Making toilet paper moonshine

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**Major correction: I wrongly and repeatedly referred to T. Reesei as being a yeast, when it is actually another type of fungus. Yeast is also a type of fungus, so my comments about reaction conditions remain true, but it is incorrect to call T. Reesei a yeast. Or to say that the cellulase came from yeast.
**small correction: I also said that 20ml of 20% , when it was supposed to be 25ml.
For this video, I'm going to be doing exactly what the title says, and I'll be turning a roll of toilet paper into moonshine. This was something that I've been wanting to do for a while and I am really surprised how well it turned out!
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KaniKuri - 48 minutter siden
*official drink of 2020*
dosyas - 56 minutter siden
Well, now in the perspective of 2020, reversing the process would be gold! Liquor stores are stocked well, but toilet paper is scarce.
Suresh kshirsagar
Suresh kshirsagar - Time siden
Man in the quarantine : how can l get my alcohol
Nile: give me toilet paper and here is your alcohol
It proves anything is possible by science
Gaming Nathan
Gaming Nathan - Time siden
7:23 LOL
Gaming Nathan
Gaming Nathan - Time siden
Gaming Nathan
Gaming Nathan - Time siden
Rhys De Guzman
Rhys De Guzman - Time siden
8:11 mmm, popcorn
memyself - 4 timer siden
Why don't your cellulose molecular diagrams contain C for Carbon?
Miles Chilson
Miles Chilson - 5 timer siden
Make hand sanitizer out of it and call it 2020
Devin Marks
Devin Marks - 5 timer siden
My family has made shine for years lmao
Mark Hadley
Mark Hadley - 5 timer siden
I would have bet you would have ended up with rubbing alcohol
MB4LUNCH - 7 timer siden
I'm sure this was discovered in prison.
William Dinwiddie
William Dinwiddie - 8 timer siden
Jaimy Volkers
Jaimy Volkers - 9 timer siden
lol i just got a playdoug add

ᵃⁿᵈ ⁱ ʰᵃᵗᵉ ⁱᵗ
LeafyTreeGaming - 9 timer siden
from kitty to man
Mr Mike The Gamer
Mr Mike The Gamer - 10 timer siden
Who knew his love for kittens was so much that he had to get the toilet paper brand that had fluffy kittens on the wrapper?
GR1M R3AP3R 6IX - 11 timer siden
Who else thought it looked like applesauce
The Form Of Things
The Form Of Things - 16 timer siden
I KNOW Nilered lives here
The Form Of Things
The Form Of Things - 16 timer siden
Myleeh - 16 timer siden
Now we know why all the idiots bought the toilette paper this year :D
sansboss 1496
sansboss 1496 - 16 timer siden
8:10 it looks like popcorn
That College Kid
That College Kid - 18 timer siden
So toilet paper is consumable
lottie lou
lottie lou - 19 timer siden
d r a i n c l e a n e r
max power
max power - 20 timer siden
Where is the charcoal filter (somewhat, very necessary/critical step) buddy? Regardless, awesome video (especially for the straightforwardness and level of practicality) attention despite me having no professional interest in chemistry/biochemistry. Love from Ventura, California! 'Merica
Awrfaws - 21 time siden
who else just watched this to see how he made alcohol from what everyone is getting like mad men right now and not at all watching to listen to all of the nerdy explanations he does. LOL
punker4Real - 23 timer siden
haha no wonder termites love wood
Iamtheskynow - 23 timer siden
Co-Creeper Gamer 119
Co-Creeper Gamer 119 - Dag siden
I wonder if different toilet paper changes the taste
Chefjjdecker - Dag siden
When you get wiped out from moonshine.
Heisenberg GB
Heisenberg GB - Dag siden
For someone who doesn't drink all that much, you took that shot like a champ.
Garden Nome YT
Garden Nome YT - Dag siden
I knew people thought i was Crazy i told them that you could make moonshine out of toilet paper and they thought i was crazy
Davie Dood
Davie Dood - Dag siden
Sooo I cna do this for my PRE AP Chemistry ⚗ exam right... 😂
I_C_E Beats
I_C_E Beats - Dag siden
14:44 It's snowing :)
scztt編 - Dag siden
12 year olds in the comments trying to under age drink lmao
Ben Burge
Ben Burge - Dag siden
When you want to get drunk during lockdown, great video
Amed TABAR - Dag siden
1 and a half year later......


I’ve been looking for u
gary - Dag siden
problem with this is that paper ,, especially toilet paper is made by bleaching wood pulp ,, bleach is actually chlorine ,,, so this is a really bad idea ,,, about on the same level as making wood alchohol which is lethal ,,,
Slash Shake
Slash Shake - Dag siden
I started to eat wood after that because there is suggar🤣.

Just kidding lmao.
Matt Peacock
Matt Peacock - Dag siden
Moonshiners call the foam going up your collumn "puke". Your still puked!
Ειρηνη Αλεξακου
this is why people were rushing to buy toilet paper
Vamcan - Dag siden
Me sitting here wondering where I heard your voice before I realised you the chemical guy I follow on tiktok :D
Neeraj 9D 33
Neeraj 9D 33 - Dag siden
Rocketmanred - Dag siden
Wait so you dont use the cardboard Tube hmm
alternative title: making vodka from some sh!t
mrnoname1 - Dag siden
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
TheNonGeorgianGeorgian - 2 dager siden
ASMR 4:48
crazy craig
crazy craig - 2 dager siden
We now know why people bought so much toilet paper...fuck 2020
Bernardo - 2 dager siden
Probably the tenth time I'm watching this, peak nilered here
Christopher Pham
Christopher Pham - 2 dager siden
Breaking news: man turns butt napkings into anger juice
IncognitoTorpedo - 2 dager siden
Should have made a cocktail. Drinking 128 proof alcohol isn't fun.
Medicmist - 2 dager siden
So this is why everyone is buying toilet paper like crazy
Bertha Cox
Bertha Cox - 2 dager siden
"Toilet, Paper, Alcohol" sounds like a barely legal version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"...
Caleb Chandler
Caleb Chandler - 2 dager siden
so this is where all the toilet paper went
unfa - 2 dager siden
Version 2.0:
Used Toilet Paper Moonshine
unfa - 2 dager siden
30:07 - I guess you could just gently push the rod down to check if there's any room below it to be sure if it's floating or resting on the bottom.
Pigeon - 2 dager siden
Now we know why there isn't much toilet paper in the USA
unfa - 2 dager siden
Beanobut - 3 dager siden
My brain: Go to sleep, it's 2 am
Me: No, I have to watch this guy make toilet paper into liquor for the next 35 minutes
Alex Salter
Alex Salter - 3 dager siden
Matt Joseph
Matt Joseph - 3 dager siden
When your mash gets into the worm pipe:
Your still has "Burped"🇨🇦👍
zencat999 - 3 dager siden
just walked down to the local bottle shop, plucked some rum off the shelf and am drinking it now. this prosess blows! ;)
William Springer
William Springer - 3 dager siden
This explains the toilet paper shortage lately 🤔
Dr Iver
Dr Iver - 3 dager siden
can this kill you if you do this wrong?
Kurt Wauters
Kurt Wauters - 3 dager siden
Insulating with aluminum foil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. You’re definitely not an Einstein 🤪🤪
Wild Outstanding World
Wild Outstanding World - 3 dager siden
Using Ecosia instead of google is another way to plant trees
the Hurley
the Hurley - 3 dager siden
IKEA induction heater.... allso known as a hot plate?
laurie williamson
laurie williamson - 3 dager siden
“This drink tastes like toilet paper”
“It is”
laurie williamson
laurie williamson - 3 dager siden
drinking challenge: Every time he says "this time" take a shot of home-brewed toilet paper moonshine
AWild Frog
AWild Frog - 3 dager siden
People during the prohibition era be like
Wojtek Gajecki
Wojtek Gajecki - 3 dager siden
yes corona virus beer
Branko Badrljica
Branko Badrljica - 3 dager siden
Are you trying to recycle ?
Cxste11xn - 3 dager siden
me at 22:00 :
Ah, a reasonable hour, I shall go to bed at this reasonable hour, and get up early tomorrow.
me at 04:30 :
Lolanator234 - 3 dager siden
Damn at 6:40 it looks like puke 🤮
mattdahat2 - 3 dager siden
fake potato soup to fake popcorn
morgan kempo
morgan kempo - 4 dager siden
"So a lot of our houses are also made out of sugar"
Laughs in german stone house
effoffu - 4 dager siden
bet it tastes shit lol
Cory Greaves
Cory Greaves - 4 dager siden
Anyone else picturing him taste testing it a bit too much and stumbling around his lab piss stuck?
Doge Doge
Doge Doge - 4 dager siden
What a way to flex on people pre pandemic
banditqueen 088
banditqueen 088 - 4 dager siden
15:01 is so pretty
Bernhard Diener
Bernhard Diener - 4 dager siden
If he had known about corona by that time he had made a video about how to make toilet paper out of drinking alkohol 😂
Zargon31 - 4 dager siden
so that's what all those people buying carts full of toilet paper were doing....
b l
b l - 4 dager siden
I'm trying to save money. Will used toilet paper work?
465marko - 4 dager siden
Meth meth meth make meth make meth meth fun fun fun meth meth meth from toilet paper yay we're all sugar bro too make meth pls
Shirley Szeliga
Shirley Szeliga - 4 dager siden
Is he going to use paper towels next?
playinem121 - 4 dager siden
Won't wood alcohol make people go blind?
Shirley Szeliga
Shirley Szeliga - 4 dager siden
Is he making Kool-Aid?
Abdurrahman ŞAHİN
Abdurrahman ŞAHİN - 5 dager siden
-Mom what are you cooking for dinner?
+Toile papeeeeeeeeeeeer
bcfpc1 Cfto
bcfpc1 Cfto - 5 dager siden
As an expert at distilling moonshine you should just about have smoke come out of your ears when it's full strength!
James Endsley
James Endsley - 5 dager siden
He can't let it boil talking about the water if you talk to any people that ever done moonshine you don't let that mash boil
D H - 5 dager siden
Boy did this age well
Prafull Tiwari
Prafull Tiwari - 5 dager siden
Me: * looks at my stock of tp *
Tp: *please don't*
JCdied4Uall - 5 dager siden
Can we get a 2020 update for this?
How to make TP from alcohol/hand sanitizer
Paco Klein
Paco Klein - 5 dager siden
All those people who bought truck loads of toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic.
Noah Keller
Noah Keller - 5 dager siden
so THATS why the toilet paper is sold out
Azathoth Yogsothoth
Azathoth Yogsothoth - 5 dager siden
Next make shroom vodka from metro 2033.
Azathoth Yogsothoth
Azathoth Yogsothoth - 5 dager siden
Sounds similar to german holzbrenntwein liquor made from wood.
Garth Lottering
Garth Lottering - 5 dager siden
only youtuber with good content that uses Metric...W000P here is a upvote and a sub from me. Great vid by the way
Christy Massett
Christy Massett - 5 dager siden
Did you just add drain cleaner though?
Christy Massett
Christy Massett - 5 dager siden
Our houses are made of sugar and we can make toilet paper into moonshine! Needed this today 😂
Select Null
Select Null - 5 dager siden
There is a warning that distilling in your State may be illegal - but no precautions that drinking alcohol made from toilet paper could also be improper.