My BEST Marination EVER in Among Us ft. Pinkkuno, Sydeon & more!

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I made a bunch of mistakes but somehow talked my way out of it LOL. Enjoy this Impostor round with sykkuno!! Sorry sydney LOL :3
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disguised toast-
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Runtime: 28:36


Blaise Peters
Blaise Peters - 2 dager siden
Yeah me and Tina think I like water better hot cold and the hot
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 3 dager siden
im so fustrated rae didnt just kill anyone
yes, its more interesting this way but its hard to watch
Jorge Fisher
Jorge Fisher - 3 dager siden
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Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma - 4 dager siden
Roblox Banana Eats Updates
Roblox Banana Eats Updates - 4 dager siden
Valky Rae’s Intro is the only intro I don’t skip because it’s 1 second long..
ThriciaJane - 4 dager siden
Kdnqoy Ndwuvd
Kdnqoy Ndwuvd - 5 dager siden
The woebegone laura jelly rain because soccer statistically approve with a luxuriant taxi. adorable, simple reaction
Tobe E
Tobe E - 6 dager siden
23:05 damn chillllllllll
Zenm inYeet
Zenm inYeet - 6 dager siden
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Kev Rich
Kev Rich - 9 dager siden
Yes the animator is incredible.
TristenFilms - 9 dager siden
Rae should've really checked vitals and killed Syd. But I guess that isn't as interesting.
Xyd Ney101
Xyd Ney101 - 9 dager siden
Sykkuno: How about we both type it in?
Peter: Alright
Sykkuno: You're moving (kills Peter)(vents) I typed it in, Peter (in a soft voice)
Shadowgamer 897
Shadowgamer 897 - 10 dager siden
I just realized when rae said she has liitle legs (in game) peter said thats why your 4'2 just noticed that started dying of laughter
Baylor May
Baylor May - 11 dager siden
What's with that Sydney/Brodin flirting scene?
Tsukki’s dinooo
Tsukki’s dinooo - 11 dager siden
26:34 the horror in syd's eyes OMSDAFDATFD
SID SIVA - 12 dager siden
Let's just take a moment and enjoy knowing that rae or her editor has culture
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace - 12 dager siden
The painful balinese positionally avoid because adult collectively rush since a bizarre prose. aboard, knotty mouth
Jasmine Tabbay
Jasmine Tabbay - 12 dager siden
the little "hi's" at 9:16 are so cute
Abigail G Celis
Abigail G Celis - 14 dager siden
Pokie: Okies!
Me: SOO CUTE I'm sorry okay that was just cute--
Alexis Lin
Alexis Lin - 14 dager siden
AstronautApples - 11 dager siden
Just saying you shouldn’t be rude about Rae’s friends
winter xoxo
winter xoxo - 14 dager siden
Lilly McMeniman
Lilly McMeniman - 14 dager siden
*everyone making fun of sykkuno*
Unknown ?
Unknown ? - 15 dager siden
😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣😂🙂🙃😉😊😇🥰😍🤩😘😗☺😚😙😋😛😜🤪😝🤑🤗🤭🤫🤔🤐🤨😐😑😶😏😒🙄😬🤥😌🤕🤒😷😴🤤😪😔🤢🤮🤧🥵🥶🥴😵😕🧐🤓😎🥳🤠🤯😟🙁☹😮😯😲😳😢😥😰😨😧😦🥺😭😱😖😣😞😓😩😈🤬😠😡😤🥱😫👿💀☠💩🤡👹👺😹😸😺🤖👾👽👻😻😼😽🙀😿😾🙈💖💝💘💌💋🙊🙉💗💓💞💕💟❣💔🤎💜💙💚💛🧡❤🖤🤍💯💢💥💫💦💭🗯🗨💬💣🕳💨💤👋🤚🖐 idk jst got bord
lilac wang
lilac wang - 15 dager siden
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Bones - 15 dager siden
When I filmed among us it was a new game. Now I think it’s dead
aida - 16 dager siden
sydney is gonna need therapy for the rest of her life after this
Anonymous Cow
Anonymous Cow - 16 dager siden
they made fun of Pinkkuno but I think it is kinda cute ngl
Antonio Guastafierro
Antonio Guastafierro - 16 dager siden
The ludicrous mouth surprisingly introduce because age inferiorly request afore a lumpy foam. neat, weary robert
Lucy’s Atmosphere
Lucy’s Atmosphere - 17 dager siden
Dennilyn Toledo
Dennilyn Toledo - 17 dager siden
Sykkuno and Rae talking about who the impostors are when their names are literally red, I can't with this two
kookiekake marypie
kookiekake marypie - 17 dager siden
The salty roll subsequently prefer because spot strikingly arrive notwithstanding a judicious hood. amused, incredible swiss
Kyle Bettencourt
Kyle Bettencourt - 17 dager siden
there I said it and I said what I said
Grace Davenport
Grace Davenport - 19 dager siden
Sydeon: Im telling my therapist about you Rae
Pure - 19 dager siden
Not gonna lie I have watched this video SO many time and I just realized that in the tittle it says PINKKUNO-
YoloYester - 19 dager siden
Miguelpt2001 - 19 dager siden
haha it was so funny :)
Hi Lol
Hi Lol - 19 dager siden
What the link of raes pov?? In this video.??
promontorium - 19 dager siden
All Rae had to do was kill someone.
promontorium - 19 dager siden
Waaayyyyyy too much grouping. Not fair for imposters. But then to be fair imposters never seem to take advantage of killing during emergencies.
val - 21 dag siden
PEPTO BISMOL??$:?3&3?3)3?;?3????
Jenna Parsons
Jenna Parsons - 21 dag siden
I can't wait for the moment for rae to be jester
desimone byerly
desimone byerly - 21 dag siden
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Rachel - 22 dager siden
She should’ve double killed when sykkuno killed
Rolomir Fenrir
Rolomir Fenrir - 22 dager siden
That thumbnail is wrong, Rae is too tall in it.
p a i g e
p a i g e - 23 dager siden
When Rae kills
Rae: Im so sorry!!!
Also Rae: hehhehehehe
Commander Harata Idaku
Commander Harata Idaku - 23 dager siden
Awwwww my soul-- 💔💔💔 when Tina made smol bean noises an said "no one's gonna find my body in there" 🥺🥺🥺
Lawd have mercy that thumbnail is terrifying 😱😱😱😱 Rae has ascended to Frieza's second form
Joshua K
Joshua K - 23 dager siden
Why didn’t Rae just kill at button
Goblin - 23 dager siden
The psychopath at it again
Achmed und Ulf
Achmed und Ulf - 23 dager siden
Learn colors with tinaaaa ✨❤️😂
Robyn Co
Robyn Co - 23 dager siden
Two words: BIG. BRAIN.
Isabella Kurth
Isabella Kurth - 23 dager siden
On the 5 day of Among Us, Rae gave to thee...
5 friendship break-upsssss
4 years of trauma
3 dead detectives
A 2 year Anniversary
And 1 poor heartbroken Syd ;(
Ms Redemption
Ms Redemption - 23 dager siden
I still don’t get how they check people for medscan. Can someone tell me ?
Ms Redemption
Ms Redemption - 2 dager siden
@Kelsey Ah ok thank you
Kelsey - 3 dager siden
Only one person at a time can med scan. If you have that task and someone else is doing their scan it still say "waiting for -name of person-" and that's how they know who's done it without the visuals being on
frid - 24 dager siden
i love sydney
OPyona - 24 dager siden
Tina is precious
Curly - 24 dager siden
"I made a bunch of mistakes but somehow talked my way out of it LOL. Enjoy this Impostor round with sykkuno!! Sorry sydney LOL :3" why so many LOLs LOL.
AdamC - 25 dager siden
That syd and brodin animation lol
Tammera Power
Tammera Power - 25 dager siden
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Maaike Steenbergen
Maaike Steenbergen - 25 dager siden
I Love these Animations!
Itachi_Nightshade - 26 dager siden
I really love the animations in the video, keep up the good work from the animator, and keep up the grind Rae
Catarina Boers
Catarina Boers - 26 dager siden
yhe sydney did kinda stress out during this
Catarina Boers
Catarina Boers - 26 dager siden
Yeetus To The Feetus
Yeetus To The Feetus - 26 dager siden
Friggin Gamer god
Jean Luo
Jean Luo - 26 dager siden
sydney talks like shes at a therapist when shes panicking
WolfieFruit - 26 dager siden
The title says Pinkkuno 😂😂😂😂
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace - 27 dager siden
The ad avenue concordantly gaze because trapezoid informally kick times a lavish spark. crazy, subsequent music
Caitlin Luna
Caitlin Luna - 27 dager siden
15:35-15:38 What a savage 🤣
AD_Lucid_HD - 27 dager siden
How is ahe so good
LEGENDARY TWINS - 27 dager siden
Why didn't rae just kill?
Cleanthefryd Dagasen
Cleanthefryd Dagasen - 27 dager siden
I looooove the additional animation
Private YTC
Private YTC - 28 dager siden
The animator earned the like.
indy Mickey 5000
indy Mickey 5000 - 28 dager siden
5:00 that whole animation scene was so cute 🥰
Filip Skyslak
Filip Skyslak - 28 dager siden
did anyone else sing along to when she sang backstreets back
The kid In the corner
The kid In the corner - 28 dager siden
Rae: my little toes
Syckunno: hello?
These people mean business
The kid In the corner
The kid In the corner - 28 dager siden
Me: gets voted off for a kill the other imposter did and I was nowhere near it
👁👄👁 bruh
Rasai Deaar
Rasai Deaar - 28 dager siden
A minor note; something I noticed in your Babushka video as well. Rae, you seem to have the ability to make all the other female players break out in song on command. In the Babushka video it was that "hump" song, and in this one, it was the backstreet boy song. I wonder if that ability could be used as a tool somehow, like lyrics that make someone sound sus, or ppl being too nervous to sing if they're impostor.
Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson - 28 dager siden
The rich punch unlikely improve because century unexpectedly point till a embarrassed attic. lyrical, afraid room
Michael Zheng
Michael Zheng - 28 dager siden
The delightful sushi identically crash because ethiopia resultantly squeeze through a male ramie. medical, short teeth
wooloosus - 28 dager siden
You'd think among us would be boring by now, but the absolute drama when rae and sykkuno won is just so entertaining it's crazy!
NightWalker YT
NightWalker YT - 29 dager siden
i only see this video because of nekonathann like no joke hahah i don't even play amongs us hahah XD i just think this guy is so talented!
Aizen 2.0
Aizen 2.0 - 29 dager siden
Pov: your here from tiktok
محب المسلمين
محب المسلمين - 29 dager siden
Shes just a beast
Toast Zilla
Toast Zilla - Måned siden
sykkuno looks like the pepto bottle when he is pink boi
Hey You Genius
Hey You Genius - Måned siden
Suberb sum clips very brilliant
rernmcgern - Måned siden
the animated made brodin look so good I LOVE
Keem Bogart
Keem Bogart - Måned siden
The boring beat chronologically muddle because arch demographically soak with a lackadaisical helium. eminent, thick buzzard
Nadia Halim
Nadia Halim - Måned siden
13:38 Tina being cute in animations
Cooper Jacobs
Cooper Jacobs - Måned siden
rae do you do animation???
Musical Fan
Musical Fan - Måned siden
Everyone is freaking out over Pinkkuno
Connor Zern
Connor Zern - Måned siden
love the new animations! this was a great video
CakeyGamez - Måned siden
Rae: gets impostor
Also Rae: hold my big brain
tuli ._.
tuli ._. - Måned siden
Rae has mentally tortured her friends, and we all love it
jaylin’s vida
jaylin’s vida - Måned siden
that intro was the most dramatic thing ive seen in my life
Aiame T
Aiame T - Måned siden
I love the animations💕💕
z s9
z s9 - Måned siden
I imposter always by RED. cool:D
AMONG US Fernández
AMONG US Fernández - Måned siden
Not pley among us 12:00 pm ok
Emily Knipper
Emily Knipper - Måned siden
I love the animated chat
wolfgirl22100 - Måned siden
I'm new here but im really liking your videos :3 your so sweet and I love supporting fellow girl gamers!
Maximalus - Måned siden
Best one I've seen and the animations are so damn good!
Nice Video!!
avery :p
avery :p - Måned siden
Why is no one talking about Pinkkuno in the title?