NASA's Perseverance Rover Launches to Mars (overview)

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover began its long journey to Mars today by successfully launching from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on a ULA Atlas V rocket. It now begins its seven-month journey to the Red Planet, landing there on Feb. 18, 2021.
Perseverance will seek signs of ancient microbial life on Mars along with collecting samples for future return to Earth and demonstrating key technologies to help prepare for future robotic and human exploration.
Also flying with Perseverance is NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, which will attempt to show controlled flight is possible in the very thin Martian atmosphere.
For more about Perseverance, visit and
For more about Ingenuity, visit
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Vitenskap og teknologi
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Patrick's Music
Patrick's Music - 3 timer siden
ULA rockets are so beautiful. I love SpaceX but ULA launches are something different.
gordon - Dag siden
good luck
David Reitzel
David Reitzel - 2 dager siden
While this video is exciting, for some, is it too much to ask for NASA/JPL to provide a clean, no yelling over the top, no frantic change of views, just vanilla video of launches? Is that asking too much?
Почті Бізнесмен
На марсі було життя до того як сталась катастрофа..дурна робота сверлити.копати,потрібно відсилати на МАРС машини автомати для складаня комплексів,розробки, кисню,води і засилятись..Думаю вода пересилилась на ЗЕМЛЮ.но не ясно як,.якщо були якісь сопутники предків навколо МАРСА то їх і сліду за мільйон років не стало...Цікаво що було до великого вибуху скільки до нього нічого не було.було світло чи ніч ??Може ще був не один великий вибух..Якщо до вибуху нічого не було то в чому і навіщо стався вибух,причини ??Нас хтось зробив ??!! а їх хто зробив ???То що є десь житя то це 100% правда,бо ми плісніва в міліметир на площі як Земля..Є старші за нас по житю в всесвіті..но питаня одне як ми виникли і з чого якщо не було ні темряви ні світла...
Mr. David
Mr. David - 2 dager siden
NASA: February 17th, 2021.. just one more day!
Perseverance: my battery is low and it’s getting dark.
Sumana Midya
Sumana Midya - 3 dager siden
Here are some information about nada launch 👇👇👇👇
hafizh delpiero
hafizh delpiero - 4 dager siden
Amazing expensive for fraud. Wkwkwkwkw xoxoxo. 🤣🤣🤣
Vel Murugan
Vel Murugan - 4 dager siden
Our hearty wishes from India.
Vel Murugan
Vel Murugan - 4 dager siden
All the best to NASA.Hope one day the Human will land in Mars.
Elijah Small
Elijah Small - 5 dager siden
See you in 2021 Perseverance 😄
TechLiberator - 6 dager siden
When you realize Qian Xuesen co-founded JPL for NASA...
Molly Bri
Molly Bri - 6 dager siden
Why is it going down!?😂
Roman Kuznetsov
Roman Kuznetsov - 6 dager siden
Thanks to Mother Russia for selling the 1st stage RD-180 engines to NASA and creating this opportunity for Mars exploration. Also sent my name to Mars)
sai chaitanya
sai chaitanya - 6 dager siden
This looks beautiful 😍.
What is the Music used ??
Chinmay Mulay
Chinmay Mulay - 6 dager siden
That is what I m also figuring out..guys help us with the background music used!!
Flori - 6 dager siden
Try to something for earth. Here much people are hungry and refugees. Much people have not cloth, medicine and a large number of people of NASA's country US are also homeless.
Alan Chizik
Alan Chizik - 7 dager siden
48 people who disliked, I just want to talk.
Vintage Vinyl
Vintage Vinyl - 7 dager siden
I think this is super cool. 😎However, I seriously doubt that this is the furthest humans have come in terms of space exploration. My guess is we've had humans living on the Moon and possibly Mars for decades...
shawnte Pitts
shawnte Pitts - 7 dager siden
I've been patiently waiting!
Mr sHaRkZz
Mr sHaRkZz - 7 dager siden
My mom's flip-flops can fly all the way to uranus if she's triggered

( im still alive)
TechLiberator - 7 dager siden
Very China-esque...none of this would be happening for it not be Qian Xuesen helping you in the beginning.
Affiliate Mindset
Affiliate Mindset - 7 dager siden
Did NASA used the Rocket of SpaceX ?
Ritik - 5 dager siden
Nope,its a ULA Rocket,the Atlas V
Dan Severns
Dan Severns - 8 dager siden
Not all videos need music. This one would be better without it.
artao5 - 8 dager siden
It's scheduled to land on my birthday next year. THANK YOU!! :D
DataGeekHub - 8 dager siden
I used AI technologies to restore the panorama on #Mars for the first time in 8K, enjoy it!
Ciaron - 8 dager siden
Having got my name on it I am looking forward to seeing what it finds on Mars. Still it was annoying when the livefeed crashed a couple of minutes before lift off I just managed to get it with just a few seconds to spare.
Khrawbob Syiemlieh
Khrawbob Syiemlieh - 8 dager siden
My name is on Perseverance
RN 6A - 7 dager siden
My name too
khaja rehmathulla
khaja rehmathulla - 8 dager siden
US technology and innovations r great..
But US politics - worst.
Hawqe - 8 dager siden
This is amazing!
Lumi Michael
Lumi Michael - 8 dager siden
Bourne Jackson
Bourne Jackson - 8 dager siden
Ruben Hayk
Ruben Hayk - 8 dager siden
dam,its only July
Sunny Surwade
Sunny Surwade - 8 dager siden
You have never seen anything like this!!
TeaPartyVik - 8 dager siden
"The signal, which arrived on Thursday afternoon, showed that the spacecraft had entered a state known as "safe mode". That shuts down all but its essential systems, until it receives new messages from ission control."..... Why use Windows as the OS?!?!
All in one Namasthe
All in one Namasthe - 8 dager siden
Eagerly waiting for its safe landing on mars...hope for the best...congrats for perseverance team...
Not Sure
Not Sure - 8 dager siden
Meanwhile at JAXA: where can I plug in this toaster?
Not Sure
Not Sure - 8 dager siden
Excellent news.
But put your money on "Mars is dead".
The next mission to Mars should be carrying people.
Sebastião Mendonça
Sebastião Mendonça - 8 dager siden
Manned Mars missions are planned and the rockets are in development now. Among them SLS and Starship
Alice Mendez
Alice Mendez - 8 dager siden
God bless y'all astronauts
Kanick Dinesh
Kanick Dinesh - 8 dager siden
Musk be like - thats my space_tesla....
Prasenjeet Kumar
Prasenjeet Kumar - 8 dager siden
Wooooooooaaawwwwww..........Im waiting for that Day when we will say How r you Mar's peoples......
가엽 - 8 dager siden
Thanks to Russia for providing the technology of the engine of this rocket.
I know that I'm fucked up but
Anyone got their name on board? I boarded my entire family's name. I'm just happy that our names are on their way to Mars. 🤗
Khrawbob Syiemlieh
Khrawbob Syiemlieh - 8 dager siden
Me too
Khrawbob Syiemlieh
Khrawbob Syiemlieh - 8 dager siden
Me too
ABC1 DEF1 - 8 dager siden
The space exploration will never ever yield any discovery which will be of any use to the mankind, no matter how far we go in space or how much information we gather.
For every mission the reasons given for its purpose by scientists are purely meaningless. It just gives us momentary pleasure when we reach any planet or take pictures in space because every mission is so difficult. What is there after the completion of mission? Simply nothing!
Instead of exploring space, we need to explore into the instrument in us which wants to explore space and time and we need to find out That which is even beyond space and time.
Sebastião Mendonça
Sebastião Mendonça - 8 dager siden
This is hilarious considering NASA alone has developed so many useful technologies from space travel. Even ignoring the obvious knowledge about the planets and the universe we gain from exploring, heres a list of things NASA has pioneered:
Nick S
Nick S - 8 dager siden
Maira Espanillo
Maira Espanillo - 8 dager siden
Good bye earth,hello mars 🤣
Bill C. Muguai
Bill C. Muguai - 8 dager siden
Who else is waiting 4 the day of her arrival?😋
nymuseum - 8 dager siden
Cannot wait until U.S. space flight launches become non-NASA and no longer are compelled to listen to it's quite irksome "heroic" declarations
fatehyabali - 8 dager siden
Will arrive at Mars on my birthday 🎂
TruthandjusticeXXL - 8 dager siden
I haven't ever seen a single NASA photo/video that shows a red planet!
Zed P
Zed P - 8 dager siden
Proud to live in this age!
Philbyd 123
Philbyd 123 - 8 dager siden
Awesome:go humanity
Jeet Paul
Jeet Paul - 8 dager siden
I sent my name on 22nd May 2019 and now my name is on the way to Mars.
Thanks to Perseverance Team, NASA, JPL, KSC for making this happen. 👍👍👍👍
Proud to be Human
Bon Voyage "Perseverance"
Aisu AkumaSlayer
Aisu AkumaSlayer - 8 dager siden
So from here to Mars takes 7 months of travel?
Sebastião Mendonça
Sebastião Mendonça - 8 dager siden
Depends, but usually around there
aytona lynn01
aytona lynn01 - 8 dager siden
To infinity and beyond!
-Buzz lightyears
RICE - 8 dager siden
Hariom Dhiman
Hariom Dhiman - 8 dager siden
Hit the glory "Perseverance"
THE MUKESH - 8 dager siden
#ISRO future shining 🛰🇮🇳
ForgeSkyGaming - 8 dager siden
Hello NASA I have been a fan of space since I was five and I have watched all your missions since day one. When I am of an eligible age I want to apply and become an astronaut because space is the only thing which fascinates me and that's the only thing which excites me. Thank you for all the amazing things you did to make my childhood amazing .You are truly amazing NASA. I can't wait to see the crew dragon return home!!
Peter Helmenstine
Peter Helmenstine - 8 dager siden
Uh... no mention of ‘safe mode’? Let’s be transparent here
Marcus Justine Basco Versoza
Nikhil Tiwari
Nikhil Tiwari - 8 dager siden
Best wishes from India 🇮🇳
constantineajay - 8 dager siden
It will reach only on Feb 2021!?!
Why so long...I thought it was a 3 month journey to Mars.
Someone please explain.