My New Morning Routine

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 09:07


Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 4 måneder siden
What's poppin?
Priyansh - 22 timer siden
Gacha Nator
Gacha Nator - 4 dager siden
Just A Sad Boy With No Name
Just A Sad Boy With No Name - 10 dager siden
hipster confirmed
Rylee Quez
Rylee Quez - Måned siden
I thought he said “poopin”
sashatube - Måned siden
Hi mate,,,,,do u have a short sleep at noon for waking up early in the morning or not?
Emresinho Powerlifting
Emresinho Powerlifting - 3 dager siden
That is hip hop! Pure 90s 😍
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez - 6 dager siden
What's the name of those glass coffee cups?
Afsar Ahmad
Afsar Ahmad - 7 dager siden
Watching this at 7:50 AM
Jassim - 7 dager siden
I like the fact that you don't portray yourself as this enigma of perfection.
Although I don't wish for you to slip up, I like that you admitted it to your viewers and stayed grounded. It shows us that we shouldn't bash ourselves up when we occasionally slip up too (which is bound to happen)!
Much love, my bro. 😊❣️
Цане Димитров
Цане Димитров - 8 dager siden
4:06 😂😂😂
sam an
sam an - 9 dager siden
Hey Matt. Does Natalie think your coffee is good?
Vinayak Kulkarni
Vinayak Kulkarni - 9 dager siden
Before lockdown: I
After lockdown : ⚪
Alec Clews
Alec Clews - 10 dager siden
We Aussies love 11:00am drinking -- now there no one around to judge us
Dante Connor
Dante Connor - 10 dager siden
What kind of coffee maker is that?☕
szpaqus - 13 dager siden
When he was cleaning the wall I was like "oh you missed a spot! no, wait... yep. it's my screen xd" :p
number one dad
number one dad - 16 dager siden
"this may go on for a few months" im watching this on july 22 and its still here he was right
Cess Adriano
Cess Adriano - 16 dager siden
*matt cough
- that's dust
Me everytime I cough at home hahahahahaahahha
Ike Onike
Ike Onike - 17 dager siden
Thanks for the transparency
Luis Patiño
Luis Patiño - 18 dager siden
Why did you fall in love with Nataly?
Siobhan Shenanigan
Siobhan Shenanigan - 19 dager siden
Can you speak Italian? For the record, I'm Irish and can't speak irish.
カピセンAubrey - 25 dager siden
Maybe do a content about how you made up your mind in wanting to improve yourself , or is there some kind of experience you've gone through that made you think about living the life you have right now. I'm just curious to how you managed to have so much patience focusing on your self growth and achieving your goals.
SahelAlfateh - 26 dager siden
what is the name of your working desk?
EVOLVE FREELY - 28 dager siden
4:06 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Bunty madupathi
Bunty madupathi - 29 dager siden
You didn't brush your teeth
Paul Moses
Paul Moses - Måned siden
i link for your desk? cable box?
renteriaeli - Måned siden
Ammmmm why use headphones at home....
Space Samurai
Space Samurai - Måned siden
How stressful are you?
Sp-Who-Me? si-DAB-you
Sp-Who-Me? si-DAB-you - Måned siden
Peeing sitting down you say🤔. Seems like a really good idea. To be honest standing should only be for public bathrooms.🧏‍♂️
PRATIK THACKER - Måned siden
with work from home it's becoming difficult to follow routines or execute plans ,what are you doing to stick to your everyday routine?
Jagriti Kumari
Jagriti Kumari - Måned siden have made this video in such a cheerful way... niceeee👏
Ben Joshua Doria
Ben Joshua Doria - Måned siden
Last month try to exercise everyday, I failed, it's like 10 minutes of exercise and 1 month rest
Is that weird ?
Krizzon - Måned siden
Ive entered quarantine with depression and exit the quarantine with it . Just normal things.
Dges Print
Dges Print - Måned siden
My grandfather does this when he is hot while grazing cows
P.S.He lives in a Ukrainian village
Zigor Campos
Zigor Campos - Måned siden
School days (Monday and Thursday) I wake up at 7 am, check the news and watch some videos on YouTube, then I fall asleep again until it’s 9 am, I have breakfast and get ready for class which starts at 10. From 10-13 I have class and then I have lunch. After this I watch YouTube videos for a bunch of hours, read for about 2 hours and play video games. Then I take a shower and go to sleep at around 10
Kai Villanueva
Kai Villanueva - Måned siden
Hello, sorry this may be a completely random however, I was curious in how you cleaned those marks on your wall at 4:00. If it is possible please leave some information or links that helps just clean spots like those on the wall. Again, sorry for being random and thank you for your videos.
Branden Hylton
Branden Hylton - Måned siden
Wow your clutter and chaos is nice and neat
Ziyad Baig
Ziyad Baig - Måned siden
Hey Matt I like your videos Man Love from Pakistan ❤️🇵🇰🙌
Gonzalo Saavedra
Gonzalo Saavedra - Måned siden
Organize our work space, delete social media, be careful about reading news, work out, and eat healthy are good choices in the chaos
Drew - Måned siden
Whitebolls92 - Måned siden
Who fuckin cares
James Smith
James Smith - Måned siden
3:58 hahaha nowadays you cough & you have to justify why your coughing hahah
Arjun BR
Arjun BR - Måned siden
CamTheChosen - 2 måneder siden
Shaik Adnan Saleem
Shaik Adnan Saleem - 2 måneder siden
You are not motivation brother, your are inspiration which is permanent.
Andrés Bassaber Zúñiga
Andrés Bassaber Zúñiga - 2 måneder siden
Learnt nothing about morning routine lol
Kagiso Mbongwa
Kagiso Mbongwa - 2 måneder siden
Awesome channel bro. Really admire the authenticity!!!! What brand is your kettle, its super stunning.
Andrei Blaga
Andrei Blaga - 2 måneder siden
Hi Matt, I am literally just starting my own YouTube Channel and would be helpful to see how do you plan your videos? :) Thanks
Cameron Wells
Cameron Wells - 2 måneder siden
That “everything is true” was classic
Samuel Mass
Samuel Mass - 2 måneder siden
What brand of coffee cup do they own?
TWolf Gaming
TWolf Gaming - 2 måneder siden
6:58 I like the look
Caffeinated Naf
Caffeinated Naf - 2 måneder siden
Exactly I stopped watching news everyday. My long distance fiancé and I were to be married may 31st. It's kinda difficult being away, awaiting to live together finally when the month's near everything just spiralled. Hope this gets over soon 😩 Love and prayers to everyone who's sick or away from their loved ones 💌
Areen Shah
Areen Shah - 2 måneder siden
i subscribed at it's dust, that's from dust
The Kind Elephant
The Kind Elephant - 2 måneder siden
Does the 2 day rule work for getting up super early in the morning? Like 5 AM 2 days in a row?
M Salazar
M Salazar - 2 måneder siden
So.... the Rock is the Patron Saint of workouts? LOL
Theo Kr
Theo Kr - 2 måneder siden
Can anyone link me the cup for coffee they use?
St. John Jefferson
St. John Jefferson - 2 måneder siden
It’s hip hop 😂
Alexandra Mathews
Alexandra Mathews - 2 måneder siden
Sleep schedule is broken but school keeps you from being bored.
Alexandra Mathews
Alexandra Mathews - 2 måneder siden
Moral? Wash ya dam hands.
arpit soni
arpit soni - 2 måneder siden
Looks so similar to jake gyllenhaal😁😁
Lia Hatzakis
Lia Hatzakis - 2 måneder siden
I love the two day rule, I wanna adopt that! X
Karla Urbina
Karla Urbina - 2 måneder siden
had an absolute terrible day today, cabin fever. This video really helped me understand that its going to be okay
Fearless Dreams
Fearless Dreams - 2 måneder siden
Does Matt always wear his hat at home on BRoll?
Lena Petrova, CPA - Finance, Accounting & Tax Tips
Okay, I have to admit - I literally laughed out loud several times during this video. Love the sarcasm!
Zain 4 ;-]
Zain 4 ;-] - 2 måneder siden
Do you know what he used to clean the wall 4:01
*A month old question😅