Messi: Why I am staying at Barcelona despite heartbreak

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Lionel Messi has broken his silence on why he sought to leave Barcelona, revealing to Goal a long-running dispute with club president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the overall direction of the Spanish club.

Messi also revealed his family's heartbreak and tears at being told they would be leaving their home in Barcelona - but why he ultimately decided to stay for one more year after being denied an exit.

Goal's Ruben Uria sat down with Messi for the world exclusive as the player now prepares to return to playing for Barcelona, the club he loves and has spent two decades at.
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Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez - 4 timer siden
Ya vente a la MLS para ir a verte cuando vengas jugar contra los rápids 😁
KS - 9 timer siden
All smiles from the goat when his family was mentioned. 😘
Default is Deanfault
Default is Deanfault - 11 timer siden
10:43 That english
love 78
love 78 - 15 timer siden
Ronaldo Portuguese perfect footballer.. He's everything... Handsome.. Speak English.. Etc.... So perfect
Ade M
Ade M - Dag siden
one question: does messi have a pending contract with barca?
Gannet Simasiku Matengu
It is officially; Messi is the first player to be bigger than a Club🤗🤗
Jacob Egon
Jacob Egon - Dag siden
BartomeuOUT !
L gamer
L gamer - Dag siden
support leo
We Series
We Series - Dag siden
He is looking hurt i'm a Cristiano fan but i feel bad for him he is greatest player in the history and club president did this to him after he has given all his life to the club i wish him great success in the future
Transformation of the Bride
Transformation of the Bride - 2 dager siden
Messi, you make football enjoyable to watch.
ip man
ip man - 2 dager siden
The best player in the world. Best of luck where ever you may go.
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf - 2 dager siden
Great Video. What do you think about this one?
Bakugan Hantaman
Bakugan Hantaman - 2 dager siden
Bartolomeu feels happy when he stay in barca until next year
HARSHITHA M - 2 dager siden
I love ronaldo... But hv huge respect to him too
Patver Pet
Patver Pet - 2 dager siden
I will love see Messi and Renaldo play in the same team🙌🏼
azeedah hasleezan
azeedah hasleezan - 2 dager siden
Don't be a prink Messi, leave Barca & let them rot. I don't think Koeman has any respect for you and some of the older players like Pique & Suarez. If you continue to stay at Barca, you are just another idiot.
neha - 2 dager siden
I can't even explain how much I love this guy
Messi ilysm
hendra liu
hendra liu - 3 dager siden
i believe messi is messi one of good and true person in football world, despite his talent. He got the best talent, but still he is humble and keep his heart as human. But as the world works now, it screw people with good heart. I hope he can let go his pain and play like always..!
Heather vargas
Heather vargas - 3 dager siden
Mackk B Makoko
Mackk B Makoko - 3 dager siden
this is the worst interviewer ever!
ZenDogg - 3 dager siden
A L - 3 dager siden
WTF...this club just lost all my respect for them.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson - 3 dager siden
Ayo I’m a Madrid fan but man messi does not deserve to be treated like gnis
Hearing Visions
Hearing Visions - 3 dager siden
Its a shame this man will NEVER grace the premier league. He doesn't need too, but it would of been decent for his legacy.
Desim Darim
Desim Darim - 3 dager siden
He is saying Barcelona is not that good anymore they can't win nothing anymore
Desim Darim
Desim Darim - 3 dager siden
From the day xavi left Barcelona that was it Messi needs better players around him not like cr7 who plays with everyone and always dominates and wins titles messi is lost hahah
Anil Rai
Anil Rai - 3 dager siden
Bartomeu is a looser.
Eri Angelino
Eri Angelino - 3 dager siden
In my view, Messi is the king of football. I love watching Messi Play. Barcelona is a great club, but it will suffer a great deal without Messi's direct input. Messi has innate, God-endowed talent. If you want to know the real talent of Messi, ask those people who don't even watch football and they will tell you "that guy is from different planet."
chapo camaney
chapo camaney - 3 dager siden
Que humilde parece argentino
Jirapat D
Jirapat D - 4 dager siden
I like watching La Liga, but have always hated the Spanish commentary. The language just sounds bad.
Jirapat D
Jirapat D - 4 dager siden
I love Messi and Barcelona, but the Spanish language sounds so ugly to me. Italian sounds 100x better even though its a neighbour.
Urboiidaniel -
Urboiidaniel - - 3 dager siden
Jirapat D I’m sry but did anyone ask, like cmon dude
Reinaldy Silalahi
Reinaldy Silalahi - 4 dager siden
This is like what happened to Casillas is Madrid. Both loves the club, but the club didn't give a f**k about sentiment. Just business as always.
BRA VO - 4 dager siden
DA 🐐
Electric 7
Electric 7 - 4 dager siden
He wants a happy ending to his career.
RABIN Pfizer
RABIN Pfizer - 4 dager siden
Messi love
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 5 dager siden
Enrique: "No player is bigger than club." Messi: "My ballon d'or is still six." Me:"The ball is always round for sure."
Desim Darim
Desim Darim - 3 dager siden
Hahah you crazy
Phiri Siseho
Phiri Siseho - 5 dager siden
This was a very poor and bad decision from a club like Barca. The lad did a lot for the club, Barca lays in messi hands. How on earth do they do that to such a lad....its sad
Gokul Kanna
Gokul Kanna - 5 dager siden
messi since turning 30,
0 cls
2 la liga's
1 copa del rey
1 superde copa espana
0 copa america's
1 ballon dor
cr7 since turning 30,
3 cls
1 la liga,1 supercde copa espana
1 uefa super cup
2 fifa club world cups
2 serieas
1 copa italia
1 supercopa italia
1 uefa euro
1 uefa nations league
2 ballon dors
in short ,messi's final years as a player are going like a hell.
cr7's final years as a player are going like a honeymoon period.
Dawud Tayab
Dawud Tayab - 5 dager siden
Leo Messi I am a fan
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 5 dager siden
doliio volay
doliio volay - 6 dager siden
retire N°10. In the management's place I would even name the stadium after him. I have no idea how that sounds in Spanish, but Camp Messi seems epic to me.