NASA launches $2.4 billion mission to search for signs of ancient life on Mars

NASA's Perseverance rover is the first step in a decadelong effort to return Martian samples to Earth. Perseverance will travel almost 300 million miles and reach the red planet in February of 2021. Mark Strassmann reports.
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Ivan Sabuero
Ivan Sabuero - Dag siden
Im waiting in 2031
Justin Williams
Justin Williams - 2 dager siden
Americans are being evicted and struggling to survive....and we have time for this???
eli quiambao
eli quiambao - 2 dager siden
The Matrix is Real
Justin Turtle
Justin Turtle - 3 dager siden
Damn when I’m 35 we might figure out weather or not there was life on Mars 😂
Mr sHaRkZz
Mr sHaRkZz - 3 dager siden
Nasa could save Lebanon, assist covid19 with da manae
jayson Lattuce
jayson Lattuce - 3 dager siden
there has been people on the moon and mars for decades. there is whistleblowers who speak about being apart of black projects and being sent up into space, theres bases on the moon. and bases on mars.. mars has up to 10 million people.. and people work on mars as slaves doing hard labor for private contractors, this is not a joke. where do you think the missing billions of dollars go each year? where do you think our taxes go to? there is not a rover on mars. i repeat there was never a rover on mars. maybe these new missions might be legit but the sky on mars is blue.. and the air on mars is breathable similar to breathing Antarctica air in high negative degree weather. if there was a rover on mars then it would have been destroyed within the first day or days of its arrival on mars if it was not already destroyed in orbit on the way there by extra terrestrial races or by the human powers at be that have already been in space since the late 30s. we didn’t go back to the moon since Apollo because our solar system was already occupied. why do you think trump started the space force? human trafficking also expands into space. there is no better place to hide kidnapped children and adults than in space when we have not been back to the moon since the 70s right? there is a reason why so many missing children cases are unsolved. Laura Eisenhower who is Dwight Eisenhower’s great granddaughter does podcasts and interviews these “ secret space program “ whistleblowers. laura herself has also stated in various interviews that she was recruited to go off planet to mars.
jayson Lattuce
jayson Lattuce - 2 dager siden
Fred Cink im actually proud of how much i know. im proud of knowing more than idiots like you. it makes me feel above you. which i am.
Fred Cink
Fred Cink - 2 dager siden
jayson, are you ever embarrassed about being SO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant and laughably stupid?
RonaldLTC - 3 dager siden
What if the rocks they bring back from Mars has some sort of virus that is lethal to humans?
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 2 dager siden
Any Martian lifeforms would be so different from us that they wouldn’t be diseases, in the same way the flu and other animal-based diseases don’t infect plants
Sawyer Kridech
Sawyer Kridech - 3 dager siden
Cool let’s take pictures instead of actually exploring or studying it.
NvS Gaming
NvS Gaming - 3 dager siden
imagine there is no war so we dont have to waste money on weapon
lazyman 24
lazyman 24 - 4 dager siden
If we discover ancient life, then I’ll be 😦😦 blown away, I would question the universe.
apple juice
apple juice - 5 dager siden
Nasa should use that money to launch to feed the homeless.....
apple juice
apple juice - 2 dager siden
@Fred Cink go f yourself
Fred Cink
Fred Cink - 2 dager siden
juice, if you're so concerned YOU should sell YOUR computer and use that money to feed the homeless...
Marlboro Man
Marlboro Man - 5 dager siden
What if Mars is just a bait?!
Tiger Zero
Tiger Zero - 5 dager siden
$2.4 billion to bring back some Mars rock 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so incredibly stupid
20707523 - 5 dager siden
Totally pathetic on the part of NASA not to include instruments for the direct search of life.
Suleyman Eliyev
Suleyman Eliyev - 5 dager siden
месяц Октябрь Нояабрь на Земле начнеться втарая вална короновируса Потопления мигрантыв много будеть
untouchable360x - 6 dager siden
We should bring COVID-19 to Mars.
CAC - 6 dager siden
Figure Earth out first you parasites
James Blonde
James Blonde - 6 dager siden
mars is on the outer boundary of our solar system's habitable zone never was life cause its just not the perfect oven to create it what a waste of money time and effort that can be allocated elsewhere.
James Blonde
James Blonde - 4 dager siden
@The Caribbean Flamingo Reacts thats great and all but that does not matter if the planet was never inside the habitable zone its a fact life can and will not be created.
The Caribbean Flamingo Reacts
They say there was a magnetic field that was just destroyed with the atmosphere also leaving, so Life was killed. Also, we have found an underground lake in Mars
James Blonde
James Blonde - 6 dager siden
Past life wtf !?!?are we going to learn what a waste of money right now we need that money and not from defund the police
C0nV1ct3D F3L0n
C0nV1ct3D F3L0n - 6 dager siden
How does 4lbs of any material equal $80 million ? I know someone that can make that mini chopper with less than $1000
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 6 dager siden
The testing of basically everything on it; the blades, motors, chassis, and flight computer.
Orlando Gardner
Orlando Gardner - 6 dager siden
hope it doesn't crash. humans will never survive long term off the planet earth, but it's fascinating to explore.
Justone Jk
Justone Jk - 6 dager siden
They’ll spend that in a day on paper clips.
Jer Bear
Jer Bear - 7 dager siden
Or we could sack up as a whole species and spend the money to send people.
Tom Meyers
Tom Meyers - 7 dager siden
At the BLM Meeting:
Good News and Bad News.
First the Good News. Cotton grows real good on Mars.
Tom Meyers
Tom Meyers - 7 dager siden
If we find any Martians make them build some Pyramids.
Tom Meyers
Tom Meyers - 7 dager siden
Searching for intelligent life... no BLM murals is a good sign...
Jørgen Hansen
Jørgen Hansen - 5 dager siden
Jack Hays
Jack Hays - 7 dager siden
Props to the camera man on mars who took the videos of the Rover on Mars
Wizardof87 1987
Wizardof87 1987 - 7 dager siden
Your gubiment introducing COVID to mars..........
Fred Cink
Fred Cink - 2 dager siden
1987, are you ever embarrassed about being SO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant and laughably stupid?
Lee Vahal
Lee Vahal - 7 dager siden
So whos payin for this bottlerocket
Fred Cink
Fred Cink - 2 dager siden
The total cost of this mission is one dollar per year for ten years for each American Citizen.
Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker - 7 dager siden
Whats the equation for the amount of power and wattage neede for sending a signal 300 million miles. How about the equation for time delays for sending and recieving signals when you have to factor in all the differnt movements and rotation of both bodies.That camera lens is always spotless. Must be dustproof!
Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker - Dag siden
@Fred Cink Aww!... Were you trying to insult me? Is that what you do when your so called evidance is based on fantasys conjecture and outright lies? I once believed all this nonsense for most of my life. I watched the moon landing live on t.v. I was a big fan! But something happened on the way to the moon that spiked curiosity. Some very interesting anomolys that couldn't be explained away! Thus the journey began to discover one of the worlds greatest deceptions! Its a whopper i know. You first wonder how can a lie be this big but you soon discover it is and their no denying it. Im not the one living in a paranoid delusional fantasy. If you can look at evidence with descernment and unbiased preconcieved beliefs maybe you'll see some truths. Try it its really fun to discover the truth.
Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker - Dag siden
@Alex Siemers Not true on a hazy day you will get some atmospheric hazing near the bottom. Youve probably seen it your self when youve looked a long distance on a hot day on a straight highway. Over water you get a similer effect. But at a distance of 60 mi. The chicago skyline should be invisible from the below 2166 ft. Of curvature standing on the beach from the opposite side.
Fred Cink
Fred Cink - 2 dager siden
@Tom Tucker Delusions are defined as fixed, false beliefs that conflict with reality. Despite contrary evidence, a person in a delusional state can't let go of their convictions. Delusions are often reinforced by the misinterpretation of events. Many delusions also involve some level of paranoia. You score an A+ in all categories. Go visit the Kennedy space center for a launch, go visit the Deep Space Network facility in southern California, go visit the Very Large Array in New Mexico...if your mommy will let you out of the house.
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 2 dager siden
Tom Tucker I’m not talking about ships, I’m talking about skyscrapers in Chicago, from fifty miles away. They’re still clearly visible, but the horizon itself cuts off the bottom half of them.
Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker - 2 dager siden
@Alex Siemers Ok!!! Great im glad you know what you know. Im glad i know what i know. Get a pair of binoculars and go to the seashoe and watch a ship go over the horizon out of sight. Then focus your binoculars on that spot. Behold the ship that supposedly went over the horizon come perfectly and fully into view. That is impossible on a cuved earth. Have fun!
Markel Clark
Markel Clark - 7 dager siden
Welp when an alien life form like the one from The Thing ends up murdering us all well know who’s fault it was 😔
Ayden2Wavy WAVEGOD
Ayden2Wavy WAVEGOD - 7 dager siden
The Alien Homies we know now are telling NASA to find they other Day ones. Makes sense now. In exchange for Alien DNA coding experimenting and Alien Technology. #cool
d0min0danc1ng - 7 dager siden
So fake
They already know the answer
Odin - 7 dager siden
This country is a disgrace to God
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 7 dager siden
How so?
Scuba Fusion
Scuba Fusion - 7 dager siden
Seems like waste of money.
Fred Cink
Fred Cink - 2 dager siden
Scuba, it's your failed education that was a waste of money.
London Dada
London Dada - 7 dager siden
Re' life on Mars, looking for fossils in rocks on on near the river bed surface now, rather than waiting to recover samples in 2031 might make more common sense..but ever since the scrapping of Apollo's Saturn 5, the best most capable and powerful launch vehicle ever, common sense doesn't seem to appeal to NASA. Anything to do with maintaining the lucrative flow of funding, one "wonders".
Issa Mitri
Issa Mitri - 7 dager siden
Any Benefits for human being from these spacial projects since sixties ???
$2.4 billion , only spend money of USA people taxes .
TEDORT DORTE - 7 dager siden
Who knows they will discover millions of tons of diamonds out their and give every American people nothing. 😂
X-ANI - 7 dager siden
we cant wait till 2022?
Leonard Longen
Leonard Longen - 7 dager siden
No we cant. The Mars transfer window is now.
Anointed Truth
Anointed Truth - 7 dager siden
Wasted money on a on planet not meant for humanity stupid.
The Caribbean Flamingo Reacts
Shut up, there used to be life
Kenneth Chege
Kenneth Chege - 7 dager siden
Another covid is hiding in the podscam
brian Drazen jr
brian Drazen jr - 7 dager siden
If it does go right the samples with get back here when I’m 26 sense I’m turning 16
AK47 Dangerous
AK47 Dangerous - 7 dager siden
Who cares about USA media any more 😂😂😂😂😂
Joe Wood
Joe Wood - 7 dager siden
this is what stops technology growing everything has a price tag nothing can be done for the good of society or our species.............. everything that is done in the world today is about making money for individual humans so they can have a good quality-of-life.
why do you think our leaders are having such a hard time protecting the environment because they can't think of a way of making money out of protecting the environment........... that's why your leaders will not be able to protect the environment it is why if you look on You Tube you have thousands of individuals doing it "FREE OF CHARGE" because governments can't do nothing free of charge they have to make money out of it so they and their friends can live in a lap of luxury because that's what the system you all embrace is about making money so a few humans can have a good quality of life................... not so every human can have a good quality-of-life only a few ...............but this is the system you all embrace it seems you would rather live in poverty or scrape a living or get yourself in debt so them few can live in a lap of luxury than change this system, you really are a bunch of idiots it's no wonder the few govern and the rest of you live in squalor or scrape a living...... you really are a pathetic bunch of you would rather accept this system than change the way you behave in that says everything about you doesn't it......... I would rather live in poverty........ I'd rather have two or three jobs scraping a living than change the system for something fairer a much better......... you can see it on the roads every single day, millions of people would rather sit in a car taking up all this unnecessary room on the roads to carry one person are based on a daily basis causing all this congestion and parking problems than choose a better form of transport that doesn't cause these problems............. this is why the world is in the mess it is in people can't change because they are too greedy and selfish.....they can't think beyond themselves that the main problem with humans..............
Dylan Doss
Dylan Doss - 7 dager siden
glad we got room in the budget for this #quitwastingourtaxdollars
humanfilth666ify - 8 dager siden
If only the military stripped NASA of its budget and fired all its scientists.
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 7 dager siden
If only NASA stripped the military of its budget and fired all its criminals
fox aches
fox aches - 8 dager siden
CBS got up this morning to tell you nasa is spending billions to go look for stuff that doesn't exist.. Why? because they can, and we allow it.
Leonard Longen
Leonard Longen - 7 dager siden
The previous Rowers have prooven, that something exists on mars.
eliot - 8 dager siden
All things considered, 2.4 billion dollars, sounds like a heck of deal, way to save the taxpayers some money NASA!
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 7 dager siden
That’s about $1 per taxpayer per year since 2012
Leon Karinae
Leon Karinae - 8 dager siden
Marc Britt
Marc Britt - 8 dager siden
oh ohh
Skippy McDingle
Skippy McDingle - 8 dager siden
Delicious, finally some good fricking news
MannyScoots - 8 dager siden
They should be investing that money ($ 2.4 Billion) on our country to survive this pandemic..... Idiots we are for sure ......
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 7 dager siden
Didn’t we already spend 2 trillion on the stimulus?
Leonard Longen
Leonard Longen - 7 dager siden
The money was already spend before the pandemic. Its not like they build the rover in two months.
3b - 8 dager siden
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is right
hedont loveyou5
hedont loveyou5 - 8 dager siden
2031 wow.
Intisar Khan
Intisar Khan - 8 dager siden
When it is too expensive to find a cure for covid-19. Basically we are starting over in Mars.
DataGeekHub - 8 dager siden
I used AI technologies to restore the panorama on #Mars for the first time in 8K, enjoy it!
ExposingMiLabs - 8 dager siden
Multi-billion $ project! What a waste of money!
Leonard Longen
Leonard Longen - 7 dager siden
For priceless scientific discoverys. Space exploration is not a waste of money. You are acting like they shoot the money to mars. The money just flows back into the economy and creates jobs.
Billybootlips - 8 dager siden
Idiots. Musk could have done the job for 100 million.
Kevin Bao
Kevin Bao - 8 dager siden
bruh that little helicopter is $80 million???
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 7 dager siden
That’s more the cost of developing and testing it over several years
Otis Williams
Otis Williams - 8 dager siden
Aliens don't want to contact is we live in the ghetto of the universe. Humans are still making wars and will continue till we destroy ourselves and earth. It's a waste of money when we should clean up the dirty leaders and our governments.
Juan Thompson
Juan Thompson - 8 dager siden
There goes the stimulus package 😂