Mulatto - Muwop (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

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Runtime: 03:51


Sco Bidnez
Sco Bidnez - 9 timer siden
Nice flows you got heat lil mama
B - 10 timer siden
Layla Telle
Layla Telle - 10 timer siden
My bitch lol
Salimah Carpenter
Salimah Carpenter - 10 timer siden
The little girl is the beginning is so cute.
Janet howard
Janet howard - 10 timer siden
Damn she rode this beat!! One of my favorite Gucci songs.. Ayyeee!!🔥🔥🔥
Brianna Hum
Brianna Hum - 10 timer siden
I fw Lotto but she gotta learn how to dance or something lol
Boss O
Boss O - 10 timer siden
M.U.L.A - 10 timer siden
But Gucci's verse...sheeshhh ! It's GUCCI !
Zipporah Hill
Zipporah Hill - 11 timer siden
Gucci snapped
wakeemupnish - 11 timer siden
I just love her accent
wakeemupnish - 11 timer siden
Thracey Nyahonika
Thracey Nyahonika - 11 timer siden
It just started and I’m lovvvinnnn itt
The Black Esthetician
The Black Esthetician - 11 timer siden
Another hit and they still sleep 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ariel Williams
Ariel Williams - 11 timer siden
Love how she had darker women in this ❤️❤️
Denise B.
Denise B. - 11 timer siden
claped moore
claped moore - 11 timer siden
The only way to likes this because she so body parts
Maria M
Maria M - 11 timer siden
This shit definitely sounds better then that wap trash🤪
tsunamibarz channel
tsunamibarz channel - 11 timer siden
bilias hour
bilias hour - 11 timer siden
Gucci come back when u decide u finally wanna add the “YEEEAAAAHHHHHH” to the song the right way 😂😂😂😂😂 This song is so bomb 😍
Wonder Abigail
Wonder Abigail - 12 timer siden
It's all the melanin in this video for me
Tay Brown
Tay Brown - 12 timer siden
Adri P
Adri P - 12 timer siden
Fucking love her ❤
bilias hour
bilias hour - 11 timer siden
Latto were u get that yellow wet look outfit in your bfts video. I want one
Cameron Jackson
Cameron Jackson - 12 timer siden
0:40 in she spazzing
Tamika Lewis
Tamika Lewis - 12 timer siden
Rie’s World
Rie’s World - 12 timer siden
Prince Loveless
Prince Loveless - 13 timer siden
Gucci was solid on this
Etree Cosmo
Etree Cosmo - 13 timer siden
Isaac Nais Nabaasa
Isaac Nais Nabaasa - 13 timer siden
How come GucciMane didn't say "it's Gucci" at the start of his verse? 😔
Mo X
Mo X - 13 timer siden
Check out “ Pricy Savage “ by Mo X just dropped yesterday MOVIEEEEEE
Mo X
Mo X - 13 timer siden
mario williams
mario williams - 13 timer siden
Charolette chessher
Charolette chessher - 13 timer siden
Who grandma or mom was on the porch she was on point no that little girl 💯🔥❤️
Change Your Energy
Change Your Energy - 13 timer siden
I bet she didn't even finish 10th grade. Smh@ y mfs think that illiterate soundin talk is coo
Diyah Ambi
Diyah Ambi - 13 timer siden
I love this video and the end 🙏🏾❤💚🖤
Davante Jonathan
Davante Jonathan - 14 timer siden
Your my guy Gucci
Abosolom Byrd
Abosolom Byrd - 14 timer siden
She is the truth the best female spitter this generation!!!!
113candy - 14 timer siden
Latto were u get that yellow wet look outfit in your bfts video. I want one
Preachers Daughter
Preachers Daughter - 14 timer siden
Big Latto up next!!! Lil sis be snappin!
Grace Posey
Grace Posey - 14 timer siden
Pau Villarino
Pau Villarino - 14 timer siden
James Dean
James Dean - 14 timer siden
Basketball highlights
Kendra Hinnant
Kendra Hinnant - 14 timer siden
This my new anthem 😌
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart - 14 timer siden
Da Ass tho 😍😍😍😍😍
Somidotun Idowu
Somidotun Idowu - 15 timer siden
Who saw what she did with nle
GraysSkies - 15 timer siden
I just wished her name wasn’t what it is...she’s got the IT factor though.
Derrell Cobb
Derrell Cobb - 15 timer siden
Fumi Toronto
Fumi Toronto - 16 timer siden
It’s the nod at Breonna Taylor and lyrics for me
Shirajai - 16 timer siden
Despite the lyrics she looked classy throughout the video....real expensive like
Kewisweets Boutique
Kewisweets Boutique - 16 timer siden
varna tait
varna tait - 16 timer siden
Sign The Artist
Sign The Artist - 16 timer siden
Added to submit your music
SuperChiko K&R. 2.3
SuperChiko K&R. 2.3 - 16 timer siden
This was so hard
Simply Serenity
Simply Serenity - 16 timer siden
Love all the beautiful shades 🍫✨
Angel Munguia
Angel Munguia - 17 timer siden
Freaky gurl by GUCCI MANE
Coolio Boolio the 3rd
Coolio Boolio the 3rd - 17 timer siden
DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO THE OTHER GIRLS ARE IM IN LOVEEEEEE! Especially the one with the pink visor.
Brian Clark
Brian Clark - 17 timer siden
song didnt need gucci.
Ms. Brown
Ms. Brown - 19 timer siden
The chocolate chics!!!!!!!!❤️🍫
Adriana David
Adriana David - 19 timer siden
2010 vibes😍😍
YaGurlz - 19 timer siden
It’s the black girls in the video for me
Jah -Jah
Jah -Jah - 19 timer siden
Anyone felt a sudden urge to buy a kandy vape...😅😅😅. Smh