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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 20:01


Roberto Martino
Roberto Martino - Måned siden
Creo que le faltó más lijado...
Wyvern - Måned siden
Is the guard ring on the correct side since it’s a secondary weapon?
lopu - 2 måneder siden
I watched part 1, was annoyed there was a part 2, and just found out there's a part 16 lol wtf
Michael Diggs
Michael Diggs - 7 måneder siden
They make a drimmel tip that’s made for sandpaper and you tighten down a screw to hold the sandpaper to it
Daniel Sunnqvist
Daniel Sunnqvist - 8 måneder siden
Awesome vid as always! Regarding the wire you could've used Ni80 wire that is ment for vaping. Really easy to work with and you can get it to almost any color you'd like if heated slowly. Would be awesome to get a twisted wire along the groves that was dark violet, blue, silver and gold!
TaranTatsuuchi - 8 måneder siden
Should have covered the office with Red Dykom!
Daniel Welzbacher
Daniel Welzbacher - 9 måneder siden
And another question, why don’t you guys use a sandblaster to equally smooth out complex shapes with lot of edges and radius parts like on the handle guard ?
Daniel Welzbacher
Daniel Welzbacher - 9 måneder siden
You guys should try aviation grade safety lockwire
Hayden Frank
Hayden Frank - 9 måneder siden
16:40 sharpen your knife alec, jebus christmas that thing is really chipped
pjorrE666 - 9 måneder siden
that is still not a claymore >
Sean Harkins
Sean Harkins - 9 måneder siden
Will juggling the pomel, it's not hot, it just doesn't take me long to look at it
Ken Nodes
Ken Nodes - 10 måneder siden
$129 off of Kove speaker. $120 for shipping and handling? So save $9. No thanks.
Chris Archer
Chris Archer - 10 måneder siden
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to episode 90 of the sword breaker! 😂
R'mur - 10 måneder siden
Wire you both making such horrible puns?
tk - 10 måneder siden
The fact that you guys aren't perfect and make mistakes yet remain enthusiastic is one of my favorite things about this channel :-D
Cade Christopher
Cade Christopher - 10 måneder siden
I know there's a difference between acceptable back then historically and sellable today but, most of the pieces you recreate are so perfect and precise they seem sterile to me, and less human made. If you presented your work to people back then you would probably be considered a witch and treated as such. In the future, I hope to see works crafted by hand with more raw outcomes. There's nothing wrong with a little casting imperfections here or there, misalignments, and spine to cutting edge measurement differences. Being able to see these imperfections inspires ones imagination, and wills them on a journey of how it was made drawing them into the piece more resulting in more attachment and wonder.
scoobtoober29 - 10 måneder siden
Put some projects on the wall in the Gem shop. Axes and daggers
Erik H
Erik H - 10 måneder siden
Do the Blue (or Red) DyKem song Alec!
Red Rolo
Red Rolo - 10 måneder siden
This was a nice long episode.
Jonathan Schubert
Jonathan Schubert - 10 måneder siden
I like how you guys are centering by eye like you live in a universe without right angle squares
Kelsey Oakes
Kelsey Oakes - 10 måneder siden
Anyone know the songs they were playing through the speaker at the start? 😁
Motor 2of7
Motor 2of7 - 10 måneder siden
The look on Will’s face when Alec showed him the pommel with the broken stud in it.....priceless.
roy panchelli
roy panchelli - 10 måneder siden
if you wanted a wire that would oxidize or blacken you should have used "lockwire" or kanthal (used for vapes) both are similar chemistry and will blacken with heat.
MyNameBeginsWithV - 10 måneder siden
It would be sweet if you made progress in 1 video. Instead of 15 mundane videos.
Ryan German
Ryan German - 10 måneder siden
You guys should compete on "Forged in Fire"
Arvex - 10 måneder siden
I'm a bit curious, how much does it weigh fully assembled?
David Thaxton
David Thaxton - 10 måneder siden
“This is how heavy it was before, and this is how heavy it is now” hahahahahaha brilliant
knightshade86 - 10 måneder siden
Was fishing for Striped Bass this morning on the east coast and my brother brought along Steele leaders in case we run into some Blue Fish, and it got me thinking it is already a twisted wire comes in black and is fairly inexpensive, if you can find it in Montana at your local sporting goods store or fishing supply depot you might be able to use that
Don Pearce
Don Pearce - 10 måneder siden
Finally!!! After a very long absence... The triumphant return of "Need a tool, Make a tool"!!!!
Viktor of Bearisland
Viktor of Bearisland - 10 måneder siden
the fun of all the puns
FoxPurple - 10 måneder siden
What's the song that's coming from the speaker?
Rafael Esguerra
Rafael Esguerra - 10 måneder siden
Server: Saitama just joined the server
me: oh no
Joshua Miranda
Joshua Miranda - 10 måneder siden
Do you guys ever use hot cutting tools
Randall Banta
Randall Banta - 10 måneder siden
left hand drill bits help
Bella Hash
Bella Hash - 10 måneder siden
Is anyone seeing that he looks like Louis Robinson from meet the Robinson’s like if not y’all blind
Dave Kavanagh
Dave Kavanagh - 10 måneder siden
For small parts like that, when you only have a 4 mill thread for support, you're better off using HHS cutters, the carbide is designed for a heavy chip load, and doesn't cut so effectively without it, it doesn't have the same sharp cutting edge as HHS.
Love the gags this vid and cant wait till see what you've done with Bobby Duke Arts
Jebidiah_Crumps - 10 måneder siden
Will really loves chamfering things
Justin Carpenter
Justin Carpenter - 10 måneder siden
enjoying the return of the humor :D
Niels Cremer
Niels Cremer - 10 måneder siden
Oh god Alec's accent is coming along nicely
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson - 10 måneder siden
In the future when you twist wire, it usually breaks less when you twist it slower, it takes more time however in my experience it breaks less, try giving that a shot next time rather than blasting it out in a minute. it may also help with twisting more evenly in the future.
DIY with Uncle Cy
DIY with Uncle Cy - 10 måneder siden
Oh My freaking God. I have been looking for a decent Blue tooth Speaker. And with that discount I couldn't pass it up. Thanks Alec.
krkn - 10 måneder siden
*Will walks away* Hilarious! I love you guys!
Kermit Clein
Kermit Clein - 10 måneder siden
OMG i had to laugh SO HARD at 9:35 xDD Sorry Alec!!
John Brock
John Brock - 10 måneder siden
How dose a sword breaker work?
Will Warren
Will Warren - 10 måneder siden
Man, hawking kove speakers? They're just a prop company that bought a bunch of wholesale mediocre quality speakers and slapped a made up brand on them. I know all brands are technically made up, what I mean is that there is no company, no culture, no design process. This could easily be two people in their uncle's basement. That 65% off discount is also bogus. It's always available because it makes consumers think they're getting a deal on a great product. You can find the same exact speaker (I mean same exact, not comparable) on amazon for as low as $45 USD. I enjoy your content, Alec, but this feels like it was just about getting paid not taking care of your fans or wanting us to have a cool product.
Craig Sudman
Craig Sudman - 10 måneder siden
Good save Alec, mistakes happen, fact of just has to learn to make the best of things when they head south, eh.
Lael D-L
Lael D-L - 10 måneder siden
Will is right tho. You need some color in that office
The M.A.G
The M.A.G - 10 måneder siden
So passive aggressive with each other that’s tough
Grey Steinhauer
Grey Steinhauer - 10 måneder siden
Your shop is def in Belgrade Montana
Bram Weinreder
Bram Weinreder - 10 måneder siden
So not having a top day, then? Happens to the best. Still good content.
Sean Guidera
Sean Guidera - 10 måneder siden
I think it would be awesome if you forged the mask that the man in the iron mask wore!
Ryan Terleski
Ryan Terleski - 10 måneder siden
That top left corner forces the whole thing down and centered, so if you have to take any off, opposite side of what you think you may need. Seems to work well for me.
Ders972 - 10 måneder siden
It's crazy how when something looks good to me, you work on it for 5 more videos.... lol..... probably why you are a pro and I am a nobody
samoanboxersav1 - 10 måneder siden
How much to have will make a chef knife for me
shenipsitforge cjm
shenipsitforge cjm - 10 måneder siden
Alec and Will, I don't know how hot you heated that galvanized wire, but you should Google "Metal Fume Fever", as zinc oxide (ZnO) fumes can be toxic.
Mike Pettengill
Mike Pettengill - 10 måneder siden
yeah, I looked in the comments first thinking I would see "don't touch that its (poison name here). You can't weld on galvanized metal cause it turns into cyanide doesn't it?
Okina - 10 måneder siden
your mom takes "raw African black wood" JK, had to do it.
Adam Martin
Adam Martin - 10 måneder siden
Alec, you should try creating the Assassin's Creed III axe! It would be soooooooo awesome! Here's the specs if you decide to do so..
Blade length: 8.3"
Blade Width: 4.5"
Blade Thickness: 1.1"
Handle Length: 16.1"
Handle Diameter: 1.2"
giboron - 10 måneder siden
you to are funny cool and I like to say that I like to see you to make a knife and see who can make it faster
Flixamon - 10 måneder siden
Question, you’ve almost hit 2mil, so for a 2 million sub special, may I suggest

Platinum and Gold Damascus?
R W - 10 måneder siden
All I can think of is throtl when they play that song
Brandan Palmer
Brandan Palmer - 10 måneder siden
Hey does anyone know the name of that glasses sponsor on this channel? I’m interested but I can’t find a video that has them sponsoring it
ardvark84 - 10 måneder siden
You have gone thus far without testing if it could actualy brake any swords. Come on Will, do it, you know you want to:) Tak that Alec's Claymor haha
Ian Zoerb
Ian Zoerb - 10 måneder siden
Please do a Damascus cooking pan in the style of a cast iron pan 👍
Patman Crowley
Patman Crowley - 10 måneder siden
New suggestion! Make four more spools, drill a hole in them all, put upsweeping pegs on one of your tool carts and mount the spools on the cart for storage. You never know when you'll need one and you won't have to unspool and respool your stuff.
Alex Gnatiuk
Alex Gnatiuk - 10 måneder siden
I'm glad these 2 aren't putting up my fence...
Fencingrat - 10 måneder siden
Hate to mention this, Alec and Will, but the concave transition from the guard "block" to the quillions is looking too thin for practical use - - remember that it's not only the cut outs / blade catcher spaces along the blade that are meant to hold an opposing sword, but the quillions also, and that's done by engaging the incoming blade (flat-to-flat, not edge-to-edge) with the main gauche blade and twisting the main gauche over so that the quillions "grab" also to be able to control the threatening sword. I think your guard would bend if impacted directly by a sword blow, or bend/break under twisting when the main gauche is properly used. Will - you may have filled down too far!
Derek Miller
Derek Miller - 10 måneder siden
8:49 you can see the gears turning in Will's head as he desperately tries to come up with a metallic pun retort
James Runyon
James Runyon - 10 måneder siden
so i checked the price of this thing, and i almost pooped myself. its like 200 bucks!
but after the discount, its 70, which is cheaper than a jbl flip, which in my mind is the guy to beat (music pun) in the portable speaker industry.
Kyle Yoder
Kyle Yoder - 10 måneder siden
Myself and others at work call your sandpaper mandrel a "Tootsie Roll." I have made many and use them often.
Micah Yahr
Micah Yahr - 10 måneder siden
Okay, that Kove commuter speaker was a freakin Steele..pun intended. No really it is $130 off, heck of a good buy.
Georg Berting
Georg Berting - 10 måneder siden
Make a flip knife for killing
Disci - 10 måneder siden
The lathe chuck handle looks like a hot dog
Benedict Dela Cruz
Benedict Dela Cruz - 10 måneder siden
beware of pigs literally.
Dave Jenkins
Dave Jenkins - 10 måneder siden
Idea for next video: "Will Hand Sands a Guard: Uncut, Extended Version".
OhWhaleJosh - 10 måneder siden
Always the words before disaster “maybe I can do this cold”
Deprata ONE
Deprata ONE - 10 måneder siden
Imagine if James Charles doing this.🤔
Mathieu Renaud
Mathieu Renaud - 10 måneder siden
OK this has been an on-going trend for a few videos now. There are WAY too many camera shot changes in too short a period of time. there are 35 camera changes in less than 28 seconds. I love the content, but this takes away from the immersive experience... Each camera angle change should have an actual purpose, not just beat-matching music - it's disorienting
Smokenchoken 173
Smokenchoken 173 - 10 måneder siden
Idea on pommel, to remove more weight grind out the identical swirl to match the handle
CinnamonWombat - 10 måneder siden
You could see it all over Will's face "How could you do this to me?"
Mr. Lucky Lyon
Mr. Lucky Lyon - 10 måneder siden
Make jon snow sword