Opening The $200,000 1st Edition Pokemon Box (Official Live Stream)

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
Runtime: 2:31:52


Logan Paul
Logan Paul - 17 dager siden
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Todes Luftpump
Todes Luftpump - 8 dager siden
Hey Logan, Would be Really nice of you react to PAPAPLATTE‘s Video about you Packing his Charizard !!! Like this comment for Logan seeing this ❤️🙏🏻
Grucci G
Grucci G - 12 dager siden
You Should get Pokémon go
Yozca BTW
Yozca BTW - 14 dager siden
@Papaplatte is a German NOburnr/Streamer
FallPirate2247 !
FallPirate2247 ! - 14 dager siden
I fucking hate this channel!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
FallPirate2247 !
FallPirate2247 ! - 14 dager siden
Y r u simping for Pokémon
D Money
D Money - 52 minutter siden
Wait that charzard card is rare I have one just sitting on my desk in its container thing
RJ Kelly
RJ Kelly - 2 timer siden
You did not shave da beard
ella mae134
ella mae134 - 2 timer siden
tony wilson
tony wilson - 2 timer siden
I wanna give you all my pokemon cards if you want them just let me know
Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham - 2 timer siden
Your mom is awesome haha
melissa oliver
melissa oliver - 3 timer siden
jar of hearts
Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham - 3 timer siden
Haha omg that dude is funny and amazing live stream
Luka Gjorgjiev
Luka Gjorgjiev - 3 timer siden
bro everyone is just a frikin gold digger just play with the cards man if i had a rare card wouldnt sell it just keep it and play some pokemon man
Bostur //
Bostur // - 4 timer siden
Did he make money?
Shane Ouimet
Shane Ouimet - 5 timer siden
I have a 1st edition Blastoise and a bunch of other stuff if anyone wants it
Ivy Bman
Ivy Bman - 5 timer siden
He was pronouncing Graham Stephan wrong 😑
msz3lz - 5 timer siden
Would like to invite you to our podcast if you have a chance please reach if you are interested.
fabian - 6 timer siden
R DP - 6 timer siden
Tell me about EBIT vs EBITDA
Ray Zielinski
Ray Zielinski - 7 timer siden
What’s that website where they auction
Carros Diecast
Carros Diecast - 7 timer siden
Very intense video!! Enjoyed watching 🔥🔥
Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray - 8 timer siden
Trudi Thorpe
Trudi Thorpe - 8 timer siden
Trudi Thorpe
Trudi Thorpe - 8 timer siden
Hi logon I love your videos but you will probable not like me but I live I Ingland
EpicMemeLORD CAPS ON - 8 timer siden
I am not a fan of Logan Paul but I will cry too if my rare cards are destroyed
Oli lbest
Oli lbest - 9 timer siden
What year did these cards come out?
Bullet Bi11
Bullet Bi11 - 9 timer siden
I fucking hate Evan
Guillermo Ruiz
Guillermo Ruiz - 10 timer siden
we're ready pour
Lowkii - 11 timer siden
Minecraft Steve: 35:11
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 11 timer siden
Hiermit wurde auch dieser Kommentarbereich zu deutschem Territorium erklärt
Ging Ging
Ging Ging - 11 timer siden
Ballsac man has risen and said that this channel needs to be demolished
Jackson See
Jackson See - 12 timer siden
Why is this sooo satisfying
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 11 timer siden
Im making a compilation of every Pokémon He roasted xD
Nibba - 17 timer siden
Hello, i am from India i haveno mony for pokemon pls donate me cntact me here frend
i wil open chanel for boxing cards from india if i have donation of pokemon pls send packs and card
Masked Troller
Masked Troller - 17 timer siden
He probably made £150k off this video itself 😂😂
Skrilll - 17 timer siden
I have a Charizard GX card that i don't know if its shiny or not but its Art is so cool and i searched it up i found nothing like my Charizards art its Rare i think
ReWorkk - 19 timer siden
He told Gary he will not sell the Charizard base set psa 9 but he give it away to his viewers or he does a giveaway with it. Cmon ? you promise Gary not to sell it .
Memehub - 19 timer siden
Btw base set psa 10 trainer potions go for a few hundred dollars
colby jones
colby jones - 19 timer siden
Jessica Bragg
Jessica Bragg - 20 timer siden
loved this video
Timmy - 21 time siden
I got a Pokémon ad....
Bravo Smith
Bravo Smith - 21 time siden
I had one but i traded it for an hole collection
logan polak
logan polak - 21 time siden
When mike mathed wrong and said he’d be 96 😂 same haha
XcX Crxxpy XcX
XcX Crxxpy XcX - 22 timer siden
Why is this loser still uploading
MASØN - 23 timer siden
not even a pokémon fan but i really enjoyed this....
Ann Aguilar
Ann Aguilar - Dag siden
Cat master 269
Cat master 269 - Dag siden
is it me or i cant hear him at the begining
Yvng KB
Yvng KB - Dag siden
Im making a compilation of every Pokémon He roasted xD
Yvng KB
Yvng KB - Dag siden
So people bought him the packs to open on live?
Despacito after inventing 7 billion people: and that when the big bucks started rolling in
Mlon - 10 timer siden
what? what does this even have to do with the video?
Compilation 2408
Compilation 2408 - Dag siden
He got scammed people, chill...
Kim kallestad
Kim kallestad - Dag siden
Hey from norway
Mike Lee
Mike Lee - Dag siden
I think I just realised I’m rich I got so many unopened first editions. Wtf I didn’t realise they were worth shit hhsha
Ace Jose
Ace Jose - Dag siden
31:55 Venusaur
40:05 Chansey
43:50 Gyarados
53:03 Chansey
1:02:13 Charizard
1:25:48 Poliwrath
1:29:12 Raichu
1:39:15 Blastoise
1:48:25 Chansey
2:04:58 Alakazam
2:07:23 Mewtwo
2:17:18 Blastoise
Jordan 4680
Jordan 4680 - 7 timer siden
Dont copy others comments
Maddalena Sim
Maddalena Sim - Dag siden
I think I am deth now 😂
prudhvi buddharaju
prudhvi buddharaju - Dag siden
I have 3 charizards mint
Maddalena Sim
Maddalena Sim - Dag siden
My e
prudhvi buddharaju
prudhvi buddharaju - Dag siden
Bro I had one of these boxes im gonna find it hope my grandma didn't throw em out
DJ沈默 - Dag siden
you are good 👍
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Dag siden
Kevin Teller Papaplatte er ist jetzt einfach reich omega lul
Crazy 2x
Crazy 2x - Dag siden
Buddy said he has coin slots for eyes 🤣
Legendary hypegod
Legendary hypegod - Dag siden
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Dag siden
the comments now german : buyt from PAPAPLATTE
That Guy
That Guy - Dag siden
Tristan Sharon
Tristan Sharon - Dag siden
I cringed hard when he pushed the top right corner of the charizard card
Max König
Max König - Dag siden
Item Finder is rated place 20 with 750$😂
gogogadgetabby - Dag siden
burak atma
burak atma - Dag siden
Bennett Helbling
Bennett Helbling - Dag siden
😂😂😂😂omfg evans face and then a big huge sign over his head saying impulsive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Caleb Cray
Caleb Cray - Dag siden
Does anyone else feel the need to reach thru the screen and shut that other guys face hole who knows nothing about Pokémon?
TheFairyReRe - Dag siden
Ahhh why is Logan's mic only going through one side of the headphones?! *twitches and closes stream*
bental is ur mum
bental is ur mum - Dag siden
it’s always a drowzy then a polliwag right after
George Carter
George Carter - Dag siden
I’m so mad when I was younger I bought so many pokemon cards but my mum and dad got rid of them. It was never like a charazard or a starter but Ik I had 1 or 2 hollows
Merlin Sumaylo
Merlin Sumaylo - Dag siden
Love it 😀
carson homan
carson homan - Dag siden
i saw evan smoke at 1:05:04
Dylan Derbyshire
Dylan Derbyshire - Dag siden
Sorry I cannot donate
Joseph Chin 2000
Joseph Chin 2000 - Dag siden
43:20 Gyrados is not dragon type
PIXEL GAMER - Dag siden
the comments now german : buyt from PAPAPLATTE
Keith Lang
Keith Lang - Dag siden
You should tell me your most valebol cards on your next viedo
Mr Johnson Paddington
Mr Johnson Paddington - Dag siden
Sorry not a player. But what was the hype all about that Charizard?
sur4m4 seed
sur4m4 seed - Dag siden
0:53 What's wrong with it?
ConnectixnLost - Dag siden
1:00:45 hier ist Papaplatte
Lucas Dai
Lucas Dai - Dag siden
Lucas Dai
Lucas Dai - Dag siden
Aivaras Gailius
Aivaras Gailius - Dag siden
I don't like pokemon...
Karen Richards
Karen Richards - Dag siden
Mikes a goof. He's annoying as fuck.
Calin Rosu
Calin Rosu - Dag siden
When does the holographic khabib come out ?
mariejasondavis - Dag siden
I sense we are about to get a economy lecture by MR Logan Paul. This original y came from The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson Rixhsrz Hamond and James May,
saamirplay roblox
saamirplay roblox - Dag siden
Plase gime pokemon cards and l subscriben plase Logan paul l love u Logan plase
Jeffrey Rodriguez
Jeffrey Rodriguez - Dag siden
This is the most shitiest podcast ever
Da Memer
Da Memer - Dag siden
Brobeans23 - Dag siden
He should easily be wearing gloves / opening the packs better. The one where he pulls the charizard almost looks like he did a slight bend. Sick video still tho
Jacob Castillo
Jacob Castillo - 36 minutter siden
Yeah something about the chemicals in gloves idk, if you watch Leonhearts vintage opening he explains why it’s bad to wear gloves
Brobeans23 - 41 minutt siden
@Jacob Castillo really? Thanks for the tip not that I'd ever be able to afford to open these haha. But the way he holds and opens them gives me anxiety still
Jacob Castillo
Jacob Castillo - 50 minutter siden
Wearing gloves is actually worse for vintage card openings. It’s recommended you just wash your hands really well.
kuzu alduin
kuzu alduin - Dag siden
The way he says Lachlan 🤣🤣
さわがにくん - Dag siden
2:28:09 that is why you never get perfect psa, look how you are ruining the edges.
Damah Kadhim
Damah Kadhim - Dag siden
I had a really rare card but I didn’t know it was rare so I broke it lol
Jim Jones
Jim Jones - Dag siden
how old are you???? you got bashed now you're buying cards, grow the F up LOWgan
Damah Kadhim
Damah Kadhim - Dag siden
I love Pokémon
keith the beast 99
keith the beast 99 - 2 dager siden
Can not donate parents will not let me just a child
keith the beast 99
keith the beast 99 - 2 dager siden
Can nor bote parents will not let me
keith the beast 99
keith the beast 99 - 2 dager siden
Can not donate
keith the beast 99
keith the beast 99 - 2 dager siden
Off even
keith the beast 99
keith the beast 99 - 2 dager siden
I can not donate I an a kid I have to ask my partners to donate sorry I love your video tho
Looksierra2005 - 2 dager siden
I havent watched logan in the longest time and i really enjoy his more mature attitude
xxjonnyboy59xx - 2 dager siden
I have a red cheeks Pikachu 1st edition
سيوفي الجبوري
سيوفي الجبوري - 2 dager siden
I'm your big fan of why don't you give me $ 2 million
BloodOnMars - 2 dager siden
Don't you guys notice how rich people always ask for you to donate money? It not because they are nice people. They literally get to use your donations for tax right offs.... do not donate.
Özay Öz
Özay Öz - 2 dager siden
Özay Öz
Özay Öz - 2 dager siden