Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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Runtime: 18:42


Umbryonyx Gaming
Umbryonyx Gaming - Minutt siden
Let’s make a what the hell list! Everyone add your favorite least favorite statement and rant to get your anger out(a little), plus I’m assembling a list of how many WTF moments there will be in this new season. Rules: you can comment on another’s to rant about that time stamp but please only post new ones, and only post one per person. Thank you!
Paul Action
Paul Action - Time siden
If they don't like the work. They can leave... You know that concept of free choice?
Paul Action
Paul Action - 33 minutter siden
@Anurag Chakraborty .. they interviewed, knew the conditions, knew the hours and knew the wages.
Anurag Chakraborty
Anurag Chakraborty - 36 minutter siden
Yeah, leave the job and end up with no money, and when you need a stimulus check to get through, you are told by rich people that you do not need it.
ike eki
ike eki - 3 timer siden
it is easy to avoid meat. we must reduce meat consumption: if you cannot eliminate meat from your diet, boycott companies like Tyson that hurt permanently disable their employees so badly.
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson - 3 timer siden
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Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson - 4 timer siden
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Robyn Latham
Robyn Latham - 4 timer siden
Nunna Yrbznz
Nunna Yrbznz - 4 timer siden
Eternal2401 - 4 timer siden
Anyone else here expecting more rat erotica?
clark loeffler
clark loeffler - 4 timer siden
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Allison Castro
Allison Castro - 4 timer siden
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Katie Rolphe - 3 timer siden
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Katie Rolphe
Katie Rolphe - 4 timer siden
@Bennett Hilbert Yes I'm a living testimony of Mrs Lauren her strategy December is enormous.
Bennett Hilbert
Bennett Hilbert - 4 timer siden
heard too many recommendions already, How can I reach out to Expert Lauren??!
Robert Jasmine
Robert Jasmine - 4 timer siden
My first investment with Mrs Lauren gave me profit over $23,000 US dollars and ever since then she has never failed to deliver.
Russell Bryan
Russell Bryan - 4 timer siden
@Theresa Tracy Wow that's awesome and huge 😯
krista mccoy
krista mccoy - 5 timer siden
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Raj Kro
Raj Kro - 5 timer siden
this is a waste of time
Jernej Demšar
Jernej Demšar - 5 timer siden
The more the sociopath, the better the capitalist. Sociopathy should find its way on a list or two.
Pascal Gienger
Pascal Gienger - 5 timer siden
"The US has such bad meat packing workers conditions"
Germany with Tönnies: *Hold my beer..."
Gue - 5 timer siden
Since you are now family, I'm expecting you to work for free. /s
Sam - 6 timer siden
The documentary "Holy Chicken" ties into this very well. Fuck big chicken
Osama Samaha
Osama Samaha - 6 timer siden
Jason sent me!
Hunter Oldfield
Hunter Oldfield - 6 timer siden
Jason sent me!
Melanie George
Melanie George - 6 timer siden
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Deb J
Deb J - 6 timer siden
Shut them down. #endspeciesism
lawrence goonan
lawrence goonan - 6 timer siden
I'm definitely switching to beyond meat now. Thanks John. Love ya
Kly - 7 timer siden
Yeah I stopped watching after the Texas worker comp stuff.
That level of exploitation is beyond ridiculous.
Bijoy Roychowdhury
Bijoy Roychowdhury - 7 timer siden
There are so many grim unfair things happening in the world, usually perpetrated by politicians, big businesses and corrupt bureaucracy, this show wil never run out of things to talk about.
M Balazs
M Balazs - 7 timer siden
18:20 conclusion question should be is this really 2021 nor 1890?
Kevin Munger
Kevin Munger - 7 timer siden
It is scary to think about people whom don't know the meaning of ....
Hope Canaday
Hope Canaday - 8 timer siden
Hey, could John Oliver and the team do research on Garrett Gunderson and his financial books? Or about FIRE vs Cash Flow Banking. Is Garrett a scam? I'm so confused. And there's only so much research one person can do... HELP!
hellman favereua
hellman favereua - 8 timer siden
The dangerous fiction minimally peck because columnist ironically appreciate into a stereotyped criminal. eager, cooperative slipper
Halcyon Herascarter
Halcyon Herascarter - 8 timer siden
the jungle was written 115 yrs ago by the way
M Balazs
M Balazs - 8 timer siden
1:06 correction humans are the top of the food chain :D I love this show
DoubleComplex - 8 timer siden
Just had a fight with some asshole conservative who says people should find employment elsewhere if they don't like how their employer treats them. This clip couldn't be more relevant to why human rights are essential to the labor force.
Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros - 9 timer siden
The telling mexico spindly cough because segment critically retire sans a abrasive politician. lacking, puzzled couch
Aayden Finnigan
Aayden Finnigan - 9 timer siden
Every lobbyist looks the same lol
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 8 timer siden
But I thought capitalism was the best?? Don’t like their working conditions? Then don’t work there and don’t buy their products. “Sarcasm”
357CLOUDY Black Feather
357CLOUDY Black Feather - 9 timer siden
Which are better than the other?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 8 timer siden
dumpster fire america. start a war and china will invade you instant.
Justin Opperman
Justin Opperman - 9 timer siden
All big business manual labor jobs operate this way. It is the American Way!
TomyLobo - 9 timer siden
Americans, this is why your chicken are chlorinated and why we don't want them.
American Citizen
American Citizen - 9 timer siden
Thank you john Oliver! Love the owl note, the deity is prominent in the ruling elites reverence.
Campbell Baylee
Campbell Baylee - 9 timer siden
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Petar Dragiyski
Petar Dragiyski - 10 timer siden
No body care for those workers and that will not change and no matter how much noise there is no body cares. I worked in the UK for a stock take company on a so called "0 hours" contract and sometimes I was working for more then 30 consecutive days without a day off, many times my shifts were longer then 16 hours without been paid extra time and with a total disregard to health and safety.
Nicolin Rucker
Nicolin Rucker - 10 timer siden
Me:wait, why would immigrants be reluctant to report problems with employment... ohhhh, he means "undocumented immigrants"... right.
Danny Beane
Danny Beane - 10 timer siden
Not sure how I should feel that when he mentioned "other employees well being" and showed a woman my mind immediately went to sexual harassment.
Dave Neave
Dave Neave - 10 timer siden
as someone who used to work for a JBS plant, i can attest to their working conditions being shit. i would be the ONLY one on the line that would never get bathroom breaks. luckily i was fired because I WENT BLIND on one of my eyes due to an MS flare up
Dawn Nona
Dawn Nona - 10 timer siden
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Daniel D
Daniel D - 11 timer siden
Many meat packing workers are also not actually paid anything because they are in a work-rehab program and the drug rehabilitation program gets the money that would be paid to the workers.
jesus meillon
jesus meillon - 11 timer siden
the jungle book upton sinclair
DarkownerMinimalist - 11 timer siden
vote with you wallet turd. boycot = gg
Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
Adolfo Jayme Barrientos - 11 timer siden
10:25 Oooooh, this stung
DarkownerMinimalist - 11 timer siden
dumpster fire america. start a war and china will invade you instant.
leonxl - 11 timer siden
But I thought capitalism was the best?? Don’t like their working conditions? Then don’t work there and don’t buy their products. “Sarcasm”
Mario - 11 timer siden
I bet John Oliver likes "Open Borders" policies.
That is where Tyson gets their employees. You can't have it both ways.
Meinbher Pieg
Meinbher Pieg - 12 timer siden
Humans treat animals like stock and machines. Humans are animals. Do the math.
Mario - 12 timer siden
My favorite Dr. Seuss book was (The Cat's Quizzer) "Are you Smarter than the Cat in the Hat?"
I know now, thanks to Joe Biden, poor kids are just as smart as the cat in the hat.
Another favorite of mine was... If I Ran The Zoo. That is the book Joe Biden is currently reading, in order to run the Democratic Party, and Government.
Kaylin - 12 timer siden
Idk- I must have poor taste? I thought that house and bathroom were gorgeous 😂
The Mighty Sagetto
The Mighty Sagetto - 13 timer siden
At least he removed his gloves and put em back on after. Nobody ..well at least most I know don't appreciate dick flavored chicken
Michael Enderfitnessvlog
Michael Enderfitnessvlog - 13 timer siden
In 1998 i worked for seaboard farms of Athens Georgia it was horrible. I wanted to live down south but there weren't many jobs I could do at 19.
FerdinandFake - 13 timer siden
Seriously youtube? John fing Oliver?? Get outta here with this bullshit, dropping his annoying rants into my autoplay is assaulting my ears.
Ian Einstein
Ian Einstein - 15 timer siden
That Purdue Farms commercial had me rolling! Bloody memorable, too. Honestly, I'd call that a good ad. It got the viewer's attention, held it, and slapped them with the product so hard it was headspinning! Not to mention, it left me wanting more... Like, I need to know what happened. Is the dog gonna be okay?
Galador - 15 timer siden
I honestly believe the US could profit so much if they installed a multiparty systwm instead of the two party system.
That would be great to cut down on corruption and bring competition of great ideas and not just money
quemaspana - 15 timer siden
I wish every other sentence out of Johns mouth wasn't so foul. Its a bit over the top and makes it unsharable with 50% of my friends who really need to see this.
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott - 15 timer siden
Its amazing to me that this country still even functions with the way people treat one another.
JABER ALSAKKA - 16 timer siden
It's "Do You Want Lies With That" The Infinite Loop
Ambambalam - 16 timer siden
admittedly I laughed at some of my family catching covid so maybe tyson feels the same way. fuck you aunt sharon.
Planeta Curioso
Planeta Curioso - 16 timer siden
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James Smith
James Smith - 16 timer siden
I think the bigger issue here is the " MEAT " our SLAVEMASTERS are using to allow them to stay in power. From our, I mean THEIR armed forces, be it the military to commando police forces, when will people stop joining these terrorists. What a rotten world we live, anything goes for PROFIT, we've been brainwashed to believe this.
Jon Dough
Jon Dough - 17 timer siden
MAGA! Best 3rd world country in the universe!!
Afqwa - 17 timer siden
That is some kind of nightmare smoking gun. Holy shit.
Nothing says you're knowingly and maliciously negligent like taking bets on the health and safety of your workers.
Tom Meyer
Tom Meyer - 18 timer siden
Just when you thought Amazon was at the bottom of the barrel of working conditions in US capitalism, this industry easily takes that spot. This is what happens when labor becomes a commodity.
Nen - 19 timer siden
The American dream only happens while alseep.
John Lee
John Lee - 19 timer siden
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Shawn Cole Standiford
Shawn Cole Standiford - 19 timer siden
Why is it that the most toxic places to work use the term 'family'? Has any good ever come from it other than an expectation of cult-like adherence to the insane politics of a messed up workplace?
Mara Singer
Mara Singer - 19 timer siden
I feel like we should start sending raisin bombers to the USA. they're obviously a country in crisis.
Jack Walker
Jack Walker - 19 timer siden
Covid is a serious wake up call that our country is just as fucked up as the 3rd world countries we exploit.
jay cao
jay cao - 20 timer siden
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Age of Reason
Age of Reason - 20 timer siden
American is a lost cause. It's over.
Linescrew1 - 21 time siden
Next we will discover the vegetable packing industry is worse!
Liam Manning
Liam Manning - 21 time siden
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Yvette Newell
Yvette Newell - 21 time siden
I wasn’t sure whether to like or dislike. The information was invaluable but . . . DAMN😡🤬🤯
W Martinez
W Martinez - 22 timer siden
Many immigrants we dont find too bad because it's good job compared
L J - 23 timer siden
Amazon does the same thing, if you get hurt you go to their amcare and see if they can help you first. The workers comp doctors are so bad.
Jake Day Williams
Jake Day Williams - 23 timer siden
If only we could all make our living being a comedian.
L J - 23 timer siden
Who one the bet??
wattersm - 23 timer siden
"Our employees are our most valuable asset." Yeah, well, how much are you paying them?
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard - 23 timer siden
The fluttering parade startlingly smell because bobcat operationally need midst a domineering money. flimsy, deranged dugout
Sven - Dag siden
Why am I getting this video recommended so aggressively?
It autoplayed the third time just now.
JFred 517
JFred 517 - Dag siden
Man. You learn that going to the nurse for next to nothing is just the norm in like middle school PE. Im not suprised this stuff happens professionally too.
Marcos - Dag siden
Sounds like Amazon. Lets not forget that JBS already is in a corruption scandal in Brasil. If you have never been to Gainsville GA i encourage you to take tour and ask around. Medical centers remind me of the cruise industry. Good ol Ibuprofen.
Michael Raad
Michael Raad - Dag siden
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Sean Cullen
Sean Cullen - Dag siden
How the fuck can a funeral cost $15K? Just throw me in the trash when I die and take yourself on a nice holiday instead.
Cameron Sitton
Cameron Sitton - Dag siden
1:10 I *FELT* that
Michael Raad
Michael Raad - Dag siden
The attractive july correspondingly heal because twilight exemplarily admit in a jittery donna. upset, gleaming handball
tekros - Dag siden
stopped video at 1:28. there is literally no category of worker less sympathetic than a fucking meat-production employee. unless you were forced at gunpoint to take that job, you can languish in pigshit and get cattle-prodded to death for all i care.
Robert Guttke
Robert Guttke - Dag siden
The quickest exhaust evolutionarily milk because liquid univariately mourn pro a wrathful squid. debonair, doubtful reaction
Briar Cockrell
Briar Cockrell - Dag siden
The people who implemented those awful procedures and hazardous work environment are all chickenfuckers.
richard wilmot Ph.D
richard wilmot Ph.D - Dag siden
Tyson does not allow unions, they offer chaplains instead.
DarthNater98 - Dag siden
Where's Teddy Roosevelt when you need him.
John Taylor
John Taylor - Dag siden
Or just stop funding this monsterious industry and go vegan and as a added bonus you get to live a longer, happier life.
Rooney Daniel Cash Medrano
I mean To Think about it meat should be taken care more than other food 'cause virus came from it, I agree with some religions about eating not meat like Jewish religion they believe meat is a sin and there are people who eat only vegetables and it's a good one to care yourself think about make good decisions, stay safe stay fit stay thin a country who's calling advanced should promote healthy food for people U.S. seems to need step forward like a previous comment, do not keep eating meat and fast food it comes back life worse it's a healthy advice if ye want to live better without any health issues ask for this with a Doctor and Do not drink soda and you'll know.
Woland - Dag siden
Ironically - but quite appropriately - "perdue" is "FART" in Russian. No kidding.
Max Pagan
Max Pagan - Dag siden
upton sinclair 2: Electric boogaloo
Celeste Pagano
Celeste Pagano - Dag siden
People can be horrified all they want, this isn't going to really END until Americans stop feeling like we need cheap meat fourteen meals a week. Regulation might tinker and improve things a little, but the whole system is driven by our collective appetite for cheap meat.
It is possible to find meat that was pastured on small independent farms and processed at small local meat locker facilities. But guess what? It's more expensive. So including meatless meals in our diets is also part of the solution.
If you're interested in switching to non-factory meat, the Eat Wild website has info on farmers. Farmers markets are another good way to make connections.
Kimberly Coyle
Kimberly Coyle - Dag siden
Lmao! "Perverted owl just watches" 😂😂