My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

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My Gif is the best Beach
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Trashmouth Tozier
Trashmouth Tozier - 2 minutter siden
Cindy Du
Cindy Du - 9 minutter siden
Ya now you can go to ocean city with ur gif
Meat Fat
Meat Fat - 15 minutter siden
SAMUEL VANDALL - 16 minutter siden
James I know you have given a shoutout to the hunter kid that did not give you his youtube channel name but I will please give a shoutout to "GAMEBOYSANDGIRLS" thank you
TheGaming Crocodile
TheGaming Crocodile - 21 minutt siden
Never seen this video before lol
FAK3 astro
FAK3 astro - 29 minutter siden
Throw it back ?
Razib Chowdhury
Razib Chowdhury - 30 minutter siden
First ppppppp rhymes now wwwwwwwwww rymes
Alikethree4 - 31 minutt siden
You should make a gif plush
Amber Olp
Amber Olp - 31 minutt siden
cable part two so in can you do live cable
Faith plays toca Tocaboca
Faith plays toca Tocaboca - 36 minutter siden
So if you stop at 2:11 you will look at the box and see a pride flag and a pan pride flag sooo.....
Violette Starin
Violette Starin - 47 minutter siden
Oh bro, Im at disney right now. we hadn't gotten there until like 11 at night. And once we got done with the airport we had gotten on the bus and I was playing and then the bus started moving and the driver never turned on the air conditioning (Aka the breathers). And so my step-dad complained to him, and the bus driver was like, "Oh well I didn't see anyone put there hands up to turn on they conditioning."
So then tiredly we went into coronado springs and we were there at the front desk for an hour, because they were figuring out why my mom never got an e-mail for the room being ready. Then they told us our room and so we went outside and it didn't tell the short way to get their (Aka the bridge) so we walked all the way around and we finally got to our room and it was freaking trashed, the beds weren't made, the trash was full, crumbs were on the floor and there were dirty towels on the floor. And they had since 3pm to get the room clean. So we called the front desk and asked them for another room and complained about the room and so we waited another hour for the bell-hopper to come, and then we finally got our room. So it's monday now and we switched over to disney's animal kingdom lodge and we waited for like 4 hours to get our room and then we walked into the room. The time was 5pm and there was only one bed and a pull-up couch and may i remind you we are staying here for 6 days and nights, then my step dad went to the front desk again, and they switched us over to a big room with three beds, three tvs, and three bathrooms.
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez - 48 minutter siden
I have a ploosh of james
madex henderson
madex henderson - 53 minutter siden
vitot sreis
vitot sreis - 55 minutter siden
Algum Br perdido aq nós vídeos da gringa ?
Ultra Rino
Ultra Rino - Time siden
mike feinberg
mike feinberg - Time siden
James: it is not Jayden and it never was
Me: wait that's legal
ShotaHimikuCosplay - Time siden
why is there a random blurred comment on the top left corner of the screen?
Pig Master
Pig Master - Time siden
Don’t ask who his girlfriend is I mean it’s not your life in all if he doesn’t want to he doesn’t have to...but I’m happy he did this video 🐈 also the dogs look cute
yeeaston - Time siden
*I pooped myself*
The Memer
The Memer - Time siden
You should react to youtubers sing videos
king dude L
king dude L - Time siden
Abraham M
Abraham M - Time siden
If you Reach 16 million subscribers then you show your girlfriends face review
Tuppy - Time siden
The Odd 1s Out?
More like...
The Odd 1s Staying!
Phresh Animations
Phresh Animations - Time siden
Maybe shippers should ship dragontales and clifford.
Exeny - Time siden
GIF stands for Girl i F**k 😳 james explain yourself
infinite haynes
infinite haynes - Time siden
You should collab with black gryphon I would love to see that
Andrés Cuadra
Andrés Cuadra - Time siden
How many people do plot twist now
Michael Liang Tan
Michael Liang Tan - Time siden
DontBeATrap Thanks
DontBeATrap Thanks - Time siden
Ha you are a comedy genius
TERMINATED - Time siden
Renemeber when he wasn't cringe
FoxWoodGhost - Time siden
in 2 year later we will find out it was Jaden all allong
zack Kolac
zack Kolac - Time siden
Shits hahahaaha
NightOregano703 - Time siden
People Travis Scott Is Scared To Distrack:
1. Fluoph
2. Fluoph
3. Fluoph
FoxWoodGhost - Time siden
what has to be Jaden bro 0:46
Leandro Balzano Schroder
your my favorite youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stacie Morrison
Stacie Morrison - Time siden
I think his girlfriend is let me explain studio because they made the same video where they talk about them having a date
Nate Goodman
Nate Goodman - Time siden
oH nO tHeY wErEnT wEaRiNg MaSkS
Mason Albrecht
Mason Albrecht - Time siden
Yes the animations god is back
Julian Ibarra
Julian Ibarra - Time siden
TheCalicoNinja - 2 timer siden
Avery Kerby
Avery Kerby - 2 timer siden
“We’re both in our flippy floppies”
Dario Capello
Dario Capello - 2 timer siden
Tobstar - 2 timer siden
Plot twist: He met her at a furry convention. ONLINE........
Chumpee's World
Chumpee's World - 2 timer siden
Maria Duarte
Maria Duarte - 2 timer siden
James: *posts*
Me: *clicks instantly*
Oh Hi Gamer
Oh Hi Gamer - 2 timer siden
Everyone should stop shipping James and Jaiden for three reasons
1. The reason covered in the vid
2. The two have a legendary friendship that could be ruined by that
3. James x Maaz is better anyway lol
The_Boiofgaming - 2 timer siden
Are you into men. MWAHAHHAH.
Y’allSome Hoes
Y’allSome Hoes - 2 timer siden
Omg my dogs name is floof too! I like your content I’m here bc of Jaiden animations 😂
Ari’s World
Ari’s World - 2 timer siden
Yeah it’s disgusting to just have people put people together without their consent so yeah just dont
Isaac Milla
Isaac Milla - 2 timer siden
Nooooo I though that it was jadien noooo
Just Jory
Just Jory - 2 timer siden
shut up there real people
Blue the Beast
Blue the Beast - 2 timer siden
Obviously floof two did not wear her seat belt because she threw up
SuperIsaaiOdyssey - 2 timer siden
Hi I'm a Huge fan of You
C O O K I E M A N - 2 timer siden
hey theodd1sout this you need to watch
SCP 173
SCP 173 - 2 timer siden
Lol simp
KageTerror - 3 timer siden
Dude he says cuss words now
Aaliyah Paul
Aaliyah Paul - 3 timer siden
Ok I’m sorry about this shipped you and Jaiden 😅
Ezzy FN
Ezzy FN - 3 timer siden
Plz do a Pokémon play through! Like if you agree
Alex Denington
Alex Denington - 3 timer siden
Ok so I saw the video’s on his second account and James is a fury ?????????????
Lily Lopez
Lily Lopez - 3 timer siden
Hi James (I hoped i spelled that right) I went to school for the first time sense forth grade and I saw someone with a odd 1s out backpack
Procreate Magic
Procreate Magic - 3 timer siden
6:25 lol
Jane Fusco
Jane Fusco - 3 timer siden
Random Ruby
Random Ruby - 3 timer siden
'It's not okay to ship real people' - James (whilst forcing people to kiss eachother)
Reagan Brindle
Reagan Brindle - 3 timer siden
Are you and your girlfriend getting married? Cause if you are, I'm gonna unsubscribe from you.😡
Советская Россия
damn you got a girlfriend. im happy for you dude!
dinkymo1980 - 3 timer siden
Can your next vid have the story how your brother made a hole in the wall and that you put a poster over it (you have to have the 1st bock to know what I'm talking about)
Mr Sl33py
Mr Sl33py - 3 timer siden
Idk u can be gay._. i still like u but i hope u like gif :)
Fluffypawz - 3 timer siden
In texas the beaches are open and no people its very big but only downside is when hurricanes and strong winds come
LaToya Banks
LaToya Banks - 3 timer siden
Plot twist: *hes actually ibxtoycat at the same time he just has a voice changer and a face changer*
#1 AvaMaxFan
#1 AvaMaxFan - 3 timer siden
i just had soubway :D
Cat flash
Cat flash - 3 timer siden
Omg he's endangered
pErRy tHe pLaTyPUs?
pErRy tHe pLaTyPUs? - 3 timer siden
Guys it Maaz dont worry
Jason Haskins
Jason Haskins - 3 timer siden
Jackie_playz - 3 timer siden
6:24 7:10 floof don’t care
tovah boucher
tovah boucher - 3 timer siden
Does anyone else now ship Bowser and Clifford the big red dog? 😂
Lorand Schwarczkopf
Lorand Schwarczkopf - 3 timer siden
I love this video
Cloud_studios - 3 timer siden
whos dog is like the brown dog? is it just my dog ok :/
Aiden Pineda
Aiden Pineda - 3 timer siden
I’m happy for James for getting a girlfriend
getredddy - 3 timer siden
the girlfriend was bowser all along
;-; - 3 timer siden
Coming back here when I get a girlfriend
Hunter Derocher
Hunter Derocher - 4 timer siden
Why do people think it's Jaiden anyway in the first place? James is way out of Jaidens league mainly because James doesn't have a league he's random.
tucker carter
tucker carter - 4 timer siden
James I love you butt I almost vomited
Amber Hougland
Amber Hougland - 4 timer siden
Alright peeps. I'm just slightly ticked off at this. James is right, you cannot ship to real people together. It can make their actual friendship a little awkward and it could even possibly ruin the friendship. Plus, I don't know if James knows this, but on Redit and on a page of TheOdds1sOut fandom page, there is this "Are the odds ones dating out? and Jaiden are finally daying!!! :Reddit" ummm. No. James and Jaiden are not dating and they dont want to. Reddit fandom page, please stop spreading lies and creating drama based on James and Jaidens life. They are real people with outside lifes. James, you stand up for what you believe in and you tell them put straight!!! I see youtubers and people online as actual people, and I do hope that you guys can too. Please stop shipping James with People now, especially since he now has a girlfriend and has made it clear he is taken. I would of put a screenshot of the google search and the reddit fandom page answer, but I dont know how to work this device. 😂 Keep doing you James!
Cip ri
Cip ri - 4 timer siden
first of all... *i dont think u are a real person*

and second of all... *u are simp*
Matias Aguilera Aucapan
Matias Aguilera Aucapan - 4 timer siden
Hola saludos desde Chile
John Contreras
John Contreras - 4 timer siden
Is his gf precilla
Luke Reed
Luke Reed - 4 timer siden
Petition for James Adam and jaiden to do speedruns
It’s a Friendly truck! - Roblox and more!
Hey bro! I have made an animation of myself (aka my newest vid) and would like you to watch it
(If anyone else sees this plz check it out too)
Like so James can see!
Shamus Kuka
Shamus Kuka - 4 timer siden
Oo so you're dog did do it on you
OCS - 4 timer siden
I hope your having a good time with your GIF :)

whats the gif link?
Teufortimus Prime
Teufortimus Prime - 4 timer siden
Haha I knew it wasn’t Jaiden! Take that you bloody fangirls!
Cesar Cardenas
Cesar Cardenas - 4 timer siden
r u into guys
eden - 4 timer siden

𝗔𝗿𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗼𝗸?
Just asking
1 Subscriber before 2021?
1 Subscriber before 2021? - 4 timer siden
James: "It's not jaiden and it never was."
Me: *pretends to be shocked*
1 Subscriber before 2021?
1 Subscriber before 2021? - 4 timer siden
Everyone: Thinks Its Jaiden.
James: Its Not Jaiden.
Deviantart: WHAT THE FU-
Jennifer Oledan
Jennifer Oledan - 4 timer siden
I love elephant and how dare you move elly out
15k Subs Without Video
15k Subs Without Video - 4 timer siden
James: "Girlfriend"
Fans: _"Impossible"_
James: "It's not impossible and it never was."
15k Subs Without Video
15k Subs Without Video - 4 timer siden
Title: *Has girlfriend in it*
Everyone: Impossible...
Angelina Sevilla
Angelina Sevilla - 4 timer siden
Plz post more often. I have watch all of your videos and now im bord. plz and thank's
Logan Night
Logan Night - 4 timer siden
Hah you can’t defeat me if I turn my volume off
Me but he can
Frisk Ssb
Frisk Ssb - 4 timer siden
Eveyone when James says jaiden isn’t his gif:

Me who is stuck looking at JamesXelephant fanart