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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 18:26


Alec Steele
Alec Steele - 10 måneder siden
Thank you to Raid for sponsoring this: Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program
madbarr - 10 måneder siden
TEXAS!!!! ROCKS!!!! I wasn't born in TEXAS but I got here as quick as I could. Love this series, and congrats Alec on ya'll's engagement.
Spastic Chicken
Spastic Chicken - 10 måneder siden
I'm an inexperienced machinist but one tip ill give is never climb mill on a manual but on a cnc you always
Vash - 10 måneder siden
on the premis that not every rpg needs to be cutesy and rainbows EXCUSE ME DO YOU EVEN DARK SOULS hell even final fasntasy is pretty gosh dang dark its HARDER to think of an rpg that isnt dark for me lol
Colin van der Voort
Colin van der Voort - 10 måneder siden
Alec Steele please use metric like the rest of the world 😂😱😱!
Malcolm - 10 måneder siden
Alec Steele Great work Alec and Will. Thanos infinity gauntlet for next project
Big Chooch
Big Chooch - 18 dager siden
You guys have a TIG welder, y'all know you can just add weld to big gouges and file them back, right?
vikingslayer34 - 2 måneder siden
Almonds aren't nuts, they are stone fruits...just sayin...carry on
Bloodaxetheirritable - 3 måneder siden
The enemy of good is better.
Stop fucking around with it boys.
Beau Shaw
Beau Shaw - 3 måneder siden
And Alaska is bigger than Texas.
Saki630 - 5 måneder siden
trash guard
TheRunedWarrior - 5 måneder siden
Texas is the ass end of America.
Connor Walls
Connor Walls - 6 måneder siden
what'd you say about texas
Mark Langridge
Mark Langridge - 6 måneder siden
The reason Montana is so great is that it's actually a part of Canada that got lost.
Pilid' s
Pilid' s - 6 måneder siden
making the sword breaker seems more like a life style choice than a project.
Paton Mauldin
Paton Mauldin - 6 måneder siden
At least Texas doesn’t have roads that get blocked every other week
Draco Dovakiin
Draco Dovakiin - 7 måneder siden
I love that improvised ice pack you got there Will
Lawrence Shaffer
Lawrence Shaffer - 8 måneder siden
Should look into raycon as a sponsor they are amazing
Tense Cat
Tense Cat - 8 måneder siden
Alaskas pretty great
TacDyne - 8 måneder siden
4:10 Henry VIII called. He said, "Dude! It's done!"
You know when Henry thinks it's good enough, it's good enough. ;)
DashDrones - 9 måneder siden
Love the channel, but really hate the sponsor messages. Total BS
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams - 10 måneder siden
I've only been to Montana Once, and it was in July, it wasn't hot though... Max temp when we were there was like, 79 maybe... That was in West Yellowstone though. It was like 100 here the other day... In September... You guys have it good in Montana I'm sure.
beatisagg - 10 måneder siden
This is a commercial for how to not clean off your lenses. F that. Clean your lenses. Don't have cloudy eyes. Also whats Raid ? oh nvm that was the commercial...
Randy Livingston
Randy Livingston - 10 måneder siden
Forget Texas, try living in Georgia, I've lived in both
Maverick Jones
Maverick Jones - 10 måneder siden
I watch every single video, and I love you guys!
And I'm super excited to never see the sword breaker again!
Tate Hammontree
Tate Hammontree - 10 måneder siden
As someone who lives in Texas, I can confirm that it is indeed a hot dirty swampland.
Mephisto - 10 måneder siden
Alec, why dont you use your lathe to cut the grooves?
wouldnt this be way more consistent?
The Thickness
The Thickness - 10 måneder siden
Will can say what he wants about Texas, but at least our flag isn't a seal on a bedsheet
Ceirstyn Adami
Ceirstyn Adami - 10 måneder siden
So first Will comes for rugby and now for Texas???? I'm ready to fight. Austin alone will beat Montana any day
BA - 10 måneder siden
Montana is nice. Texas sucks. Colorado is the best 😎
skye erkens
skye erkens - 10 måneder siden
1000th comment!
Meh Whatevs
Meh Whatevs - 10 måneder siden
Part 14? hurry up and finish the fucking thing already or film it then make one big compressed video or something. nobody wants to tune in that many times to hear ur girly fuckin post puberty voice
Mark Tiongco
Mark Tiongco - 10 måneder siden
As a Texan...yes. Will is right.
Matthew Sykes
Matthew Sykes - 10 måneder siden
Just came back from Texas a few days ago, 2 weeks in +100f heat, not fun but a great holiday
MysterioMask - 10 måneder siden
Should have moved to Pittsburgh instead. It is the Steele city after all.
Ally Dannie
Ally Dannie - 10 måneder siden
As a full time Texan with a family lake house in Montana, * clears throat * Montana is better.
tk - 10 måneder siden
You should get a sponsorship from whichever company makes that hair product you use! ;-)
Bryan Fahnholz
Bryan Fahnholz - 10 måneder siden
You can get away with climb milling on a CNC Machine, it will even be better....just not so much on a manual mill
Earthenfist - 10 måneder siden
Option 3 for where the burr caught- you could have cleaned up that little gouge, and put matching gouges on the other sides, and turned it into a detail.
MrEscuchimi - 10 måneder siden
Which new project will involve a laser? those safety goggles that Will is wearing... 🤔
MrEscuchimi - 10 måneder siden
@YtChaos11B PUBG yep, they are fully covered and they are of that particular color to block the light wavelengths of the laser
YtChaos11B PUBG
YtChaos11B PUBG - 10 måneder siden
I came looking for clues, so they are specialty glasses?
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy - 10 måneder siden
Alec you are looking more and more like tin tin by the day
N H - 10 måneder siden
You're 1000% right about Texas, I was stationed there when I was in the Army, it's terrible.
SDMacMan - 10 måneder siden
Rub a little bit of oil on the wire next time before twisting.
TreeFiddyt T
TreeFiddyt T - 10 måneder siden
Can you please do a Bob Ross episode... “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”
Jason Battermann
Jason Battermann - 10 måneder siden
Hang in there guys! Progress is being made.
Nicolas F
Nicolas F - 10 måneder siden
Just Thinking out loud here... Would a WAR Blacksmith really go to this extent of precision for a Warrior tool? Especially if he'd make multiple of them... He might go for utility over the design... Make it strong enough (even if bulky), rather than small details precision tiny work...?

That being said, it's also why we watch, you go the extra mile for the pure joy of it!
Nicolas F
Nicolas F - 10 måneder siden
@ Michael Zaite || quite right! 🤔
Michael Zaite
Michael Zaite - 10 måneder siden
A War smith wouldn't, although keep in mind war wasn't so industrialized as is today, weapons were heirlooms and more often than not were peoples own previously owned equipment. Most everything else was pole arms and bows which can be whipped up quickly in a pinch and handed out to the unskilled. But these are more "Noble" weapons. The kinds of gear a land owning gentry would have commissioned to be as much a decoration piece as it was a weapon intended to be used. Spending most of its time above the fireplace looking good, but still being fully capable weapons when the duty called which sometimes could be a Generation or so after being manufactured.
Mrjnice - 10 måneder siden
At 17:30, is that an automatic presser or is gold that soft, that Alec could mush it?
woodyrulesok - 10 måneder siden
Part 14, lol
superz500 - 10 måneder siden
3000 vids in demascas steel. filing banging forging etc? it turns out nice but knives sell for THOUSANDS!! well if you can do it right...havent seen much of that that. BUT AS EVER!!! Kinda entertaining?? KEEP the sponsors lol. OUT
Loyal 1872
Loyal 1872 - 10 måneder siden
What we need is the outtakes where Will smacks Alex about for not telling him the Burr would catch in one direction.
Simon B.
Simon B. - 10 måneder siden
I laughed far too hard at that
Spammy 1
Spammy 1 - 10 måneder siden
The cool thing about Texas, there is no snow shovel required from March through December.
deathsicon - 10 måneder siden
So now not only can you end him rightly, you can end him rightly with style...
Amanda Michener
Amanda Michener - 10 måneder siden
"Hot dirty swamp land" as someone from Texas... Its a hot dirty humid desert land... God will. I have not seen a single swamp in Texas..
Rob Finney
Rob Finney - 10 måneder siden
All of those mixed nuts will make for an interesting turd. I crack myself up.
greg evans
greg evans - 10 måneder siden
William, you're a man's man who shoots straight and speaks the truth.
Dustin Adkins
Dustin Adkins - 10 måneder siden
How about a episode on how to properly sharpen blades?
Cotton Pickin
Cotton Pickin - 10 måneder siden
Please do more time lapses of will eating mixed nuts
Kyle Nicolas
Kyle Nicolas - 10 måneder siden
It's okay, Will. Texas isn't mad. In fact, you should come on down for a visit. We just want to talk.
Donovan Rhoads
Donovan Rhoads - 10 måneder siden
You should make a fish spear
mass - 10 måneder siden
I think it's time to take a one day break and put out another Steele Vs Stelter vid. Make it something odd and maybe 90 minute limit.
Rick Weber
Rick Weber - 10 måneder siden
Come to Washington Alec. It's better than both Montana and Tejas.
Debra Savage
Debra Savage - 10 måneder siden
It's DJ Alec Steele and the Swordbreakers.
Danny Weaver
Danny Weaver - 10 måneder siden
If Will really ate all of those almonds he's not gonna poop for a week...
Don Pearce
Don Pearce - 10 måneder siden
Alec, the 'Game' you refer to is called "Learning" and you will continue to play it your whole life! The good part is after many years you will become a Master and the mistakes will be much smaller, but unfortunately, they will persist.
Oh, and for the record, Montana is much better than Texas! I did my basic training at Ft. Bliss El Paso in 1980. I thought I was in hell. Turns out I was right!
Working Hands Making Stuff
Working Hands Making Stuff - 10 måneder siden
Order of operations - PEMDAS. Remember that and you will not have any trouble with your order of operations!
Incipit .M
Incipit .M - 10 måneder siden
Thank you for everything you teach us!
_HAMEZ_ _HAMEZ_ - 10 måneder siden
I think you might need to change the name of this channel to be honest, Will has become such a big part of this show for the better and i think you should call it "Alec n Will" or something.
Kaizo107 - 10 måneder siden
I mean...he's not wrong. I'm in Houston and "hot dirty swamp land" is pretty accurate.
Patrick Teague
Patrick Teague - 10 måneder siden
Montana might be cool, but Texas has every environment possible, from Mountains to Deserts, to Lakes, and Flat Lands, including easy access to Padre Island and other places of fun. Don't think Montana has any of that.
scoobtoober29 - 10 måneder siden
Way to give will a lesson on cleanup inside radius' Great work you two.
Visiškas Niekas
Visiškas Niekas - 10 måneder siden
LivingDedBoy - 10 måneder siden
So... I know it's a bit late. But you've got pentagonal gem shapes in the D ring an on the tips of the tines. Wouldn't it look better if you continued those shapes into the pommel? Rather than the acorn?
Jiwan Pretorius
Jiwan Pretorius - 10 måneder siden
I love canel and I watch almost al your vidios but I was wondering why you have the South African flag on your wall🇿🇦
Psyrus - 10 måneder siden
If I remember correctly, it was sent by a fan along with something that he used for a project (I believe for the Viking sword).
Sam Meyer
Sam Meyer - 10 måneder siden
i loled hard at the disappearing nuts will
Emmanuel Ortega
Emmanuel Ortega - 10 måneder siden
Texas has all the weather, BUT Will come and fight me lol
Mac Kettner
Mac Kettner - 10 måneder siden
I lived in Texas. Montana has to be better. ;)
Darkassassin 07
Darkassassin 07 - 10 måneder siden
While it's unfortunate to have to fix mistakes, I think the guard was better off a little thinner anyway. Twas a little chunky.
#TeamLoboVape - 10 måneder siden
Texas says Will is a weenie
P White
P White - 10 måneder siden
Are these corners meant to be uneven? The surely look like they are now ... (the 4 cut corners from the rectangle part of the guard)
1903 Springfield
1903 Springfield - 10 måneder siden
Didn't make it past 9:46 where the shitty editing came back into play. I'm sad to report that I'll now be unsubscribing as the editing has gone so far downhill. It was a fun ride Alec. Stay awesome and rehire your previous editor please 😢
Nicholas Roberts
Nicholas Roberts - 10 måneder siden
more people need to see Alec and Will so we should try hard to get them on trending and get this channel way up there for those of us who create with anything I think they both are great role models for our youth.
Andrew Towner
Andrew Towner - 10 måneder siden
kind of tired of the sword breaker
Ronin009 - 10 måneder siden
i don't want 14 flipping videos, how about 5
Andrew Towner
Andrew Towner - 10 måneder siden
is there even one swamp in texas?