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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 21:29


Alec Steele
Alec Steele - 11 måneder siden
Be sure to go check out Fireball Tool's video of cutting out the blade here!!!
Danny Mo
Danny Mo - 11 måneder siden
saw it first - amazing technology and use! :D
onelegout - 11 måneder siden
10:20 is asmr
Kobe Mandrou
Kobe Mandrou - 21 dag siden
@9:29 nice little evo 😊
Black Thread
Black Thread - Måned siden
I watched this video at 4 am and as soon as he started with the poetry, it started to feel like a fever dream
josh ooo
josh ooo - Måned siden
19:32 as this was happening a centipede sprinted past my foot and now I’m shook asl
Parker Rehfeld
Parker Rehfeld - Måned siden
aye im from Spokane
Scott - Måned siden
Are you using a Shivworks clinchpick as a box opener? Craig would be proud I think.
Ivan Kržanić
Ivan Kržanić - Måned siden
That’s what you get for not using blue dye!!!!! Now you dyed
outlaw samurai47
outlaw samurai47 - 2 måneder siden
I think Alex has a blue dicome fetish
vikingslayer34 - 2 måneder siden
Don't watch this one if you are on acid and/or mushrooms. You've been warned.
Ramon Domingos
Ramon Domingos - 2 måneder siden
We know really who will is (I know it's be) the star in this. I let it on air... I know what happened after and you are amazing little Will.
Arlene Villalobos
Arlene Villalobos - 2 måneder siden
It's everywhere, LOL big time!!!
Cameron Mcgrath
Cameron Mcgrath - 2 måneder siden
So it’s official Alec has finally lost it. RIP Alec’s sanity
Cole Nash
Cole Nash - 2 måneder siden
Is that an evo????????
John - 3 måneder siden
Great show guys. Unbeatable personas . You need to start building stuff that people commission you to do. The execution and choice of projects, time management and success rate will all line up perfectly overnight and you will love it! Good luck!
Jack Sova
Jack Sova - 3 måneder siden
Lmao the fact they just placed a thing of scribing paint in places and made a funny skit it amazing
Eric Bright
Eric Bright - 4 måneder siden
Imagine if this were the first episode of Alec's that you saw....
MnEr0nE mmn
MnEr0nE mmn - 4 måneder siden
I love love love your channel keep up your great work
whiskers - 4 måneder siden
You gotta wonder how they used to make this ...without killing themselfs xD
Blind13k - 5 måneder siden
H0bla - 5 måneder siden
This episode could be called: "Hellblade: Alec's Sacrifice"
Micky PartyRocker
Micky PartyRocker - 5 måneder siden
The lack of sleep in this video is impressive.
Erikgasm - 5 måneder siden
@Alec Steele use working hands! Stuff is the best lotion stuff for your line of work
Michael joseph
Michael joseph - 6 måneder siden
that acting was amazing ahaahahah
Lenin B
Lenin B - 6 måneder siden
I'm literally watching all parts
Joshua Glines
Joshua Glines - 6 måneder siden
Eh this channel was better as a horror channel anyways
Shadow - 6 måneder siden
He used the devils dictum
Draco Dovakiin
Draco Dovakiin - 6 måneder siden
I'm relatively new to the channel, and I am not a metalworker myself, but... What's the deal with the red dykem?
Saki630 - 7 måneder siden
vaseline and band aide need to sponsor you
Scott R
Scott R - 7 måneder siden
14:35 That's what she said.
TacDyne - 8 måneder siden
13:00 I'm thinking I can smell that thing grinding from here... then I realize it isn't psychosomatic. I'm really smelling metal grinding from outside! They are fixing one of the trucks. :D
The DIY Science Guy
The DIY Science Guy - 8 måneder siden
Will you said a 10th of a MM it makes me so proud that you rejected the inferial measurement system for a brief moment 🤯😂
Michel Jubran
Michel Jubran - 9 måneder siden
awesome and hilarious :P, was looking forward to a dykem skit :P
David McAllister
David McAllister - 9 måneder siden
What percentage of material is lost during the forging of a Damascus billet like this?
Ricardo Cedillo
Ricardo Cedillo - 9 måneder siden
Thank you all for watching, let's thank today's sponsor, Satan! And
R E D D Y K E M . . .
Seriously, that was creepy Alex lol
Electric paisy
Electric paisy - 10 måneder siden
I like how he watercuts a camera
Trace Compton
Trace Compton - 10 måneder siden
Easy spill blue vs impossible to throw away red. Blue vs red shirt idea.
Secret AgentKay
Secret AgentKay - 10 måneder siden
Red dykem, what an absolute disgrace.
Tacet - 10 måneder siden
There is something utterly frightening about that pressure cutter...
Alexandra Dunspaugh
Alexandra Dunspaugh - 10 måneder siden
19:25 anyone else think of the scene in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory? The one where they're on the boat 😂
Daniel Kent
Daniel Kent - 10 måneder siden
Yo what the hell was that ending😳
Kyle Gilman
Kyle Gilman - 10 måneder siden
I used to live in Spokane Washington
Duckie - 10 måneder siden
i really miss the 4k videos
J De
J De - 10 måneder siden
And know, nightmares...
Ericmyrs - 10 måneder siden
Love the shot at 4:00. Fluxbae.
The DannyDeathstroke
The DannyDeathstroke - 10 måneder siden
Swooptier and dooptier? Is that a technical term? Like Jiggery-pokery?
hanno l
hanno l - 10 måneder siden
So will is using the metric system now? Was that in the prenup?
Jamie Lockhart
Jamie Lockhart - 10 måneder siden
I didnt notice the googly eyes on the power hammer
imVi guess
imVi guess - 10 måneder siden
Woah any new viewers are here for one heck of a ride
Magnus Nordström
Magnus Nordström - 10 måneder siden
Hold on, Will noticed a 1/10 mm difference just by eye? Dude got crazy eyes. 👍
TwoAMBlacktop - 10 måneder siden
Swiped right in the UK, wound up in Montana. What a world we live in.
MaineSnowman5509 - 11 måneder siden
What happened to the trauma kits you were going to offer about a year or so ago?
Jordan Rempel
Jordan Rempel - 11 måneder siden
That was such a weird combination of different bits lol. I lost my anchor in space and time for a moment there. It was wonderful.
No One Of Consequence
No One Of Consequence - 11 måneder siden
The more expensive the gear gets the more bored I get with this channel.
Gary Raymo
Gary Raymo - 11 måneder siden
Your mistake with the first one lays in the way you cut it and the segments weren't welded thoroughly, it's cool but serious design flaws
Courage WoodWorks
Courage WoodWorks - 11 måneder siden
In May I was working on a segmented bowl and I flattened the rings in my 60 grit disc sander and my finger slipped and I got sanded away almost to the bone. Let’s just say I know how you feel and I wore gloves after that.😂
Courage WoodWorks
Courage WoodWorks - 11 måneder siden
When I saw you grab the red dykem I was scared because you didn’t react. Needless to say thirty seconds later you chucked it in the trash and 10 minutes later you went through a mid life crisis because of it😂. I think we should make a petition to send all red dykem to hell. Oh praise be to thou blue dykem.
Craig Sudman
Craig Sudman - 11 måneder siden
Wow the Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone...I think blue dykem would be much better, you rymin Simon you.  LOL
Ben Kennedy
Ben Kennedy - 11 måneder siden
Alex needs to go on forged in fire
Fraser Knight-wk
Fraser Knight-wk - 11 måneder siden
/give @ Alec sword_breaker (only gamers will understand)
Jonathan Vander Pol
Jonathan Vander Pol - 11 måneder siden
Fantastic recommendation for a book!  Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages has helped many marriages to overcome misunderstandings.
shohida matanova
shohida matanova - 11 måneder siden
That’s what I call manly 👍
derpy rainbow 101
derpy rainbow 101 - 11 måneder siden
That water was making sparks🤯
Jerod Ernst
Jerod Ernst - 11 måneder siden
Maybe try a welding magnet if you can while grinding
Richard Benge
Richard Benge - 11 måneder siden
O'Keefe's working hands, amazing moisturizer for your hands.
stilltlrforlife - 11 måneder siden
My Swooptie Doopts are waaay Dooptier...the Dooptiest!!
Anti Antifa terrier
Anti Antifa terrier - 11 måneder siden
I bought a D ring. My girlfriend loves it
Alex Jones
Alex Jones - 11 måneder siden
This is a work of art
Lee DeCovnick
Lee DeCovnick - 11 måneder siden
Quite a homage to Vertigo....Well done !
Michael Hardin
Michael Hardin - 11 måneder siden
Account2525 - 11 måneder siden
Oi, get Ewan to send you a strap-on surface grinder you big silly goose.
pyro unlimited
pyro unlimited - 11 måneder siden
Hey Alex when are you going to get your self a surface grinder like you had back home.
azchris1979 - 11 måneder siden
Is a hardened blade equally hard throughout the entire piece? I would have thought that the outside is the part that gets hard.
Random Guy
Random Guy - 10 måneder siden
azchris1979 the outer surface maybe just a slight touch harder than the core, but for the most part the whole blade tends to be able the same with a mono temper. Steel transfers heat pretty well, so the thermal shock of the quench does reach the middle pretty well. And the tempering cycles are slow enough that they effect the whole blade equally, at lest practically. There are other kinds of tempers that just harden the edge (differential tempering) or just the out side (case Harding, although it’s kind of a different thing all together)
CryOutLoud89 - 11 måneder siden
Red Room,. Red Room, Red Room
Kody Edmondson
Kody Edmondson - 11 måneder siden
When y’all need another “timer filler video” you should make a headache rack for your truck. I’m gonna make one for mine here in the next month or so and I’d love to see your take on one. Keep up the great videos!
PinoyDDragon - 11 måneder siden
Drinking game. Every time “jason” or “jason at fireball tools” is mentioned, take a shot. Lol
George Schnakenberg
George Schnakenberg - 11 måneder siden
You should try blue dykem. That's what we use lol
R'mur - 11 måneder siden
What is this witchery @ 8:16 Will? What in tarnation is a millionmeter?
Maccinloafer - 11 måneder siden
4:00 salt bae?
snteevveetns - 11 måneder siden
next time, before you send the metal to water cutter, do all the "finish" work before... since the water jet cuts so precisely...
spiritualinsight - 11 måneder siden
Alec you mentioned your hands. Something that rockclimbers use that i love here in Colorado is 'Badger balm'. Works great for chapped hands, and torn up hands.