Mississippi to officially retire controversial state flag

A plan to do away with the display of the Confederate battle emblem passed in a landslide vote. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports. READ MORE: abcn.ws/2NEsRcv
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Eric Highsmith
Eric Highsmith - 38 sekunder siden
The flag should not have ‘In God We Trust’ not because I’m one of those ‘annoying atheists’ but because of vexillology states that one of the characteristics of a bad flag designs is a flag that has words written on it. Look it up.
meme12 - 6 timer siden
Should i blame japanese kids for pearl harbor??? 🤔
matt t
matt t - 10 timer siden
.....and they’ll still complain
sparkynm156 - 18 timer siden
This has Nothing to do with the Flag. EVERYTHING to do with destroying EVERYTHING in AMERICA.
You are Destroying the ONLY FREE Country on Earth that is Self Governed. You are really so vapid and blind to the systematic Attacks on Every business, Religion , Race, Creed, Heritage , Organization , Education , Medical System , Police , Rescue , Name It.. They are distracting you , lying to you , Blinding You to whats Really going on and All TRUTH .
You Too will be attacked and Discarded, No Matter how much you cow down to them, Just a they WILL BE Cast Aside, just as thoes who have Already Been... You are destroying your own Freedom and Everyone Elses..
Wake Up and End the Democrat , Soros , obama , blm , mbh , etc...
The American Dream is About Freedom and Equality For Everyone.. Don't let the Extremists, Corrupt, Democrats , media , .0001% mega rich sociopathic Agendas Fool You Any Longer...
IJ Collins
IJ Collins - 22 timer siden
They did a great job of hiding the Confederate symbol on that flag because I never noticed it. In real war the loser doesnt get to make a choice take the damn flag down. Its clear who the victor is... 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
Melissa honey
Melissa honey - 22 timer siden
Yeah they get everything handed. To tthim food stamps and section 8 if it was Spanish people be a different story
HIKE4LIFE - Dag siden
Problem is, this is just the beginning.
Cliff Baugh
Cliff Baugh - Dag siden
The ancestors that fought for that flag mean nothing now, we can't have flag, statues of anything else to honor our history but it's ok to honor everyone else's. Sad day,
Dillon Richard
Dillon Richard - Dag siden
thats history and these crazy blm people just want to erase this country’s history like its nothing
Mrs First Last
Mrs First Last - 6 timer siden
Stop glorifying traitors to this country. It's not history it's hate!
Dudeman BroGuy
Dudeman BroGuy - 13 timer siden
Nice try but it's not erasing history Because if you want to go learn about history you go to a museum where the confederate flags are to show us the shameful history that we shouldn't repeat but putting it on a flag pole is glorifying it
COLT 45 - Dag siden
It’s ridiculous that they did that without letting the people vote!! What ever happened to WE THE PEOPLE?.?. If they would’ve let WE THE PEOPLE vote on it and the people would’ve said to do away with it then I would’ve respected that, but Sell out reeves didn’t let us have a voice in the matter. That which he said that he would not do specifically about the flag when he was running and needing peoples votes. Just another example of the left MOB making demands “or else” and another state pondering to them!! Pathetic!! And just to be clear the confederacy hated the flag that had the stars and bars on it because it too closely resembled the American flag. It was also confusing on the battle field that’s why they DID NOT USE IT IN BATTLE!! It did not last long at all in the confederacy... the design we see today was created in the 20th century to represent the suffering of the south after the north won and all the “punishments” which were nothing less than torture for any southerners that could not only proof that they were not loyal to the south but had to be able to proof that they were 100% loyal to the union!!! Learn the true history and stop with the BS!!! That was the true reason for the James gang to begin with!!
Obama World
Obama World - 2 dager siden
We give all thanks to BARACK and Michelle Obama 😊...NOW BOW DOWN
Dillon Richard
Dillon Richard - Dag siden
no thanks
Zolfram The Instigator
Zolfram The Instigator - 2 dager siden
To the artist who designed the new flag with the m in it: I didn't even realize it was the new flag at first it looked so in place and right. So yeah use that one with the m, the one on the cover of the paper today. That one works and gets rid of that awful battle flag. Good job broham!!!
Roland Mousaa
Roland Mousaa - 2 dager siden
Targeted for Decades
Targeted for Decades - 3 dager siden
Fan Of stuff
Fan Of stuff - 4 dager siden
It was a really bad flag to begin with.
AJ Deadshow
AJ Deadshow - 4 dager siden
Google "Mississippi magnolia flag" to see what it looked like before the racist change!
Owne - 7 dager siden
Good. We shouldnt be glorifying literal traitors.
Clifton Connor
Clifton Connor - 9 dager siden
Why is there so much attention with the Mississippi state flag and none towards Georgia which has a replica of the flag of the Confederacy?
Reginald Jones
Reginald Jones - 10 timer siden
Don't worry...It's under scrutiny again. We're gonna change it.
Soviet Spy
Soviet Spy - 5 dager siden
Because people are stupid and don’t realize what Georgia’s flag really is: the star and bars with their state seal slapped on it.
Willow Fox
Willow Fox - 10 dager siden
Kkk f yourself! 🖕
Willow Fox
Willow Fox - 10 dager siden
Beyond Human
Beyond Human - 10 dager siden
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon - 11 dager siden
This flag is ugly anyway.... I don’t support taking down any other history though....
F13 Fan2020
F13 Fan2020 - 11 dager siden
Ok delete everything then let's delete life while we're at it.
MacArthur Park Va
MacArthur Park Va - Dag siden
@F13 Fan2020 its 🌄 & you're already dripping with stupidity. Racism has destroyed your culture and eroded your humanity--i couldn't care less about your pity and sorrow over having to change and accept a 🌎 world that now rejects hatred. Learn to grow up, Sparky.
F13 Fan2020
F13 Fan2020 - Dag siden
@MacArthur Park Va wtf you don't get to destroy this countries history if I went to Russia and told them to tear down statues and crap like you guys they'd laugh at me.
MacArthur Park Va
MacArthur Park Va - 10 dager siden
Still denying the reality of racism, Sparky? Your Ego built upon white supremacist ideas and notions is changing. Time to adapt and wake ☝
Martina Zukoski
Martina Zukoski - 11 dager siden
Disgusting pitting on our history. Come get mine.
Free Real Estate
Free Real Estate - 8 dager siden
It’s a flag the symboled racism deal with it besides just look what the Germans did with their old flag put it in a museum where people can learn about it not as a symbol telling blacks to know their place
w bw
w bw - 11 dager siden
Good night America
jet1guy - 11 dager siden
Cowards.....Mississippi is now a “yellow” State.
Scorbunny Productions
Scorbunny Productions - 11 dager siden
microcontroller555 - 11 dager siden
George Floyd changed it .
ed !! right
ed !! right - 11 dager siden
So if the White House was built with black slavery do we Tear it down that is the question?
Clarence Stanley
Clarence Stanley - 11 dager siden
panda8a24 - 11 dager siden
Some people need statues to learn history, because some people cant read lol
CelticSaxon88 - 11 dager siden
ⵡႽᐱ - 11 dager siden
Good grief
LeoDahVee - 11 dager siden
Let the new flag not be a seal on a blanket with unnecessary text.
Splitz - 11 dager siden
How come it was not racist last year
Paul theMegaUltraBoi
Paul theMegaUltraBoi - 11 dager siden
It was bound to happen. This year just happened to be the catalyst.
Bigwave2003 - 11 dager siden
The new Mississippi flag is a close race between "The South will rise again" and "We don't like your kind around here."
Conundrum Records
Conundrum Records - 11 dager siden
Can vote for the design of flags but not to audit the defense budget
Noel Blake
Noel Blake - 12 dager siden
George still cant breathe at least something good came from it anyone have 20 dollars to loan George yeah I didn't think so lol I cant breathe 😅 😂 try to exercise
Joanne Bickford
Joanne Bickford - 12 dager siden
I’m ashamed to be white when I see morons like the one at the end of the clip. Someone like that is guaranteed a place in hell when he dies.
Angie LupusLife
Angie LupusLife - 12 dager siden
long overdue
Cristian Muñoz
Cristian Muñoz - 12 dager siden
Now Georgia Alabama Florida Arkansas should also change there flags bc there flags have Confederate Symbols
Cristian Muñoz
Cristian Muñoz - 9 dager siden
@Turkey Twister its a part of history that belongs in a museum not be flown as State Flags
Turkey Twister
Turkey Twister - 9 dager siden
Cristian Muñoz I never said it was bad but it’s a part of history you can’t just erase history that’s just not possible
Cristian Muñoz
Cristian Muñoz - 9 dager siden
@Turkey Twister right "Heritage" More Like a flag that stood with Racism and Segregation, More like A Flag that LOST a war
Turkey Twister
Turkey Twister - 9 dager siden
Cristian Muñoz well it’s called Heritage and is it like anybody’s going to pay attention to one star?
Cristian Muñoz
Cristian Muñoz - 9 dager siden
@Turkey Twister okay ill Stop being lazy😭😂😂 The star above "ARKANSAS" represents the Confederacy, to which Arkansas was admitted
Jaylen Smith
Jaylen Smith - 12 dager siden
Good it was well warranted.
TheSSUltimateGoku - 12 dager siden
The new flag should be that starred design flag. With red white and blue on it with the 20 stars that that girl made.
Low Budget Ballers
Low Budget Ballers - 12 dager siden
Yep after that flag goes away racism will end, it'll just stop happening 🙄
Free Real Estate
Free Real Estate - 8 dager siden
No one said it would end it’s just a step in
Lallapoopsy - 11 dager siden
Literally no one says that.
Fire Dust
Fire Dust - 12 dager siden
Only took this state 126 years to realize this flag was a symbol of evil. Better late then never I suppose.
MacArthur Park Va
MacArthur Park Va - 10 dager siden
It took the folks resistant to change this long period, many folks in Mississippi died fighting to change this---lots of material available on and about the brave Americans petitioning for the flag's removal.
southern hockey fan 102
southern hockey fan 102 - 12 dager siden
That dumb leave hlw it is
James Mccreery
James Mccreery - 12 dager siden
Guess the pussies are going to give in to every demand that they make now
Paul theMegaUltraBoi
Paul theMegaUltraBoi - 11 dager siden
Honestly though: the flag was bound to change at some point.
Pyramid7 Music
Pyramid7 Music - 12 dager siden
Go look at the TENNESSEE STATE FLAG! It is the confederate flag field with the bars and stars shrunk and reformed into a bubble. It is obvious that the TN flag is based on the confederate flag, TN calls the confederacy their "heritage"... Pass it on
King Ocho
King Ocho - 12 dager siden
Damn that flag is so grotesque and to think it's a state flag, well not anymore.
manualLaborer - 11 dager siden
it is very grotesque. and so are the lawmakers who voted to keep it unchanged.
Daniel García
Daniel García - 12 dager siden
I’m Native American and I’m still waiting on the day they change the american flag we are still here
Daniel García
Daniel García - 10 dager siden
David Eller true but at least people will remember us and know why they changed it we basically have been forgotten America only brought around half a million blacks to the United stated where there were still billions of natives now we are only 1 percent of the population and they’re 20 percent if the Americans have wanted it they would of been gone before us
Ricky Feathers
Ricky Feathers - 10 dager siden
I can understand that
David Eller
David Eller - 11 dager siden
@Appalachia Fishing Club ok change the american flag your situation wont change any more than blacks situation in chicago over the Mississippi flag.
Daniel García
Daniel García - 11 dager siden
Appalachia Fishing Club yessssssss
Appalachia Fishing Club
Appalachia Fishing Club - 11 dager siden
Daniel García I'm Native American too. I live in Cherokee North Carolina. People often forget or don't care about the atrocities our people endured. However, you don't see us committing arson and looting in the name of justice.
Rebelwith Acause
Rebelwith Acause - 12 dager siden
When is the U.S. Congress going to remove Robert Byrd's name from all government buildings? Including a Federal courthouse.
Robert Byrd, the longest serving U.S. Senator and lifelong Democrat, was a leader ("Exalted Cyclops") in the Ku Klux Klan. He recruited more than 150 members to the Klan, during the murderous Jim Crow era.
In fact, Senator Byrd later confided that it was the "Grand Dragon" of the KKK (Joel Baskin) who inspired him to run for political office.
Silent Priest
Silent Priest - 9 dager siden
Because he was a Democrat
Stuart Swanson
Stuart Swanson - 12 dager siden
They should change the flag to the free state of jones, some real history that you can revel peacefully and win and conquer
Claude Mathews
Claude Mathews - 12 dager siden
Fucking em
blarbful - 12 dager siden
Is there any price of history left wingers don't want to tear down? They are the ones that are full of hate.
Kristian Gibbings
Kristian Gibbings - 12 dager siden
How is a flag offensive?
ⵡႽᐱ - 11 dager siden
Kristian Gibbings Ah but the confederacy lost and lasted for 4 years. How can anyone build a heritage around a 4 year life spand? As for Britain and the US they resbuilt their relationship through the centuries
Kristian Gibbings
Kristian Gibbings - 11 dager siden
@ⵡႽᐱ same could be said about the U.S as a whole for treason, was British then rebelled against British rule wanting and becoming a independent country and what about states like Hawaii and Texas or Alaska they don't seem very happy to be part of the USA quite the opposite.
ⵡႽᐱ - 11 dager siden
Kristian Gibbings Why should any state tolerate the confederate flag? They are traitors that betrayed our union 🇺🇸
Kristian Gibbings
Kristian Gibbings - 12 dager siden
@Shotgun Creeper it's a fucking flag? What about lynnard skynnard or dukes of hazard? Are they offensive too?
Shotgun Creeper
Shotgun Creeper - 12 dager siden
It is what it represents that makes it offensive.
wm miller
wm miller - 12 dager siden
Sara Brant
Sara Brant - 12 dager siden
Omg im soo sick of them trying to erase our history if you look at what that flag represent and what each of the Stars meant and what the x meant it was a symbol not of racism!!they're going to go after the American flag next because it has to do with the 13 colonies that were taken from the native Americans.all the native American slaughtered for the American flag how about that. This is just too ridiculous.a black man died it was wrong but it wasn't over raised he worked with the white police officer that murdered him. These Democrats want you to think that it's all about equality for everybody. Joe Biden is the one that spearheaded the 1994 crime bill that put millions of men women and children from the black community and for-profit prisons but nobody says stuff about that. This is all for a presidential election it has nothing to do with anything about not discriminating against black people. I'm so sick of it being about race all the time. What about the American flag that was flown in Vietnam? Or the middle East? Are we just going to go getting rid of flags because people are offended by them? I hope the people that destroyed the statues go to prison like they should. If you don't like the us and you don't like her history than MOVE! YES HISTORY IS HORRIBLE BUT WE REMEMBER IT AND WE WON'T REPEAT IT! LET'S JUST FORGET ABOUT HOW BAD THE SOUTH WAS SO THAT IT HAPPENS AGAIN!
Paul theMegaUltraBoi
Paul theMegaUltraBoi - 11 dager siden
@Shotgun Creeper Also, the flag was going to change at some point. Besides, no one will forget the legacy of the Civil War simply because Mississippi's flag had a makeover.
Shotgun Creeper
Shotgun Creeper - 12 dager siden
No one is erasing history. The Confederates should not be glorified. They fought for a racist cause and their symbols of hate need to be torn down.
kostic Terrebithea
kostic Terrebithea - 12 dager siden
MrRobreg - 12 dager siden
The confederate battle flag is incorporated into a few different state flags. Not just Mississippi look it up. Where do we draw the line? I know that changing a flag is not going to change a racist persons mind. So what’s really the point
Shotgun Creeper
Shotgun Creeper - 12 dager siden
The Confederates lost, and we need to stop glorifying them.
Sun Storm
Sun Storm - 12 dager siden
DOWN goes the child-trafficking flag! A tear comes to the eye of birthright bullies nationwide.
The Jolly Good Rodger
The Jolly Good Rodger - 12 dager siden
Liberty Died a little bit America. Vote for Donald Trump to stop this. 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️🇦🇺☠️👮🚔🤠
ⵡႽᐱ - 11 dager siden
Why didn’t Trump stop this? Also you are aware he supports removing the confederate flag from all government property? 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Gus Garcia Jr.
Gus Garcia Jr. - 12 dager siden
christina corradi
christina corradi - 12 dager siden
Even if the flag or statues are removed it will NOT change the Hate that is inside of peoples heart, that hate will consume them.
christina corradi
christina corradi - 12 dager siden
No the problem is that if you still live in the past you never be able to look to the future. Being offended by a flag is the dumbest thing ive ever heard.
Rustycaddy - 12 dager siden
Such a travesty, the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia has probably underwent the biggest historical injustice a flag has ever gone through. It seems a majority of this country's population have fallen ill to this mystification that the Battle flag was, and is, the "Confederate Flag." How has this country become so ignorant, uneducated, and severely misinformed about such an easily researchable topic? I picked up a book at my high school library last year, just prior to graduation, which showcased some of the most historically important flags in our nation's history. Just by simply reading which flag served its function within the confederacy, and hours worth of extra research, it became clear I had learned more about the "Confederate Flag" in my spare time than I had been educated about in school. Vexillology
is a hobby of mine, and I always believe in the objective truth in history, and whether the objective truth makes me look like I support a controversial cause, when in-reality, I don't. This is a good sign that I preserve the essence of truth, more specifically when historical revisionists rewrite history in front of my own eyes.
I used to never support this symbol or really know its history, but I realized later on that I had been deceived. The mystification of this flag's usage is so colossal, it saddens me when people who do support the battle flag, fail to give an intelligent, coherent, and defensive rebuttal as to why its not racist, or that its not the confederate flag. People really need to do conductive research on every bit of information you can obtain about this flag. You don't just learn something in five minutes and come to a conclusion that its racist, or that you know the flag automatically carries a negative connotation. I see a recurring theme within the people who argue that the flag should be taken down because it somehow served as the primary emblem of white supremacy. These people always bring up the history of the Confederacy, but not the history of the flag itself. I don't see millions of American citizens being outraged, angry, disgusted, and gobsmacked by the fact that Georgia's State flag is literally a defaced and almost carbon copy of the Confederate "Stars and Bars." When Georgia took down the old state flag featuring the battle flag, everyone had cheered, and gallantly felt that progress had been made as they ironically and idiotically ended up with a flag that not only stole the original design of the first national flag of the Confederate States of America, but also represented the very same symbolism that they believed they had took down. Americans... what a funny group of people they are.
Notice how some people make statements such as "why didn't we take down this flag after we won the civil war", or "this flag should have been taken down 150 years ago!" Well, if they hadn't realized it yet, the Battle Flag was just a military flag in the eyes of the union, which clearly had no issue with a flag being incorporated into the design of several states that wanted to honor American veterans. Again, if people had used their brains, they would realize that before the explosive popularity of this flag, the KKK and White Supremacist groups were carrying the stars and stripes, not the Battle flag or the Stars and Bars.
Rustycaddy - 11 dager siden
@Paul theMegaUltraBoi Too be fair, both sides are fairly unintelligent when it comes to debating the flag's history or meaning. I personally don't have an affinity to the flag, but for those who do, I can understand why they fly it.
Paul theMegaUltraBoi
Paul theMegaUltraBoi - 11 dager siden
But then again, you aren't dealing with exceptionally smart people, are you? And regardless, the flag is already imprinted into history, as you've said; it's been retired not forgotten.
Matt Weeks
Matt Weeks - 12 dager siden
Report needs to be corrected. The governor has not signed the bill yet. He’s expected to this week, but as of now, that has not happened yet.
MacArthur Park Va
MacArthur Park Va - 10 dager siden
@Matt Weeks yeah and 126 years Sparky. You made the days significant, when the Governor had agreed to a signature, if the Mississippi legislature approved the matter. Thus, you have no point.
Matt Weeks
Matt Weeks - 10 dager siden
MacArthur Park Va Guess what? It took him two whole days to sign it, which isn’t exactly immediate.
MacArthur Park Va
MacArthur Park Va - 10 dager siden
Guess what punk, he did
mrk107 - 12 dager siden
“In God we trust”? They’re against God.
“Psalms 2:2-3 The kings of the earth take their stand And high officials gather together as one Against Jehovah and against his anointed one.  3 They say: “Let us tear off their shackles And throw off their ropes!” “
ランディバース - 12 dager siden
history is unchangeable.
Paul theMegaUltraBoi
Paul theMegaUltraBoi - 11 dager siden
And thus, a remodeled flag of Mississipi doesn't change the fact that the "controversial" one existed.
strelacxxx - 12 dager siden
Southern states have to leave USA ...
OhighO Skater
OhighO Skater - 12 dager siden
Let the tears of sad racists flow with the fury of a thousand tsunamis
Sue Martino
Sue Martino - 12 dager siden
Okay government slave bitch
Magic Man
Magic Man - 13 dager siden
toughsuga2 - 13 dager siden
Gerardo Salazar
Gerardo Salazar - 13 dager siden
Losers like the confederacy
Tiepilot KV
Tiepilot KV - 13 dager siden
Uncle Sam Status: Minded
Cuckfederate Status: BTFO
Resounding Union win.
richard alvarado
richard alvarado - 13 dager siden
confederate, gadsen, and trump flag should all be on our toilet paper.
Thermoawesome155 - 11 dager siden
Shove it up your ass democrat
Jo ann Green
Jo ann Green - 13 dager siden
Good bye you old slave having flag my state finally trying to get it Right this is a good first step
junior Kesner
junior Kesner - 13 dager siden
Ol so change the flag do away with the flag means that changes the past i get it now our history our past will be changed for ever
mrkjsmooth16 - 13 dager siden
Good bring back the Magnolia flag.
Keep it all the Way Funky
Keep it all the Way Funky - 13 dager siden
What! It’s still there in 2020 ? I’m not American but the fact it’s still there blows my mind.
Blac Black
Blac Black - 11 dager siden
Why do you think that America'$ global advertising n news media ARE the most active propaganda n marketing machines in world history? The glitz n glamour is just a seductive, beguiling illusion 👹/👸...this is the REAL America you're seeing NOW, without her concealing cloak of lies and deceptions🎭👀!
TjayXL - 13 dager siden
JOmega2007 - 13 dager siden
It really took Mississippi 126 years to do the right thing.