My Guide to Digital Minimalism

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📋 Table of Contents
My Devices: 1:41
My Desktop: 3:01
Desktop Shortcuts: 3:27
Chrome Shortcuts: 4:44
Messaging Apps: 5:58
Cloud Storage: 8:43
Organizing Photos: 10:16
Backup Storage: 11:35
Note Taking & Task Management: 12:57
Local Storage: 14:32
ASMR: 16:34
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 5 måneder siden
📋 *Table of Contents*
My Devices: 1:41
My Desktop: 3:01
Desktop Shortcuts: 3:27
Chrome Shortcuts: 4:44
Messaging Apps: 5:58
Cloud Storage: 8:43
Organizing Photos: 10:16
Backup Storage: 11:35
Note Taking & Task Management: 12:57
Local Storage: 14:32
ASMR: 16:34
happyhana - 10 dager siden
i love how he actually included the ASMR part lol
KrœnT - 2 måneder siden
Is this the 15'' or 13'' inch MacBook Pro?
Jamal Yahia
Jamal Yahia - 2 måneder siden
Try a Google ecosystem Google phone Chromebook it's amazing
Lightning Fast
Lightning Fast - 4 måneder siden
I know I'm late but, can you send me your laptop wallpaper?
Jackson Costa
Jackson Costa - 4 måneder siden
Thank you for the subtitles!
Max kegfire
Max kegfire - 17 timer siden
Why it"s called minimalism? It is same workflow as for everybody else
ADRIEL ZAENE ALFANTE - 3 dager siden
Wait...... isint Slack just Christian Discord?
David Strachan
David Strachan - 4 dager siden
The best digital minimalism is deleting all social media and leaving the internet for good. The internet is toxic af.
T-Bone - Dag siden
What you're referring to would be defined as "digital nihilism". Minimalism refers to using/doing something as little as possible, but you're still doing it. Nihilism of sorts is the total rejection of something. "Nihil" ist latin and means "nothing". Therefore not using digital technology at all would be a form of "nihilism". But digital nihilism and minimalism have the same psychological effects. Example: Completely quitting video games will certainly have an improvement on your life in terms of productivity, time management, as well as your dopamine household. However, playing video games for 30-45 minutes per day, if done right, will not diminish your productivity, time management AND will even add benefit to your life in form of improving cognitive processes. Video games can improve focus, attention, problem solving capabilities and a bunch more. That is, if done in a moderate or minimalist manner. That being said; With minimalism you try to use digital medias as little as humanly possible, using only things you really need, like messaging apps to text friends, looking things up on the internet, buying things online etc. There's no real need for social media, other than using the DM section to text friends.
Phillip Russo
Phillip Russo - 4 dager siden
love you and the vidoes,
but holy hell i just realized the more sheeple cookie cutters who watch this will slowly turn next years problem into people bragging about being a fucking digital minimalist and thinking that makes them a better person lolol its gunna happen. that sucks
Bharath P H
Bharath P H - 4 dager siden
Your real name is Matthew!
And I'm inevitable.
Aaron Denne
Aaron Denne - 6 dager siden
Team up with YouTuber Linus Tech Tips for the raid server system. He's helped iJustine and others with their servers.
Javier Borges González
Javier Borges González - 6 dager siden
what its your computer?
nx1hing - 10 dager siden
I recommend checking out Notion, I use it for uni and personal life. It's literally amazing, so customizable...
Harsh Nair
Harsh Nair - 10 dager siden
Watching Marques (MKBHD) be like Matt D’Avella is in the apple ecosystem
Rampagev1 - 13 dager siden
All these crappie devices make me sick 😞 that iPhone home screen isn’t minimal
Aqib 7
Aqib 7 - 14 dager siden
Share the walpaper bro ❤️ love your vids
Ivan Jay Jumahali
Ivan Jay Jumahali - 24 dager siden
Omg i love you and your humor
Drake Weissman
Drake Weissman - 28 dager siden
Whatsup digital minimalists! Just put together a free Skillshare course on applying Digital Minimalism to your iPhone. Check it out:
iblard - 29 dager siden
Use a linux box with a small linux distro, not a Mac.
Euiyang Kim
Euiyang Kim - Måned siden
Do you think an iPad is a computer?
Abhishek Gaonkar
Abhishek Gaonkar - Måned siden
I have an iPhone XS (Excess). Mic drop. 😂
Mols - Måned siden
How can I set the logo as the shortcut in chrome? Currently, mine is with description next to it.
Eric Reiss
Eric Reiss - Måned siden that is where you keep the mic!!! :) Good job, Matt!
Kenwu Lim
Kenwu Lim - Måned siden
Dick pics lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Abhay S
Abhay S - Måned siden
can you link the photo of your desktop background
sue cathcart
sue cathcart - Måned siden
As you use most of the Google suite why don't you use Google Keep - I have an iPhone but love my Google Keep which syncs instantly and can be used off-line
Sergii Getman
Sergii Getman - Måned siden
how is that video related to digital minimalism? cause of clean desktop?
Cedric Ahegbebu
Cedric Ahegbebu - Måned siden
Matt please look into Notion. Life changer. pleaseee
Isabelly Maria
Isabelly Maria - Måned siden
Aaa Israel
Aaa Israel - Måned siden
on my iPhone I put all the apps in one folder except the phone app, the screen is black. whatsapp notifications are silent . no distractions :)
The Black Identity
The Black Identity - Måned siden
Can you make a video on the reasons why you use Google for some things (i.e. Calendar, Storage etc.) vs say iCloud and Apple for others (Notes etc.) especially seeing as you have all Apple devices. It would be interesting to know why.
Christoph Baur
Christoph Baur - Måned siden
Can you post the link to the `99 Limp Bizkit Fanpage you made?
Callum Elcombe
Callum Elcombe - 2 måneder siden
I don't quite get the minimal aspect of any of this?
Hayley Beck
Hayley Beck - 2 måneder siden
It was so weird to hear you list your 4 devices, because mine are literally the exact same. 1 Mac book for work, 1 work personal use, Iphone and Ipad. I love your content- you're so talented
Tyler Dickson
Tyler Dickson - 2 måneder siden
I would move all those drives to a NAS (learned you are going to do that lol)
Jan Apolsid
Jan Apolsid - 2 måneder siden
What ipad are you using?
Ryan Wall
Ryan Wall - 2 måneder siden
Thumbs up because the "quick pics" joke made me laugh haha.
Joss Mogli
Joss Mogli - 2 måneder siden
what hard drives are you using for the long term storage stuff?
Raphael Boni
Raphael Boni - 2 måneder siden
Subtitles in portuguese are great!
COLELLA Real Estate
COLELLA Real Estate - 2 måneder siden
Hi Matt, I love your work. Very interesting topic the one you dealt with today. I have a question regarding switching from iCloud Photos to Google Photos. I have friends who have had a problem with Google differentiating between personal photos and work photos, and I'm talking about working at Real Estate. How are you driving it? How do you differentiate your work photos from those that are not? I understand that in your case, it may not vary as much as working in Real Estate. Very good video, as always. Greetings from Argentina.....
KrœnT - 2 måneder siden
This is the reason why I bought a 32 GB iPhone in 2020, so I am forced to uninstall unnecessary apps, keep only the nice pictures and instead of 5000 songs I only put the songs I want to listen to on my phone.
Overland Command
Overland Command - 2 måneder siden
I have been moving more and more towards minimalism. I try to apply it to my outdoors life as well. thanks for all the good information!
TedMuteSick - 2 måneder siden
2:26 The Office. Man. With. Culture.
Aidin Padiab
Aidin Padiab - 2 måneder siden
Thats awsome matt youre really impressive❤❤
Destini Ty'Jae
Destini Ty'Jae - 2 måneder siden
I'm a pretty organized person, but this made me feel like a complete slacker! 😭
Pia Troncoso
Pia Troncoso - 2 måneder siden
Fuckkkk me more asmr pleaseee
Angela27red - 2 måneder siden
Matt have you ever tried Google Keep. It’s nice
LogicamenteDite - 2 måneder siden
my 2070s : why are you watching this?
Brandon Ballinger
Brandon Ballinger - 2 måneder siden
16:52 WTF did I just witness
Jan-Philipp -
Jan-Philipp - - 2 måneder siden
Where is LinusTechTips when you need him
Mario Black
Mario Black - 2 måneder siden
"sending quick pics... I'm sorry, um, dick pics" 😂🍆
J Y Entertainment
J Y Entertainment - 2 måneder siden
Hey Matt, also if you want to optimize your workflow and speed, I suggest you learn to touch type.
J Y Entertainment
J Y Entertainment - 2 måneder siden
Wait is slack grown up discord?
English / Russian Ideas and Thoughts
helps me to study English)))))
Kamoliddin Sirojiddinov
Kamoliddin Sirojiddinov - 3 måneder siden
Hey, I’m Kamoliddin. Thanks for making these kinds of videos. They all are really helpful and productive. Matt has a good sense of humor which I really like when I catch these moments and sometimes can’t stop laughing. Thank you Matt! ✊ Keep it up 👍🏼. I’ve started changing with your help. Appreciate ✊🖤
Laura Karp
Laura Karp - 3 måneder siden
Come on. iBeer is a very productive app.
Tdr94 19
Tdr94 19 - 3 måneder siden
Talks about being a minamilist but owns tons of Apple products 😂
Rahul Prasad
Rahul Prasad - 3 måneder siden
14:30 LTT
Dale Alexander Webb
Dale Alexander Webb - 3 måneder siden
I do pretty similar things to you! I even have a 2015 MacBook!
For the problem of sharing media between your devices quickly, why didn’t you use AirDrop?
Marwin Bruns
Marwin Bruns - 3 måneder siden
Great! this video is so nice! I took a lot of tips thanks :)
Zach Hoogerland
Zach Hoogerland - 3 måneder siden
Great video! Matt, how have you minimized your contacts? Any tools or tricks that you can share? Do you sync with Google or iOS?
Jon Moreno
Jon Moreno - 3 måneder siden
iPhone “Ten” S
Martina Flores
Martina Flores - 3 måneder siden
how you made google drive in your favs on finder?? thanks!
Yanni Velasquez
Yanni Velasquez - 3 måneder siden
check out my latest video: minimalist approaches to quarantine 🙏🏽 Matt inspired piece