Oil change scams: Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car (CBC Marketplace)

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CBC Marketplace finds aggressive upselling and services paid for but not performedTo read the full story:
www.cbc.ca/1.2418675. Originally broadcast Nov 8, 2013.
When you trust someone else to take care of your car, can you trust that they're not taking you for a ride? Our undercover investigation reveals ripoffs at a popular oil change chain. We're going in for the advertised $19.99 oil change, but you won't believe the charges we end up with. And did they even do the work? We go up on the hoist to show you what’s really going down at these oil change shops.
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Wolfie McGregor
Wolfie McGregor - Time siden
Why not tell the whole story, we're they arrested? How does the story end? We're they charged with fraud? If not why not? If the victims did not lay charges they are a part of the problem, even if they got their cash back.
ENOerofebowT B
ENOerofebowT B - 8 timer siden
And that’s it! Just advice on what to expect? Just accept the practice? It’s robbery, theft! And no jail time for these people? These people are literally stealing from people with impunity and we’re supposed to accept the practice as normalcy and simply smile about it. What’s the difference between stealing my money with a smile and stealing it with a frown? And these people get absolutely no prison time? No wonder the practice is encouraged and continued! No punishment and all profit! These people should be jailed for potential destruction of property, leaving vehicles in unsafe conditions, and endangering the lives of the owners of the vehicles they pretend to service, etc. Start locking these people up and We’ll see a decrease if not a cessation of the criminal practice.
John Smith
John Smith - 18 timer siden
Reminds me of a Tire place I went too... They said to me I needed my brakes change. I made sure all the customers could hear me say it. I changed the brakes myself last week! After that I started recording the conversations I would have with them and told them I was recording and told them up front I only pay for what I tell you to do anymore I don't pay for it you do...
BL'ND S'GHT - 18 timer siden
This entire video was absolutely pointless.
James Stuart
James Stuart - 19 timer siden
I wonder how much business this cost honest quick-lube places, who make up the majority.
dominic micallef
dominic micallef - 19 timer siden
Great job 😎
Blippy - 20 timer siden
Or just change your own damn oil
windowclean100 - 22 timer siden
We took our car to tire Kingdom and they didn’t tighten the drain plug back up in the car blew up and he said nope we didn’t do it and they screwed us on a car don’t ever go to tire Kingdom
Yoda - Dag siden
Be honest:

You didn't expect that accent
Phil C
Phil C - Dag siden
Don't forget to refill your Halogen head lights while you are there! Great service! :)
Fred Eric
Fred Eric - Dag siden
Even a mechanic you know and trust can turn against you for the sake of the money...
Last year I brought my car to the same mechanics as always for an inspection. They called me around half an hour later, that a lot of things needed repair or a complete change. It would've been 2.5K $ to fix all of that. So I asked for a copy of the "necessary repairs" and drove to another mechanic. He inspected my car, went through the given list, and started laughing. Less than half of the things they marked as necessary repairs needed really repairs. I paid 1K $, instead of 2.5K $ at the end, and changed my mechanic.
After that incident I ask myself again, and again how much money I gave unnecessary to the old mechanics. How often I got ripped off. And not just me: my mother, my brother, and even my sister went there with their cars...needless to say, we stopped all contacts to that location and brought our businesses elsewhere...
Obama 8322
Obama 8322 - Dag siden
This is why you change your oil yourself
Bruh sound effect v2
Bruh sound effect v2 - Dag siden
why did I and 34 million people just watch this?
Denah Kanan
Denah Kanan - Dag siden
lover taylor swift
Michael Song
Michael Song - Dag siden
I feel like the owner won't be charged with anything. The owner may tell the employees to upsell, but he would just say that the fault lies on the each employees, not the company. The owner can say that the employee lied about the owner telling them to upsell to try to earn more commission.
Michael Song
Michael Song - Dag siden
"take it to any mechanics you know and trust". That's a terrible tip. Most people don't know any mechanics they can trust. They just go into the most convenient shop, because they don't know any mechanics. And sure, they might have met the mechanic a few times if they go to the same shop (such as the shop being near their homes or workplace), but are they trustworthy? Who knows?
Ryan de Kwaadsteniet
Ryan de Kwaadsteniet - Dag siden
It would be funny if the one guy who blurred his face out name is Peter. It’s on the back of his shirt
AmyirtanTolgakrky - Dag siden
Criminal rats
Malak Kheder
Malak Kheder - Dag siden
Tj LikeFire
Tj LikeFire - Dag siden
Those asshats mixed universal with dexcool. Say good bye to the heater core.
Wm. Roy Stapleton
Wm. Roy Stapleton - 2 dager siden
What happened to economy lube? Were they ever brought up on charges?.
Slash P.
Slash P. - 2 dager siden
WOW!! Just wow!!
Duong Do
Duong Do - 2 dager siden
My dad use to work as a manchineel and he was honest and didn’t rip anyone off he usually works alone but because his English is not so good and listening it was hard for him but he puts effort in his work he loves 😃👍
Jordan Douglas
Jordan Douglas - 2 dager siden
hope that guy that owns the shops gets his karma
Johnny Lantz
Johnny Lantz - 2 dager siden
rob cut his left middle finger
Kevin Stubbs
Kevin Stubbs - 2 dager siden
This entire thing was staged
NickelodeonBoy09 - 2 dager siden
I’d rather just do it myself when i get older lol
Ben _Jamin
Ben _Jamin - 2 dager siden
That kid looks so unhappy working there. Get them out of there.
ENOerofebowT B
ENOerofebowT B - 8 timer siden
@ Ben _Jamin That “kid” knows exactly what’s going on and exactly what he’s doing! He’s just as criminal as the owner. He’s in on it for the extra buck. He could choose to not work there if he truly wanted to. And he doesn’t look unhappy he looks more like he’s afraid that customers may be on to him. That innocent looking face is part and parcel of the scam! Stop being sentimental and gullible. The “kids” a crook! “Oh, the poor kid!” That “kid” could care less about you and other customers. He only wants to take your money. Unhappy kid my butt!
Tiny Tony Maloney
Tiny Tony Maloney - 2 dager siden
For a minute there I thought the anti fraud guy was going to do a morning raid at the owners property, seize his assets, lock him up an throw away the key. So he got away with it and still trading then???
If the Sweeny had been there, inspector Reagan would have just smashed thru the glass front in his Ford granada, ripped the place apart, grappled the villain by his throat an said "you're nicked, take him away George". Then gone down the pub for a pint.
You can't beat good old fashioned police work 🙄
Jessmr27 - 2 dager siden
This is ridiculous
Laura Oneil
Laura Oneil - 2 dager siden
To up sale is not wrong as long as you're honest.
maple leafs
maple leafs - 3 dager siden
They are all the same. Pro lube and all companies that do quite same minute service jobs
bad word
bad word - 3 dager siden
Whoever censored those 2 guys faces should get fired
savedge_cloud - 3 dager siden
lol good thing my dad knows how to fix cars
Fabrizio Caputo
Fabrizio Caputo - 3 dager siden
This isone of the reasons why i change oil and fluids myself, i know what goes in and save me a lot of money. I just feel bad cause i know there are honest mechanics out there.
OhThereYouAre,Peter! 143
OhThereYouAre,Peter! 143 - 3 dager siden
This is why I pay my brother to do it lol
Ganta Kanata
Ganta Kanata - 3 dager siden
this is complete payback. The people who think that the only way to make money is by scaming and tricking people are lost scum tbh. Idk how people can accept that.
Benny Scruggs
Benny Scruggs - 3 dager siden
Goat Reacts
Goat Reacts - 3 dager siden
I just tell him. I already know everything that i need fixed. I want you to fix xyz...works fine.
John Mitchel
John Mitchel - 4 dager siden
Just working for such a place literally ripping off people can put just any one employee in danger a work hazard at least they deserve hazard pay that can endanger an employee someone could flip out over literally breaking parts just to say oh this is broke well where's the hazard pay for being forced to sabotage and lie
4stroke fuller
4stroke fuller - 4 dager siden
That tuff that they cant do there job right but im 12 and i work on motocycles
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko - 4 dager siden
Did these whistleblowers also give back the money they stole all those years?
ATM_nerd - 4 dager siden
ok ill make sure to buy a tesla when i grow up which is like in 4 more years atleast
Somchai Wilson
Somchai Wilson - 4 dager siden
Thank you for sharing this to the public.
ArticleExotic - 4 dager siden
I only clicked this because this has been on my recommended for a year or more
TPNS_SWAT 07 - 2 dager siden
How do you feel about this video?
Wonder McThunder
Wonder McThunder - 4 dager siden
Team Ryan
Cory Nelson
Cory Nelson - 5 dager siden
Dex is orange
True Zr
True Zr - 5 dager siden
Andy Minter
Andy Minter - 5 dager siden
That is not true about all oil change places. I work for one. We show the people if they want to see. If they want to fix it ok. If not ok. Some car have to have the right oil or the warranty is no good. And yes it cost more .
Matt Ashby
Matt Ashby - 5 dager siden
I Change Mine myself cuz of that
Barbara Thiecke
Barbara Thiecke - 5 dager siden
We all know that we are getting ripped off… Show us some honest car repair businesses.
jansen melo
jansen melo - 5 dager siden
as long they offering a free massage after oil change
KELLY BECKER - 5 dager siden
Vi;b tw
Bradley james
Bradley james - 5 dager siden
The thumbnail is how all females really be feeling when they just look at a man nowadays 🤣🤣🤣🤣
PrizakΨ - 5 dager siden
“Let me tell ya a little something bout fraud”
DOBERMAN PAC - 6 dager siden
Indeed..., what did you expect? Nothing is free.
Denise Montanez
Denise Montanez - 6 dager siden
Its a good thing i learned how to do my own oil change.
Cyan Crewmate
Cyan Crewmate - 6 dager siden
My family owns an autoshop (27 Auto) and there is a new shop nearby with "super cheap" oil changes multiple people have came to us saying how the other shop (Southside Break and Auto) screwed up there car and over charged them. There are some really scummy shop owners out there.
Austin Oliver
Austin Oliver - 6 dager siden
So we can either stop going to these places or start holding people accountable for their actions
Edin - 6 dager siden
I change my own oil
cb24203 - 6 dager siden
Umm sIR yOu NeED a nEw MuFflEr bEaRInG...
A Random weirdo
A Random weirdo - 6 dager siden
That’s why you do it yourself
Olivier de Jong
Olivier de Jong - 6 dager siden
30 seconds of actual information put in a 21 minute video 🤡🤠
N o
N o - 6 dager siden
Wait dexcool on a Hyundai?
IGame4FUN :D
IGame4FUN :D - 6 dager siden
9:28 "Uhm, most of your stuff is in good shape" *cut to narrator* "So the car needs more than an oil change he says..." wtf is this
Ima Jean Dolan
Ima Jean Dolan - 6 dager siden
As a senior I went to have a oil change in a quick change place where you stay in the car while change is done. Seemed convenient but technicians double teamed for upsales. I declined their recommendations because I knew my maintenance was up to date. Then, surprise! Tech informed me my tires were “worn” and should be replaced. Other tech agreed. Then I pulled the invoice from the month before for full set of 65,000 mile highly rated tires. Even after I showed them the invoice and said they were only a month old, the tech - with a straight face - said that tires in Arizona wear faster because of the heat. Of course they had the replacement tires available. I have no doubt that I was targeted because of my age and gender. I didn’t fall for it but I know friends who would have been worried about not having reliable tires and replacing them. Commissions motivate techs to lie.
AR GamingRiver
AR GamingRiver - 6 dager siden
This is why it’s important to know about cars so you can’t get scammed
Dave Cornish
Dave Cornish - 7 dager siden
nightmare69 metal matt
nightmare69 metal matt - 7 dager siden
Yep I would park my throw away car right in there office
Tenebri The Wolf
Tenebri The Wolf - 7 dager siden
Who also really wants to straight up drink the oil fluids?
Mason Rome
Mason Rome - 7 dager siden
Simple solution, call the authorities
Wonderful Timeline
Wonderful Timeline - 7 dager siden
President and founder is a fraud. Why is he still walking
johnnytron gaming
johnnytron gaming - 7 dager siden
You can tell the one kid had a conscience, maybe not a big one but a conscience.
breadfan9 - 7 dager siden
Well at least they didn;t ask about their car's extended warranty
Jordan Jenkins
Jordan Jenkins - 7 dager siden
Why is a news reporter doing the fraud police's job?
super nova
super nova - 7 dager siden
This is why I do everything myself
Roger Kelly
Roger Kelly - 7 dager siden
Sure get it done for me thanks. 8 minutes 218.04$ sweet
Roger Kelly
Roger Kelly - 7 dager siden
Mechanic tip - put transmission fluid in your oil pan and oil in the transmission. Always keep them both topped off. After you do this try and drive 75mph for as long as you can. This insider tip is free. The mechanic industry may try to silence me but spread the advice before it's removed. I ride a skateboard for transportation and I love walking. 🤙
James Parent
James Parent - 8 dager siden
Put a sign under hood saying you r on camera smile don't rip me off!!!!
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter - 8 dager siden
I didn’t Howie Mandel was a mechanic!
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter - 8 dager siden
I’ll play devil’s advocate. The whole, “Recommending the more than advertised package,” is acceptable to some extent. For one, that is exactly what every fast food company does, and even some non-food retail businesses. I don’t think it’s the most honest thing, but that’s how it’s been forever and it’s become the accepted normal. As far as the more expensive oil change package, there is the normal economy oil, and then there’s synthetic oil, and of course the latter is more expensive. Beyond that, it’s straight up fraud.
Iamasuperstar1000 - 7 dager siden
Devin Crum
Devin Crum - 8 dager siden
My sister has been taking her truck to Jiffy Lube for years and she has always had a good experience with them
Chillin With Brody
Chillin With Brody - 8 dager siden
Believe it or not you can watch "Some" YouTube videos and actually learn to do it yourself. Everyone should know how to do basic tasks on your own vehicle including changing tires and an oil change. Hell just learning to change your tire could potentially save your life some day if you're stranded on the side of the road and a serial killer stops and pretends to help. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Terry Garrett
Terry Garrett - 8 dager siden
If this happens to you in the UNITED STATES the capitol city of each state has a STATE OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY,. Sometimes they call it the ATTORNEY GENERAL.
They are there for ONE reason ... to protect the consumer.
If something like an oil change ripoff happens to you call the DISTRICT ATTY OR ATTY GENERAL of your state.
They have the power to shut a business down. THEY WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK IN FULL WITH INTEREST! They do not play around.
They will send you a form to fill out and file against whatever business rips you off!
It doesn't just apply to oil changes this applies to ANY business. INSURANCE RIP OFFS, CELL PHONE RIP OFFS, LOCK SMITH RIP OFFS, PLUMBING RIP OFFS etc.
Canada should have a similar legal office.
john smith
john smith - 8 dager siden
one thing I realized is that the worker knew they would be filming today. And the best thing he could cup with was a vikings jersey to wear. Wow
Jose Romero
Jose Romero - 8 dager siden
David King
David King - 8 dager siden
The owner & operators should get a bit of jail time to set an example in what happens when you practice dishonest gain
David King
David King - 8 dager siden
Mechanics, car dealers & insurance groups should always put you on high alert when you’re dealing with them
Valerie Hamby
Valerie Hamby - 8 dager siden
I was charged 179 for my power steering fluid change. 😶
astrx-płxíįty - 8 dager siden
these people got called out sooooo hard lol
Pepega - 8 dager siden
Power steering fluid and brake fluid flush in like 7 minutes... Thats an obvious sign.
Vincent Russo
Vincent Russo - 8 dager siden
If your unhappy you can always file a claim with the "Bureau of Automotive Repair". if your a single female then have a guy with you. A coworker friend of mine wanted to get an oil change. I told her to put her initials on the filter. She told me the car was returned to her with the initials still on it. I told her to go back to the shop that did the work. She told me the manager was yelling and screaming at her and told her she didn't know what she was talking about until she told him about her initials on the filter. All of a sudden he changed his tune. He calmed downed and did the correct oil change. I told her to report the garage to the Bureau of Automotive Repair.
Eclipse Solar 83
Eclipse Solar 83 - 9 dager siden
When will this people understand that they are still recognizable under that blured image ?
Guxxi - 9 dager siden
That Asian guy wants his money back lmao
Barslund _
Barslund _ - 9 dager siden
American ads are so funny to listen to. Aswell as the way they pan the cam, everything needs to look cool and epic. So hilarious
Drew Hoffman Music
Drew Hoffman Music - 7 dager siden
This is Canadian. Specifically, filmed in Ontario. But yes, Canada is America. I wasn't sure if you are of the common western ignorance that the term "america" exclusively applies to the U.S.A. 🤷🏻‍♂️. America really means Greenland, Canada, USA, and Mexico... and that's just a loose euphemism referencing "North" America. One could also be referring to any country from the tip of the North Pole to Chilé without specifying whether North or South is where you mean.
Shah Gee
Shah Gee - 9 dager siden
It’s always a good practice to go into the workshop and see what work has been actually carried out.
al barky UFC win
al barky UFC win - 9 dager siden
The state should impose a state law 15 yr prison sentence for theft & deception of customers
Dylan Payment
Dylan Payment - 9 dager siden
your favorite jiffy lube does all of this too😔
KAPA - 9 dager siden
What a dirty pig he throws his employees under the bus when his company is exposed what a joke lol
ssj2camaro21 - 9 dager siden
Its crazy that I've never made 1k a week and I'm an 100% honest auto tech, not mechanic. But I've never been tempted to scam just to make money. I just can't do that and actually lost my job because of it. Its not fair but I stay fair.