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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 10:23


Danie Müller
Danie Müller - 3 måneder siden
Noob question: Can't you make a small/thin wooden "washer" type end piece that sits between the pommel and the handle? That way, you can shape it to go from round to oval, to finish the transition from round to oval on the handle and just glue and pin it in place to not move perpendicular with the handle?
Steven Ritter
Steven Ritter - 3 måneder siden
I love having Will on here. Alec, you need to change the name of the channel to the Alec and Will Blacksmithing and Comedy Hour though :) Keep up the great work fellows!
Ante Taicho
Ante Taicho - 5 måneder siden
3:50 For a milli second I thought Will spun around a sausage on a fork, or something... Proceed
Monster5521 - 6 måneder siden
It sounds like Alec licks steel but it’s a unique name and I like it
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers - 9 måneder siden
Why do you guys use threaded pommels? Why not use a peened pommel to match with originals. They're more secure and you don't have to worry about indexing :/
katarzynazofia - 9 måneder siden
Oh, Will again, cool!!
Lauren Vaughn
Lauren Vaughn - 9 måneder siden
Wish I could slide into Will’s DM’s as smoothly as he promotes merch 10:13
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams - 9 måneder siden
Wow, way too many cuts in this, much too bouncy...
Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen - 9 måneder siden
Why isn’t this one on the playlist?
jorden elsberry
jorden elsberry - 10 måneder siden
This video isn't in the playlist
pmm4177 - 10 måneder siden
I love to see young people with a passion for old school fabrication instead of skinny Jean's and nicki Minaj
spawn5569 - 10 måneder siden
Forged in fire contestants made one in five days and it works and looks a million times better
Random Guy
Random Guy - 10 måneder siden
spawn5569 correction: Subjectively look much better but are significantly less complicated in design, detail, and fit & finish. Alec was offered a spot in the Forged in Fire contest years ago, and could probably do it anytime he wants, but he has turned down the offer because he wanted to get better back then, and since has said he wants to focus on this channel.
Ragnarok Gunner
Ragnarok Gunner - 10 måneder siden
Welcome to the will show. Not that I love don’t love what Alec dose. The last few shows have been all about will. He should get the recognition and the respect he deserves.
Meh Whatevs
Meh Whatevs - 10 måneder siden
Cute little boy “using” daddy’s workshop 🤣
Random Guy
Random Guy - 10 måneder siden
Silver Hunter Alec Steele owns the whole shop, he has bought everything through the last 7 years of commissioned work, teaching, and mostly NOburn sponsorship. Also this is the combination shop of Alec and Will.
Meetim - 10 måneder siden
This video: forging square bar round.
Next video: forging round bar square.
Ronnie Chandler
Ronnie Chandler - 10 måneder siden
Damn can you drag out making a knife? I'd rather you go back cause i liked the videos that were made back then.
pastieass - 10 måneder siden
Sorry but Alec moving steel is why i watch your videos. These are becoming Will episodes an its just not the same. No offense Will but its just not
Third Watch
Third Watch - 10 måneder siden
Great job Will, I love the content on this channel.
kamakazi339 - 10 måneder siden
Threads are not in freedom units???? You blaspheme!!!!!
Michael Veltkamp
Michael Veltkamp - 10 måneder siden
That sigh of resignation at the beginning when he mentions Alec's fiancé because it doesn't get to be him. RIP Will+Alec
CMDR KIA Gary - 10 måneder siden
Counting the amount of times will says he is going to 'go ahead' and do something in these videos is really entertaining!
Kim Jung Un
Kim Jung Un - 10 måneder siden
Does it break swords ? Could have tested that already !
Blue Dykem
Blue Dykem - 10 måneder siden
Don’t listen to red dykem he’s in denial (of my superiority)
Nick Tsangarides
Nick Tsangarides - 10 måneder siden
Who is this mystery fiancé? We keep hearing her mentioned but know nothing about her
Patricia Eroz
Patricia Eroz - 10 måneder siden
We 💃🏽😎😎🌝🌝
Like Watching U’ALL Work❗️
In The Upcoming Holo-GameZ
Will Surely Appreciate
This Sword-Breaker❗️
Catch U’ALL Later.
Rtistic Pictures
Rtistic Pictures - 10 måneder siden
Wait, so Alec’s mystery fiancé is a maker too? Get her on this channel Alec!
Marios Stratoulias
Marios Stratoulias - 10 måneder siden
You idiot nobody cares!we want to see it on action
Toby Garcia
Toby Garcia - 10 måneder siden
Anyone here remember when this was a blacksmithing channel?
Lyulf - 10 måneder siden
Coffee mug sponsored i will buy to support the wedding lol
Loyal 1872
Loyal 1872 - 10 måneder siden
They should get a competition going at the start of each project for viewers to guess how many episodes it’s going to take to finish.
Ethan Bammerlin
Ethan Bammerlin - 10 måneder siden
“It holds coffee really well” as cups do, thank you Will.

Also please stop breaking things, first the sword, now your mug
Vincent Minnucci
Vincent Minnucci - 10 måneder siden
Not a criticism, just a critique - Will is fantastic, love his dynamic with Alec - but in Will's "monologues" he constantly blocks his face from view with his hands and with whatever he's holding (sword, billet, handle, etc). It takes away from what he's saying and can get quite distracting. Would love to see that worked out of the monologues, otherwise keep up the AMAZING work!! Best maker channel on the YouTubes!
Potato Pete
Potato Pete - 10 måneder siden
So Alec moves to Montana and immediately picks up an American accent? Crazyyy.
Drum toxic
Drum toxic - 10 måneder siden
I know you've made a few modifications to it over the years, but what is the base model of your belt sander? It's a far cry from the ones I have access to which are glorified pedestal grinders =p
xTHE x ADVANTAGEx - 10 måneder siden
Can you imagine how good these guys will be in twenty years?!
Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes - 10 måneder siden
Wtf why is there no new video and this is now the stelter channel, Alex isn't even there! Sad!
Torben Larsen
Torben Larsen - 10 måneder siden
where is the Laird of the house mr A
Jean-Marc Labonte
Jean-Marc Labonte - 10 måneder siden
I wholeheartedly agree with what Garry Waters wrote below, make it out of two pieces. Having a spacer that is oval on one end and round on the other will give you the ability to adjust the pommel when the wood dries out or if the alignment needs to be adjusted.
171CAMARO - 10 måneder siden
I didn't know I was subscribed to the Will Stelter Chanel
AR G - 10 måneder siden
I really enjoy watching Will work. Too bad he didn't have a channel get suggested to me years ago, or I'd be following them both.
Chris Graham
Chris Graham - 10 måneder siden
starts with a giant square hunk, forges and squishes it semi round just to grind it roundish and then cut 50% of it away on the lathe..... if only they sold it in round form......... lol
Tomáš Bortel
Tomáš Bortel - 10 måneder siden
Will! File and smile mug would be perfect for you!
Tobias Jäggi
Tobias Jäggi - 10 måneder siden
What about forging a damascus halberd as the next big project? I can only imagine how awesome you could make it look😍
BIG REV 1 - 10 måneder siden
Does Alec Steele still work here?
kirk ruiz
kirk ruiz - 10 måneder siden
Hey could yall do a gallowglass sword would love to see one made. Thanks
Mike Jeffers
Mike Jeffers - 10 måneder siden
Nice mug
Happy Span
Happy Span - 10 måneder siden
Well I hope it holds coffee well
Jaeden Carlsen
Jaeden Carlsen - 10 måneder siden
Make a Damascus steel swiss army knife.
Sir Ash
Sir Ash - 10 måneder siden
I'm tired of Will 😩

Well I'm tired of solo Will
Tsuokari - 10 måneder siden
Has will killed Alec and taken over his channel?
Jared Edgar
Jared Edgar - 10 måneder siden
Hey Alec,
You guys should make a Damascus Steel Cuban Chain bracelet! Just a thought.
bsmb091011 B
bsmb091011 B - 10 måneder siden
I think now that alec has a fiancee you'll notice his forearms start to even out
XL Adventure Motorcycle Rider
XL Adventure Motorcycle Rider - 10 måneder siden
You had turned me on to Salem Straub a while back. He's amazing! Like how you credit all your influences/mentors.
Pete Mould
Pete Mould - 10 måneder siden
You put paste wax blade on the grip shaft and slid the wood handle onto the paste wax-covered handle, might not bond to the wood as it could be contaminated. Also, hope you put some paste wax cover the pommel threads or they will be bonded? If they are, Try putting it in the freezer, The temp difference will "possibly" break "possibly" the epoxy bond. BTW, Try BROWNELLS - acraglass gel release agent. It ill not affect the wood and is micro-thin when dried.
High Rock Honey
High Rock Honey - 10 måneder siden
Great video Will! But where's Mr. Steele!? Bring him back to his channel!! :D
High Rock Honey
High Rock Honey - 10 måneder siden
@Timothy S. omg omg omg that is going to be beyond epic!!! thanks! cant wait!
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 10 måneder siden
He's currently in Texas working on a project with Bobby Duke
daddy roach
daddy roach - 10 måneder siden
You should try making a Greek spear for the movie 300
Josef Loukota
Josef Loukota - 10 måneder siden
I miss Alec's videos. Will is fine, but I'm here to watch Alec's videos...
Chad Bond
Chad Bond - 10 måneder siden
Atlantean Sword please..
Braeden Hamson
Braeden Hamson - 10 måneder siden
I hope that when Alec gets back he's covered in red dykem clutching blue dykem
Phil Burns
Phil Burns - 10 måneder siden
So Alec, is at home 🏡 doing
Sir Ash
Sir Ash - 10 måneder siden
That's what his green card is for. I mean fiance 😁
Sam May
Sam May - 10 måneder siden
Great videos, although I wasn’t aware that I subscribed to Wills page!!! Alec your the guy I subscribed for and want to see. Will is great but shouldn’t have more airtime than you on your own channel.
Marshal Downs
Marshal Downs - 10 måneder siden
Not gonna lie, you lost me on this project when you had it cut out by water jet.
Focalplane - 10 måneder siden
Just what every guy wants.. A pink coffee cup....yay! (not)
Robert Miller
Robert Miller - 10 måneder siden
Whats the chances of you guys trying ypur luck at forging a set of deer horn knifes as the next series.
Mladen Bacic
Mladen Bacic - 10 måneder siden
Can we get Alec to make videos...... I mean if i wanted to watch this dude i would go to his channel if he has one. I didnt come here for him!
AARON B - 10 måneder siden
Love this channel. One question tho! Why bother to forge the pommel if you're going to turn it that far down anyway? Why not just go straight to the lathe
no name
no name - 10 måneder siden
Too many parts..... i miss the old videos....
Willie B
Willie B - 10 måneder siden
Same. It's sad. Used to be a cool ass sword in 5 episodes that were also daily. Now it's every 3 days. Takes a month and a half to make anything. Getting bored here
AlexGoodHindConditioning - 10 måneder siden
Nothing I love more then a 10:23 video about how to START modelling a handle and thread the pommel
AlexGoodHindConditioning - 10 måneder siden
I agree gets a bit boring just notifications all the time "sword breaker part..." it's like dead content at this point and every part just seems dragged out to 10 minute this could have easily been cut to 5 minutes then the other 5 minutes more progress.
Asremzee Ab Razak
Asremzee Ab Razak - 10 måneder siden
Very Nice technique using paste wax, But do you think the transition from handle to pommel is too subtle which make it the weakest point of stress? Do you think it might looks better by inserting cap in between that in so that it gave a better transition and stronger too...
Rakdoss - 10 måneder siden
isn't the guard on backwards?
dezeis1 - 10 måneder siden
ehm.. i don't think thats M4 thread.. looks to be M8 or M6. M4 wouldn't be strong enough also...
The outside diameter of the bolt in millimeters determines the thread size when your dealing with metric
Jack Harvey Saunders
Jack Harvey Saunders - 10 måneder siden
You guys should make a pata next (gauntlet sword from India) its hella dope!
Flame Boy
Flame Boy - 10 måneder siden
I vote for equal billing rights for Will!
ebarbosa11 - 10 måneder siden
So, the sponsor of the day is just to mention that will is not Alecs fiance?
Crafted by Tim
Crafted by Tim - 10 måneder siden
haha love the mug!! thats awesome!
Ivan Primadi
Ivan Primadi - 10 måneder siden
Part 3000
Ozijak - 10 måneder siden
Hahaha love your work Will. Keep the epic work pumping out!
mysticalmystia - 10 måneder siden
Alec is making bank of the work of will lol and then taking it and spending it on his woman. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Bri - 10 måneder siden
It'll take a second, LOL
Christopher Gray
Christopher Gray - 10 måneder siden
Yes we get it. You drink coffee. Very well done. Whens alec back? Too much cringe.
Stephen L
Stephen L - 10 måneder siden
So, here's the thing. Millions of us subbed to Alec's channel. This is not a slight against you, Will, you're a cool guy and you do good work, but for Alec to simply drop off like that, with no explanation, multiple episodes with not a word, that's a bit disrespectful. I'm not even saying we need intimate details of his goings on, just a heads up, "hey, going to be out for a couple of weeks dealing with life/wedding/vacation/jury duty and will is going to be running the shop" whatever would be appreciated.
Stephen L
Stephen L - 10 måneder siden
And who's that at 7:41???