One Dip Makeup Challenge!

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HI SISTERS! I was recently challenged by my friend NikkieTutorials to try out to the One Dip Makeup Challenge. I put my skills to the test and use only ONE squirt or dip of each of my normal makeup products to see if I can somehow put together a glam look! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
Runtime: 12:03


Vip Shikhu
Vip Shikhu - 5 minutter siden
Please recommend cheap foundation and primer to hide acne scars plsease
els - 6 minutter siden
LATHI Challenge please!!!!
Rashmi Upreti
Rashmi Upreti - 20 minutter siden
Iam a girl then also I dont any make up product name 🙄🙄😬
Robert Mcklein Junior Khriam
Robert Mcklein Junior Khriam - 35 minutter siden
it was the catching setting spray for me🥴
Jana Abou Naga
Jana Abou Naga - 35 minutter siden
Bruh give me a one dip challenge that was so coo-
Me: bruh-
Henrita Johnston
Henrita Johnston - Time siden
If this is bad mine is horrible
Dr Rashmi Bakshi
Dr Rashmi Bakshi - Time siden
You don't need any makeup cuz u look handsome just like that
Asia Cottrell
Asia Cottrell - 2 timer siden
This brings back memories when the teacher say 1 dot not alot
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
Hi marshmallow
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
I am right
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
I am right
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
Hi marshmallow
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
Hi marshmallow
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
Hi marshmallow 😁😁😁😁😁
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
Hi marshmallow
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
Hi marshmallow
angel s
angel s - 2 timer siden
Hi marshmallow
Bianka Arana
Bianka Arana - 2 timer siden
When I first saw the bottom eyeshadow I’m like 😯um Then bae pulled dat shiii off
Yesica Hanai
Yesica Hanai - 2 timer siden
This is so gorgeous! You always kill it though 😌💕😏
John Momongan
John Momongan - 2 timer siden
James Charles : that's so manly of me 😁
Weebs: 😮oop it's kirishima 😁
Ana Silva
Ana Silva - 3 timer siden
CLAYTÁI 99 - 3 timer siden
It’s the looking like Charlie Da Melo for me
Anindita Biswas
Anindita Biswas - 3 timer siden
He is so beautiful omg
Star.Bubblez_Coz - 3 timer siden
Okay, but his eyeshadow is Pink, Yellow, and Blue- Pansexual pride flag colors! It looks really good. You nailed this one dip challenge.
Ariz Valenzuela
Ariz Valenzuela - 3 timer siden
I hate you
Ye-na Seo
Ye-na Seo - 3 timer siden
i love how he takes random colors that don’t even match and make it match
Stacy - 4 timer siden
fire whoever color corrects your videos lately, you're looking real orange
betches. - 4 timer siden
i texted you and i got service access denied LMAOOOO
zuzubish - 4 timer siden
idk why ur bashed for using makeup like-
simplyrosemary - 4 timer siden
I want to see James copy other youtubers makeup routines for a WEEK 😱
Pabasara Peiris
Pabasara Peiris - 4 timer siden
Wow I didn’t know he can rap🤧
Inki Mkrtchian
Inki Mkrtchian - 4 timer siden
why do i kinda love this sista
Steph Bradburn
Steph Bradburn - 5 timer siden
even just one dip makeup challenge it still looks better then my makeup
love you james
Shirene Ng
Shirene Ng - 5 timer siden
You look like the flower pansy with that look! Love itttw
Mikayla Mony
Mikayla Mony - 5 timer siden
You are the best you can do amazing makeup and it only one dip
Kathe Sarceño
Kathe Sarceño - 5 timer siden
Sister, I would love to see a video doing your makeup using the mini plastic hands
Anwar Hadday
Anwar Hadday - 5 timer siden
ItsYarianPlays Roblox
ItsYarianPlays Roblox - 5 timer siden
Sis I love the look!!!🔥🔥🔥
Miranda Keenan
Miranda Keenan - 5 timer siden
The brows XDDD I can’t take it sorry James XDDD
erica quinn
erica quinn - 6 timer siden
JAMES:i look horrible
my mom: wha-
Gisselle Morales
Gisselle Morales - 6 timer siden
This look matches with the school edition merch.
Samantha Fleis
Samantha Fleis - 6 timer siden
1:25 look how red he turned 🌡️🌡️🌡️🌡️🔥
Hayden King
Hayden King - 6 timer siden
BaNaNa bOaT
BaNaNa bOaT - 6 timer siden
360 905 8746
Isabel Sullivan
Isabel Sullivan - 7 timer siden
Hey sistaa
Noodle_Bear - 7 timer siden
that laugh in the beginning thoooo
Veronica Calvo Zambrana
Veronica Calvo Zambrana - 7 timer siden
Sigo esperando otro tutorial en español
Lydia Reed
Lydia Reed - 7 timer siden
I know your a boy but you look fricken cute with the make up on
zzqnut - 7 timer siden
Did James just give out his number-
Adrianna Deane
Adrianna Deane - 7 timer siden
I honestly wanna see him with a Moustache-
Rose Witherspoon
Rose Witherspoon - 8 timer siden
Can we see a whole makeup look with only dollar tree products?
Titoluwa Maxwell
Titoluwa Maxwell - 8 timer siden
I literally just paused it at 4:20 no cap
Stanley Cronk
Stanley Cronk - 8 timer siden
This idiot guy just gave me autism 😂😂
Laura Ariel Gonzalez
Laura Ariel Gonzalez - 8 timer siden
and the pic is my mom my profile
Laura Ariel Gonzalez
Laura Ariel Gonzalez - 8 timer siden
are u a girl or a boy ? i dont understand caus i am 7 years old
Jailyn williams
Jailyn williams - 8 timer siden
Is it just me , this makeup look gives me dora vibes
Ellaina Vanek
Ellaina Vanek - 8 timer siden
I love this look!
Jack Stapleton
Jack Stapleton - 8 timer siden
Me when I eat peanuts
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 8 timer siden
If you're reading this and you decide to like this comment no matter what you do God bless
Dominique Mena
Dominique Mena - 8 timer siden
James Charles forgot the L in his beginning like logo thing
vikkie murray
vikkie murray - 8 timer siden
hi james you do makeup so good no matter what and inspire me keep going and you do you sister
Destany Butcher
Destany Butcher - 8 timer siden
Respect your gender (girl)
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 8 timer siden
your smile is so nice oh my god
Trisha Howard
Trisha Howard - 8 timer siden
I'm glad your doing more makeup videos
Trisha Howard
Trisha Howard - 8 timer siden
Girl did you getsome lip filler?!
perfect Brownies
perfect Brownies - 8 timer siden
You THINK it looks good girlfriend it looks amazing
naleyaheditzzz princess
naleyaheditzzz princess - 8 timer siden
No hate i live yo videos tho
naleyaheditzzz princess
naleyaheditzzz princess - 8 timer siden
Eye browse dont look even 👀
Kiya K
Kiya K - 9 timer siden
He patting the shit outta his face 🤣
Trinity Hills
Trinity Hills - 9 timer siden
I think he should do a glitching type makeup
alyssa aparicio
alyssa aparicio - 9 timer siden
This video just further proved to me how you can literally do anything, teach me your ways @james
CATHRYN KARSTEN - 9 timer siden
James : OMGGG that is horrible
Me: I can barley put on chapstick dude
Jane Lee
Jane Lee - 9 timer siden
1:59 for a second i thought he was gonna eat it...
Grace Xx
Grace Xx - 9 timer siden
Don’t be shy stick some more-
James Charles
Dabi - 9 timer siden
I’m sorry but is it just me or did he say he does on eye off camera and one eye off camera 😳 6:51
Fifi Mulu
Fifi Mulu - 9 timer siden
You look beautiful
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Ooooouuuuu sista lets go get some margaritas 🥂
Looking fine girl 🥂❤️
Souliffy - 9 timer siden
your smile is so nice oh my god
Werdow 72
Werdow 72 - 9 timer siden
I am starting a project that is due tomorrow so sisters give me courage
Kylie Messenger
Kylie Messenger - 9 timer siden
its so bad but the eyes i like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jomaine Orilas
Jomaine Orilas - 10 timer siden
Or you can do a don't fix my mistake challenge
Andreamary - 10 timer siden
7:55 😂😂😂
Diamond World
Diamond World - 10 timer siden
James you look beautiful even without make up
Kyran Blewitt
Kyran Blewitt - 10 timer siden
Stop saying it looks bad that’s a gorgeous fucking look. PERIOD
genn - 10 timer siden
i used to watch him before tik tok like in the last brow era🙄
Jaleah Westbrooks
Jaleah Westbrooks - 10 timer siden
Omg love it
Vlogs With Madison
Vlogs With Madison - 10 timer siden
I Clicked so fast James charles couldn't even say hi sisters
Heather Williamson
Heather Williamson - 10 timer siden
The primer you used is my fave
Annika Gjovig
Annika Gjovig - 10 timer siden
Can you do a video where you do 10 different colors of eye shadow? Or just a bunch of different make up things? (I'm not into makeup! lol)
Alex Di Angleo
Alex Di Angleo - 11 timer siden
He always look amazing!!
Alexxis Buck
Alexxis Buck - 11 timer siden
i love you james
NEVAEH MABLE - 11 timer siden
You are a Little Orange
Selena Johnson
Selena Johnson - 11 timer siden
Hey you 🙃🙃 too
Belle De Caucase
Belle De Caucase - 11 timer siden
I'd like to challenge you to speak slower than usual. 😁😁😁
xxsilent wolf
xxsilent wolf - 11 timer siden
It's the one slightly raised brow for me🤨😂
Breanna Buczeskie
Breanna Buczeskie - 11 timer siden
Talk about light makeup
MadMax - 11 timer siden
James: **smashed a vein in a head that helps him think w a Beauty blender**
2 mins later
James: I- uhh I- uuhhh ummm uhh wait what?! Ah umm
Me: 😑
Layla Arvance
Layla Arvance - 11 timer siden
James' face🎃
His neck🔔
lara martins
lara martins - 11 timer siden
Looks amazing as always James
GV. .fanatics
GV. .fanatics - 12 timer siden
Gives Me that Instagram vibe
lara martins
lara martins - 12 timer siden
When the thing said hey sister text me my sister texted me 😂