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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 21:56


Luna Owlguard
Luna Owlguard - 2 måneder siden
Why why did they wrap the entire handle the wood was so pretty
Nate G
Nate G - 3 måneder siden
I can see into the future, one day u will own a 300 pound power hammer!
Mejjad - 3 måneder siden
At minute 2, I think the expression you're looking for is a "Sisyphus task".
Adam Heywood
Adam Heywood - 4 måneder siden
12:10 pfft, you call that a coffee?
Draco Dovakiin
Draco Dovakiin - 6 måneder siden
Am I the only one that thought that the second wrapping-gold inlay music was Boss music?
Michel Jubran
Michel Jubran - 9 måneder siden
Very fine work guys , awesome
D Rochell
D Rochell - 9 måneder siden
You really shouldn’t worry about imperfections like that all too much.. especially since it was not sacrificing quality/integrity of your work. I get it, as craftsman we are naturally perfectionist. But, being that you have experience with diamonds (stones), you should know that if you’re looking at a diamond that is ‘perfect’ it probably isn’t a diamond. Meaning, it is almost like a birthmark, it’s something that distinguishes it even more as a one of a kind. Imperfections like that are minuscule and virtually impossible to replicate, not always a bad thing. Keep up the good work.
Ultra_axe781 - 9 måneder siden
Alec Steeel and Will Stetler
Jesse Sisolack
Jesse Sisolack - 9 måneder siden
I think we may now know why these existed but were not nearly as common as we would expect. They are a major pain in the ass to make.
Joelobro - 9 måneder siden
Teach us how to sharpen the blade
mint frost
mint frost - 9 måneder siden
12:05 is it just me or did anyone thought he was making coffe?
Jonlee Luzuriaga
Jonlee Luzuriaga - 9 måneder siden
Anyone know what type of wire was used?
Roy S. Thørn
Roy S. Thørn - 9 måneder siden
That damascus pattern is f......g AWESOMENECESSITY! The wrap of the handle
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams - 9 måneder siden
Did will say "hot gosh"? weird
Robert Foor
Robert Foor - 9 måneder siden
I’m loosing faith in this project, get to the end PLEASE!!!!
Michael Wood
Michael Wood - 9 måneder siden
soooo yea whats going on you guys still alive?
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai - 9 måneder siden
What what the point of using that beautiful wood for the handle if you were going to wire wrap it
Andre Tullier
Andre Tullier - 9 måneder siden
Did alec die? We need another video
Paolo Rossignoli
Paolo Rossignoli - 9 måneder siden
You should do a chestplate for the next project
Neill Wylie
Neill Wylie - 9 måneder siden
Will is an animal at fluting!!
secretsquirrel726 - 9 måneder siden
It's been more than a couple of days, and I just have to say it. They forgot the Colorado rule: In Colorado, you do not break sword-breaker, sword-breaker breaks you!
You guys should make some Spanish money chain next, or a revolutionary way hunting sword in Damascus.
secretsquirrel726 - 9 måneder siden
Oops, Montana. Well, maybe they still have a chance.
Queen Nala
Queen Nala - 9 måneder siden
You should fuse gold and titanium
Ernesto Serrano
Ernesto Serrano - 9 måneder siden
What type of work is this? I wouldn’t mind trying this out
Jordin Ward
Jordin Ward - 9 måneder siden
G. - 9 måneder siden
How many knives do you have on the go at one time! Huge shop and it seems you’re making a knife over many many days, it must be worth $20000!?!?
Mr.Sad - 9 måneder siden
Yooooo you should go on forged and fire
Luca Becker
Luca Becker - 9 måneder siden
Crazy bongo in the background music😂
GalaxyGamer - 9 måneder siden
Up to part 6 they were making a sword and when it broke they went “oh, I have a better idea”
Jig Besus
Jig Besus - 9 måneder siden
Can't wait for the next video, an entire week from now
Landon Craig
Landon Craig - 9 måneder siden
Shouldnt the round portion of the guard be on the other side if its meant to be held in the left hand?
Blake Hitchcock
Blake Hitchcock - 10 måneder siden
what has happened Alec?
German Woodlore
German Woodlore - 10 måneder siden
To be honest I really miss the times when one project was one video or 2 at the most :(
Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw - 10 måneder siden
My thumb and hands were cramping up just watching him wire wrap than handle...
Graham Parr
Graham Parr - 10 måneder siden
I am waiting for the day you actually make something without cocking it up.
Huzaifa Ibrahim
Huzaifa Ibrahim - 10 måneder siden
you know what, I think your cameraman is underrated.
Vicious - 10 måneder siden
Nicola Kolmsee
Nicola Kolmsee - 10 måneder siden
Ure Great! And im german and know what i talkin about 🤣🤙🏼
David Reid
David Reid - 10 måneder siden
whens part 16 alec an will
Binary Bug
Binary Bug - 10 måneder siden
Having seen how you display your knives and swords, I do not think you are doing them justice. They are just all scattered around, like a whirlwind has hit your shop. They would look so good, on a feature wall, whereby they are all displayed together in one area.
Max Lehner
Max Lehner - 10 måneder siden
how about an orc sword as a comming project? :D
Maverick Jones
Maverick Jones - 10 måneder siden
I watch every single video, and I love you guys!
And I'm super excited to never see the sword breaker again!
aetherseraph - 10 måneder siden
I remember watching when he was in that wooden shed...
I think back to that trip he took to that museum where they let him get up close with a lot of different pieces...
I got to admit I was a little bit confused when he moved over here...
But seeing this thing come together and where he's been taking his craft clearly he has an idea where he wants to goand it's pretty cool that we get to go along for the ride.
Bryce Harrington
Bryce Harrington - 10 måneder siden
Are we still making this knife errrrrrrrrr!!!!?
Mobile Gamers Unite
Mobile Gamers Unite - 10 måneder siden
Meh, its got a beauty mark lol thing looks sweet
Sem Geerlings
Sem Geerlings - 10 måneder siden
Is it me or does the guard look warped?
SethLouey - 10 måneder siden
I wonder how much a custom blade like this would cost. So much time has gone into it.
athlonrunner - 10 måneder siden
What is the point of the gold inlay? Its sooooo minimal on such a dark, dark blade.... Could of done something different to accent it. A brass and iron wrapped handle, something to bring the darkness of the blade down.
Spammy 1
Spammy 1 - 10 måneder siden
So when are you going to show us the finished sword breaker?
AwesomeJohn117 - 10 måneder siden
I’m so glad Will came onto this channel
Tony Alecio
Tony Alecio - 10 måneder siden
When is the sword breaker CD box collection coming out?
John White
John White - 10 måneder siden
This sword breaker is basically why I stopped watching this channel. Its cool, and y'all are super talented, but I feel like I'm watching 40 years of footage on start to finish bonsai work. The guy who made the first gun probably was a former sword breaker maker, and one day on the 20th year of making his second sword breaker he said "Jesus Christ I would rather just musket ball an SOB in the face."
Phroden Dekia
Phroden Dekia - 10 måneder siden
I clicked mainly because of the neat texture of that wire wrapped handle on the thumbnail. Neat.
Neptune BeLaK
Neptune BeLaK - 10 måneder siden
18:48 aNd i oOp- sKsKsK(I hate myself)
MiniMaster521 - 10 måneder siden
Anyone else notice Dwight schrute on the water bottle at 18:48
_brotaku - 10 måneder siden
This pattern 😮
Ninja des_Baumes
Ninja des_Baumes - 10 måneder siden
Could you please build the Sword of griffendor for Harry Potter?
Nick Ergezi
Nick Ergezi - 10 måneder siden
you guys should do a Steele vs Stelter where you each take half of the broken sword breaker and forge a knife of your choice
Robert Stoker
Robert Stoker - 10 måneder siden
Would you be able to use a jig for wire wrapping the guard to save time and excessive hair pulling 😩😰
Gregory Burgers
Gregory Burgers - 10 måneder siden
Would love it of you could remake the Hobbit Sting Sword in Damascus steel....
Gregory Burgers
Gregory Burgers - 10 måneder siden
Would love it of you could remake the Hobbit Sting Sword in Damascus steel....
Robert Pitcher
Robert Pitcher - 10 måneder siden
Kyle Royer much!
Chad Bond
Chad Bond - 10 måneder siden
Atlantean Sword Please...
Chad Bond
Chad Bond - 10 måneder siden
Atlantean Sword Please...
Mr. Toodles
Mr. Toodles - 10 måneder siden
just watched this weapon episode of forged in fire. why the hell arent you on that show?!
Melanto - 10 måneder siden
No no, it's not 2 for 1... it's 1 and 2 halves. :P
Daden Couri-Duncan
Daden Couri-Duncan - 10 måneder siden
Couldn't y'all just...turn it over? Flip the wire?
James StJohn
James StJohn - 10 måneder siden
Less yak yak, more wak wak
Blake Hitchcock
Blake Hitchcock - 10 måneder siden
Can we assume since the last episode hasn’t happened yet that something catastrophic happened?
Daniel MeSch
Daniel MeSch - 10 måneder siden
👀 Wait, since when did someone put googly eyes on the power hammer?
Emmanuel Ortega
Emmanuel Ortega - 10 måneder siden
People from Montana cannot grow facial hair. How sad...
Joseph Abraham
Joseph Abraham - 10 måneder siden
We've got so many issues... subscriptions to issues at this point.
Devin Drummond
Devin Drummond - 10 måneder siden
I feel like all that work on the handle and using such nice wood is a bit of a waste when it is entirely covered by the wrap. The work ya'll do is awesome as usual and I love watching the journey that ya'll go on every time ya'll work on a project. Keep up the great work guys!
Dave L
Dave L - 10 måneder siden
True artisans. I've yet to hear "nah, it's near enough, it'll do" on this channel
J. Renard Leather
J. Renard Leather - 10 måneder siden
in response to Alec @ 6:22 , if you didn't make the mistakes, then this would be a "how-to" channel, vice a "having fun making stuff," channel.
steve williams
steve williams - 10 måneder siden
how about some genuine wootz guys ?????
Blunt force Trauma
Blunt force Trauma - 10 måneder siden
Smith and Sundry
Smith and Sundry - 10 måneder siden
For future wire wraps you might want to build a jig to hold it, that way you cannot drop it or let it loose :) and allow for tighter wraps without accidental practive runs
DinoInADress - 10 måneder siden
The two directions of wire wrapping make the guard look like knit chain mail.
AdventuringEden - 10 måneder siden
====Hey Alex, my 5 year old son and I love watching your videos. It has sparked his interest in smithing. If you are looking for ideas can I suggest you make a WW1 Royal Welsh Trench Sword/Dagger. Its a beautiful leaf shape blade. Would love to see what you make of it.=====
Mark Tiongco
Mark Tiongco - 10 måneder siden
Man, this sword breaker is cursed or something.
Jnathan Nger
Jnathan Nger - 10 måneder siden
re watching cause yall didn't put up a new vidja an i miss you