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Debunking more viral videos and the google v news media fight.
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Hi, I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode we are debunking crazy viral food hacks and discussing the controversy surrounding the google v news media code. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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How To Cook That
How To Cook That - 7 dager siden
Let's Debunk some weird and wonderful viral videos ... and of course Dave's our taste-tester 😍PS. want your own DEBUNK definition mug?
meepUliana - 4 timer siden
@sad but_true Ik! I actually made pasta in the microwave a few times, and at short intervals, it turned out fully cooked!!
Araceli Sanchez
Araceli Sanchez - 7 timer siden
You and Rosanna pansino should do a collaboration
TreeStevens - 10 timer siden
Ann, would you please do a tutorial on how to make homemade pasta dishes? Starting with how to make homemade pasta please?
UppityG Livestockian
UppityG Livestockian - 12 timer siden
Does that pasta factory worker walk on mounds of pasta noodles in rubber boots? WTH! lol also: I never touch 5 Minute Craft videos so finally YT has topped offering them to me. Or any of those kinds of videos, esp with prissy prancy furry-without-the-fur-posing barely legal kpop girls mugging like idiots but listen to them tell how to do stuff. Please.
mikethor009 - 20 timer siden
That lemon beverage at the end IS an actual recipe.
Lydi Bug
Lydi Bug - 12 minutter siden
I always feel kinda bad for Dave whenever she says "let's let Dave try it" and hands him something gross lol
Lisa Gilmer
Lisa Gilmer - 23 minutter siden
Where's the banana?
Rebekah Haas
Rebekah Haas - 37 minutter siden
The cheese toasties actually work, but poor Dave doesn't get to eat those!
Jade lee
Jade lee - 39 minutter siden
This is so interesting about Google, wow!! did not know this.!! thank you!
at7229 - 40 minutter siden
With regards to the Google issue: When any website presents data like Google is, they’re either pulling it from an API (kind of like a database), or they’re pulling it direct from a website. APIs can cost thousands of dollars (although some are free) - I racked up nearly $300 just using one of Google’s APIs for one week for a school project. Pulling direct from a website is usually free as long as you’re appropriately providing sources as needed. Now I’m not saying Google is right in this situation. They’re taking data that others have gathered and compiled and profiting off it in a manner that seriously hinders the business in question, but I can’t help but wonder about the negative impact that this kind of precedent would have on independent developers. Earlier this year, a high school kid built a free and ad-free website that aggregated COVID data from a bunch of different sources (CDC, WHO, various news outlets) so people could quickly see COVID summary data for various geographic areas. Now imagine if that kid had to pay every single organization that he pulled data from. There’s no way he could even afford to build that website, let alone provide it for free. Now there’s a big difference between a giant corporation doing something like this and an independent developer doing something like this, and I just hope that whatever resolution is reached recognizes that difference and won’t screw over the little guys in the process.
Veretikus Kojiro
Veretikus Kojiro - 46 minutter siden
well of course, graphite is used in the brushes in electrical motors, so its as conductive as any other metal, and you dont put metal in the microwave
Me frog c:
Me frog c: - Time siden
My friend found the same glass in the sand in ghe beach from coca cola glass. But it took a thousands or so of years to find that.
Alexis The Moron
Alexis The Moron - Time siden
We truly don’t deserve Ann and Dave! Both always goin the extra mile just for us 😭
Adri Anomaly
Adri Anomaly - Time siden
Oh so google is basically plagiarising its sources
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell - Time siden
are you for or against the news media bargaining code?
Katie Scheuermann
Katie Scheuermann - Time siden
Today in a foods class at school, we used a special kitchen tool made for making crepes just like they showed in the video- we pored batter in a tray thin, dipped an upside down frying pan type thing into the batter, and it kind of cooked. It was thin, so we poured more batter onto it, but yeah, just use a frying pan.
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Tricorvus - Time siden
You are amazing, Ann!!! and so is your poor guinea pig husband. I've never had so much fun learning
Dogman_35 - 2 timer siden
That google thing is... really bad. They've got the perfect strongarm technique, basically. "Let us use and profit off of your content for free, or else we'll make sure no one ever sees your content." And now that someone's trying to intervene through the law, they're not even hiding the fact that they can pretty much just circumvent the law by playing the victim hard enough.
Flo Moose
Flo Moose - 2 timer siden
How is your husband not just running out of the house as soon as he hears the microwave ping?🤣
Rebekah Laserda
Rebekah Laserda - 2 timer siden
You didn’t add enough water
700 - 2 timer siden
Hell yeah Ann! Take down the big dogs!!!
Kait Green
Kait Green - 3 timer siden
There's no problem. I like when restaurants give samples.
Hank Mesker
Hank Mesker - 3 timer siden
I feel sorry for your husband. 😆😆
I used to be the guinea pig of my wife when she was going to nurse school.
That is a fine husband.
Lucilia Du rand
Lucilia Du rand - 3 timer siden
A flash warning would have been great...
Da Reel Peeps
Da Reel Peeps - 3 timer siden
Ann’s microwave has gone through so much for our entertainment
Mlle Octobre
Mlle Octobre - 3 timer siden
Some nasty recipes are showing me that these content farms are running out of ideas.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 3 timer siden
Iron Grilled Cheese is a US college student special. They didn’t use enough butter tho lol
Curttehmurt - 4 timer siden
I can only assume you purposefully didn't try to debunk the banana chili pepper watermelon thing so you could do the click bait thing as a joke, but I still want to know what that even was lol
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 3 timer siden
You're basically the NOburn mom of not falling for food hacks. Thank you lol
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo - 4 timer siden
Dorm students cook with irons all the timw
Ashley Bent
Ashley Bent - 4 timer siden
She used a spoon instead of a fork thats probably why it didn't work in the first one
KelliConan - 5 timer siden
Watch 5 Minute Crafts say something ridiculous like “it works for an iPhone screen, not an Android screen. That’s what we were showing ‘cause the thumbnail is an iPhone and we were using an Android”. It wouldn’t surprise me if they said something like that so they can do this debunking and be able to re-upload the iPhone toothpaste thumbnail.
MCThaQueen - 5 timer siden
Ann: post a new debunking video
Me: i been waiting for this on, TURN IT UP
Monsieur Bacteria
Monsieur Bacteria - 6 timer siden
they really said ‘minecraft recipes with a twist 😼✨
April Hughey
April Hughey - 6 timer siden
Love this content!!
Randall Kania
Randall Kania - 7 timer siden
Why is Dave's microphone so much better than Ann's?
Andrea Walker
Andrea Walker - 7 timer siden
I just want to thank Ann for doing all the hard work to give us some fun but also important information, so...Thank you, Ann!
zitronentee - 7 timer siden
Actually, the backpan trick can work, if you use small full metal pan or wok (not teflon). There are some street food in Asia using this trick to make mini crispy crepe.
Dani - 7 timer siden
Its not fair. Google are being VERY unfair.
UppityG Livestockian
UppityG Livestockian - 7 timer siden
Comment #9,700: I just realized that Ann has done what the content farmers do: she made a thumbnail that she does not explain in the video at all. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO Well played, young lady, well played. (PS, is the comedian on the bus a guy? Just asking!)
Dani - 7 timer siden
They made sure to round off and soften the glass they got out of the sand hey? Wouldn't want THEM being hurt would we.
tf2 boy
tf2 boy - 8 timer siden
Am Asian and am eat allot of ramen and this just sad why just why you do that why
Salt Kverna
Salt Kverna - 8 timer siden
use DuckDuckGo, beats google hands down.
UppityG Livestockian
UppityG Livestockian - 7 timer siden
Anonymous Monkey
Anonymous Monkey - 8 timer siden
something tells me dave spends more on medical insurance.
LunaEssentials - 8 timer siden
You're basically the Youtube mom of not falling for food hacks. Thank you lol
Frost leaf
Frost leaf - 9 timer siden
I didn't realize that Goole searches that did those things meant that... Now I kinda feel bad that I don't click on the site all the time...
Fluffy Bitch
Fluffy Bitch - 9 timer siden
some of these are actually so dangerous, i cant believe stuff like that is actually allowed on youtube for young children to try without knowing what would actually happen?
Sheherazahde - 9 timer siden
I wanted to know about the banana with the chili in it in the pot of dirt, that was in the thumbnail!
Robin Gomes
Robin Gomes - 9 timer siden
please debunk especially his fake popcorn.
peacewalker99 - 9 timer siden
This is a reverse free-rider problem - if nobody released their featured snippets, google would be inclined to make a deal - but any one website benefits from others not allowing featured snippets, and can then allow it themselves in order to be at the top of google search results, which means other websites are pushed down. Hence opting out of snippets is just not an option for many.
However, Google thrives off these snippets.
Yet, when it comes to fairness - if Google didn’t exist, these websites would be much harder to reach. I sometimes use other search engines, and the experience is vastly different and it is much less convenient. So Google is already doing all of these websites a “favour” - and it takes a cut in return. So what is “fair” really isn’t all that easy to tell.
If anything, the issue is that Google is abusing monopoly power - other search engines are so far behind, that website owners don’t have a viable alternative to switch to.
Sheherazahde - 9 timer siden
I'm pretty sure Johnny Depp did the grilled cheese with an iron thing in the movie Benny & Joon (1993)
The Bitter Sweet Phsycos
The Bitter Sweet Phsycos - 9 timer siden
the only thing stronger than Anne's microwave is Dave's stomach. I think someone else said that.
Elin Hagberg
Elin Hagberg - 9 timer siden
One of my students when I asked for sources: "I don't know, google told me to use this"
Breaking Bread
Breaking Bread - 10 timer siden
Anything chefclub does makes me want to vomit
Ginzy - 11 timer siden
I think they just picked up some beach glass when they grabbed the sand 😂
zarpy43 - 11 timer siden
dave is always such a lovely man in these videos :D
achanwahn - 11 timer siden
Google should pay. If a school wants to sing songs at a concert, we paid copyright. Or a local production of a play, pay copyright. Google is stealing published content.
Totally Tubular
Totally Tubular - 11 timer siden
okay thats definitely an issue. its wrong, google is being really gready
Coerciveutopian - 11 timer siden
Never hit the "like" button faster than after Dave's "Oh no"
Michael Geary
Michael Geary - 11 timer siden
poor Dave
Alex McVicker
Alex McVicker - 11 timer siden
Poor Dave with that ramen brownie.... :-(
Alligator Jones
Alligator Jones - 12 timer siden
Even Kraft Easy Mac cakes 3.5 minutes in the microwave
UppityG Livestockian
UppityG Livestockian - 12 timer siden
I make it a point to click videos in order to watch them on the video platform so I can upvote it, if I like it. But then again, I never use google.
Aseda Darkoah Anane
Aseda Darkoah Anane - 12 timer siden
Google is being greedy
veladarney - 12 timer siden
"Is Google getting greedy?"
Egon Spengler: Is the atomic weight of colbalt 58.9?
Phantasm Art
Phantasm Art - 14 timer siden
Google gave you 1000 dislikes
Miss O
Miss O - 14 timer siden
So it’s more like the bus driver stole the restaurant’s food from their counter and sold it to the passengers on the bus and didn’t give any money to the restaurant 😂
Texadon - Andromeda Cripps
Texadon - Andromeda Cripps - 15 timer siden
That’s really interesting about google! I think that google’s use of those snippets is extremely convenient and I appreciate it! But I also think that it’s extremely unfair that those sources aren’t getting paid. I think Google should continue running snipers but they need to offer compensation for doing so!
noprob- llama
noprob- llama - 15 timer siden
Hi Ann,
Please can you do troom troom they don't do much cooking but they do some food things. My sister's quite young and she watches them and I'm a bit worried about it. I think one of their hacks were to put lipstick all over your face to remove bags. It ended up staining her face for a day. Oh and I remember seeing a comment on this video about someone telling their aunt (who follows five minute crafts) not to listen but she didn't take their advice and ended up burning her arm. Well in the description of most of their videos it says how their videos are really dangerous and that you shouldn't do the hacks.
Thank you.
(I commented this on another video btw it's not copied)
Billy Everyteen
Billy Everyteen - 15 timer siden
I agree with almost everything you said about Google, but have one minor nitpick: Google owns Youtube, and I'm pretty sure the video still gets a registered view even if you watch it through the search engine instead of actually going to the Youtube website. I know for a fact that's true of mobile, and I imagine it's the same on a computer browser.
Big Boss
Big Boss - 15 timer siden
the pancake one isn't completely false, but you need a special pan, its usually for making thin crepes and not pancakes though, never use regular teflon or cast iron pan upside down because sometimes the outside coating is toxic, and even when its not, its still exposed to a lot of filth that's sitting on the stove
Priya mulgund revankar
Priya mulgund revankar - 15 timer siden
just when you said 'when i put a thin lead in the microwave' i got an ad for microwaves. wow
Ariel Schoonover
Ariel Schoonover - 15 timer siden
There is a sweet noodle-based dish in my culture called kugel, so I totally get the concept, although I'm not sure what the point of the noodles was even supposed to be in that
Chris Hurt
Chris Hurt - 15 timer siden
with the orange soda you used a completely different fabric, you know they might have used a color catcher, we have those it's for laundry to keep colors from running into other clothes..or maybe they used one of those super absorbent cloths...idk but they didn't use gauze for sure. I'm not saying it would work the way they show but i'm saying you need to watch your p's and q's a bit and dot your i's and cross your t's a bit try to make your tests much more like theirs.
TheWaterMarbler - 15 timer siden
The picture of Johhny Depp ironing his grilled cheese is actually from the movie Benny & Joon, released in 1993.
Chris Hurt
Chris Hurt - 15 timer siden
you used a dark cup, very dark, in the mirco on the pasta, see and I have noticed that makes the water boil over, they used a cup with a white interior.
BB Slayer
BB Slayer - 16 timer siden
I love your debunk cup
PrincessDi_2009 - 16 timer siden
The news companies will have to prove that they add more value to google than the amount of clients google brings. I hope they mention the fact that google also brings searches to websites that provide copied and pasted news stories that were created by newspapers.
Rohit bansal
Rohit bansal - 16 timer siden
can u help me ot from a problem???
I had used morde coverture chocolate i had tempered that and place it on my acetate sheet spread it evenly and freeze for about 12 hr when i tried to remove it it first remove perfectly but after just about half a minute or so it melts. Iam not aware what had happened plss help...
Rohit bansal
Rohit bansal - 16 timer siden
can u help me ot from a problem???
I had used morde coverture chocolate i had tempered that and place it on my acetate sheet spread it evenly and freeze for about 12 hr when i tried to remove it it first remove perfectly but after just about half a minute or so it melts. Iam not aware what had happened plss help...
Akiko Fujishima
Akiko Fujishima - 16 timer siden
The picture of Johnny Depp is from the film "Benny & Joon" for those that haven't seen it and are interested. :) One of Johnny's best roles, if you ask me. :)
PrincessDi_2009 - 16 timer siden
That ramen dessert looks like someone was told to make kugel without a recipe or any instruction
Simon C.
Simon C. - 16 timer siden
Fun life hack: microwave graphite for a fascinating pyrotechnic show in the comfort of your own home! (This is a joke don’t do that)
Tyler Nolen
Tyler Nolen - 17 timer siden
Any time Google pulls info from any source, that source should automatically get paid the same as if someone went to their website. This is how I always figured it worked.
* Sugasito7 *
* Sugasito7 * - 17 timer siden
that ramen brownie looked like it had maggots all up in and on it ew lol
Appy May
Appy May - 17 timer siden
About the google thing. It’s worse than just that. amp pages, I think they’re optimised for mobile devices, despite clicking the link from a google search, you’re still not on the actual website, it’s the content from the website still via google.
Previously, you can just one-click at the link on the top (just below the url/search bar). Now, they make you hit the tiny target “i” in the circle, THEN you get the actual link to the article. But sometimes I can’t even get that. This is why I try to use other search engines (some still do the snippet like Anne mention) but I can at least avoid the amp pages.
Anna Wells
Anna Wells - 18 timer siden
The glass they debuted was obviously sea glass. It was smooth and bottle colored
Macey Erin Jeppson
Macey Erin Jeppson - 18 timer siden
That picture of Jonny Depp is from a movie called Benny and Joon.
Peter Choi
Peter Choi - 18 timer siden
they killed me a little when they ramen'd the brownie
Highball - 18 timer siden
When I tried the google thing. Yes, I am getting the snippets but I don't see advertising on google... how are they making money with the snippets?
Ripleigh - 18 timer siden
I love the way she says, "Cheese toasties"
titlewave - 18 timer siden
"Mom... i'm sorry i broke the microwave, but the person on the internet told me a pencil would turn into diamonds :-( "

mhammed mohammad
mhammed mohammad - 18 timer siden
great vid.. thanks
Brittany Carter
Brittany Carter - 18 timer siden
The only way to get glass from sand is if lighting strikes it like through a lightning pole or directly (I think lol) and then it's definitely not flat some of these are just crazy
Dino lad
Dino lad - 19 timer siden
Hey how to cook that! I just wanted to tell you I heard that non stick pans are not good for you in some way! I just wanted to inform you just in case!
mallowpøp - 19 timer siden
Warning: long comment ahead, don’t hit ‘Read More’ unless you want to scroll a lot. You’ve been warned.
I make microwaved Mac and Cheese / cheesy pasta all the time. If anyone does try this and it works, that’s awesome! If it doesn’t, I’m sorry.
Personally, the steps I take are:
1. Add about the same ratio of water/pasta shown in the video (I use more than what’s shown but still, the same ratio applies). Just make sure that the water covers the pasta.
2. Microwave in a low-watt microwave for not 2, but 12 AND A HALF MINUTES. You may only need to do 9-10, but I always do 12:30.
3. Strain the pasta of any excess water.
4. Add a SMALL AMOUNT of milk and only add more if you need more. Go with the flow. I always guesstimate it and it turns out fine, but about 3-5 large spoonfuls to start should be fine. If you add too much milk, it’ll end up being like it was in the video: the milk and cheese won’t mix well and it’ll end up soupy and gross. It’s happened to me before and still does from time to time when I add too much milk on accident. Be careful with this step.
5. (Optional, but recommended): Mix in just a little bit of flour (no more than a spoonful for a large single serving size) and add a square of butter.
6. Add about half of the cheese you’re planning to use and mix it throughout the pasta.
7. Add the other half on top and level things out.
8. Microwave for 1:30-2:00 (minutes) more, to make sure the cheese is all melted.
9. Stir thoroughly, add anything like salt and pepper, and you’re done!
I improvised this recipe after trying microwave Mac and Cheese recipes and weeding out what didn’t work for me. I’ve been using it for about 2 years and haven’t had many issues, besides that sometimes the end result is a little dry, but usually the cheese fills in any possible holes that show up. Feel free to change or ignore this.
If you’ve read this far, thank you! Hope this helps someone, helping at least one person out there would be amazing :)
titlewave - 19 timer siden
not even cap..... this is truly some of the best content on the yubertuberz
Zuko's honor
Zuko's honor - 19 timer siden
Wait how does google get payed? I’ve never seen any ads on google 👁👄👁 or is there a different way they obtain money. [I know they have other services and sell phones etc but how does google make money from just being google
Yo C
Yo C - 19 timer siden
Am I the only one who's upset that she didn't even mention the "hack" from the thumbnail? I know she's exemplifying the methodes these channels use, but it's still frustrating and now it makes me want to look for the video and give them more views.
Edit: I went there and they don't show what's supposed to happen either. They only show as much as she does in this video. If you were also wondering, don't waste your time.
Vino Veritas
Vino Veritas - 19 timer siden
Cheese toasties is how I will now always refer to grilled cheese.
ZodiacMoon - 19 timer siden
Ann: * clicks on 5 minute crafts video *
Dave: why do I hear boss music
Steven Chisham
Steven Chisham - 19 timer siden
the iron grilled cheese is called "prison grilled cheese"
Marcos - 19 timer siden
How to Debunk that, with Ann Reardon
Zarica Demoni
Zarica Demoni - 19 timer siden
Google google google.. stealing from your own tax deduction known as youtube. wow.