Mirecourt, Dominique Nicosia, making of a violin, Luthier

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Maitre Luthier : Dominique Nicosia Teacher of violin making classes and great luthier from France
Documentary made from a museum in Mirecourt, France
Luthier : Dominique Nicosia
Film director : Baptiste Buob
Atelier : Musée de la lutherie et de l'archèterie françaises de Mirecourt
Credit : Dominique Nicosia / Baptiste Buob
Copyright : Musee de lutherie de Mirecourt
New editing 2020 / Color Grading : Thomas Groppi
Descriptions in 12 Languages : Thomas Groppi
* vimeo.com/22691598
* Violin: Dominique Nicosia
* Director: Baptiste Buob
* Producer: Museum of French violin making and archery in Mirecourt Pour : le Musee de la lutherie er de l’archeterie francaises de Mirecourt
Avec les soutiens du programme LEADER - Fonds Europeen Agricole pour le Developpement Rural
Du Laboratoire d’Ethnologie et Sociologie Comparative (LESC/UMR7186-CNRS/UPO)
de la Direction Regionale des Affaires Culturelles de Lorraine
du Conseil Regional de Lorraine
de la Communaute de communes du pays de Mirecourt
de la ville de Mirecourt
Quelques textes pour aller plus loin :
- halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01480362/document
- halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01480342/document
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Runtime: 29:48


derek haydon
derek haydon - 2 timer siden
That WOOD* have been great if the picture had not gone haywire. I thought it was my broardband. Have been having problems for a few days. Anyone tried to contact Virgin Media? Don't bother. Waste of time. The website is absolute rubbish, and you get a robot on the phone.
Abraham Thinkin
Abraham Thinkin - Dag siden
Why is there no music in this? I didn’t know serial killers made violins
たろきち - Dag siden
سعد محمد
سعد محمد - Dag siden
الله على الكمنجة
James Ford
James Ford - Dag siden
Уснул через 7 минут, классное снотворное
REDWIN FARLEE B FARIAN - - 2 dager siden
Why Don't you play the violin
Allo Le Barillier Taxi
Allo Le Barillier Taxi - 2 dager siden
Quel dommage que la vidéo parte en cacahuètes après 20 minutes... Parce que c'est ce genre de reportage qui fait naître des vocations !
Splendide, merci.
Ricardo Pérez
Ricardo Pérez - 2 dager siden
Que maravilla. Lo empecé a ver por curiosidad y tuve que seguir hasta el final.
David s Lefort
David s Lefort - 2 dager siden
I watched your skills and the quality of your skills is amazing I know that you are seriously in a very small community who has this amazing ability and skills I have watched your video now 5 times I love how much you dedicated your life to a beautiful musical instrument thankyou for sharing your amazing skills with us
Mehdi Pascal
Mehdi Pascal - 2 dager siden
Très beau travail, c'est un excellent violon.
Alumx - 3 dager siden
Well I wasn't expecting to watch 30min of wordless violin making
human brains are weird, at the end of the day we're still craft monkeys fascinated by how to create things from other more skilled craft monkeys ♥
Yiguo Zhang
Yiguo Zhang - 3 dager siden
For the people who don't know this, this took weeks, not just 30 mins
Baalbor - 3 dager siden
holyolioli - 3 dager siden
Why is it so dark in his workshop?
龍道 - 4 dager siden
you will need more lights
your workshop is too dark
Tamas Mihaly
Tamas Mihaly - 4 dager siden
Not the first time he's done this, I think...
Aji Rah
Aji Rah - 5 dager siden
My question is: how much would this piece of art cost?
Michael Topitz
Michael Topitz - 5 dager siden
Grand métier! Merci de nous avoir regardés. Salutations de Salzbourg.
Amine Boukraa
Amine Boukraa - 6 dager siden
Masterpiece, must Land into the hands of an artist who deserves it. Not a freaky collector
Corsicaxel - 6 dager siden
Tout simplement magnifique, je peux tout à fait rester des heures à regarder de si beaux gestes, une si grande perfection et précision. Quel don du ciel et quel travail. Bravo!
Sohyeon Yoo
Sohyeon Yoo - 6 dager siden
I remember that there was a same video few years ago (maybe 4 to 5 years) and I watched it. I couldn’t find it anywhere because the video name was written in French and I didn’t understand it. I’m so glad that I found out this video after I searched for it at least 4 years. Thank you for uploading it!
Can you upload the original high definition version of this video? There’s lots of glitch at the end of this video and besides, I think there are more contents on the original one, as I know of. I remember the original one is about 50 min long.
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you are welcome
Abraham Yoo
Abraham Yoo - 7 dager siden
What is the last coat?
Aleck Cirandel
Aleck Cirandel - 7 dager siden
J'ai une question, pourquoi faut-il deux morceaux de bois à coller, afin de former la table du violon ?
Ne peut-on pas utiliser, un seul gros morceaux ?
Solidworks / Rhino3D / Modo CAD Tutorial
oui pour la solidite et des fois arbres pas assez large
Aleck Cirandel
Aleck Cirandel - 7 dager siden
C'est bon, pour ceux qui se posaient également la question, l'émission "c'est pas sorcier" suivante : noburn.info/id/video/uqLdhZmWlY2DqWk.html Répond à la question.
Surface Matter
Surface Matter - 7 dager siden
You can hear music in the wood what kind of wood is it?
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David s Lefort
David s Lefort - 7 dager siden
Violin is a great show up of the skill you need for making the beautiful instrument all by hand made me see in how in the past they have done many instruments take a long time for making one I watched you make this amazing craftsmanship and I am going to watch it again cause it's reminding me of how much skills that in the past they have made incredibly beautiful violin you are a rare breed that deserves recognition for you to make a quality violin it's beautiful you made a violin that majority could not have any idea or clue about how to work make a violin
really exciting are you a true expert!
Ahmed Al-Shammry
Ahmed Al-Shammry - 7 dager siden
Dear Thomas
I would like to thank you to use Arabic language in the title. But there is a mistake .
Best Regards
Berto Romero
Berto Romero - 7 dager siden
ASMR is for people with some kind of problem.
Aaron Buckmaster
Aaron Buckmaster - 7 dager siden
I enjoyed working as a carpenter prior to my career. Aside from knowledge skill and talent, having high quality tools with the sharpest of blades makes the process very relaxing.
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Thanks for sharing!
Sangki Lee
Sangki Lee - 8 dager siden
어차피 다 깎아낼 거면서 왜 판 두개를 붙이는거죠? 처음부터 큰 나무판을 깎으면 안 되나요?
Seriously Slinky
Seriously Slinky - 8 dager siden
I hope that the person who receives this piece is happy. Thanks for the amazing content. 🙂🙂🙂
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Our pleasure!
Gaetan A. Cincire
Gaetan A. Cincire - 8 dager siden
Peu importe le travail, ca donneras jamais un stradivarius ! Suffirait dans défaire un, le scanner, identifier ces matériaux et transmettre les données sur un CNC ...ALORS TOUT LE MONDE AURAIS SON STRADIVARIUS !
Gaetan A. Cincire
Gaetan A. Cincire - 8 dager siden
Un CNC te ferais cela le temps de ta pause café...triste mais vraie !
Kaua Vicente De Oliveira
Kaua Vicente De Oliveira - 8 dager siden
Asmr? Kkkkk
Alfonso Rincon
Alfonso Rincon - 8 dager siden
MR. gmare
MR. gmare - 9 dager siden
Can you post the violin making video with all the boring details
Алексей Гриболев
Patrick Rimer
Patrick Rimer - 9 dager siden
why is he working in the dark tho?
Solidworks / Rhino3D / Modo CAD Tutorial
to better see the relief
ko jak
ko jak - 10 dager siden
Bad picture breakage about halfway and continues untill end.
Solidworks / Rhino3D / Modo CAD Tutorial
Try to fix it now tx
たむかい - 10 dager siden
KIM k_
KIM k_ - 10 dager siden
🇰🇷 댓글을 보셨군요? 환영합니다.
Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
Martin Chambers
Martin Chambers - 11 dager siden
I think I held my breath the whole time he was cutting against the grain with that broad gouge! Amazing craftsmanship - it must take years to become so proficient.
Pablo Espejo
Pablo Espejo - 11 dager siden
Que oficio más maravilloso, mis felicitaciones y admiración por quienes crean piezas como estas, a mano y siguiendo la tradición antigua ... violines, cellos, guitarras .. es un arte increíble porque aúna la estética con una funcionalidad muy precisa. Ojalá nunca se pierda esta tradición, ojalá nunca desaparezcan los luthiers.
Karol Op
Karol Op - 11 dager siden
Muy interesante 👌👌
Lalremruata Pachuau
Lalremruata Pachuau - 11 dager siden
all that for just that 3 sec music...xD
Lalremruata Pachuau
Lalremruata Pachuau - 11 dager siden
the wood curving was satisfying overload
oriolun - 11 dager siden
Без крови жены скрипка не заиграет :D
D.P Warry
D.P Warry - 12 dager siden
His tools are sharper than my ex-wife's tongue !
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Peter Cottingham
Peter Cottingham - 12 dager siden
Don Colbert
Don Colbert - 12 dager siden
It's really interesting but the jumps and pixilation after about 22:15 makes it hard to watch to the end. There's lots of copies of this without the video problems though.
Solidworks / Rhino3D / Modo CAD Tutorial
yes i m trying to fix them now
Philip Wolf
Philip Wolf - 13 dager siden
Skill& talent
Wilmar Lozano
Wilmar Lozano - 13 dager siden
Es fantástico el proceso de elaboración, se disfruta mucho la maestría y destreza a pesar de las fallas al final del video, sería maravilloso corregirlo.
T P - 13 dager siden
I’m a little sad to see that this violin only goes for about $600, I was hoping for his sake it would be at least over $1,000...
Perktube1 - 13 dager siden
Im getting unintentional asmr vibes here…
19:17 - end of asmr vibes.
Kinomora - 13 dager siden
Nice video and demonstration, but it becomes simply unwatchable after ~20 minutes
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Sorry for that
Moi Maton
Moi Maton - 13 dager siden
J'habite le village à côté de mirecourt et sa fait plaisir de voir notre patrimoine et le savoir faire qui perdure merci
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Mon rêve d allé un jour la bas !!!
lynn chen
lynn chen - 13 dager siden
Pol Drevo
Pol Drevo - 14 dager siden
Звук Ютюб тут передал слабо....надеюсь это Ютюб ...
Chelsea C
Chelsea C - 14 dager siden
I just purchased a violin handmade it was very expensive . To see the process and work it takes to create it I now see I under paid