NASA launches Perseverance rover on mission to Mars - watch live

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The US space agency launches Perseverance, its most sophisticated rover yet, from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The robot will search for signs of life on the red planet and package rock samples to be returned to Earth onboard a future mission.
Runtime: 3:10:11


Killa Magnum
Killa Magnum - 6 dager siden
People actually thinking about living on mars, mars would be trashed just like earth is currently being trashed. Humans should stay away from the red planet.
BANGTAN ARMY - 7 dager siden
I wish I was somewhere there
Au silaen batak
Au silaen batak - 8 dager siden
Time 2:37:49
Film cartoon....
Isidorus Hendy
Isidorus Hendy - 8 dager siden
Arghh I missed that flight.
Technique platoon
Technique platoon - 9 dager siden
Truly superb stuff America. Congratulations from the rest of the World.
Jason Tempel
Jason Tempel - 9 dager siden
M. S.D REACTION - 9 dager siden
Why can we try to send robert dog
jason freer
jason freer - 9 dager siden
Wow 😮 how dare they ruin a complete earth goal with total CHEESE commentary??
Ridzuan HM
Ridzuan HM - 9 dager siden
Skip to 1hr 40min for the launch
BIG DADDY - 9 dager siden
This is such an amazing moment for us it actually got me teary eyed. Such an awesome time to be alive.
Ömer Berke Öztürk
Ömer Berke Öztürk - 10 dager siden
1:40:10 launch
Gurpreet Kumar
Gurpreet Kumar - 11 dager siden
when rover is land on mars
Dan Severns
Dan Severns - 10 dager siden
18, February 2021.
Kurdmod کوردمۆد
Kurdmod کوردمۆد - 11 dager siden
Not true
Alejandro Bit Chakoch
Alejandro Bit Chakoch - 11 dager siden
Space X has reignited the public interest in space exploration, to harvest it conveniently ,NASA could include the rocket sound during launch, and more footage of the separation, ship, and voyage.
Сергей - 11 dager siden
Perseverance!!! You should find life or traces of life
Prem Pratyush playz
Prem Pratyush playz - 11 dager siden
How much time does this vid take
Prem Pratyush playz
Prem Pratyush playz - 11 dager siden
This mission cannot fail
Stove Guy
Stove Guy - 11 dager siden
So, we get to mars in 20yrs. How is that better then 50yrs? Or 100yrs? Changes nothing on earth.
Christian Brown
Christian Brown - 11 dager siden
This Rocket: I’m outta here! Gotta go, fast!
Alav Duwadi
Alav Duwadi - 11 dager siden
Anyone on that rocket ??
Rastrman TheSeer
Rastrman TheSeer - 11 dager siden
STOP THE LAUNCH, I want to get on!
fact now
fact now - 11 dager siden
If you guys found 72 virgins.
Please reply my comment.
Swati Pedamkar
Swati Pedamkar - 11 dager siden
🧡 GREAT ..
Merk Ur Real - K Official
Merk Ur Real - K Official - 11 dager siden
Rocket : i am the best, look how i go.
Me in the toilet : hold my.. oh..
Megan Hinrichsen
Megan Hinrichsen - 11 dager siden
If I was in there I would have a heartatck
AMD S Ac3 - 11 dager siden
1:40:02 LAUNCH!!!!
Brattier Bloom
Brattier Bloom - 11 dager siden
kudos to the camera man
Crackhead_gingerrats ;
Crackhead_gingerrats ; - 11 dager siden
Is their wind in space
Fnzy F
Fnzy F - 11 dager siden
No wind nothing in space
Adler Gizinski
Adler Gizinski - 11 dager siden
Love2box - 11 dager siden
Ill take on any het that the Mars helicopter isn't going to be able to lift off
01010000 01001001 01000111
01010000 01001001 01000111 - 11 dager siden
1:39:49 Countdown to launch.
Tom Killa
Tom Killa - 11 dager siden
1:39:44 - Launch
Jaime Guzman Romero
Jaime Guzman Romero - 11 dager siden
quien habla español aqui??
Trending Plays
Trending Plays - 11 dager siden
I literally wrote my name 2 hours after the launch. Bruh
Horace Grimsby
Horace Grimsby - 11 dager siden
It's so small!! That's going all the way to Mars!
Peet Lelieveld
Peet Lelieveld - 11 dager siden
Stanz - 11 dager siden
What a joke . China already did this
Rob Momper
Rob Momper - 11 dager siden
We already know it’s NASA you don’t have to hide the data with the logo.
Nima Dakpa
Nima Dakpa - 11 dager siden
Earthly Books Entertainment
Earthly Books Entertainment - 11 dager siden
Now i have to wait for 7 months!!!!
rosa evelyn salas
rosa evelyn salas - 11 dager siden
I am very happy because my name was one out of the millions of names registered and will be flying in the air and roaming around Mars...we so are lucky....Go.. Go..Pers
M W - 11 dager siden
We will lose both rockets and the rover in a solar flare thus year
Victor Sousa
Victor Sousa - 11 dager siden
Can you predicted a lottery ticket for me?
Alexander Carder
Alexander Carder - 11 dager siden
Sound fun. Wish I could see it. But they can’t get there cameras to work when it really matters.
spud brain
spud brain - 11 dager siden
Nothing looks faker than a Nasa rocket launch.
spud brain
spud brain - 11 dager siden
@dim_107 And you can tell me what you think of the Apollo 17 lunar lift off.
dim_107 - 11 dager siden
You could see the rocket launching in 1969 if you where close enough
Dumitru Langham
Dumitru Langham - 11 dager siden
My gun is bigger than your sex organ
We now have proof that Democrats are not on Mars, because the rovers have not been torched, and the ancient buildings have not been looted.
Anurag hazarika
Anurag hazarika - 11 dager siden
2:37:51 mars rover separation
Anurag hazarika
Anurag hazarika - 11 dager siden
1:39:00 -10 sec countdown
Troy Stone
Troy Stone - 12 dager siden
They're headed up there to restock on Alien DNA 😏
DJ SALVATORE - 12 dager siden
Mais furada
Eko Jar
Eko Jar - 12 dager siden
Launch is at 1:40:00
Vain - 12 dager siden
1:30:00 for launch
TheAventurer - 12 dager siden
I was lucky enough to get my name on the disk inside the rover let’s hope it makes it there.
BIG DADDY - 9 dager siden
Dude that's awesome. How did you make that happen because I would love to get my name on one of these missions. It would be so amazing.
Namon. Ster
Namon. Ster - 11 dager siden
You serious? When was this? Noooo I wanted my name to be on the rover too! Had my name on the Sun Satellite but on preserverence it’s a whole other story
Anjo Gelar
Anjo Gelar - 12 dager siden
while watching thiss.. im watching assassination classroom karma and hinata go to solar system..
engineer mcallen channel
engineer mcallen channel - 12 dager siden
I hope China will not spy on this
Janelle Dimatteo
Janelle Dimatteo - 11 dager siden
I hate China
Janelle Dimatteo
Janelle Dimatteo - 11 dager siden
Right ....
daniel林鲲 - 11 dager siden
William Rutland
William Rutland - 12 dager siden
So now we’re sending covid to Mars
FokeyT26 - 11 dager siden
@William Rutland lol
William Rutland
William Rutland - 11 dager siden
Are but what if it was in a controlled environment in the craft I can see an intergalactic court case coming lol
FokeyT26 - 11 dager siden
Im pretty sure virus would die if it was in space
Fábio Coutinho
Fábio Coutinho - 12 dager siden
The Nasa thant force to vonthed .."!
kilroy987 - 12 dager siden
I watched this on a stream and it was just people saying the earth was flat and the earth wasn't flat and NASA should spend money on the poor instead.
MARK SUCKBIRD - 12 dager siden
is there a human in that rocket?
Cautious - 12 dager siden
Of course not.
Poop Libril
Poop Libril - 12 dager siden
It's a probe
Love Rommel
Love Rommel - 12 dager siden
how i wish i could get there & see it myself.
Arendelle Citizen
Arendelle Citizen - 12 dager siden
What is gonna happen to the rocket stage that accelerated the spececraft to Mars ? Will it be smashed into Mars or fly by and roam Solar sistem until it's final days ?
Poop Libril
Poop Libril - 12 dager siden
It will flyby Mars and orbit the sun for all eternity
Timothy Neville
Timothy Neville - 12 dager siden
Couldn't even tell the second stage was lit after seperation :/
Jeffrey Raymond Arthur
Jeffrey Raymond Arthur - 11 dager siden