One thing these times have taught me.

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - Måned siden
Wow! We raised $5,000 overnight. You guys are amazing. We're halfway there!! Let's go!
Ademir Alijagic
Ademir Alijagic - Måned siden
@Aiden Titus You're never too young to improve your life! 😊👏
Aiden Titus
Aiden Titus - Måned siden
I love your channel! It’s helped me guide me into a better, simple life. (Even though I’m 14 yrs old). Stay safe during the COVID 19 Pandemic :)
sitkatr - Måned siden
@Natasha Sharapova Feels great when blame someone? Ask author of the linked channel if he has rights to translate...
Natasha Sharapova
Natasha Sharapova - Måned siden
This channel seems to copy your content. They translate it into russian, which is great, but might be illegal.
Johan Lopez
Johan Lopez - Måned siden
I sent my screenshot
Japanese TruTru
Japanese TruTru - 2 dager siden
There are almost no race problems in Japan. So I couldn’t feel the problems until recently.
I hope fair world without racism.
MR.YoungThEmovie - 8 dager siden
hey man the problem is that people don't do things.......
Cosmo Gamer
Cosmo Gamer - 10 dager siden
William C
William C - 14 dager siden
All lives matter.
Горшенков Егор
Горшенков Егор - 22 dager siden
I think it's not too far to the second Civil
GROWTOPIA FAN - 23 dager siden
We are all in a position to make a difference - whether it is sharing a post on social media for the people who are young and don’t have money or donating money while attending protests
I KEK - 25 dager siden
Nothing - 28 dager siden
Can you bring back 30 days of... episode.
Carnisha - 29 dager siden
See, that's why I'm a subscriber Matt.
Ryan Chu
Ryan Chu - Måned siden
My question is if police brutality existed forever, why didn't we say as much then? George Floyd was the catalyst? Weren't there lives before Floyd who were affected that deserved such recognition as demolishing statues and cancelling people? Can anyone tell me the difference between Floyd's life and preceding black oppressed lives? Or was media an instrumental role in this? Also, how does one prove racist intent? Speech? Background checks? If proof is the color of skin of police and victim, then you are the one who's racist. There are black cops who I just call cops. There are white victims who I just call victims. Black on white crime? White on black crime? Yellow on Red? All I see is someone on someone crime which deserves justice. When in Elementary school, I never saw my black friends any lesser beings because they weren't my BLACK friends. They were just my friends. It was not until I was grouped into racial and identity politics when I needed to be kinder to black people for their historical oppression and hate the color of my skin for having "inherent privilege". Breeding and feeding the ideology to kids that there will always be some racist force against black kids makes these children feel more or less entitled based on the color of their skin and more or less fearful to take risks.
Leonik - 29 dager siden
it's so profitably to call anyone racist now, universal spell. But there is the thing like statistics, for example black crime, unemployment rate and other. It's so easy to ignore real problems and focus on big and terrible racism, world has gone mad
AndrezzaPessoac - Måned siden
I'm always insecure about talking about it or not because ppl are always saying that the black community doesn't need a white savior, but the way you did by donating was awesome matt!
Taghreed Birds
Taghreed Birds - Måned siden
ذلك نفس اللبس الا يفقدك حماسك ؟؟!
tarmas Khalifa
tarmas Khalifa - Måned siden
This is what I understand. A lot of racists watch ur videos and don't give a fuck now that u have spoken up cus they don't care. See the difference in viewing numbers. Normal vids million views this one not so much.
Secret of my art
Secret of my art - Måned siden
Great message, and loved how you shared how hard it was for you to talk about this and even so you did. 👏❤️
Randall Burgess
Randall Burgess - Måned siden
It was nothing more than herd mentally and moral Bankrupcy
Bruno Rodrigues
Bruno Rodrigues - Måned siden
Nothing against what you said in the video, but, theres no need about money involved.
This is not a question of money!
Keep your good work. Love your videos!
gimmetheacoountplix - Måned siden
Great! I´ts important to show support here and also engage in any way you can. Everyone can do something etc.
Also, BLM movement is giving me hope that I haven´t felt in a long time. And that hope is very important to feel. The overwhelming support from everywhere is just so amazing! I remember "day1" when this just started and a small developer on Steam (gaming community/store) voiced their support. Their forum/chat got somewhat spammed by those against BLM but they also did get a lot of support. I wrote a positive comment and silently wished that other corporations would follow with their openly support. The following day/night more and more of really big corporations also showed their support for BLM and anti-racism. And suddenly it was EVERYWHERE.
That for me was a magic moment.
The feeling that this time it is huge, not like last time a couple of years ago when not enough people cared. Also for the corporations this is important, sure some do it for the money but also that they see that the future is indeed less racist than now and they need to be a part of it, for their customers but also for their employees. And this is where change of our societies comes in! Beautiful!
And it seems to be working, change is coming (do the work and all that :)
Yet another awesome video Matt! Tears in my eyes!
Gamuchirai Kevin Mudehwe
Gamuchirai Kevin Mudehwe - Måned siden
Thank you Matt.
FE zélé
FE zélé - Måned siden
Thanks Matt for the good vibes & uplifting words, we need to here this a lot. Much appreciated
Rozanna - Måned siden
“This is not my moment to share, it’s my moment to listen”. Wow!
Shiene Arjun
Shiene Arjun - Måned siden
this YouTube channel is so good. I learn so much and see the thinks in an positieve way very different. it's makes me think and give me the motivation to vlog about motivation.
Heart Healthy Hustle by Jonathan Frederick
Great video Matt. I'm glad to see you taking action!
Mind Your Money
Mind Your Money - Måned siden
Matt...this is a beautiful video! Thank you for your support and for being candid.
Dnj1zzzz - Måned siden
Smh. Thank you for contributing to a racist, radical neo-marxist organization. One would think that you, a supposedly hard-working, productive and efficient individual (which is what I believed this channel to be about), appreciated such and would do enough research to understand the background and radical nature that is the organization BLM. It is in simplest terms a hate group. Such a shame that it has managed to suck in so many to an unworthy cause with pretext that should be at this point truthfully just platitudes.
I blame the media, for sucking in the lazy and willfully ignorant and turning them into useful idiots for an agenda that will soon be propagated. What better way to capture an audience by focusing on and blowing up the small handfuls of events that would precipitate destruction and invoke radical change for political gain, of which events are by no means indicative of all or even nearly most Americans.
Dnj1zzzz - Måned siden
@Archduke Franz Ferdinand K? You're just a tool lol.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Archduke Franz Ferdinand - Måned siden
You're cringe af
Ernestine Lyons
Ernestine Lyons - Måned siden
I wish I could avoid topics on race because it's uncomfortable, but my blackness will never let the world see me as it sees you. Please Matt, remember to keep up the fight and be brave enough to have those conversations when white people say things that aren't cool, or make jokes. I have to be brave and disciplined every day (despite the challenges I face just existing), and subscribing to your channel has helped me do that. But as someone who looks to you and admires you as a person committed to personal development, I have to ask you as a loyal subscriber please keep pushing your self and those around you to be better!
Peter White
Peter White - Måned siden
Love it, but what about the indigenous people’s “Native Americans” land your living on, why not donate too them...........................
Someone Else
Someone Else - Måned siden
well i think this is too american for me to understand it !
Gunnar Sammons
Gunnar Sammons - Måned siden
Am I the only one who legit thinks that Matt's videos couldn't get any better? His videos are produced to perfection.
Ruben Espinoza
Ruben Espinoza - Måned siden
Who in their right mind would dislike this video?
Ion Tdk
Ion Tdk - Måned siden
Mia Hemstad
Mia Hemstad - Måned siden
Thank you so much, Matt. I appreciate you and Nat.
Karunasekar B
Karunasekar B - Måned siden
Why do I feel he is the Perfect Human in this World,🤔
Mark Hatfield
Mark Hatfield - Måned siden
Well done Matt. Thank you.
Naatss - Måned siden
Well done for this video dude, your voice was important to me (us)
flying cacoon
flying cacoon - Måned siden
1000th comment and it is
Subscribe to conservative twins
Selva - Måned siden
Right brain thinks...when you write left brain works that's why we can't express our feelings through words 🙂
Aiden Titus
Aiden Titus - Måned siden
Love your channel! It has helped me have a better, more minimalistic life (even though I’m 14 years old). Stay safe during the COVID 19 Pandemic :)
borna - Måned siden
Do 30 days without meat and share your experiences
DK11 - Måned siden
i thought he got a tattoo
Jéssica PS
Jéssica PS - Måned siden
I have been realizing in these times that learn how to listen our inner self, could be a thing that everybody should try in their lives. It has so much to say and teach.
I. Nisa
I. Nisa - Måned siden
My 7years old son asked me! why people are protesting in USA , i told blacks are not treated well due to their skin colour, He said what!!! Are they stupid, have they forgotten what Muhammad(p.b.u.h) taught them. I got silent because i didn't want to tell him that they hate Muhammad and they hate him and his mother as well
Ricardo J Martins
Ricardo J Martins - Måned siden
Very Nice Matt 🤜👍
lusia odos
lusia odos - Måned siden
Thank you Matt for listening. 💓💓💓💓
Incredible Platform
Incredible Platform - Måned siden
You really sounds bro and keep shining⭐✨
Boris Joffe
Boris Joffe - Måned siden
This was a way better and humbler video than most of the other virtue signaling brands and channels.
But I would urge you to listen to the countless black moderates and conservatives and hear their side of the story as well. The far-left narrative of the Black Lives Matter organization has silenced those non-leftist black people and they really need to be heard.
dilini liyanapatirana
dilini liyanapatirana - Måned siden
I still can''t believe that people do discrimination over skin color. what kind of sick people are those.what kind of religion and values they grew up with. I cant imagine those things happened in the past even. they have to protest and sacrifice. who think that having white skin make them superior. its really odd to me even mentioning black artist . for earth we are only human being .
Софья Семёнова
Parikshit Rajpara
Parikshit Rajpara - Måned siden
Love you work man! I am from india❤i was wondering if you can you make a video on how to get work as a flim maker? I mean how to get it and how it feels?
Sheridon Gayle
Sheridon Gayle - Måned siden
Very uplifting and inspiring!
Chelseay Colofranson
Chelseay Colofranson - Måned siden
Thank you for this, Matt!
As! Someone Else
As! Someone Else - Måned siden
I have been discriminated for my hair colour in my home country. PS almost everyone is black.
Yrene Rodriguez
Yrene Rodriguez - Måned siden
Just another reason why I love your channel.thank you 🙏🏼💙
Sultan Rasulov
Sultan Rasulov - Måned siden
Matt, do you now sometimes practice breathwork?
I watched your video about the breathworks and got so much interested in that
Sarah E
Sarah E - Måned siden
You might want to include donations for an organization supporting Native Americans.
Alexander - Måned siden
Jelle Geertsema
Jelle Geertsema - Måned siden
Why black lives matter huh, why don't all lives matter Smh
kevin mungai
kevin mungai - Måned siden
Matt you are really smart
Priscilla Horne
Priscilla Horne - Måned siden
Thanks for all u do and your support Matt💪🙌
pinxpeas - Måned siden
Lord why people stop thinking. I want to express my position. All those slogans that people shouted that the life of black is important, do you think that the life of black is more important than any other? I say that all these protests led to death and violence. Is that right? There are so many videos where people smash stores, record people to death, beat them. Is that your justice? We all understand that that policeman did the wrong thing, but is it really possible to consider everyone else the same after that, is that right? I am not against protests towards changing the structure of the police’s attitude. I want to say that the destruction, as you say of the monuments of oppression, is really correct. That is, you want to say that we are all responsible for what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did ??? No, it is not. And the destruction of cultural heritage, with the slogans that someone is more important, is nonsense. I live in Russia and whoever I talk to, many people think that such violence and arbitrariness only makes it worse. If you think that insurance companies will be able to help everyone, take off your pink glasses and better apologize to people who have suffered while protecting their property. People may have been dreaming of their store for years, and you fucking ruin them. In Russia, too, there was slavery and much longer than in America, but why, we do not go out and do not kill, and do not force to kiss the feet of people whose ancestors had slaves? Maybe because it's not normal. I do not understand people who do not see obvious violence and bullying. Floyd, was also a criminal, robbed, was tried. But he became a mission. God you .... Such hypocrisy is beyond my comprehension. I am disappointed.