Mississippi lawmakers vote to remove Confederate emblem on state flag

Mississippi made history this weekend after lawmakers voted to change the state flag, which is the last one displaying a Confederate battle emblem. Kate Smith has the latest.
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Shadow - 2 dager siden
What will be the new flag?
Brian Bertram
Brian Bertram - 2 dager siden
Your new flag if you break weak and go that way should have the word TYRANNY with a X over it. White background TYRANNY in red and a blue X. DO IT!
FirstDownMage - 2 dager siden
New Flag. Vote for Boaty McBoatFace.
Stephen Csemelyi
Stephen Csemelyi - 3 dager siden
Those Mississippian are being traitors to their country, which is Mississippi....
Stephen Csemelyi
Stephen Csemelyi - 3 dager siden
You can't censorship peoples thoughts, which is a violation of the first Amendment to the U.S. constitution. Stop it! Why are you doing that to me? Is it because you are racist?
KARMA * - 3 dager siden
The confederates lost the war...so why they are beholding to a loser’s rag, anyway? 🤔💀
derblicker 303
derblicker 303 - 3 dager siden
so they have to remove the East india company flagg as well or the union jack from all History books Spain Dutch France- a lot of Slavery at European colonization of America were do it stop?
Sarkasm yes
PashaSemf - 4 dager siden
Who would want to have 'LOSER' written all over their flag anyways
Jerry Munroe
Jerry Munroe - 4 dager siden
Lets see who rallies round the confederate flag now. We are USA AMERICANS!!
Frozen Scales
Frozen Scales - 4 dager siden
Patheir Brown
Patheir Brown - 4 dager siden
They should just hire a good flag designer to make something eye popping or just watch the YouTube video on flag design.
Commentor - 5 dager siden
while we are at it, when will Hawaii scrap the British union jack on their flag.
Countrywild56 - 5 dager siden
You idiots going to start burning history books next? 👎👎
IWashMyOwnBrain - 5 dager siden
You can still put a sticker on your car window.
J S - 2 dager siden
Jackstar769 - 5 dager siden
I wonder why they did'nt bolster this news all over the internet? Not on any top story's. I really wonder why? 🤨
Jerry Munroe
Jerry Munroe - 4 dager siden
Maybe trying to hide racism??
james mc
james mc - 5 dager siden
Imagine it has been over 155 years since the end of the Civil War and just NOW the people of this state are deciding to take this step. Why is it that Mississippi has always lagged behind the rest of the nation socioeconomically and through it's backward education system (where human beings are still being beaten with man made wood objects in it's schools)? Welcome to the 21st century twenty years over due. (This is my second post. The first one censored probably because I used the word "Rednecks" ) Censorship in America-surely not!
Jon R Van Cleave
Jon R Van Cleave - 5 dager siden
Noel Blake
Noel Blake - 5 dager siden
Lmfao George last words was i cant breathe has he looked up to the white man at least the boy died has he lived 💀
Most Hated
Most Hated - 5 dager siden
But “my heritage” including shooting Gatling Guns at CSA troops. And last time I checked, winners write history.
Jim Doe
Jim Doe - 5 dager siden
About time, 150 years later. We need to tear down all remaining vestiges of rebellion and white supremacy. People can read about them in history books.
james mc
james mc - 5 dager siden
No those things ARE part of OUR ugly history whether we like it or not. These symbols or flags belong in a Museum or in a graveyard to learn from (or stare at in disbelief).
PJ Brown
PJ Brown - 5 dager siden
The new state flag design should be a solid blue field with a white snowflake in the center.
J S - 2 dager siden
The term "snowflake" is REALLY old. Got anything new?
Dr Shreddenstein
Dr Shreddenstein - 5 dager siden
Dr Shreddenstein
Dr Shreddenstein - 5 dager siden
KadePearson 44
KadePearson 44 - 5 dager siden
If your offended by a flag then you are STUPID IDIOT with double emphasis on stupid
Robloxnswag gamer
Robloxnswag gamer - 5 dager siden
Oml I was born in Mississippi this is a big change for my home town
william harris
william harris - 5 dager siden
Replace it with this beautiful flag!🇲🇼
Ethos Data Informatics
Ethos Data Informatics - 5 dager siden
They could just replace the Confederate battle emblem with the star of the Union, why would they add "in God we trust"? President Eisenhower Commissiond in God we trust for US currency in 1956. If you put i"n God we trust" on the Mississippi flag it could violate the first amendment of those who practice atheism or who don't hold a religious belief. That is why the First Amendment says we do not recognize any form of established religion. When you tell somebody "in God we trust" the state is inculcating a monotheistic God. This is a violation of the First Amendment of the United States.
aj b
aj b - 5 dager siden
Bye bye Racists.
aj b
aj b - 5 dager siden
Replace it with the BLM flag. LOL✊✊🏾✊🏼✊🏻✊🏿
le alsaciens du 67
le alsaciens du 67 - 5 dager siden
Trevor Thompson
Trevor Thompson - 5 dager siden
1.1k racist ppl disliked this video
aj b
aj b - 5 dager siden
Racist Trumpers.
RetroShark360 - 5 dager siden
Good. About time the losing side flag goes down. There's no history of the south, you're Americans under the northern union, remember you're "history". Keep flying traitors flags but please do it without the the American flag, you lost it.
Charles Hornbeak
Charles Hornbeak - 5 dager siden
Mike 01
Mike 01 - 5 dager siden
They will come after the American flag next! Wake the F up people
Micky Thegun
Micky Thegun - 5 dager siden
I just wanna know why in the world are we changing our heritage for a generation that eats laundry detergent a generation that doesn’t know what bathrooms to use because they don’t know what sex they are
Rebelwith Acause
Rebelwith Acause - 5 dager siden
Gee...I wonder why the politicians refused to allow the people of Mississippi to vote on changing their flag? Kinda like...democracy?
In 2001, the people of Mississippi voted overwhelmingly to reject changing their flag. Funny how modern politicians fear democracy.
mm4forever - 6 dager siden
Welcome to the U.S. Mississippi. Death to the confederacy! 1861-2020.
King Super Saiyan
King Super Saiyan - 6 dager siden
Just make voting illegal 😒
COLT 45 - 6 dager siden
It will always be my state flag!! If u don’t like it then I’m sorry but last I checked I can voice my opinion too!! So go f*** ur self!!
COLT 45 - 6 dager siden
“We the people”!!! We the people should have a say so in it!!! Last I checked this was a democracy!!! So wat the actual f***?!?!?!
Your mom gay 696969
Your mom gay 696969 - 5 dager siden
the us is a republic democracy if it were just a democracy trump wouldn’t be president
pika productions XD
pika productions XD - 6 dager siden
I'd say replace it with an american flag .
pika productions XD
pika productions XD - 6 dager siden
Who said it had to stay that way there's a reason we have checks and balances.
Elda Desta
Elda Desta - 6 dager siden
@pika productions XD our government is corrupt and IM upset with america
pika productions XD
pika productions XD - 6 dager siden
The confederates were a tactic at least the United states is flexible and can be changed with amendments .
Elda Desta
Elda Desta - 6 dager siden
nah burn the american flag aswell
Alex Green
Alex Green - 6 dager siden
Good for Mississippi 👍🏽
anacondapdx - 6 dager siden
"In God we trust"? Who's god, which god. Not everyone follows a patriarchal deity. Note:. The oppression of women in the "Bible" "God's word", not to mention the genocide that same god encouraged in the Old Testament.
Elda Desta
Elda Desta - 6 dager siden
"In God we trust" is just a symbol of the majority of the Mississippian populous, it isn't actually in the law or anything. Nobody here complains about the Crescent Moon and Star on the flag of turkey or the Hindu wheel on the Indian flag when they are also religious symbols in a flag.
Nashville Tennessee
Nashville Tennessee - 6 dager siden
“The nite they drove old dixie down “
Callie - 6 dager siden
The south will rise again
Callie - 4 dager siden
Most Hated sorry 😐
Most Hated
Most Hated - 4 dager siden
Callie you’re pushing for another civil war “the south shall rise again” is a threat
Callie - 4 dager siden
Most Hated plus I am America duhhhhh
Callie - 4 dager siden
Um how am I sending death threats
Most Hated
Most Hated - 4 dager siden
Callie is there a reason you’re sending death threats to Americans on 4th of July weekend?
Tokyo 963679
Tokyo 963679 - 6 dager siden
confederates out the eagle is in! yeah!
Josh Horn
Josh Horn - 6 dager siden
So the state flag will kinda be the same! Except they’re taking off the Confederate Emblem!
Kid Of flint
Kid Of flint - 6 dager siden
I think they should put emmet on it
Max Africanus
Max Africanus - 6 dager siden
Who were the 14 Against the BILL and How can we make sure they are VOTED OUT next round.
Steve Young
Steve Young - 6 dager siden
what a f$%&ed up state that they kept this as their flag for so many years!
Elda Desta
Elda Desta - 6 dager siden
@FlameEX170 woah cool poor blacks and whites tf does that have to do with anything?? idiot
Sterling W.
Sterling W. - 6 dager siden
@FlameEX170 have you actually talked to poor black mississippians? They deal with a whole lot of racism from their fellow poor white mississippians. And police brutality very much does exist in Mississippi.
FlameEX170 - 6 dager siden
um. . .Mississippi doesn't have a problem with police brutality - that still goes to the major cities so I don't see your problem. There are poor blacks and whites in Mississippi. In fact, there's more equality in Mississippi than LA or NY
Larry Petersen
Larry Petersen - 6 dager siden
It is a misfortune for the dead man, that his enemy survived him, and wrote his story." Friedrich von Schiller, History of the Thirty Years' War
radnukespeoplesminds - 6 dager siden
Its not good flag design to have twxt on a flag. But neither is putting a traitorous and racist symbol so i guess its a win.
IdiotBoxProductionsTV - 6 dager siden
Thanks to the traitor governor
J S - 2 dager siden
Traitor? That's ironic. The South were traitors and they were CRUSHED by the Union Army. Don't know why you feel sorry for them. Fly the flag on your property. Problem solved. But that's not enough for a p*$$y like you. You want the state of Mississippi to fly the symbol of a loser. You want us to have a flag of Hilary too? She lost. lol
Matthew Rios
Matthew Rios - 6 dager siden
What was the point of voting if the government was going to change it in the first place
Tom Shad
Tom Shad - 6 dager siden
Does anybody have realize that there were three versions of the Confederate flag?
This version NEVER represented the Confederate states of America.
Nor was it recognized as one of its National flags.
I don't like pandering to those blm 💩 terrorists....but at least an improvement on the flag was made...
Tom Shad
Tom Shad - 6 dager siden
@Sterling W. I simply that the flag was not originally used to represent the CSA. I'm not trying to make an excuse.
Sterling W.
Sterling W. - 6 dager siden
@Tom Shad It was still the main part of the flag, you can try to clean it up and claim it the stars and bars itself wasn't the only thing on the "confederate flag" but know it really was. It was featured on the final two flags with just a white background. This represented the CSA. To say "It wasn't even the real Confederate" when the only thing keeping it from being so is a white background is a lame excuse
Tom Shad
Tom Shad - 6 dager siden
@Sterling W. It represented the CSA only as part of the second and third flags,but never as a separate flag...which was my original point ..
Sterling W.
Sterling W. - 6 dager siden
@Tom Shad So yes, the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia has represented the CSA, it was just in the corner and had a white background, and red stripe
Sterling W.
Sterling W. - 6 dager siden
@Tom Shad On the battlefield then possibly. But the official flag of the Confederate States of America (not the one occasionally used on the battle field), has had the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia on it
island boy
island boy - 6 dager siden
Its unfortunate but that flag represents not only the south but for what the south stood for during the civil war....SLAVERY....
Charles Hornbeak
Charles Hornbeak - 6 dager siden
Such a shame.
Elda Desta
Elda Desta - 5 dager siden
@Charles Hornbeak yessss
Charles Hornbeak
Charles Hornbeak - 5 dager siden
Why is it a shame they're removing the flag? If your asking that question, then we don't have anything to discuss. You have your opinion, I have mine.
Elda Desta
Elda Desta - 6 dager siden
why how tf is this a shame
Flying Potatoes
Flying Potatoes - 6 dager siden
Let's erase history instead of learning from it. Great
Sterling W.
Sterling W. - 6 dager siden
How is changing the symbol of their STATE erasing history? A state flag is meant to represent the values of a state, having a confederate emblem on your state flag is very racist especially to the 40% of the states population. Stfu you just want an excuse to keep a flag the says f*ck black people. South Africa changed their flag, should they have not? Georgia changed their's in the 2000s a decade before BLM is that erasing too? Or what about Germany? Changing a flag is not new stfu
Michael Gray
Michael Gray - 6 dager siden
I think you should put the Picture of the Convicted Felon George Floyd on it...Cause everyone knows all Thugs are Heroes....
N S - 6 dager siden
Its a wonder antifa doesn't include the colors green and yellow
J S - 2 dager siden
You LOVE talking about antifa.
davidpfol - 6 dager siden
and all this because SOME leftists considered the flag/confederate emblem a racist symbol. You are sinking to an underground level USA.
Sterling W.
Sterling W. - 6 dager siden
Some leftists? Black people (40% of the population) in the state have hated and have requested the changing of the flag for decades stfu.
Nathan Simpson
Nathan Simpson - 6 dager siden
Shouldnt “in god we trust” be unconstitutional because the government isn’t allowed to promote any religion
Beau Hinton
Beau Hinton - 3 dager siden
manualLaborer I think that’s a fair position to hold. Obviously I don’t think anyone could argue that the US is now a fully secular nation. And I would definitely agree that those words on the flag wouldn’t be acceptable to some other states. However I do believe that there is a special exception for Mississippi, being the most religious state in the country, and religion already being such a massive part of the black community in Mississippi especially. It would be replacing a symbol of oppression with a symbol of freedom. I do think this will be a hot topic in certain other states however I doubt there will be much controversy over it in Mississippi specifically. I also don’t believe it’s unconstitutional unless special treatment is given to that religion. I could be wrong however I think that if it was than we wouldn’t have the abrahamic god mentioned in so many other parts of the government. Either way I enjoyed the conversation. Have a good day
manualLaborer - 3 dager siden
@Beau Hinton i agree up to a point, but regardless of christian/american history, we are dealing with here and now - i think the sensible majority have outgrown a once critical, but very dated, utility. since there are countless replacements today, that utility no longer necessary, and each successive generation will care less. so to your point, there is value - the values of community, hope, motivation, and moral compass - which can all be found elsewhere. today's conditions are unlike any previous, so i guess we'll see how it unfolds. take care.
Beau Hinton
Beau Hinton - 3 dager siden
manualLaborer you can’t just remove religion. Believe me the Christians have been trying for centuries. Also I wouldn’t say it serves no value. The country is arguably built on Christian values like. universal human value. Obviously we’ve failed to fully live up to these promises however there is still hope to fully achieve them. Look I’m not person who should be having this conversation. Because I’m no one near qualified enough to give you the full rundown. I would recommend seeking out two local historians, one that believes the US is secular and one that believes the US was built from Christian values, let them speak to you, and build your opinion off of that. You’ll get much more reliable answers talking to them than you even will from the internet. Whatever opinion you form after that, I will respect
manualLaborer - 3 dager siden
@Beau Hinton "The Abrahamic God is mentioned on all currency... pledge of allegiance" - and it should never have been. the mention of religion (outside of church) ultimately serves no benefit or value. and since christianity is diminishing, it will inevitably be removed, just a matter of time.
Beau Hinton
Beau Hinton - 3 dager siden
CHRISTIANNWO in lack of god we trust. Something about that doesn’t seem right
Steel Castle
Steel Castle - 6 dager siden
Wonder if Trump is going to send the National Guard to protect the MS flag and confederate monuments in the state?
Since he's totally refused to provide any leadership in the US COVID-19 Pandemic Response, he should have lots of time on his hands.
No need to waste it sending out (then deleting) racists tweets or playing golf.
Marion Baker
Marion Baker - 6 dager siden
Biden 2020
Zara Duncan
Zara Duncan - 6 dager siden
Fake news
Myra Songer
Myra Songer - 6 dager siden
thanks for sharing
Lydia Bullock
Lydia Bullock - 6 dager siden
Trump 2020 all the way
Zoe Adams
Zoe Adams - 6 dager siden
and Biden looks like my Grandpa lol were doomed
RandomCrack! - 6 dager siden
You should instantly know what a flag means without spelling it out
J S - 2 dager siden
Mary Bryant
Mary Bryant - 6 dager siden
Trump 2020 guaranteed
Jamie Scherer
Jamie Scherer - 6 dager siden
BIDEN 2020
Elda Desta
Elda Desta - 6 dager siden
Elaine Becker
Elaine Becker - 6 dager siden
Stock market about to crash get out while u can buy bitcoin
Allan García
Allan García - 6 dager siden
TOMMY N .J - 6 dager siden
WTF going on Are they mad in missisippi that flag are a sign on a proud state and children should learn the story from missisippi . Put this criminals in jail ther Will chance that nice flag 😠😠
vossman2000 - 6 dager siden
Just put a picture of Obama on it.
Elda Desta
Elda Desta - 6 dager siden
EyeWitnessChina - 6 dager siden
It’s a shame that inanimate objects are tagged as “racist” in any nation. We all know that the flag has nothing to do with race or any other perceived slight against a group. Let’s not allow mob rule to take over for common sense.
Noah Pride
Noah Pride - 6 dager siden
I thought it was just a piece of fabric?
Azulejo17 - 6 dager siden
Just write the state that embarrassed america
Andrew Starke
Andrew Starke - 6 dager siden
Taking away the flag is not going to end racism
N S - 6 dager siden
No it wont the blacks are taught to hate all and beat the giviment in church
Andrew Starke
Andrew Starke - 6 dager siden
So now the flag is going to offend atheist