NORWAY | What Hollywood STARS Really Think About Norwegians

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Meryl Streep, Paul Walker, Mark Wahlberg, Richard Gere, Matt Damon, Will Farrell, Anne Hathaway, Michael Douglas, Robert Pattinson, Robert Redford, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, Gerard Butler, Adam Sandler and many more talk about their trips to Norway and their relationship to Norwegians.
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Runtime: 16:21


Kjersti Flaa
Kjersti Flaa - Dag siden
For more Norwegian related stories with Hollywood stars, check out: and
Beepopp - Dag siden
"Tissefant" 😂😂👌
Earle Greye
Earle Greye - 57 minutter siden
hollywood loves the scandinavian "shiksa"
NerdPig - 2 timer siden
"Attractive" Han sa han var i Norge, hva snakker han om nå?
Its Hektor
Its Hektor - 2 timer siden
All Albanian people hearing the one gay saying Kari. Go to 2:58 and then you will hear it. For Albanians only!!
Theodor Hertzberg Kristensen
Ville heller sagt pikk! Digga videoen!
BlazeR Gaming
BlazeR Gaming - 3 timer siden
wait, when was the interveiw with paul walker done?? like is he still alive XD
Lars Heike Wiik Marthinsen
You do realize what XD means right?
BlazeR Gaming
BlazeR Gaming - 3 timer siden
gløm det eg fant det ut på facebook siden din, det var i 2013. Begynte å lure på om han fortsatt var i live hehe XD
AmbientLight - 4 timer siden
Who the Ef cares what these morons think of anything?
Alexander Blohme
Alexander Blohme - 4 timer siden
I always fail to differentiate mark whalberg and Matt daemon
Kristian Kristoffersen
Kristian Kristoffersen - 6 timer siden
Larvik best
n0ztic - 6 timer siden
"Do you want a dirty word?"

V - 8 timer siden
Celebs are non-essential people who fake being essential.
biam - 8 timer siden
damn i wish Paul could come to Norway again
Oliver finn
Oliver finn - 8 timer siden
Cheerjessica05 Cheer
Cheerjessica05 Cheer - 10 timer siden
i am from telemark in norway
ItHertzWhenip_5G - 10 timer siden
man when they asked her for slang for the word penis i was just cooking up so many good names. "kølla" "pikk" "kuk" and this girl goes tissefant!
A Tribe Called Blyat
A Tribe Called Blyat - 11 timer siden
Most actors live inside a bubble outside of reality, asking them to share insight on anything else than drugs and being a self-centered egomaniac seems rather pointless.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - 11 timer siden
"They're so tall" cries in 87cm
fjøsnissen !
fjøsnissen ! - 12 timer siden
R.I.P Paul walker
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - 11 timer siden
Paul Walker.. :``( for en herlig fyr.
Fredrik Schmidt von der Lippe
the way she said «tissefant» holy moly
Negern Shaku
Negern Shaku - 13 timer siden
Oslo is a small version of New york, extremely multicultural & crack junkies everywhere Lol
Gamer Entity
Gamer Entity - 14 timer siden
im norwegian
BryHus - 15 timer siden
Kevin Hart har vert med på Senkveld
Nordic Gaming
Nordic Gaming - 16 timer siden
The way Christopher Mintz-Plasse said "Tissefant" was spot on. Almost mistook him for a Norwegian there ^^
Mac Doodles
Mac Doodles - 17 timer siden
"Norwegians are so tall!"
*sad Ducth noises*
Happy Healthy Heathen
Happy Healthy Heathen - 17 timer siden
Loved it. :-)
Kolli x loves me j
Kolli x loves me j - 21 time siden
Dritt kult😹 can’t stop laughing
Wannabe edgy bitch
Wannabe edgy bitch - Dag siden
Norwegians watch this to boost their egos
finntw - Dag siden
Snakker folka her Mandarin, when not in keltic ? !!!
Wannabe edgy bitch
Wannabe edgy bitch - Dag siden
jesus christ. stop commenting you're stupidly fucking annoying
finntw - Dag siden
Norway is a bit North of Belgium, and West of Sweden and Finland.!! And a little bit east of Island ! And North of Denmark. . . . .
finntw - Dag siden
Robert R :) I`ve seen that of Your Movies. Great !!!!
finntw - Dag siden
Great performance by the X-men him self, . . . .
finntw - Dag siden
Furrrret Wærbit Overrr Wannnnet. . . . 1000 thanks . . .!!!
finntw - Dag siden
Søk på Norway, "Der ingen kanskje kunne tru at nokon kunne bu!!" , men det bor mange enkle sjeler i dette landet, kanskje flere enn nokon kunne tru ? !! :) Polar bears, er fortsatt ikke veldig vanlig, lengre syd for polarsirkelen . . .
Noob Hunter
Noob Hunter - Dag siden
4:12 This made me miss Bryan even more😪😢
Lars Heike Wiik Marthinsen
Or "Paul", but I guess you've only seen his appearance in fast and furious based on the name.
AlexanderPews - Dag siden
Paul Walker.. :``( for en herlig fyr.
Hvemfaen - Dag siden
Salga - Dag siden
Hvorfor sier alle vi er høye?
blogg loffen
blogg loffen - Dag siden
dette var faktisk verdt å se på :D
Kjersti Flaa
Kjersti Flaa - 22 timer siden
Så bra!!
operach S
operach S - Dag siden
Hvem her er fra Trondheim?
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog - Dag siden
Me, a 160cm Norwegian person:👁👄👁✌🏼
E.3.PlaysOnline - Dag siden
the X-men guy sang a baby goodnight song
E.3.PlaysOnline - Dag siden
i am norweagian and i am 6 feet tall = 1.83 centimeters
wow wow m8
wow wow m8 - 12 timer siden
Trengs ikke å flexe
Sindre Kvisvik
Sindre Kvisvik - Dag siden
SKåål for Norge
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson - Dag siden
sweeds are better tho
Wannabe edgy bitch
Wannabe edgy bitch - Dag siden
only for ikea and pewds
Alexander - Dag siden
Im from norway, and i would think its better for non-norwegians to visit other beautiful places like bergen and Hamar, not oslo🤢 what a nasty place.
Waldemar Knygh Rossdal
«Tissefant» du lissom. Det er KUK
Jørund Rørvik
Jørund Rørvik - Dag siden
13:30 my fathers cousin is the main lifeguard in occupied
Kristian’s Juleverksted
It suprises they know so much about Norway. I thought we were kinda irrelevant to Americans
Julie Ringvold
Julie Ringvold - Dag siden
Hahhaaha omg når hu sa tissefant ble æ litt skuffa
donkey dong
donkey dong - Dag siden
Det er bare norske folk som ser på det her
verylonelyboi - Dag siden
15:19 hørtes ut som dennis vareide
verylonelyboi - Dag siden
Gerard butler, Paul Walker and Matt damon were the chillest dudes there
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Dag siden
As a swede I can sadly say, Norway is the most beautiful country I have been to. Only Switzerland and New Zealand is in the same league.
Vince Dae
Vince Dae - Dag siden
Dutch tallest, then danish .... but oooookaaaaay
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Dag siden
Damnit, why didn't she say "Kølle" for the penis slang word, I've been teaching random people online that!
John Willy Flaten
John Willy Flaten - Dag siden
how did that guy immediately say tissefant that perfectly?:P
Roy Thuv
Roy Thuv - Dag siden
Er det normalt å få en liten tåre i øyet?
Arctic Exploring
Arctic Exploring - Dag siden
You should teach them hestkuk instead :)
hans strøm knudsen stokke
Paul walker is dead
C-3PO - Dag siden
Oslo is a very ugly city, and i dont think Oslo represents Norway, or at least i dont think it should
Alexander William
Alexander William - Dag siden
Like if ur thinking of Bergen
Brilleafro - Dag siden
Bare eg som blir irritert når de nevner Sverige når de snakker om Norge 😡
Torgeir Kvernstuen Flatha
Roadtrips in Norway is the way to get the most out of it
Overlord of destruction
Helgelandskysten er best
Felony Melody
Felony Melody - Dag siden
Michael Fassbender har virkelig skjønt det. For en reflektert type!
Peter Olsen
Peter Olsen - Dag siden
Lol she says Tissefant instead of Kukk or Pikk xD
slydewd - Dag siden
homie said tissefant
Gjøvdal Racing85
Gjøvdal Racing85 - Dag siden
Denna er gammel paul walker døde jo for 3 år sida
Yaboy Lindus
Yaboy Lindus - Dag siden
Its funny to me as a Swede how these american SUPER celebrities treat northern europe as some weird faraway land with strange language and customs...while in fact most of them are FROM here....USA is not that old people xD
Gustav Ohlson
Gustav Ohlson - Dag siden
Me as a swede: What about sweden😠
OMG 2020
OMG 2020 - 7 timer siden
Christian Svendsen
Christian Svendsen - Dag siden
I mean, we're flattering ourselves if we really think actors would say "Nah, this country fucking sucks.". They're being nice.
Some of them might've genuinely enjoyed some things, but I'm pretty sure most of them are just trying to say something nice.
They've all probably got some really shitty experiences here to accompany everything else they mentioned.
Jesper Hjulstad
Jesper Hjulstad - Dag siden
Alle de vakreste sleng-ordene for penis og du velger tissefant?
Rin - Dag siden
Damnit, why didn't she say "Kølle" for the penis slang word, I've been teaching random people online that!
SuperJulianAnt - Dag siden
Recomended Bergen
Sunniva Nilsson
Sunniva Nilsson - Dag siden
If you are going to norway go to BERGEN!🇳🇴
fedda99 - 9 timer siden
Kvern - Dag siden
Anybody else, ABSOLUTELY HATE «Comments have moved! Go to comments»
g2gfaf - Dag siden
Mr Skully
Mr Skully - Dag siden
Just remember 70% of the weather is rain
Elin Mikkelsen
Elin Mikkelsen - Dag siden
Watch the fall of the cabal.
Out of shadows.
Follow the rabbit whole.
Sick what Hollywood do to Children.
Dont promote them!
MathiasRandom - Dag siden
They called us tall 😆
Elin Mikkelsen
Elin Mikkelsen - Dag siden
Dont promote them!
Actor from Hollywood sick what they to Children!
We dont see them here!
Many in house inresst!
Sick sick what they do to Children.
Follow the rabbit whole.
Fall of the cabal and out of shadow.
Wake up.
Svafner - Dag siden
They keep commenting how tall the Norwegians are, yet Danes have the 3rd tallest average height in the world.
Lazy Panda
Lazy Panda - 8 timer siden
I fail to see how that applies to this video