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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 15:18


Bob Hotchkiss
Bob Hotchkiss - 2 dager siden
Could have just electro-etched the die out for a easier and more accurate result.
Joe's fishing adventures
Joe's fishing adventures - 3 dager siden
Who saw the south african flag if you are from south Africa pls like my comment
The Higher Society
The Higher Society - 6 dager siden
Just make two punches with two designs that combine would make the original design
The Higher Society
The Higher Society - 6 dager siden
Quick question if anyone knows it, what is the salt like stuff hes sprinkling on the metal, what is it and why is he doing it ?
Isaiah Campbell
Isaiah Campbell - 6 dager siden
Their shop is amazing. Owning one like this is a bucket list item.
Zach KG
Zach KG - 9 dager siden
Not the way I'd have done it but goodnuff. 👍
BatosaiJobi - 12 dager siden
Did anybody else have a problem with the fact that the Mandalorian tv show had the metal melted down, after seeing that it was so beautifully pattern welded like this piece?
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan - 14 dager siden
Could of cleaned the mig shroud
Blake Golledge
Blake Golledge - 15 dager siden
Now the real challenge forge the armor
Davis Tuck
Davis Tuck - 19 dager siden
Just a heads up, beskar is an iron not a steel. Its incredibly dense and extremely heat resistant
Brian Leabo
Brian Leabo - 22 dager siden
Cast the punch
Krono - 25 dager siden
The Empire is coming at you for creating counterfeit currency.
DefinitelyDiverse - 25 dager siden
Do you have a website to buy some of your work?! I’d love to get my hands on one of these!
William Quinlan
William Quinlan - 27 dager siden
I’d buy a bar of that
Jeff Russell
Jeff Russell - 28 dager siden
I would love one of these. Epic job.
darthbuzz - 28 dager siden
2:13 Did you have a face transplant and a new voice box?
Who is this person?
Thomas Tyler
Thomas Tyler - 28 dager siden
I'd buy one. Like now.
Judy Hubbard
Judy Hubbard - 28 dager siden
what forge do you use
LKYFN - 29 dager siden
CONSPIRACY THEORY (rlly just a coincidence”) the number 17 is showed in this several times between the ruler and the number of layers of demascus. 17 was xxxtentacions personal number which was tattooed on the side of his head. furthering that point the length of the vid is 15:18. if you add 1 and 5 you get 6:18 which is the day that x died. (this is just a coincidence but humor me please😅) love your vids alec keep it up
Morlar the Dark Wizard
Morlar the Dark Wizard - Måned siden
This is the way!!!
Mark Archila
Mark Archila - Måned siden
I enjoyed your video, you do good work. My only comments are that your imprint looks more like a snowflake with a bulbous ends on the inside . It should look more "Cog-like", Square, hard ends not rounded. But ,other than that, great great work all the same, keep up the good work.
captlargo - Måned siden
Forged currency is obviously forged ...
Ishmam Masud - Cuz I Can
Ishmam Masud - Cuz I Can - Måned siden
And when making that statement I accidentally switched my keyboard to Icelandic.
Don't tell me how that happened. I have no idea.
*Þetta er leiðin.*
The Physicist
The Physicist - Måned siden
You have to do the bars from looper
George Pitt
George Pitt - Måned siden
if a stamp is too hard to make one way, couldn't you make the inverse of the stamp (what you want on the final product), stamp something, cut that out, and use that new something as the stamp?
Clutch Kickers
Clutch Kickers - Måned siden
i want to buy one
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez - Måned siden
always wonder why everyone calls it Damascus steel considering that was a lost roman smithing steel formula it's Damascus patterned steel not actual Damascus itself. great video though I really enjoyed it keep it up Alex
Google Name
Google Name - Måned siden
What are the dimensions?
The Shatz
The Shatz - Måned siden
If it were me, I wouldn't be happy with the stamp. The centre of the stamp is incorrect. You basicly have a snow flake. Its meant to be a hexagon in the middle as well with 6 small thin lines running perpendicular to the hexagon from the corners with small circles on the end of them.
Lesedi Dlamini
Lesedi Dlamini - Måned siden
South African flag✊🏾✊🏾
glutton85 - Måned siden
why didn't he cut the image directly into the bar instead of making a stamp?
Cody Klews
Cody Klews - Måned siden
Not to be that guy but they don’t use it as currency in the show, they’re trading it because it has inherent value because you can make blaster proof things from it.
Clone Pilots
Clone Pilots - Måned siden
and this why I'm subscribed
Stephen Owen
Stephen Owen - Måned siden
This is the way.
Marek Małecki
Marek Małecki - Måned siden
The mark could also be burned with a fiber laser.
Tiago Kang
Tiago Kang - Måned siden
Damascus cell phone cover anyone?
T. Hane
T. Hane - Måned siden
now make 11 more and a case
gaming titan
gaming titan - Måned siden
Sorry to spoil the mood but its Mandalorian iron not steel
Captain Beardy
Captain Beardy - Måned siden
Only problem I have with this is the emblem apart from that it was cool to see an awesome tv show get a cool prop made out of a beautiful piece of steel.
Zardoz1944 - Måned siden
If you have a Bar of Damascus like that, can you then reforge it into whatever you want without losing the design?
TORR MTROOPER - Måned siden
Anyone else really got the hots for Alex?
Context: I am a 20 year old guy with a girlfriend
louis jaques
louis jaques - Måned siden
for the punch you dont need to invert it, instead you could press it onto another piece of metal and that would give you the one you need
MrTwincam316 - Måned siden
At 1.32 seconds a piece of music starts, please tell me the name!
im the husky who love you
im the husky who love you - Måned siden
15 min for a one metal brick
McBride Motorsports
McBride Motorsports - Måned siden
I love that fact that you moved to my Home State of MT. We need more skilled tradesmen from all around the world. Working with your hands as a way of life and making a living is a dying thing in our society. And is really how I was raised in my beautiful home state. I also have family in the Black Hills of SD. So if you ever get a chance go visit. Its also a beautiful place.
Ernomouse - Måned siden
Regarding this pesky lil' punch problem: So once upon a thyme I had the same one. To make the negative of your pattern is tedious to say the LEAST! After a bit of thinking I thought hey! If I can hallmark my knives with a stamp, I can also make a stamp with which I can stamp my stamp. So I made a positive stamp of my hallmark with which I stamped the business end of of my negative stamp, with which I have been hallmarking my blades ever since. AND when that stamp wears out, I still have the stamp-stamp to stamp my stamp so my hallmark will look pretty much the same every time.
I don't know if that's a good thing, but it is a thing.
SenseiKai - Måned siden
Alec can you do a video on Induction forging (maybe VS traditional fire forging)
Christine Lowrie
Christine Lowrie - Måned siden
After watching that I want to marry you!
Sizzling Grill
Sizzling Grill - Måned siden
Make a shoulder pad out of it
Sizzling Grill
Sizzling Grill - Måned siden
Plot twist: the prop was just steel with sharpie lines on it
Otniel E Fasoli
Otniel E Fasoli - 2 måneder siden
Why didn't make the punch you were thinking of and pressed it to an other cylinder? The patterns would have inverted, seemed easier...
Somekinda Druiddude
Somekinda Druiddude - 2 måneder siden
Nice work Mando
Gilbert McKown
Gilbert McKown - 2 måneder siden
It’s too bad that the logo is wrong
Power Search
Power Search - 2 måneder siden
True artisan's say "lets make this by hand"
Mitch Lawless
Mitch Lawless - 2 måneder siden
Imagine a whole kitchen bench top or feature-wall or house made of Damascus steel.
Joshua Witt
Joshua Witt - 2 måneder siden
Green, big flakey, mass momentum stabilization element, freedom trigger- electrical contact surface... 2,8,18,32,18,1 (gold)
Joshua Witt
Joshua Witt - 2 måneder siden
Long Schlong Ping Pong. Electrum in gold. Encrypted legally retired moon temple priest combat emulator with hermaphrodite soul people money.
Peter Goodall
Peter Goodall - 2 måneder siden
Hey guys, love your work. A suggestion, don’t mask the instructional content with too much visual bling. Creative production is good, but there is a lot of lasting value in seeing the detail of how stuff is done.
Kyle Ike
Kyle Ike - 2 måneder siden
I love this channel and its content but as a machinist it stresses me out at times. But that's a pretty impressive me nc job!
Jesse Robinson
Jesse Robinson - 2 måneder siden
did you put salt on it ?
Matt Forster
Matt Forster - 2 måneder siden
Please stop calling pattern welded material "damascus".... you know damn well it isn't.
Darren Hill
Darren Hill - 2 måneder siden
You need to do a run of these in the store.
deth - 2 måneder siden
It's not just beskar steel, it's an imperial bar of beskar steel. The star wars equivilant of Nazi gold.
keir farnum
keir farnum - 2 måneder siden
You need to test it against a blaster. Quick, call Han Solo!
Liam Mystery
Liam Mystery - 2 måneder siden
Can not take this person seriously
Jamesfirehummer - 2 måneder siden
ah, proof of work.
jinxUKBK - 2 måneder siden
S t f u Alec u w anker
Jack Raudys
Jack Raudys - 2 måneder siden
I just got this in my recommended and once again youtube... YOU DO NOT DISAPPOINT!!!!!
Livewire - 2 måneder siden
Clever use of music that sounds very close to certain songs but totally isn't. Alec and Will are some sharp fellas.
Fredrick Leicht
Fredrick Leicht - 2 måneder siden
Dude made chips not birds nest!
Don Quixote
Don Quixote - 2 måneder siden
Please stop saying Damascus (which is a place) when referring to european attemptes to re-create true Damascus (commonly referred to as Wootz Damascus). European attempts to recreate is called pattern welded steel and would be faux or counterfiet Damascus ( again from the place).
Cyro-Nydd - 2 måneder siden
Lovely montage!!! Worth re-watching!
Guy Courtenay
Guy Courtenay - 2 måneder siden
Sam Midwood
Sam Midwood - 2 måneder siden
You should make the mandalorian smiths hammer
grey_ronin86 - 2 måneder siden
That’s awesome you know about LEAN. I first learned about it in the military and hope to set up a shop in the future using said practices. 🤙
therandomdudeyouhate - 2 måneder siden
I like how yours actually looks a lot better than the Original
Bladimir Tarango
Bladimir Tarango - 2 måneder siden
Who else just watched the full 3 min ad of doctor squatch soap?
Christophernaz - 2 måneder siden
It looks kinda like one of your, tap and die sets.
Petr Melichar
Petr Melichar - 2 måneder siden
Really fascinating video! But, are really all americans that patriotic, that they have to wear their flag on the T-shirt and also hang it on almost every possible surface? XD
Slytherin Guy
Slytherin Guy - 2 måneder siden
The funniest part is he is originally British
Dipstrip - 2 måneder siden
why do you insist on saying damascus instead of pattern welded?