Manager's Press Conference | Crystal Palace v Manchester United | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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Hear from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ahead of Thursday's Premier League clash with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.
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Atul Michael
Atul Michael - 18 dager siden
Please, Manchester United should buy Emi Buendía. He has completed 102 dribbles at 73 % success rate and created 81 chances and contributed a lot towards defence to relegated Norwich. Better than de bryune overall
lakmeister - 19 dager siden
Lets please keep our idiot fans quiet and not boasting like scousers....we have done nothing yet...but something may happen soon...yes its win all the time (impossible dream)
And yes the scourers will lose to Chelsea as they have returned to the twats they were before the luck...(all teams went poor) be citeh's next season again
Stay positive Quietly!!!!
Raymond Otis
Raymond Otis - 19 dager siden
maju Jaya
maju Jaya - 19 dager siden
Your team need to add
Striker - Aleksa'der isaq
Bye-bye lukaku & sanchez
Winger - sancho
Bye-bye lingard
Midfielder - jack grealish
Bye-bye mata
Centreback - Doria
Bye-bye phil Jones
Oscar - 19 dager siden
Let's gooo MAN UNITED 👹💪
Mr Dave
Mr Dave - 19 dager siden
Ole for God's sake you can't defend a goal to secure 3 points? That's terrible.
Lewis - 19 dager siden
Best team since 2013 that woman asked??? Unless they win fa cup europa league community shield and super cup in next few weeks then the best team since 2013 will be joses first season where we won 3 trophies and had Zlatan.
Heloca - 19 dager siden
Well hellooooo Ingrid!
Adz2 - 19 dager siden
1 or 2 fresh legs? Surely he means 2 or 4 fresh legs!
Alex Grant
Alex Grant - 19 dager siden
Jeremih Green
Jeremih Green - 19 dager siden
Who believes man united can win the champions league in 3 or 4 years to come
Sid leo
Sid leo - 19 dager siden
@7:39 HI OLA(HI in spanish)
Rafsan Tahir
Rafsan Tahir - 19 dager siden
Must win
This is epic NimaGee
This is epic NimaGee - 19 dager siden
It make me so angry cause I Love you but I I love ManU so much more than you and your stupid job
This is epic NimaGee
This is epic NimaGee - 19 dager siden
If you have brought Bailey instead of James who obviously couldn’t do anything vs Southampton players cause of theirs height , we would be in 3rd place you dummies
Lenjo Laurent
Lenjo Laurent - 19 dager siden
Ole is the best football manager in the world.
This is epic NimaGee
This is epic NimaGee - 19 dager siden
Your players have done fantastic not you
Tube Dis
Tube Dis - 19 dager siden
Come on lads... we need these points👹🔴
Rifat G L
Rifat G L - 19 dager siden
Ole.. Ole.. Ole.. 👍
Am Pov
Am Pov - 19 dager siden
100% top4
Potse Peloagae
Potse Peloagae - 19 dager siden
Win all of our games and we get top 4 come on United I believe in u
Mark Fox
Mark Fox - 19 dager siden
I'm proud of this team let's just hope the Americans back us and get the 3 players we need
Tomica & Trackmaster
Tomica & Trackmaster - 19 dager siden
great cause that Rashford supports, feeding children, just a shame hes not offering any of his own money to help the cause
William Marsh
William Marsh - 19 dager siden
Josphat Rono
Josphat Rono - 19 dager siden
Glory glory man utd... we'll win
Rohit Pandey
Rohit Pandey - 19 dager siden
The most clueless manager in the premier League this season! I can't recall the number of opportunities we got to break into the top 4 coz there were so many, and he bottled them all. Lampard's first full debut season with a transfer ban, board didn't even buy him players in January transfer market, and yet he's still odds on to finish ahead of this donkey, despite losing 3 times. What's the use of beating them thrice when we're still behind them in the league and out of the competition we knocked them out of? In 2016-17 Jose was stuck in a similar situation with a much worse squad, he had a choice to make- prioritize top 4 or Europa League. He saw it long before that the team wasn't capable of finishing for top 4 and started resting players for Europa League. And look at what this clueless fraud of a manager is doing. He's blowing top 4 and when a decent side comes along, he'll blow the Europa League. I don't care about the unbeaten run, it turned absolutely useless the other night Vs saints. If Leicester win tonight, what's even the point of us winning? I don't see us winning by 3 or 4 goal margin, so we'll stay fifth.
martina Pasaribu
martina Pasaribu - 20 dager siden
i love MU
Abhinav Anand
Abhinav Anand - 20 dager siden
We just need to win against Crystal Palace and then all the pressure is on Chelsea
Dister - 20 dager siden
3 points is an absolute must tonight!!!
Dr. Ahmed Ali Khan
Dr. Ahmed Ali Khan - 20 dager siden
The only manager among the top English clubs to not comment on the Man City FFP disaster and to indicate that we'd rather focus on ourselves. Great attitude Ole!
Brookology - 20 dager siden
Doctor RASHFORD!!!❤👍
Jonathan Mk Yanani
Jonathan Mk Yanani - 20 dager siden
Ole why do you remove the engines (Paul Pogba and Fernandez) before 90minutes
I hate ur substitutes Boss
CHEW Desmond
CHEW Desmond - 20 dager siden
Please buy a more versatile CF to replace martial if not displace him. Have you ever wondered why martial wasn't selected for the french world cup team squad?
teddysphotos - 20 dager siden
3 games. 3 wins. No excuses. This is that time of the season where we can't afford to lose. No just in the league. But in tournament and cup football as well.
Toufic Azure
Toufic Azure - 20 dager siden
Olè on FFP: Let other people discuss what's wrong and right and what's happened. . .
This man is class!
Bulldozer jay
Bulldozer jay - 20 dager siden
Ole is such amazing coach but hate his substitute
Jadi Riani
Jadi Riani - 20 dager siden
Otw 3 poin
aadithan v208
aadithan v208 - 20 dager siden
Ole : the beautiful manager 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Deluded Arsenal Fans
Deluded Arsenal Fans - 20 dager siden
Don't make the same mistake as last match and sit back trying to protect out 1 goal lead. Pointless.
Kyle Govender
Kyle Govender - 20 dager siden
Just need to realize that we can't play from the back all the time
sheffieldgeek - 20 dager siden
Both journalists and Clubs should make sure they use a proper internet connection for these kind of press conferences. Not just use any data 4G that you get free, use a proper wifi connection ffs.
Sudesh Lallchand
Sudesh Lallchand - 20 dager siden
There is absolutely no chance MU would qualify for the Champions League. They will beat (with great difficulty) Palace, and lose against West Ham and Leicester, while Leicester will lose one and win two of its remaining 3 matches. MU players have shot themselves in their feet against Southampton: so much expectation and such a disastrous performance? shame on the players and shame on Ole to have subbed Pogba.
djbreakfastca - 20 dager siden
Ole out!!! - We will loose out on top 4 last day vs. Leicester, mark my words...
Jonathan L
Jonathan L - 20 dager siden
Lets goooooo uniteddd!!!!! Keep your head up!!!!😈😈😈
aret d batra
aret d batra - 20 dager siden
Why Ole didn't made the 5th substitution when Brandon got injured? We have 5 subtitutes now in a match and yesterday Ole still had 1 left. He could bring Bailly in before that corner kick.
Muhamad Alfiansyah
Muhamad Alfiansyah - 20 dager siden
Just Win the uel and get the trophy then we can play in the ucl, just focus on uel and fa cup v chelsea.
No problem if we can't go to the top 3, if we get uel trophy and fa cup
vuthina roeun
vuthina roeun - 20 dager siden
let's put the past behind and go again
Cherni Jalloh
Cherni Jalloh - 20 dager siden
He says nothing about his poor changes vs Southampton
Victor Law
Victor Law - 20 dager siden
Ole knows that he doesnt need ffp to get that ucl ticket , we will do it the gentleman way as united always been !
321 GO!
321 GO! - 20 dager siden
สู้ๆนะManu u
Sefton McGowan
Sefton McGowan - 20 dager siden
How can you not love him United legend and would die for the club hope he succeeds
MJ The King
MJ The King - 20 dager siden
Ole at the wheel
Ronnie Chinenyanga
Ronnie Chinenyanga - 20 dager siden
“Let other people discuss what’s wrong and what right” - Pure class from Ole - that’s my manager!!
r g
r g - 20 dager siden
7:39 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shes getting more beautiful day by day
Eton Noblecheer
Eton Noblecheer - 20 dager siden
7:39 is why you're here 😉
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - 20 dager siden
None trained yesterday or today = no wonder we switched off against Southampton
Mouldyballs 90
Mouldyballs 90 - 20 dager siden
Ole looking younger and fresher than ever, reversed that ageing from mid season stress, our baby faced assassin always 👌🏼
Wesley Edwards
Wesley Edwards - 20 dager siden
Where is the "ole out" fans them🤣🤣🤣
pond na
pond na - 20 dager siden
Can you guy use Discord for call chat? its a lot better.
Sam Suresh
Sam Suresh - 20 dager siden
I beg they dont play 3 at the back