Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

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Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC
Runtime: 10:51


Covidiotocracy - 11 timer siden
Jan 6 was absolutely a "mostly peaceful protest" by a long shot, accord to the media's standards.
Linda Fralin
Linda Fralin - 16 timer siden
You are a liar.
TanBan - 13 timer siden
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen - 16 timer siden
Peaceful protesters
Elizabeth M Ciaglo
Elizabeth M Ciaglo - 20 timer siden
After looking at interviews with the insurrectionists, a couple of them mentioned they were paid to be there. Having 2 different cell phones, the other cell phone has a couple hundred messages, from area code phone #s from states all over the USA, which I have blocked, the message offers me 6 thousand dollars free, thru Amazon, just give my address, though will not, and block the phone#s n messages, although these messages come thru, daily, could this be tied to the DJT regime of the rioters?
Bhad Bharber
Bhad Bharber - Dag siden
A literal lie. That officer Brian died of a stroke. Look it up.
Alfredo Pozos
Alfredo Pozos - Dag siden
The narrow jet symptomatically love because clave alarmingly bubble unlike a giddy chill. material, eight kenya
Free Spirited
Free Spirited - Dag siden
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."
- Isaac Asimov
360EZ - Dag siden
trump and his fan club cult are all traitors and should be rounded up and exiled. Privileged traitors DO NOT deserve to live with US. All trump family wealth should be confiscated.
Dak Havna
Dak Havna - Dag siden
Why are people suprised? Seriously tho.. With the BS our government has been pulling.. All the lies etc..
Mundo Oriental
Mundo Oriental - 2 dager siden
Quem diria que país que sempre pregava democracia, se presta a uma cena dessa kkkk ate onde vai o fanatismo
robtempe - 2 dager siden
Keep in mind these are CONSERVATIVES and REPUBLICANS led by the Loser-In_Chief attempting to steal the presidential election when they weren't able to steal it at the ballot box and through their typical election theft shenanigans.
Mike Shoemaker
Mike Shoemaker - 2 dager siden
has biden created any jobs yet country so far -10000
Mike Shoemaker
Mike Shoemaker - 2 dager siden
msnbc is not news its biased
John Murie
John Murie - 2 dager siden
I am the original real person Q
The service tunnels used for Utilities in the popular main city streets of New York, Chicago, Washington DC linked to Pizza Parlours, and Fish and Chip Shops is how MOBILE ROAD MAINTENANCE CREWS transported very young children to their doom.
It's a big Cabal club on both sides of the FENCE
The shadow knows
The shadow knows - 3 dager siden
A riot at the Capitol but no riot policemen showed up fully dressed in riot gear. How convenient.
Jim Rice
Jim Rice - 3 dager siden
Fake news
TanBan - 13 timer siden
john rexx
john rexx - 3 dager siden
is it wasnt for that protester getting shot it would have gotten much worse, a few more protesters should have got shot
Jordan Spencer
Jordan Spencer - 3 dager siden
LMAO trump didn't insight anything . Report the story stop putting your b*llshit fake news . Funny how you didn't say sh*t about blm and Antifa killing people but you are sooo passionate about this since its not leftist d*pshits doing it. F*cking lying pieces of sh*t.
f4q ebutuoy
f4q ebutuoy - 3 dager siden
West House
West House - 3 dager siden
The woman who was shot was a veteran too
yo momma
yo momma - 3 dager siden
5:40 🤘🏾😈🤘🏾
Duane Nicholas
Duane Nicholas - 3 dager siden
This pansy asc beech talking head is a big part of the problem.
Dave Davis Davidson Bitch
Dave Davis Davidson Bitch - 3 dager siden
TRUMP 2024! Lol
fredzep01 - 4 dager siden
since 1900 - 2021 there been less deaths due to Hurricanes In The United
States than covid19, you are not going to stand in the one place and
hope you don't get killed. Now the thing is, was trump either severely
stupid or is it he simply doesn't care about your family and you. Or if
he is stupid then your going to after ask yourself why do you side with
him. that's the only two out comes for this. everybody got hoodwinked by
him. more than half the covid death's are trumps fault, if you have
lost a loved one sue them ? trump for jail 2021.
Adam Colbenson
Adam Colbenson - 4 dager siden
Hey msnbc, why didn't you commies show kenosha wisconsin terrorists burning the town in this same fashion? Your network is shamefully unAmerican propagandamedia.
Jose Ayala
Jose Ayala - 4 dager siden
David Murray
David Murray - 4 dager siden
If they were darker complected they'd have been shot down long before they anywhere near the Capitol.
Nicholas Reynolds
Nicholas Reynolds - 4 dager siden
New threat now, guys
J Shields
J Shields - 4 dager siden
Trump was not there yet he always said WE!!! He was hiding some where!!!
Red Buffalo
Red Buffalo - 5 dager siden
God bless all the soldiers of Liberty in this war against the Dictatorship Communist coup in Washington.
Biden is a fraud and the Satanic Democrats will be destroyed.
The price for freedom is always blood, in this life and the next.
Jerm Greent
Jerm Greent - 5 dager siden
So if you walk off the set and shoot 5 people in the building your in and I said "Theres gonna be YouTube podcast guy that's gonna lose it 1 day and snap on people violently"..But I said this a week before it even happened then 8 could be arrested or should be arrested?
Wesley Heckendorn
Wesley Heckendorn - 5 dager siden
Between pro-Trumpers, BLM, and Antifia, riots might as well be considered weekend pass times in this day and age. I guess baseball and golf became boring and no longer entertaining.
106060DV - 5 dager siden
Is this ever BS! I was looking for the CH clip of Jan. 6th where they overdubbed they audio for dramatic effect. MSNBC is a sick joke.
Antiblonda - 5 dager siden
Mayor Muriel Bowser
To be clear, the District of Columbia is not requesting other federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment without immediate notification to, and consultation with, MPD if such plans are underway.
1:53 PM · Jan 5, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
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Jay Ritch
Jay Ritch - 5 dager siden
Too bad Donald Trump didn't lead the way to the Capitol as he promised his supporters, breaking down the front doors with a battery ram hollering, (CHARGE). Then the F.B.I. could have arrested Donald J. Trump for breaking and entering.
Dj Phantom
Dj Phantom - 7 dager siden
What did these morons expect to achieve, apart from destroying parts of the building and items in it, that’s all they did, thank goodness the police managed to get the politicians to safety, otherwise there could have been a bloodbath, violence is never the answer, it achieves absolutely nothing. How Trump managed to avoid being convicted of insurrection in his 2nd impeachment trial is obvious, the politicians voted along political lines, that is unfortunately always going to be the case, but in this case the politicians who gave him a “free pass” should have been indicted on a charge of “cowardice, and failure to do what was right”
I feel extremely sorry for the United States democracy, it’s in tatters, and the respect of the free world for America is extremely tarnished. 😞😡😢👍🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Barry Mike Sortoro
Barry Mike Sortoro - 7 dager siden
How many people died this summer when Democrats were burning and stealing everything in sight 25-35?
Xeleq - 7 dager siden
Derek - 7 dager siden
Someone needs to total up all lies that come out of your mouth. Your overdramatic "news" is causing more division in the world than Trump could ever cause. Btw, you just showed a video of a "liberal" activist leading the crowd I to the building and preying on their emotions. Pay attention to the minute before the woman was shot. That was John Sullivan doing what he was paid to do.
Derek - 7 dager siden
How many people were killed at festival seating concerts in the 70s? Incredibly pathetic "news" piece.
sytrop - 7 dager siden
MSNBC is full of liars, the officer died from the fumes from the tear gas that was used, & there is proof that the shooting is fake
billy rubin
billy rubin - 8 dager siden
Those people would still be alive had Trump not lied and accepted the fact that Americans repudiated him.
Edie Cole
Edie Cole - 8 dager siden
How sickening can this be? I could vomit! I hope the president is satisfied! Oh, but there are those who live among us that think Trump is innocent!. I don’t. I heard some of his other rally’s. He talked smack at those rally’s. He talked hate and insinuated violence at those rally’s. And he carried on with that theme on January 6th. People died. They destroyed things in our Capital. They were looking for certain higher up government officials. They talked about hanging Mike Pence. And did Trump defend Pence. No he did not! What kind of a mad man is the president! And even though he told his Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, KKK, and white supremacists, that he was going to march with them to the Capital, where was he hiding out! The man needs to pay for his part in the fiasco on January 6! It’s only right!
Shannon Edward
Shannon Edward - 8 dager siden
Blue Lives matter-not to Republicans, remember that whenever you vote!
RabbitHole - 8 dager siden
Honestly the police should have just opened fire on them. They wouldn’t have been missed
SOB X RBE fan - 6 dager siden
@Merkava4IMI yeah
Merkava4IMI - 7 dager siden
Like the Police "opened fire" on rioters and looters who threw bombs and fireworks at them all summer?
Vyom Gupta
Vyom Gupta - 8 dager siden
Hey guys do you all like cubes and cube videos check this cube video out :
MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper
MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper - 8 dager siden
I cannot stand Chris Hayes how does he have a show? His voice is like nails on a chalkboard he's such a corny doofus. Last to be picked in kickball. Looks like Millhouse. Its ok I guess for TBE filthy rich Politicians to pay away truth and pay away how Biden (allegedly) inappropriately kissed, hugged, and touched women. Nancy is ok with that tho right? The back of Biden's head like like that Michael Myers masks hair. Letting this Hayes havs a (annoying crappy show) is nust more proof that MSNBC hires ANYBODY. ughnhh 🤦😤🙈🙉🙊💩
Ben G
Ben G - 9 dager siden
How is Trump responsible for the crimes of others when he himself committed no crime?
Ben G
Ben G - 7 dager siden
@billy rubin I'm asking a genuine question to have a rational discussion. Trump asked the protestors to let their voices be heard peacefully and patriotically. All of the clips shown in this video just take snippets of his sentences, but listen to the whole speech and it's honestly difficult to see how he incited violence.
billy rubin
billy rubin - 8 dager siden
What rock did you crawl out from under? Unbelievable!
Ben G
Ben G - 8 dager siden
@MsFair but what exactly did he say which counts as incitement? I watched the entire speech and with proper context I honestly don't see at which point he incited violence.
MsFair - 9 dager siden
Incitement is a crime.
Shirley Andrews
Shirley Andrews - 9 dager siden
McKinley Brown
McKinley Brown - 9 dager siden
WOOOOOW - THE G(reat) O(ld) P(oopers): They FREEEEZE HE SLEEAAAAZEE...
MB • 2021 - ™️®️©️
Morriezel Powe
Morriezel Powe - 10 dager siden
Lets not Forget it was told that 83%%of this Country is and built on Extremism and the KKK.Yet if you believe on God's And in Faith.God DoNot like UGLY. It was chosen within the Storms we had all over this Country this Week.
Marck Kilpatrick
Marck Kilpatrick - 5 dager siden
KKK was started by Democrats
Super Grover
Super Grover - 10 dager siden
You should wait until all the evidence comes out. Idiots
David Conrad
David Conrad - 10 dager siden
The Felony Murder Doctrine could be applied to ALL who took part in the invasion, destruction and attack on public officers and officials that occurred in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. The Federal Murder statute states " Any death which occurs during the commission of a felony is first degree murder, and all participants in that felony or attempted felony can be charged with and found guilty of murder." Since a death took place, ALL who were on site , in the building must be charged. Cell phones can be triangulated by the NSA to place owners inside the Capitol. Rule of Law must be upheld.
David Conrad
David Conrad - 5 dager siden
@vasilache19 noneThere have been some arrests, charges and sentencings. ALL violent radicalized ignorant F***s need to be destroyed. I am SURE you agree.
vasilache19 none
vasilache19 none - 5 dager siden
What about the "peaceful protesters" of last year and the ones that are still going on?... Asking for a friend...
John Heigis
John Heigis - 11 dager siden
Possibilities... Please consider!
Folks, dare I state, "We" need an efficient way to mechanize and empower pure / direct demos-kratos (democracy), within a republic! [Acronyms at end.].
Consider what happened, between folks, during all those gatherings ("musters"), back in the day.... 1775... before, during, and after... (note; they were fined, if; absent, late, or, not properly equipped... Thusly, was "democracy", thereby, enforced?).
Such, was their neighborhood incident management / comprehensive contingencies management system.
To: organize, manage, train, educate, inform, exercise, assign, nominate, elect, account, equip, test, participate, commerce, transport, liaison, correspond, warn, assemble, deploy, ...
Folks, "We" can bring it all into a new use! One fitting our needs!
Note, some FEMA recommendations "We" can use, in a 21st century context: maintaining secondary systems (EOCs); using basic, phased, cyclical CCM; through a complete ICMS (which requires folks learning, they are born into this membership, as a human survivor.); and, " and passive civil defense are integral to national security posture!" (OCD).
To put this into context, check this out... As a start!... (Pay extra attention, to the "independent sentence", of the 2nd Amendment... the part before the comma. The last part depends on the first, in the overall sentence.).
"A well regulated [ neighborhood incident management / comprehensive contingencies management system ] being necessary to the [ national security democratic posture ] of a free state, the right of the people to [ employ a Swiss version of active and passive civil defense, within a republic, will not likely be ] infringed."
In a 21st century context!
Acronyms: (and explainings...).
EOC = Emergency Operations Centers (where all "Professional First Responders get deployed...).
CCM = Comprehensive Contingencies Management.
(Thusly, my preferred term, to the gov. CEM.).
CEM = Comprehensive Emergency Management ( the FEMA terms. CCM fits what "We" requires!
However, either way, it is the cyclical, four phases, of contingencies managing: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.).
FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency. (now it's under DHS.).
DHS = Department of Homeland Security. (basically, yet another new name, for doing the same, without you! Note: "civil defense" can not be, yet another government entity! Define, "civil"! But, guess what, we can fix this, easy!).
OCD = Office of Civil Defense.
Thusly, an older name of FEMA. From back when it included things like nukes, and nuke shelters, and nuke shelter surveys... and stocking them, and... MAD!...
Oh! By the way! The "Civil Defense Act of 1950, as amended", does not include you!... However, later FEMA publications beg for your involvement. I found a way to make it easier for you to help, from home!).
IEMS / ( ICMS = my preference!)
Integrated [Contingencies] Management Systems, "which includes all sectors: government, public, and private!"
DES = Disaster and Emergency Services... The newer name of such places. (Also called something like, "Office of Civil Defense.).
DES-SSS = DES Support, Systems, and Services. (All the "Sssssss", are so it's easy to remember... Like a blown tire? Besides, this exact title is the crucial key, for "interfacing" with the gov. DES.
This is the best part... This will become your working piece, of our republic, as a member of the newer "4th Branch."
The "for, of, by... We"!
This will become your own personal EOC.
NGO = Non-government Organization. (Maybe, like the Red Cross, while such can not be our "active civil defense"! [armed.]).
(This is where "We" need a neutral / objective, logistics / liaison, "Matrix NGO, with internet sites, and assets.).
Folks! "We" are all borne members. "We" can dust off this system, so to help us mechanize and empower pure direct demos-kratos within our republic, again!
Folks, there are many usable parts for this, but such are some basics.
This will blow your mind!
For me, it was like finding a fleet of Spanish shipwrecks... With all loaded, to the guns!
If we modernize it all, "We" will have Her voice, again!
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly - 11 dager siden
Betonoszlop - 11 dager siden
Americas party hard
Wes Caldwell
Wes Caldwell - 11 dager siden
Amazing to me how the msm this channel teaching you watcher how to hate and believe lies. Love don't hate.
Pierro Jules
Pierro Jules - 10 dager siden
According to you, the MAGAinsurrection on the US Capitol never happened. Don The Con never even gave the speech where he incited his MAGAmoron to attack the Capitol to help him stay in power despite losing the election in a landslide.
Cheryl Reed
Cheryl Reed - 11 dager siden
Weasel reporter
Pierro Jules
Pierro Jules - 10 dager siden
Weasel and anti-democracy MAGAinsurrectionist.
James Banks
James Banks - 12 dager siden
If I would have been a capitol police officer there I would have just started shooting just like that good thing I am not a capitol police officer because people would have died that day by my hands😎😎😎! Because that is what would do black people black people would have died that day many many black people would have died that day😎😎😎!
James Banks
James Banks - 12 dager siden
They don't talk to brown and black people like that they just shoot🤢🤬🤮!
James Banks
James Banks - 12 dager siden
I can answer that question for you they were there to Opry hand people in murder people PERIOD🤮🤮🤮!
James Banks
James Banks - 12 dager siden
And that is exactly why everyone that went into that building January 6th 2021 needs to be in prison period 🤬🤬🤬!
James Banks
James Banks - 12 dager siden
And that's why he will not be a nominee 4 president of the United States in 2024🤮🤮🤮!
James Banks
James Banks - 12 dager siden
That's why it doesn't make any sense that Donald Trump isn't convicted and imprisoned it does not make a difference due to the fact that he's a Republican and the rest of the Republicans in the Senate voted against him going or being convicted there just as guilty as he is by letting him get away with what he coulded 🤮🤮🤮!
Edsknife - 12 dager siden
If violence is the only form of progress that people see, then MSNBC should give people a different option for progress. They haven't been given a good alternative if they still resort to violence.
Lavell House
Lavell House - 12 dager siden
Uncivilized Savages scum of the Earth these cowards are truly the Bottom Feeders of America
Christopher Ferri
Christopher Ferri - 12 dager siden
Lies... watch this video.
Sandria Saunders
Sandria Saunders - 13 dager siden
Actually 7 people died. One later & one committed suicide.
Ken Langham
Ken Langham - 13 dager siden
More journalist lies and drama from the media paid for by Big Tech violating net neutrality.
Fatmir Kalemi
Fatmir Kalemi - 13 dager siden
Shame on the Republican Party
Acid Royalty
Acid Royalty - 13 dager siden The media only shows you the narrative they want
Gene Paradiso
Gene Paradiso - 13 dager siden
Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the Declaration of Independence say that we not only have the right but we also have the duty to alter or abolish any government that does not secure our unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
LB742 - 13 dager siden
Where does it give the right to attempt to murder government officials?
Jj _Ravioly
Jj _Ravioly - 13 dager siden
Americans are always funny
Ryan P
Ryan P - 14 dager siden
This was Trump's Beer Hall Putsch
Kathy Gann
Kathy Gann - 14 dager siden
My brother just told me the New Yorker reported this and 10 days later retracted the story saying autopsy reported he died much later that night with no blunt injury. Anyone have info to disprove this?
LB742 - 13 dager siden
If you can't find a retraction from the New Yorker, and the original video is still up, and no other credible, RELIABLE, outlets have the video proof, then your brother is either misinformed, lying to you. Usually outlets remove or retract old content otherwise they can be sued. That's why Fox is part of that billion dollar lawsuit right now.
Ernest Harper
Ernest Harper - 14 dager siden
Hitler: Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.
Donald: Um, "I won the election by a landslide", "If I lose it was rigged", "Stop the Steal". Hey, it worked!
Don Johnson
Don Johnson - 14 dager siden
Withstood the Germans, the Japanese, the Russians, trump walked the enemy through the front door
Roger Wauters
Roger Wauters - 14 dager siden
However i am NOT a fan of CNN and other news channels who take their fight against Trump personally BUT in doing so made him the underdog who got more radical supporters!
Roger Wauters
Roger Wauters - 14 dager siden
Thank the lord not more people stormed the Capitol, their could had been many more victims. Actually the lack of police/military could be the reason not more were killed since the poor police officers in there had no chance so they tried to not heat people up even more.
Rebecca Rohrs
Rebecca Rohrs - 14 dager siden
M J - 14 dager siden
Your network is nothing but lies
Infinity Films
Infinity Films - 8 dager siden
@jeff lynne YES!!
jeff lynne
jeff lynne - 13 dager siden
A Great video they mob can watch it in a jail cell
Infinity Films
Infinity Films - 14 dager siden
Bruh. There is video. Are you blind?
Alicia O.
Alicia O. - 14 dager siden
Every time I see this footage of the riot,. I get very angry and frustrated. Trump has to face the consequences along with the people who were there and the people at the rally. Even his kids and their wives/girlfriends were there at the WH watching on a TV.
Monique Geritz
Monique Geritz - 15 dager siden
Why is it always the good Presidents who get killed, while ppl like Trump still walk around, poisoning ppls minds, conning them! I would feel betrayed by him, if I was one of these domestic terrorists, some were socker moms and internet junkies, who, by watching Trump related video's, gotten more and more fake news and by QAnon, they got the conspiracy theories, that sucks these ppl in and not the dumbest ppl either, coz it was done gradually and after 44.5 his loss, some finally saw that it was not true and are now against them, some were distraught when Biden won and are now confused on what's true or not...
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams - 15 dager siden
You can give it a rest now, your campaign to have Trump impeached has failed miserably 🖕
jeff lynne
jeff lynne - 13 dager siden
trump has failed he is not in they WHITE HOUSE
don't get mad at me
don't get mad at me - 15 dager siden
don't get mad at me
don't get mad at me - 15 dager siden
I thought you people were supposed to be the smartest people in the world 🤭😁😁😳🙄
don't get mad at me
don't get mad at me - 15 dager siden
Soooooo....I better not ever hear a caucasoid say shyt about how our others behave in public again!!!!!!!
A L V R - 15 dager siden
All these so called patriots now that they are being arrested and charged they should ALL have their CCWP Concealed Carry Weapons Permit REVOKED TAKEN from them FuXx 'em ... take their weapons ammo as well from their homes ... THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS to these UNITED States of America
Big Pp
Big Pp - 15 dager siden
This is unbeleavabel... Just like the Tea Party... In this Day and age... Awsome how stupid... No Go... Just miserable... 🥵
Lori Smith
Lori Smith - 15 dager siden
Character matters if you elect someone of low to no morals this is what you will get.
Evelyn Loftus
Evelyn Loftus - 15 dager siden
I'd love to know did any of them get covid they were so close to one another and not wearing masks
Dean Mcivor
Dean Mcivor - 15 dager siden
bring in the national gaurd and watch them all run 4 there lives
Infinity Films
Infinity Films - 14 dager siden
Bring military troops to trumps front door and arrest him
Infinity Films
Infinity Films - 14 dager siden
Bas retie
Bas retie - 15 dager siden
Yea it almost looked at those Antifa/BLM protests on the streets....
How many got killed in those Antifa/BLM protests ?
How many dems said .. go on the streets and start protesting hard. ( Pelosi .... ) She should be jailed big time.
Ann Naylor
Ann Naylor - 15 dager siden
Are these Americans?. Are people going to look away from these atrocities.
zijin chen
zijin chen - 15 dager siden
This is a very beautiful landscape, nice
Rickey Floy d
Rickey Floy d - 15 dager siden
What if those people were Hebrews or Native Americans or Mexican. They would have been killed
Joanne Pichotta
Joanne Pichotta - 15 dager siden
The US military, and federal government gets their facial recognition technology thru Google. Used by police departments, etc. During the riots this summer, that technology was turned off, not available. But it was recently available again when the protests against capitol occurred, infact was up 35%. Was revealed on Tucker Carlson recently.
Leon Sparta
Leon Sparta - 15 dager siden
Nothing worse then FAKE NEWS.
Infinity Films
Infinity Films - 14 dager siden
But there is VIDEO of the riot! Are you blind!?
Jeanette Dale
Jeanette Dale - 15 dager siden
The verdant crown unfortunatly yell because caravan intrinsically frighten lest a jumbled shampoo. uninterested, disillusioned hose
Vanguard gaming
Vanguard gaming - 15 dager siden
make America a battlefield again.
Fabian David
Fabian David - 15 dager siden
If they were black police would have automatic shot as many as they could. Then you let the leader of it trump off the hook. But if a police was killed by one person the people with the one person would suffer same crime. There is racism. Payment for all the lives through all the years you people have killed is due and you will pay