Motivation, Clickbait & Life Lessons (AMA)

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Justin Espejo
Justin Espejo - 9 dager siden
so much nuggets in one video especially about clicbaity titles and trying to one up yourself. im spazzzzing. thanks for this matt! really enjoyed and love how it once again resonates with me too, cheers!
PARTH CHAUHAN - 10 dager siden
HI, bro,
I am from INDIA and I am addicted to your content and repeatedly viewing each video. the knowledge you have I think helpful for me and others who wants to be happy in life with LESS, THANKS BROTHER FOR this KIND OF CONTENT. LOVE FROM INDIA
- your brother
PARTH CHAUHAN - 10 dager siden
I hope you have time to see my comment reply if you see this.....
Alessandro Giglio
Alessandro Giglio - 16 dager siden
Great video Matt
Ewan Anmo
Ewan Anmo - Måned siden
Instead of motivation what we really want is to get things done!
Set very clear and specific deadlines. It helps to:
- Avoid procrastination
- Overcome doubt
- Prevents perfectionism
Set a timer
- It is just like the Pomodoro timer
- Most of the time you will exceed this duration
Do what you love, love what you do!
Ewan Anmo
Ewan Anmo - Måned siden
1:41 How to stay motivated
NintenTap 2nd Account
NintenTap 2nd Account - Måned siden
wow you have came far
The Almost Everything Noobs
The Almost Everything Noobs - 2 måneder siden
Generally I love your content but this video didn't have enough b-roll
katie yaghi
katie yaghi - 3 måneder siden
Love what you do
Aaron Helander
Aaron Helander - 4 måneder siden
Thank you for this video! I am working on transitioning from these type of videos and actually implementing them in my life! I finally did my first YouTube video and am trying to take control over my life!
houfoods - 4 måneder siden
Cat & Cloud coffee is SO GOOD!
muunjju - 5 måneder siden
i literally love you. not inlove- but everything you stand for. like wtf what a beautiful human being. you have changed my life
Jade Beth J
Jade Beth J - 8 måneder siden
I do pomodoros when writing! So I set my alarm for 25 minutes, break for 5-10, then I work for another 25 minutes. Often times I go over because this is really just to help me get the writing juices flowing. I DO need to implement this in other areas though.
Mariagracia Villena
Mariagracia Villena - 9 måneder siden
Is your podcast on spotify?
Luis Berrios
Luis Berrios - 9 måneder siden
damn that crash course on how to be a filmmaker was amazing.
Fox Dylan
Fox Dylan - 9 måneder siden
That’s cool Matt, I love experiencing as well
iguana8164 - 10 måneder siden
What brand T-shirts do you buy?
Namaz Hasan
Namaz Hasan - 10 måneder siden
Matt’s contents drive me crazy with a huge dose of motivation
J.E. Baker
J.E. Baker - 10 måneder siden
Just happen to come across your video by accident..... I got hooked. Great Video Mr. Matt I definitely have learned a lot from your videos. Thanks! Just subscribed 🙂
Li - 11 måneder siden
You know what, the most important reason why I keep watching your videos is that, I find it’s an effective way to improve my English... cuz you speak so clearly. Hehe
Lindsey Easterwood
Lindsey Easterwood - 11 måneder siden
My passion is watching YouTube
Aleisha's Vlogs
Aleisha's Vlogs - 11 måneder siden
Great video! 👍
Omar Lucas
Omar Lucas - År siden
Please sell me one of that coffee makers.
Samuel Fulcher
Samuel Fulcher - År siden
whatching again, just because...
AmitK - År siden
No minimalism in you're biceps...
Nani Yates
Nani Yates - År siden
9:36 LMAO
Rasul Aliyev
Rasul Aliyev - År siden
I am not relying on other people, just Mat and his swol bice!!
Kuru8 - År siden
Your stuff is always superbly shot, graded and edited when it technically doesn't need to be. Appreciate the effort.
Vincent Pocura
Vincent Pocura - År siden
damn those muscles.
Rhv - År siden
You just motivate me ,Thank you dude
Cyn Valdovinos
Cyn Valdovinos - År siden
awesome vid !
your keto best friend
your keto best friend - År siden
Omg that keto one. I'm waiting for it 🙃
Anna Williams-Polley
Anna Williams-Polley - År siden
Don't you love coffee 👌🏾
Grainne 99
Grainne 99 - År siden
Hey guys! Just want to know if anyone wants to take 30days to be accountability partners with me on sc or reddit so we can check in on each other and motivate each other to see if we can improve at whatever it is we decide upon :)
Vincent Pocura
Vincent Pocura - År siden
Just for more info btw
Vincent Pocura
Vincent Pocura - År siden
If you're still up for it, then maybe we can discord?
LoganLaj - År siden
Matt, I love all of your videos. Thank you man. Much appreciated!
Gregg Everman
Gregg Everman - År siden
So true about not always having to 1 up yourself.
Lashes&Lipgloss !!
Lashes&Lipgloss !! - År siden
Is anyone else enjoying his pecs too?
Tim Waters
Tim Waters - År siden
Subscribed to your Podcast channel 👍🏻
Katrina Casim
Katrina Casim - År siden
Thank you so much for your great content and honest insights. Really helpful and inspiring. Support from the Philippines! 😊❤️🇵🇭🇺🇲👍
Georgina Blackwell
Georgina Blackwell - År siden
The constant foul language is a turn off from the exceptional content you put out. Jeremiah 29:11 NIV.
Renato Elias
Renato Elias - År siden
Matt, you have no idea how much this content is helping me to put my life back on track during a really tough period. Thank you. Your vibe, content, soundtrack, voice and script are inspiring. Great work!
China Tse
China Tse - År siden
I find value in your videos. I appreciate how clean and honest your content is.
Cade Johnson
Cade Johnson - År siden
Ha!!!!! Chris Baca!!!!!!!
Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson - År siden
Does anyone know how he got to direct to his channel?
A San
A San - År siden
Haha “everything is changing my fucking life.” I love it.
S M - År siden
Good stuff!
gamers boye
gamers boye - År siden
Matt can you pleas try keto
Lucas Atilano
Lucas Atilano - År siden
Why don’t you monetize your channel???
0b101000 - År siden
All it takes is ONE DAY to change your life. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
imbonnie - År siden
The humor is definitely one of the reason I watch a lot of your vids. Also, they aren't too long. And of course the interesting, informative, helpful content. Also, the background - the minimalist house, is inspiring. I don't like all versions of minimalism. For instance "The Minimalists" film in an apartment that's too empty and with concrete pillars. That's not inspiring at all. And their podcast studio is too dreary, especially with their black shirts. I still listen to them but I don't like their aesthetic. I like the aesthetic of "More Melody" also "Break the Twitch" and yours.
Brandon Barta
Brandon Barta - År siden
LOVEEEEEE your channel and I love baca you both make such great content.
Victor Gomes
Victor Gomes - År siden
I feel I’m the only one who sees his gainz are growing😂😂
Dan O
Dan O - År siden
You're awesome.. love the podcast... keep up the good work.
phyliciajoykloes - År siden
You're very real.
Clickbait has always been a thing since they sold newspapers. It’s just being assessed a term for the digital consumption. For newspapers. It was called a headline.
Ernesto Ortiz
Ernesto Ortiz - År siden
I just admire the way he can speak to the camera fluently without mistakes, probably it is because of practice, that's why i admire him due to he has been practicing to achieve the that. (I know there are some bloopers maybe however he still being able to speak his mind fluently for most of the parts of the videos without cuts. I just want to be able to create content as he does in the future. Success Matt.
Wheng Dane
Wheng Dane - År siden
I am always happy watching and learning your videos.
Aleksandra Mazinska
Aleksandra Mazinska - År siden
Thanks so much for these videos. I like your attitude towards life and work, you're an inspiration!
Retro Game Bench
Retro Game Bench - År siden
this title has a clickbait, i don't trust you anymore Matt! ;)
Francesca95 - År siden