One Life-Changing Commitment

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🏆 Weekend Film Fest Winner
Calum Davies:
🙌 Honorable Mentions:
Michael Nixon:
Jason Luong:
Christine Laraque:
Paul Albornoz:
Sabih Mahmood:
Alex Kennedy:
And we could add 20 more to this list but that would just be confusing. Thanks again for everyone that took part. You all are amazing & inspire me so much! Be sure to keep an eye on Colin & Samir's channel for future competitions.
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Wow, this was so much fun!! Thanks to everyone who contribute their passion, creativity & commitment with us.
Calum Davies has a YouTube channel that you should check out:
Thanks again to my friends Colin & Samir for letting me in on their film festival:
B. Colwell
B. Colwell - 3 måneder siden
Even if the winner's idea and video were a thousand times better than the others, it never crossed your mind what percentage of the "winning entry" has roots in unearned privilege? Not saying blame the guy or punish him for something he didn't choose, just do you really need to add more advantage and acknowledgement, at the expense of others? Speaking of which, do you ever consider the amount of comparative strength and resilience required when one's efforts must be sustained in the face of structural racism, intergenerational poverty, sexual assault-fueled self-hatred, etc? I don't need to see empowered people passing along power and props to people just like themselves, further entrenching the established power hierarchy. I would be really blown away if you chose a winner whose output was clearly half as polished and impressive but whose efforts required 10 times the courage and effort.
Carl - 4 måneder siden
Re-watching all of your videos again, in order to get back on track on trying to be better
David Wood
David Wood - År siden
It should be like a loan button. Callum keeps it up as his inspiration / goal. Then once he gets there, he returns it. You run this contest again for the next button loan recipient :)
Stephanitely - År siden
I'm so glad NOburn recommended you to me. I am thinking differently and trying to apply some of your advice. I want to wake up early.
Tucker Pearce
Tucker Pearce - År siden
I commit to being more present with my kids, putting the cell phone down more. I started to make the video but ran out of time to edit it ironically because I was having a great weekend with the kids. Thanks Matt!
Dominik Chlebicki
Dominik Chlebicki - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for this Matt. I've had a few setbacks and self-doubt in the last few weeks and your videos helped a lot with powering through all of that. Even though I've only been subscribed for a couple of weeks you had a massive impact on my attitude, I finally dared doing some things I was afraid of, committed myself to following my ambitions and doing things I actually care about.
Enric Feliu Sharp
Enric Feliu Sharp - 3 måneder siden
You always give me motivation to do what inspires me😀
B. Colwell
B. Colwell - 3 måneder siden
But why go for the obvious winner who already has a ton of privilege propping up their inevitable success? Why not swerve left and throw your support behind a likely loser who will actually appreciate it and whose whole life trajectory might actually be altered instead of adding a little jet fuel on an already fired up rocket?
CHHIN Sras - 3 måneder siden
What made your video quality so good - Camera? Edition? Lighting? Or your privilege on screen
Caira Lee
Caira Lee - 5 måneder siden
It's a great gift idea actually. It's a rep of your passion, skill, dedication. Every time they'd look at it they'd know there's WORK to do.
Wodinn - 6 måneder siden
my #1 is fall in love. feels like it's too late at 37 though.
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games - 6 måneder siden
it’s january 10th, 2020
i think this year i want to commit to the two day rule in relation to the gym
cook and eat better
have a more organised life and work flow
become more financially stable
less stressed
more happy

..oh, and there’s this girl - there are many things i want to do with and to her 😉 ..i’ll leave it with; i want to date her ✌️ and start something up 💛
Ruby Deaton
Ruby Deaton - 7 måneder siden
Am I the only one who really actually wants that plaque? xp
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham - 7 måneder siden
Love this message 💕
robinsky139 - 8 måneder siden
For once to put myself first before others; colleagues, acquaintances, friends and even family members❤️🙏
Jade Beth J
Jade Beth J - 8 måneder siden
I just watched that documentary last night! I KNEW I recognized your name!!
王世豪 - 8 måneder siden
I want to take my English listening to the next level and I already committed to it for about 2 years. 加油 永不放弃
Nash Boeh
Nash Boeh - 9 måneder siden
I got a keurig ad...
jerva8 - 9 måneder siden
N.2 and N.3 of the bucket list could easily be the same thing.
A Vantastic Life
A Vantastic Life - 9 måneder siden
Yara - 10 måneder siden
I’m going to loose 10-15 KG and reach my goal body weight by the beginning of the year :) thank you for this video
Gunjan Bansal
Gunjan Bansal - 10 måneder siden
All the submissions shared in the description are amazing.... interesting content and beautifully contest inspired so many people to create the beautiful videos they did, which othetwise they may have not have crafted
Kutloano Kabelo Kgaswane
Kutloano Kabelo Kgaswane - 10 måneder siden
As I go commit to change my life.. Entirely
Teetwo Dev
Teetwo Dev - 10 måneder siden
Hey Matt. What's your cool water kettle? Also, your other coffee gear?
Yash Salunke
Yash Salunke - 10 måneder siden
But I have commitment issues 😂
Elaine Johnson
Elaine Johnson - 10 måneder siden
Okay so I will admit that I’ve binged watch all of your videos lol
Ron Gusinjac
Ron Gusinjac - 11 måneder siden
What brand are your shirts
Fally Vega
Fally Vega - 11 måneder siden
I wanna commit to finally getting in the best shape of my life.
Pasha Boss
Pasha Boss - 11 måneder siden
Thanks for this cool video..I've stumbled across your channel 3 days ago and I'm getting addicted to your content and it's making me more motivated to produce my own (currently I'm working on making a stand comedy show and it's my homework)
btw I'd really appreciate if you make some tutorials or just tips about editing)
HD EDITS - 11 måneder siden
What app do you use for to do lists? I know you put it in a video somewhere but idk which one lol
Real Weird
Real Weird - 11 måneder siden
Hi, i'm fahmi and i'm ur new fans and i'm from indonesian (one of the country in asia). Matt D'Avella, could u give me some advice about my problem.
I'm 27 years old, my sister sell my house 2 years ago without my knowledge, (because i was in another city when my sister and my mom sold it) at a very cheap price. And also my mom and my sister still have total Rp 80 juta (US $ 6000) in debt. whereas I am the only person who works in the family (my father has died since I was 18 years old).
my condition now, i am homeless, i rent a house for me and my family, and work as deliveryman with a very cheap salary. the salary earned is not enough even to live. every day, me and my family just eat rice and salt (sometimes with tofu), in order to stay alive and save a little of money for the future.
on the other hand, my girlfriend is also a poor woman. She alone bears the burden on his younger siblings, 6 people in total. She work as a salesgirl. and she always complained about her family's finances, so I set aside a little of my money to help with her needs every month. With this financial condition, I don't think we have a future.
I am so frustrated, i'm feeling this world is so unfair to me. Please give me some advice, i am a mental breakdown right now. sometimes i think of suicide, but I never dared to really do it .
Watching your video, always motivate me, thanks to you.
But the reality is too sad to be true. I am so tired living in this world.
KookingK - 11 måneder siden
really fan of your videos
Lollita K.
Lollita K. - År siden
I needed this today!!
World of Y.A.
World of Y.A. - År siden
The thing is.. I really don't know what I really want in life. 20 years old boy struggle.
Ande Linn
Ande Linn - År siden
I want to commit to not have to go to the ER for asthma attacks and flare ups for the next year.
Dejenny Pilipovic
Dejenny Pilipovic - År siden
I want to wake up early and post more valuable content to Instagram.
Perpetually Lost in Thought
If I were given an award for earning even just a thousand subscribers I would be so touched that anyone cared let alone subscribe that you couldn't pay me enough for it. That plaque would be with me until death. I would hold it and squeeze it and love it and polish it :-)
Keith - År siden
Good shit Matt
Cameron Noakes
Cameron Noakes - År siden
typical minimalist matt, giving away a yt play button because he isn't a hoarder lol
Divyansh KAUSHAL
Divyansh KAUSHAL - År siden
I want to commit to my routine
Asiate - År siden
learn about engineering for futur life
Raghav Chhabra
Raghav Chhabra - År siden
Can there Be A Luxuary Minimalism
Daniel D
Daniel D - År siden
But did Samir break the car?
Ayanami - År siden
minimalist and proced to have a huge apartment
I love PAM and KYO
I love PAM and KYO - År siden
i wanna be more focus and persistent
Sanghamitra Roy
Sanghamitra Roy - År siden
You make me feel productive. I own a lot of unnecessary stuffs and my debt is touching ceiling.i stopped shopoing online after watching ud videos, decluttered my wardrobe and was completely stumped jusf to loook at the piles of unnecessary clothes i bought online.
Suleman Zahid
Suleman Zahid - År siden
Finally I am on the right side of YouTube
sayanskywolf13 - År siden
my commitment would be to stop understimating myself and to always find at least a reason to not give up
JoshKeatonFan - År siden
This is the video I'm subscribing to!
Calamiro Asjcobeti
Calamiro Asjcobeti - År siden
Did they simplify the button and reduce it's metal surface? >:(
SAPITO - År siden
3:55 it really cracked me up how you wanted to say "funny shit" but chsnged to "stuff"
Jin B.
Jin B. - År siden
I want to commit to rising with the sun this year, and getting A+s (doable because I’m part time) 🥳
Ravenous youth
Ravenous youth - År siden
How lame to give your plaque . You have cash . Kinda weak for your followers
Sanskriti Barua
Sanskriti Barua - År siden
It's so rude of you to give away your silver play button. 🙄🥈🚫
Player Hatef
Player Hatef - År siden
The thing about comments is I always want validation and praise for my comments... However when I get a negative comment their are usually ( more times then not) alot of truth to them.. I learn more from a negative comment and I understand my inner self more. I look at why I wrote my statement and if I need to change something in my it toughins me up and I learn.... positive comments all the time allows me to coast through life, and that's no fun....
Sara Chrisandy
Sara Chrisandy - År siden
I already watch Minimalism before I got here, I'm surprised! I wanna say thankyou for your hardwork, Matt!
Merthalophor - År siden
Wait, you did _the_ movie the minimalist? Holy shit
Adam Claridge
Adam Claridge - År siden
I love this content!
Karen Z
Karen Z - År siden
I want to commit finish writing my first book.
Jmf423 - År siden
Quick question, how do you downsize unnecessary items you get from family members or anyone else? For example like a pop funko, I don’t want to throw it out but I also don’t want to keep it
You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days
my commitment is to play fortnite everyday
Jasmine Raymond
Jasmine Raymond - År siden
I want to publish my second book.
Gitoya Tyndale
Gitoya Tyndale - År siden
I do it fo me
Janis T. Preiss
Janis T. Preiss - År siden
Thinking negative thoughts less :)