dag siden
@Budget Buildz No, got it this summer and my friends sons been dabling with it. he put in new injectors, changed the pump off of one of the 2 spare engines he thru in. I guess it is a special tool for the compression gauge?
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
White smoke is caused from an incomplete combustion, basically unburnt fuel (could also be coolant but that’s obvious). I would verify you have good compression on all of the cylinders. Otherwise you may have a dirty or faulty injector, or may need to consider an injection pump rebuild. Have you driven it a good bit yet? You may be surprised and it may clear up.
T Pitts
T Pitts - 22 dager siden
I want to do that with mine. I have an 81. It was my grandfather’s and it was gifted to me back in 2006. I drove the truck in college and then every so often until a few years ago. Neighbors all the time keep asking me if it’s for sale. The body is in decent shape so it gets a lot of attention. Only thing stopping me really is money. Anyways, greetings from across Lake Hartwell in Georgia! Love your videos!
Car_Ful - 22 dager siden
Awesome video! Love it !👍😀
craig muszynski
craig muszynski - 22 dager siden
Awesome! Building a 1.6 turbo for my 83 vanagon right now. Slowly stashing parts to eventually convert to MTDI. Please keep up the vids like this. Thanks!
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
Thanks! Sounds like an awesome build! I absolutely will 😃
Auto VAG Auto
Auto VAG Auto - 22 dager siden
Make something nice not just Quick job
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
I plan to make it very nice 🙂
Ūdrys Rudys
Ūdrys Rudys - 22 dager siden
Thanks for video, but dude please buy normal microphone, your videos sounds horrible...
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
My new Lavalier microphone comes in tomorrow! 🙂
Auto VAG Auto
Auto VAG Auto - 22 dager siden
You should paint before put engine on
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts - 22 dager siden
What is engine code of the newer engine ?
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
It is an ALH engine code
philip newton
philip newton - 22 dager siden
That truck will be cool man with that engine but the body work is so scruthy when u going to try paint these old cars and trucks give the new life man u can do it hope u and ur family keeping ok here in the uk we are going to have a second lock down from Monday lots of shops will close early pubs close at ten pm every night it's such a pain u get sick of it take care uou guys
Phil in the uk
Frode Stillingen
Frode Stillingen - 22 dager siden
where is the P O R S C H E :D
Potatoes O'Brien
Potatoes O'Brien - 22 dager siden
If you plan on keeping the clutch hydraulic, use the T4 Eurovan actuator 02B 141 708 A. It allows you to keep a cable operated pedal.
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
That’s definitely what I would like to do! Thanks
George's Miniature Cars
George's Miniature Cars - 22 dager siden
This is the perfect engine swap for this lighter truck. It's going to be a blast to drive!! 😁👍✌
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
Danny Casler
Danny Casler - 23 dager siden
Wow! This is cool as hell! I never thought I would say that about a Rabbit diesel! This little thing is gonna fly! I like your channel because you work on all old stuff and do it mostly the low buck way! I'm waiting for the Comet to return!
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying! Comet video will be posted before the end of next week as it’s already completed 😃
Teun - 23 dager siden
Super cool swap, nice video's. Good luck!
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
Thank you!
flvince - 23 dager siden
Way cool!!
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
PSTL GRP - 23 dager siden
Been working on an AHU swapped caddy for a while with my dad. We've been hung up on wiring lately so I'm very excited to how you tackle it.
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
Fun fun! I hear you, going to get it all torn out and layed on a table. Then go to town lol
Francis Ouellette
Francis Ouellette - 23 dager siden
I love the wrenching, this is what I tune in for. No sophisticated or useless tools, you just get it done. And one of the greatest thing is that you work with your dad (lucky you) and I like hearing your kids in the back, it shows that you are just a regular dad having fun wrenching.
Budget Buildz
Budget Buildz - 22 dager siden
☺️☺️Really glad you’re enjoying!
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo - 23 dager siden
Hi Michael been a while since I've talked to you I pray that everything is going good with you and your family has for me the health is about the same maybe a little better but that's okay. Hey thank you for sharing this video with us is cool that you are bringing more life to that little old truck I love those things man. More torque more speed nothing wrong with that. I wanted to say to you that your channel has come a long way only for the best, I hope you have much continued success. Michael stay safe stay well and as always God bless
White Beard Adventures
White Beard Adventures - 23 dager siden
good job as always Micheal....looks like it will be a fun little truck...and with good fuel mileage...Dave
Sevensisters 7
Sevensisters 7 - 23 dager siden
Top job as always ' can't wait for the next episode
Dor s
Dor s - 23 dager siden
Which TDI engine did you installed?
BoscoMoney - 23 dager siden
Damian Walsh
Damian Walsh - 23 dager siden
Are you Marty from Mighty Car Mods American cousin??!!
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas - 23 dager siden
Turn thr boost up
Robert Jacobsz
Robert Jacobsz - 23 dager siden
I never realized that the US got both the Caddy and the Beetle in diesel!! Super cool though, looking forward to seeing the final outcome here 👍🏼
Robert G
Robert G - 23 dager siden
This was one of your best videos, keep up the good work you do, i enjoy watching all your videos
Daniel Heartsill
Daniel Heartsill - 23 dager siden
Back in the late 80's and early 90's we had a VW Rabbit with the same engine as the little truck. It had plenty of power to get along fine in Dallas traffic. It got almost fifty mpg on the highway, rode well, and the air conditioner and heater were very good. Had almost 200k on it, needed struts and a few other small things. My wife said let's trade that thing off, I'm tired of looking at it. It was almost trouble free and a great little car.
You said something about buying a battery. In our area you can buy an Exide battery at Home Depot about a third cheaper than a battery at an auto parts store. Enjoy your videos.
Phil Griswold
Phil Griswold - 23 dager siden
I'm sure your dad's "Fear the Spear" FSU T-shirt goes over real well up the in Tiger territory. Another great video on another funky build.
Chris Rutherford
Chris Rutherford - 23 dager siden
Nice one good job man nice the mount are made I make my own and its a bit of pain
airhead vw
airhead vw - 23 dager siden
This is a swap I have always wanted to do will make that a fun truck
Steve8587 - 23 dager siden
Watched all videos since you started. Can’t say that about any other channel. Your real, keep that part up. Lots of great stuff but this one is my favorite and can’t wait for for more of this swap.
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill - 23 dager siden
Man! You trying to ruin your going to town jeans:). Love the vids!!
Tom Rausch
Tom Rausch - 23 dager siden
THATS what I’m talkin’ bout!
Michael Niewald
Michael Niewald - 23 dager siden
Yes, put that Beetle back where it belongs in the junkyard. It can finally do something productive and donate its heart to something cool.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith - 23 dager siden
You know, as much as anything, I love hearing your kids playing in the background. Good stuff!!
Holger Wittmann
Holger Wittmann - 23 dager siden
Really cool Idea!
David Ryan
David Ryan - 23 dager siden
Sorry Porsche, I think I have a new favorite build. That’s going to be one awesome truck, I hope you keep the outside the way it is, Ultimate TDI Sleeper.
Clint Whitney
Clint Whitney - 23 dager siden
I cant believe a swap is that easy. That is so great
Rusty Ratchet
Rusty Ratchet - 23 dager siden
That’s going to be a bad ass truck.... I see you pulled the rear window out of the Targa.
e.g. a.
e.g. a. - 23 dager siden
Dad = Superman. Did you see him push that little Beetle out of the way with one hand?
Every day life with me
Every day life with me - 23 dager siden
You need a shop dirt and car repairs suck..
Street_Wise Gamgee
Street_Wise Gamgee - 23 dager siden
did you not change the waterpump to???? should always change it if your doing a belt. atleast you have the disc brakes from the beetle to swap on the rabbit.
Greg Zoller
Greg Zoller - 23 dager siden
Little surprised you didn’t go ahead and strip/repaint at least the front and engine bay while the engine was out.
79Beans 347
79Beans 347 - 23 dager siden
That's going to be a fun little truck when you get it going, I would have never even thought about doing a swap like that because I would have never thought that they made a swap kit for it . But that's going to be a cool lil truck, I'm digging it . How's the comet doing I have some really awesome parts I'd like to send you if you are doing a engine build so once I find out if you are I'll send them on over to you because it is cool
68 Vert Karmann
68 Vert Karmann - 23 dager siden
Super cool. I have had 5 TDIs, they are amazing.
Junk VWs
Junk VWs - 24 dager siden
This is awesome. Such a cool swap for the Rabbit Pickup
Makson 1
Makson 1 - 24 dager siden
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith - 24 dager siden
You've quickly become one of my favorite channels to watch
Pedro Equis
Pedro Equis - 24 dager siden
Hmmh a Rabid Rabbit ... I like it !
Zach Davis
Zach Davis - 24 dager siden
Love the new intro, and I really like this project and your concept. Basically, keep up the good work...let's see 100k subscribers!
O Belkin
O Belkin - 24 dager siden
Great vid and content! But the sound needs to be improved as can hardly hear whats being said! Thats said Keep on DuB'in! Much love from the UK! 👌
J Burgers
J Burgers - 24 dager siden
Awesome Caddy "Bakkie" 👍🏻🇿🇦
Great job as a always.
john914 - 24 dager siden
Awesome video! Keep them coming.
Carl Bauer
Carl Bauer - 24 dager siden
I have an original 50K Caddy from my uncle that I would like to put a turbo on. Without having to do this whole swap, is there a company or website you can connect me with? Thank you & love your channel!!!
Victor Neiva
Victor Neiva - 24 dager siden
Al Mclean
Al Mclean - 24 dager siden
It’s going to be a nice truck when your done. It must be a great feeling having parts suppliers recognising your somebody that they want to get involved with
Chris Wills
Chris Wills - 24 dager siden
I think that "easy", "quick", and "straightforward" are down to your experience and positive outlook; looks "really complicated" to me!! Great work though. Hilarious how your Dad looks like he just came from a shower and you look like you've been in a tar pit =;-))
Lateef Carrere
Lateef Carrere - 24 dager siden
Finally seeing a "New Beetle" being used properly - as parts for a VW pickup. I really respect the love you & your Dad are giving this. Now, are you going to run a stack behind the cab (like a semi) or will the exhaust go out the back?
I also saw you guys in a Jay Smart video - but I'm not giving anything away...I am interested in what you do w/the new acquisition though.
David Gane
David Gane - 24 dager siden
lol wrecks one set of clothes , cleans up wrecks the next set ,
Ian Former
Ian Former - 24 dager siden
Love that old truck... See a lot of ALH swaps into MK1 Rabbits cool to see one into a Caddy would love to see a Dasher Wagon swap....