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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 15:50


Alec Steele
Alec Steele - 2 måneder siden
Hey guys! We're gearing up for a live-stream on the channel this afternoon if I can get all the technology up and running after a few years in boxes! Turn your notifications on! The Live-Show just might be back! ;)
AustinXonXfire - 12 dager siden
AndyFromBeaverton he was referring to weight, not price
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins - Måned siden
Hi mate love your work i live in the uk and started by refining silver then went on to casting in greensand, I’m loving your videos and love your new anvil, how much will you be selling it and where can I get it, thanks in advance kind Regards. Ryan
John Miller
John Miller - Måned siden
Where do you get a piece of steel like that for cheap? Other than a scrapyard
AndyFromBeaverton - 2 måneder siden
@Ally Mariachi I know, I was kidding around.
Ally Mariachi
Ally Mariachi - 2 måneder siden
@AndyFromBeaverton 140 pound in weight,abt 70 kg , not currency, that thre could easily be up to 1000 us dollars
Tyler's place
Tyler's place - 4 timer siden
My mom walled in on me watching this video and asked "what is he making" and I said "it's not about what he's making"
Coreflake !
Coreflake ! - 7 timer siden
demonetised for anvil pron!
Number 1
Number 1 - Dag siden
Deaf dog for sure..
juandre janse van rensburg
5:36 love it...cringe worthy
J Ram
J Ram - 2 dager siden
I'm pretty sure 99% of your potential customers wouldn't mind at least an option to prep their own anvil ...
Rodger P
Rodger P - 2 dager siden
Alex, correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't you take a grinder and flatten the face and sides of the older anvil?
sten beetlex
sten beetlex - 3 dager siden
Irresponsible of you to bring your pet into the forge.... Pls don't encourage it
Lego the Loremaster
Lego the Loremaster - 5 dager siden
music is so annoying. these types of videos better without music.
Axel Sullivan
Axel Sullivan - 5 dager siden
The hype he showed when he started using the anvil makes me want to go into blacksmithing.
Chuck Tilly
Chuck Tilly - 6 dager siden
You so need to get out more cause I haven’t ever seen anyone get that excited about smashing steel on an anvil
Donny Dark
Donny Dark - 7 dager siden
So when did you say the anvil will be available?
Geoff Wright
Geoff Wright - 8 dager siden
Great Anvil Alex, does the surface work harden over time on the top working surfaces due to hammering?
Warrior Son
Warrior Son - 9 dager siden
I want one!!🤪🤪😌
James Rivett-Carnac
James Rivett-Carnac - 9 dager siden
Need a tool...
Martijn Meulenbroek
Martijn Meulenbroek - 10 dager siden
I'm not even een blacksmith but I want one ;-). Your enthusiasm is contagious!!
Gee Em
Gee Em - 10 dager siden
Those first shots were bloody gorgeous. Slip some jeans on it and I'd take it out on a date ..!!
And I'm not even a smithy..
tim Brewer
tim Brewer - 11 dager siden
Any news on release date or the price?
kilx81 - 11 dager siden
This might be a dumb question but isn't it the thing about anvils that whatever you do they will come loose from it's mount?
Maybe not the first year or 2 but eventually the screws will either snap or the holes in the anvil will. Have you considered this in your design?
javier mendez caro
javier mendez caro - 12 dager siden
would you ever do a draw for this product, I would like to get one as a begginer in smithing, but I'm from Chile in SA and here its hard to get nice forge's tools.
Evaldas Mitras
Evaldas Mitras - 12 dager siden
I like having a clean horn too
Amit Cohen
Amit Cohen - 12 dager siden
From this video we can see that Alec has trust issues
Andy Register
Andy Register - 13 dager siden
Wow that is so sweet but I will never be able to afford one
Tuong Lu Kim
Tuong Lu Kim - 14 dager siden
huh..... never knew senheiser made anvils.
DEFECTS DEFECTS - 15 dager siden
who needs porn when theres videos like these?
John Kobbie
John Kobbie - 15 dager siden
A old railroad rail about a foot long works great for small knives. bolted to wood. all you need is a steel that is harder then the steel your working!
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan - 15 dager siden
When will this anvil be available for purchase, and how much$?
Ruben Groet
Ruben Groet - 17 dager siden
maybe a strange question from somebodythat is interested in blacksmithing, but never has the time to do so... why are the edges from roughly the first quarter up from the horn rounded and the others straight, is that already from the forging or is that by design?
Anto Himikaru
Anto Himikaru - 17 dager siden
I dont know you, and I already love you. I am trully jealous of how your passion has poised you to a point that you always have a smile on your face no matter how physically spent you've become. All of my hats off to you sir - may the sparks fly through, and the hammer keeps beating with your heart.
Chris A
Chris A - 17 dager siden
So far its 130k american to buy one. That's a lot more than advertising
Isaiah Walls
Isaiah Walls - 18 dager siden
That's amazing what a beaut of an anvil
Isaiah Walls
Isaiah Walls - 18 dager siden
American made too love it
Light Truth
Light Truth - 18 dager siden
When will your anvils be available for sale?
William Mauger
William Mauger - 18 dager siden
I would love to have one of these, drop one off to newfoundland I’ll test it out 😉, by the way I’m a huge fan of u alex I’ve been watching your channel from day one, you are awesome!
Jonathan Lumsden
Jonathan Lumsden - 20 dager siden
Is your dog deaf?
David Ward
David Ward - 21 dag siden
I'm getting a lot of Simon whistler when you're talking
ThePrivateJoker - 22 dager siden
I dream of hot chicks, but to each his own..
Jared Figueroa
Jared Figueroa - 23 dager siden
mom: hey son what do u want for ur birthday

son: hey can i get an anvil!!!
casey copeland
casey copeland - 24 dager siden
Wher do I get one of those anvils ?? Love it
Dennis Cooper
Dennis Cooper - 25 dager siden
I’m loving this, I want one in a bad type of way
RJ - 26 dager siden
I made a rivet anvil for doing brakes by drilling a hole in the top of my saw horse adding two washer (to disperse the blow) and two nuts (to give vertical clearance) on a 1/4-20 bolt. $1.50 rivet anvil or backing iron
Joey Guigli
Joey Guigli - 27 dager siden
What is £90.00 in us $$?
tkjazzer - 27 dager siden
Don't like the ring. Make one that is more dead
Sean Joseph
Sean Joseph - 27 dager siden
I, too, think it's important to beat on my horn without it breaking...
Shane - 28 dager siden
Take the big branding off it and you’ll sell loads more
Keep the makers mark and date.....
Otherwise it’s not as nice.
Anthony Hinds
Anthony Hinds - Måned siden
My anvil i bought from the sugar factory where i worked, after it shut down i bought it for the sum of $37.50 US as scrap , its a huge one though, 3 feet long and weighing in at over 600 pounds, they tell me that it was from back in the days before trucks and tractors as it was used to also shoe the horses etc that worked on the plantation, probably back some 150 years.
makata Daito
makata Daito - Måned siden
So yeah.. Well this time I have to share my stuff
I've been studying Japanese sword making for over 5 years and I actually started absolutely from nothing like an ordinary carpenters hammer and 15 klg cube anvil and today if I put a rate I guess I'm in 5/10 for being professional Japanese blade Smith
BTW I'm just 16 years old
ORflycaster - Måned siden
Who's making this beauty?
Avijit Kumar
Avijit Kumar - Måned siden
It would be great if you can make a video featuring the foundry and the complete anvil making process....
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor - Måned siden
123 thousand is a bit out of my price range lol
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez - Måned siden
That dog is probably deaf
Nice channel though
George Ryals III
George Ryals III - Måned siden
Why do most smiths choke up on the hammer handle instead of taking advantage of leverage available at the end of the handle??
Unstoppable Duck
Unstoppable Duck - Måned siden
I just found a steel girder from a crap yard for free and I dug a hole in my garden and that's my setup and for material I just use steel rebar that I found in my neighbours garden
ORflycaster - Måned siden
So how much is that beautiful gal going to cost, and how quickly do you anticipate filling orders? You definitely have our attention!
Dean Hill
Dean Hill - Måned siden
I want one,please let me know how much
aleksander kristoffersen
aleksander kristoffersen - Måned siden
this is what the meaning of joy looks like!
Dash Playz Minecraft
Dash Playz Minecraft - Måned siden
The dog looked like it grew up very very very very quickly
Rakhzul Wasabi
Rakhzul Wasabi - Måned siden
@Alec Steele what are those wires sticking out of your face?
Lux7u - Måned siden
GrayyCatt TheCat
GrayyCatt TheCat - Måned siden
I really like your place, it's a dream for me. If i have that kind of place i will surely make my first katana.
Maximum Builds
Maximum Builds - Måned siden
He should sell a 60-70lb anvil for half the price
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores - Måned siden
Great work, how to order? And how much?
J Erb
J Erb - Måned siden
Ok Alec what kind of ball park are we talking about???? Also can you make a video about anvils what you want( why you keep dropping ball bearings on them and why etc. )
Joelee Finn
Joelee Finn - Måned siden
Bad ass anvil
C Miller
C Miller - Måned siden
I just made one out of a piece of railroad. ( Don't worry, I did it legally.)
ORflycaster - Måned siden
I've considered just building a forge next to the tracks. :D
TheReddeadmovie - Måned siden
why do you have so many power hammers ??? dont you only need one ???
Evan Leaber
Evan Leaber - Måned siden
I know that the Harbor Freight 55 lb anvil is the lowest of the low when it comes to quality because it’s so soft, but do you think that it is worth it for someone who is just staring off and trying to learn a little a bit?
Chop Wood
Chop Wood - Måned siden
This is more like it Alex.
Corey Kinard
Corey Kinard - Måned siden
This whole channel is a tide ad
ORflycaster - Måned siden
Yep, and now I want some Tide!
Боров Пажилой
Боров Пажилой - Måned siden
Типичный кривозубый британец
Murilo Colle
Murilo Colle - Måned siden
Protect the dogs ears
Jon Brooks
Jon Brooks - Måned siden
When might these be available?
Jason Morris
Jason Morris - Måned siden
I want to see the footage of Alec hammering for 7-8 minutes
2head m
2head m - Måned siden
Lemme test this anvil I’ll give it a beating and try and break the thing, there’s nothing like a good smacking of a press and 14” cylinder heads to top could easily snap this thing, (no offense just saying that there ain’t much that can survive these massive cylinders😂)
Jacques Michael van Heerden
I don't understand... you make a bucket list of "the perfect anvil you'd want" then the first thing you do is modify it? So the foundry actually made something that's still "commercial" and then only you modify it and make it yours? I think this is super inefficient...
Craig Elliott
Craig Elliott - Måned siden
Just brought my 1st anvil and a couple of hammers, nothing special, just enough to start. I cant wait for it to be delivered!
peter cameron
peter cameron - Måned siden
Hopefully made in the USA and not China!!
ORflycaster - Måned siden
It is...............said so in the video.
Biggiebeastboy12 - Måned siden
Unqualified Craftsman
Unqualified Craftsman - Måned siden
He inspired me to make my own channel.
Please check it.
Wim Braber
Wim Braber - Måned siden
Or sell them in 2 versions.... finished an unfinished. Some people may want to apply their own vision on what is the perfect finish.
Cliff P
Cliff P - Måned siden
Dude you got to take that shirt off and show us what is slinging that hammer!!!!! I am not can I say gay still? But your slinging
That hammer like a real blacksmith!