My Morning Routine

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 10 måneder siden
In case you missed it here’s Gary Vee’s morning routine…
1. Wake up.
2. Grab phone.
3. Take poop.
Spicy taco 59
Spicy taco 59 - 3 måneder siden
My sleep is so powerful, I get up switch off the alarm across the room, and sleep again
Nick Mills
Nick Mills - 3 måneder siden
Thanks to you Matt. You really inspire me alot! 🖤
Double A
Double A - 3 måneder siden
Xiaozhong Sun
Xiaozhong Sun - 4 måneder siden
No breakfast? Where to get the energy for work in the morning?
Phil Be
Phil Be - 4 måneder siden
Best one
SimonJPA Baillargeon
SimonJPA Baillargeon - Dag siden
I think for me it's so complicated. It's like music. It has be correct. I try to do something perfect. I am working on this. When I wake up. It's like I have pain everywhere in my body. So I take my time. My cat supervise lol. Sometimes I stretch in my bed or I meditate. Then I go out slowly. I go take a long shower. Then hydrate a lot. Then I check my investments. Then I do what I have to do for the day. I work during the night, so it's more complicated for my body. I think. I would go sleep again lol. No I do not dance like Nathalie. But this was funny. Maybe do an intro with this 🤣😇😅
TekCheetah Battlefront
TekCheetah Battlefront - 2 dager siden
Meditation isn't about calming down, it's about energising your life using spiritual energy. However, great video as always. I love this channel
Ali Mostafa
Ali Mostafa - 3 dager siden
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Chinweike Okeke
Chinweike Okeke - 8 dager siden
Ski PT
Ski PT - 8 dager siden
If you get a dog you HAVE to go on a walk... every single day ... no matter what the weather. PLUS you then have a dog in your life.
Liz J.
Liz J. - 14 dager siden
“Alexaaa” both at the same time ajjaja so funny
Alex -
Alex - - 19 dager siden
Can anyone say how make coffee that was in movie? Does it better than others?
Erik Howden
Erik Howden - 21 dag siden
Morning routine:
1. Wake up to dogs jumping off bed to go for a walk
2. Take dogs for walk
3. Morning pee
4. Let ducks out of their pens and fill water and food
5. Give ducks their morning peas
6. Clean out rabbit cage and food
7. Make / drink cup of tea and walk around block
8. Take shower
9. Make breakfast shake
10. Log into computer to work from home
Nastasia Amai
Nastasia Amai - 25 dager siden
inspiring as always
Tahir Aziz
Tahir Aziz - Måned siden
Sahil Arora
Sahil Arora - Måned siden
4:03 lmao 😂😂😂
Valentina García Villegas
I was watching this video on TV and when he yelled "Alexa!" my alexa went on. 😂😂
Anwesha Dattagupta
Anwesha Dattagupta - Måned siden
okay, completely out of topic but Matt looks like younger Dr. House. idk why!!! LOL!
vivi & fafa
vivi & fafa - Måned siden
1. Wake up 04:30 am
2. bathroom
3. Sholat
4. Do'a
5. Go work
The Alfonso Nation
The Alfonso Nation - Måned siden
My morning routine is pretty similar to this. I love minimalism. Modern minimalism. 😌
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams - 2 måneder siden
What brand and shade are your tee shirts?
Ahsan Nadeem
Ahsan Nadeem - 2 måneder siden
Your videos are great but please cut down on the time, it feels like a big college essay
Paul Ratiu
Paul Ratiu - 2 måneder siden
Lmaoo 🤣🤣
Sruli Landerer
Sruli Landerer - 2 måneder siden
9:15 is it only me or his cable is actually taped?
digitalmonster604 - 2 måneder siden
Paul Ratiu
Paul Ratiu - 2 måneder siden
Cecil Bundick
Cecil Bundick - 2 måneder siden
This is a weird question but what brand of underwear do you prefer in terms of minimalistic style and environmental conscientiousness. I find this difficult because I like to keep underwear/sock brand the same.
Cecil Bundick
Cecil Bundick - 2 måneder siden
This is a weird question but what brand of underwear do you prefer in terms of minimalistic style and environmental conscientiousness. I find this difficult because I like to keep underwear/sock brand the same.
Emilie Bögli
Emilie Bögli - 2 måneder siden
I loved it. I also have to go back to a morning routine as since the lockdown, things changed and I had issues keeping my routine the way it was. For me normally, I wake up, meditate for 10 minutes, then I write down 10 things I am grateful for, 10 wishes I have and after that I exercise for about half an hour. Then breakfast, shower and I go on with work.
eneshamitozer - 2 måneder siden
Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar - 2 måneder siden
Ain't nobody shit around here after waking up?
Paul Ratiu
Paul Ratiu - 2 måneder siden
Eric john Nasa-an
Eric john Nasa-an - 2 måneder siden
Wtf he brush teeth then drink coffee haha
Lisandro Torresani
Lisandro Torresani - 2 måneder siden
This weeek I set a new and popular routine in my daily mornings. Meditate, read and journal. I think it is a good starting point (even more during this quarantine) to anyone who wants to take advantage of the day. I feel way more awake and ready to crush my goals for the day after I finish this routine.
Belokon - 2 måneder siden
Why does he say "ofTen"? It's like not correct ?)
Donavan Basadre
Donavan Basadre - 2 måneder siden
Excellence is not perfection. Excellence is constant improvement.
TasTheo - 3 måneder siden
Lola Lola
Lola Lola - 3 måneder siden
I loved that part when you said natali loves it 😂😂😂😂❤️
Ivo Lederer
Ivo Lederer - 3 måneder siden
thanks for the inspiration! Curious what you changed since then - I'll make sure to check out the other video as well! ^^
Luís Leston
Luís Leston - 3 måneder siden
1. Wake up
2. Medium-cold shower 5 min
3. Brush teeth
4. Eat fruit and stretch/yoga 10 min
5. 15 min run with dog
6. Get back, headphones and work
Tom will do
Tom will do - 3 måneder siden
Do you have 24 hours like us ??😥
Catina Mauro
Catina Mauro - 3 måneder siden
Smart man, a more smaller bed keeps couples together. Read a news story a long time saying that King Size beds increases chances for a divorce. Oh, we're here for routines. Sorry.
Marius - 3 måneder siden
8:20 there is no other sound I hate more
Ricardo Palma
Ricardo Palma - 3 måneder siden
"I am not very spiritual"... no, off course not you are JUST spirit inside a body. That's all Matt. But hey, maybe one day you will figure that out.
Иван Дурак
Иван Дурак - 3 måneder siden
Really nice for staying at home during quarantine
Cell Core Creative
Cell Core Creative - 3 måneder siden
How long does making a video with this much broll take?
Vitalb - 3 måneder siden
pls make a subtitles. my eng is not so great but i wanna watch your videos)
sadmima shahrin
sadmima shahrin - 3 måneder siden
Anyone noticed one thing- it's hard to find any minimalist youtuber who is female???
BM - 3 måneder siden
The end is amazing! xD
osoPogi - 3 måneder siden
wait you don't do breakfast?
Рустам Багаутдинов
Thank you for subtitles, they correct and it is important for foreign viewrs like me.
Kaleidoscope Malayalam
Kaleidoscope Malayalam - 3 måneder siden
I know that alarm.....the soundtrack yells at me every morning.....very effective tho
Karan Gill
Karan Gill - 3 måneder siden
Here's my morning routine -
Morning Routine (2 hours including drive) –
● Wake up at the first alarm (Check your phone but don't use it)
● Make your bed right after waking up
● Drink a glass of lemon-salt water
● Do stretches and mini work-out (Yoga, Push-ups)
● Meditation + Breathing exercise
● Grooming + Shower (recommended cold)
● Healthy breakfast + Protein/Green smoothie
● Check things needed for the day (Work assignments, textbook)
● Leave the house to arrive early
● Drive to school/work (30 minutes)
● Start your day with the heaviest task first
● Work on the chosen habit today (eg, be a good listener)
Toby Banks
Toby Banks - 3 måneder siden
My Morning-Routine looks like this:
1. wake up and immediately take a cold shower 🚿
2. in your mind think about 3 things that you are thankful for
3. at least 10 minutes of visualizing your successful you or life in general
4. at least 10 minutes of meditating
5. drink one glass of water
6. breakfast 🥣
cigdem pacal
cigdem pacal - 3 måneder siden
Gratitude list, for sure. I used to write it myself and it felt really good for a while. But later I stopped for some reason. One of my friends suggested we create a whatsapp group of 5 friends and we're sending our lists to each other every morning now. It really motivates me to read other people' lists and also it creates a real mind shift for me for the days I wake up on the other side of the bed. I'm also planing to add goals list. Those lists doesn't have to change everyday. It actually helps you to stick with your truth.
sudarshan raut
sudarshan raut - 3 måneder siden
Bakchodi... bakchodi... bakchodi..
Timmy Clements
Timmy Clements - 3 måneder siden
this is dumb
tometo souce
tometo souce - 3 måneder siden
I'm not gay and I love Matt D'Avella so much. I might be slightly gay.
Minecraft Cat
Minecraft Cat - 3 måneder siden
4:04 xD
Wanda Westberg
Wanda Westberg - 3 måneder siden
Before checking emails, social media, news, try sitting meditation for 20 minutes. Life changing.
Anthony Mejia
Anthony Mejia - 3 måneder siden
You guys botth yelled alexa now shes talking about park and rec now that ive heard a documentry about it im now watching it
Abu Khalil
Abu Khalil - 4 måneder siden
my morning routing:
1.wake up.
2.pray. some Quran
4. checking Twitter, Youtube, Telegram
5.Start work
Stardust Science
Stardust Science - 4 måneder siden
Matt you're the most realistic self improvement youtuber.
Damien Animations
Damien Animations - 4 måneder siden
My Morning Routine

-Wake up
-Computer time
Fat Cat
Fat Cat - 3 måneder siden
*B E K F A S T*
Drew - 4 måneder siden
Question: why in the blue fuck do you own a penguin suit?
Tom Henderson
Tom Henderson - 4 måneder siden
Why do these psychopaths drink coffee AFTER brushing their teeth?!?
Artist Workshop Playground
Artist Workshop Playground - 4 måneder siden
Try this
1. Wake up
2. Wash & Brush Teeth’s
4. Meditate
5. Eat Breakfast
6. Take a walk around the block or to a cafe while listen to audiobook or while you are doing work
7. Workout
8. Work
9. Lunch
10. Work
11. Dinner
12. Walk around the block
13. Sleep