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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 12:27


Jim Batterman
Jim Batterman - Måned siden
Your mig wire is supposed to feed from the top of the spool on that Lincoln welder
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson - Måned siden
How about making real old steel Damascus steel
Frank Morris
Frank Morris - 2 måneder siden
hey alec why don't u & will forge the mrs a set of gardening hand tool's i'm pretty sure that she'll like those a lot !!!!
Matthew Meuleman
Matthew Meuleman - 2 måneder siden
when did Alex get a wife
Diego A
Diego A - 2 måneder siden
I'll forever wonder, why not just a door and hinges?
Stuart Francis
Stuart Francis - 2 måneder siden
The kregans two peace from highlander
Jasin Colegrove
Jasin Colegrove - 2 måneder siden
I’d put limit switches somewhere. Would help avoid damage to the motors if and when you press the wrong peddle and the motors bind
#FLAMINBASS - 2 måneder siden
4:48 American Lead
Riley Mannion
Riley Mannion - 3 måneder siden
Why don't you just use gears to multiply the motor torque
Ashley Tran
Ashley Tran - 3 måneder siden
What if you made a Damascus steel kitchen knife
hugh link
hugh link - 3 måneder siden
Very nice but how many can afford to make one
George Illing
George Illing - 3 måneder siden
I know this is a bit late but, the switches you have are 6 pin double throw. meaning one set of the pins are normally open (NO) and the other set are normally closed (NC) with the centre two usually being ground.
All you need to do is swap you cable from the NC terminals to the NO terminals. Not adjust your code.
Lee Spurgeon
Lee Spurgeon - 3 måneder siden
You guys are so funny. Such a cool and entertaining channel!
zerocool - 3 måneder siden
Im guessing some double doors on hinges is not complicated enough lmao
jeppe lysebjerg
jeppe lysebjerg - 3 måneder siden
You Guys really need an Electronics nerd on the team. If i lived nearby i would be thrilled.
UmbraPhi - 3 måneder siden
Are there exhaust holes fore the air you are pumping into that wireing box?
Perseus Whitemane
Perseus Whitemane - 3 måneder siden
American Lead :D
Andy Dittmar
Andy Dittmar - 3 måneder siden
All the electricians are over here screaming at you for those buttons. A couple quick resistance tests and you could have gotten them working.
Ying Yen Lin
Ying Yen Lin - 3 måneder siden
if you want to activate them together, it's probably best to have an endstop switch at the bottom of the doors, so the Arduino knows where the real-world 0 position is. This way you won't lose sync between the two doors.
Luciano - 3 måneder siden
Achei que iria fazer uma caixa de engrenagens pra multiplicar o torque do motor de passo.
Kevin Ostberg
Kevin Ostberg - 3 måneder siden
"A grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain't." ~ AvE
Shaun Bookout
Shaun Bookout - 3 måneder siden
I noticed when you put mig wire in the wire was coming in at angle. Flip wire where it's coming from top matching angle of puller motor
yxkutt - 4 måneder siden
have you thought about making the forge doors close by releasing the foot pedal?
svajeren - 4 måneder siden
On of the Coolest things i have seen been built on youtube!!
David Rosalsky
David Rosalsky - 4 måneder siden
Barret Radtke
Barret Radtke - 4 måneder siden
cant help but to notice you didn't add a exhaust fan, you have a intake but have nowhere for the hot air to escape too.
Matthew C
Matthew C - 4 måneder siden
Nooooo!!!!! Projects should never be left on the breadboard permanently. 😢
S.G. Gillis
S.G. Gillis - 4 måneder siden
Using a automatic garage door opening, would have given you two remotes, a manual button that could easily been converted into a foot switch.....the chain and sprockets would operate the lift and the weight of the doors wouldn't have been an issue.
It also would have been way cheaper and dust wouldn't be a problem either.
James Vibert
James Vibert - 4 måneder siden
Proud of you. Well done you
Chris Graham
Chris Graham - 4 måneder siden
all that work to make a pass through lead canister.... just use a solid piece of round stock and weld a tab on top and bottom. cable from doors attaches to top, cable to motor attaches to bottom. done simple counterweight
Mission Trails
Mission Trails - 4 måneder siden
Forge the best trident. Most accurate, coolest and strongest after 24 hours wins
Ron Bakker
Ron Bakker - 5 måneder siden
You better turn that wirespool around m8, less friction ;)
Kay Bouie
Kay Bouie - 5 måneder siden
Did anyone say - spring shears? S. vs S.😉
David De Montigny
David De Montigny - 5 måneder siden
You guys should forge something based on mathematical numbers like Fibonacci's suite or the golden ratio number! That would be one excellent challenge :D
Aceystar 1
Aceystar 1 - 5 måneder siden
You should've said last decade
Devon Friesen
Devon Friesen - 5 måneder siden
I'm sorry to be one of those guys, but your wire may have difficulties running under the spool in the welder. over would be easier on all the inner workings that feed it.
PureSilverFox - 5 måneder siden
I was today years old when I learned that the difference between MIG and TIG working was just as I suspected.
I figured it was something to do with the way the 2 objects were attached, but didn't know specifically.
For those as uninformed as I was (and put simply), MIG welding uses a wire that melts itself to the objects. TIG welding just melts the objects together
Nick Flewelling
Nick Flewelling - 5 måneder siden
Why wouldnt you just buy a bigger motor to handle the weight of the door?
adam brown
adam brown - 5 måneder siden
Alex if that is a Linclon 256 the wire should be feeding from the top of the spool. So it rotates counterclockwise. Not a big deal but it will wear out your plastic guide.
txpipeliner07 - 5 måneder siden
I think you should make I knive out of vertically stacked welds only. Then hammer it out and etch. Should be like Damascus but I'm sure you could get creative with patterns.
Logan Kotar
Logan Kotar - 5 måneder siden
@2:13 you fed the wire from the wrong way. they need to be fed from the top...
superfireluigi52 - 5 måneder siden
Forge a naginata or do a double blade sword.
Philip Van Der Honing
Philip Van Der Honing - 5 måneder siden
please wire the buttons correctly
if your wire to the pedal beaks the motor will start turning and eventually it wil beaks it self because there is a steel wire connected to it
buy a multimeter so that you can see which connection points are made or broken, makes everything much easier and also look up the datacheet of that button, everything is already in there
Justin Monkman
Justin Monkman - 5 måneder siden
the way he put that wire in the welder makes me kinda sad, must come from the top to the feeders
James Elting
James Elting - 5 måneder siden
You put the spool of wire in upside down. Should feed off the top otherwise you wear your feeder parts out quicker.
Eric Ruhlmann
Eric Ruhlmann - 5 måneder siden
I'm sure I'm not the first person to point this out, but you put your MIG wire in backwards. The goal is to have the wire come straight off of the spool at a tangent and stay straight into the feed without turning/bending. Honestly, it shouldn't impact the performance at all, though the machine might have to work a little harder to pull it through. Just a note for next time you change it out since you said you hadn't ever done it before.

Love watching your videos! Keep up the great work. I'm trying to catch up when I get the chance to watch.
riuphane - 5 måneder siden
I'd love to see you make a set of 30mm gaming dice (from d4 up to d20) out of damascus steel. Really any size would be cool to see, but 30mm seems to be the smallest reasonable...
Teejaay - 5 måneder siden
Why 2 pedal switch boxes?
Edgar der Schmied
Edgar der Schmied - 5 måneder siden
My forge doors (I just built a propane forge) are somehow scrap in comparison. It's a flat firebrick, attached to a bicycle chain wich is running over an upright standing square pipe and can be hooked on a steel hook I welded on the other side of the pipe. one side is working smooth, the other door won't open by pulling on the chain, so I can't open it when the forge is hot. But hey it's working, ant it took no money and maybe 1 hour
Tamahagane - 5 måneder siden
forge a horse shoe
4G64SicKShoT - 5 måneder siden
"American Lead" The correct term is freedom
abolith - 5 måneder siden
or your could have read the datasheet on the switch to find out the right pinout in like 3 minutes :P
MrCinimod93 - 5 måneder siden
or spent 5 minutes with a harbor fright multi meter on continuity
Sigma Epsilon
Sigma Epsilon - 5 måneder siden
All these puns and jokes are making me ferr-ious......ehh
Dingo Jo
Dingo Jo - 5 måneder siden
I love all these puns!! 😂 It gives a nice happy feeling to the vids!!
Cris Comp
Cris Comp - 5 måneder siden
think you loaded the wire backwards - should go directly in without a bend...right?
Cris Comp
Cris Comp - 5 måneder siden
like toilet paper roll - over instead of under
dragonettiification - 5 måneder siden
Alex's welds hurt my soul
Kevin Original
Kevin Original - 5 måneder siden
Invest in a $5 multimeter
Tomahawk plays
Tomahawk plays - 5 måneder siden
Metal bow limbs on a wood frame as well as arrow heads
The Wink
The Wink - 5 måneder siden
Hey guys,
I love watching your videos and i feel very entertained at every second.
I want to give you maybe a little challange ->
So you are both very good at doing very gigantic stuff like swords or axes or something like this, but you haven't shown your skills by doing smaller and very defined things . So my Challenge is a scissor for a hairstylist, but not a normal one maybe an "ergonomic damascus steel hairstylist scissor".
I would like to hear from you, and get a little answer if you accept the challenge or if its not your style :)
Sorry for my englisch
Greetings from Germany ;)
highkicker11 - 5 måneder siden
You need to either make a circuit board or just solder the wires together to remove the biggest fault generator in the project. The breadboard
Nicholas - 5 måneder siden
But if those wires snap or the motor fails, you’re gonna have a 30 Lb, red-hot door on your hand..
Add worm gear or something.
Raiden - 3 måneder siden
@ThatGuy 9 lbs vs 15 lbs
ThatGuy - 5 måneder siden
They should have the counterweight heavy enough to open the door if the motor fails
Jeff Lowes
Jeff Lowes - 5 måneder siden
How about some blacksmithing instead of bladesmithing
Brian Weed
Brian Weed - 5 måneder siden
Make a working Musket.
Adam Kiraly
Adam Kiraly - 5 måneder siden
They would need a gunsmiths license
Phil Dog
Phil Dog - 5 måneder siden
You don't need a snatch block if you have ballanced counterweights. All you're doing is making the thing go slower.
atul - 5 måneder siden
Have you ever thought that you have gotten yourself into a deep pit unnecessarily.
Tamahagane - 5 måneder siden
like a nail
Dark Skys
Dark Skys - 5 måneder siden
Should maybe add some tabs on the foot pedals to stop you from overstepping on the foot pedals an wearing out the buttons.
DaL Sous
DaL Sous - 5 måneder siden
forge a steak
MIKO HAY - 5 måneder siden
just a thought for some forging, how about some old time gate latches, hinges and handles ect
freelancerinc566 - 5 måneder siden
looks like your mig wire is rolling from the bottom of the roll not the top, you can see the wire do a bend before going through the rollers, i would love to come down and do a video with you, I'm a journeymen welder and love teaching.
KnightCrawler777 - 5 måneder siden
Smaller buttons were normally open buttons (NO) meaning the circuit isnt completed until pressed. Bigger buttons are likely normally closed (NC) meaning the circuit is completed unless the button is pressed.
Also, I worry about those counterweights swinging and binding under the bottom of the forge as you're moving the doors up.
clp190 - 5 måneder siden
Once you have the prototypes all completed with the breadboards I would suggest designing a PCB(printed circuit board) for the circuit as a permanent fixture for the circuit. It’s is both reliable and easy to move without messing up the circuit. A free software is easyeda.
Pedro Romero
Pedro Romero - 5 måneder siden
Sorry love your show but at 2.10 you replace your wire upside down just had to say 😘

Ya dont know why my winks are kissing so
Gsup7s - 5 måneder siden
Man you don't need an Arduino or code to make that. Literally it could just be a series circuit. And if you want to throw the LED in parallel that's fine. Otherwise you're making it way too complicated for no reason. But as long as you're having fun I guess.
How about making a telescope Mount that will automatically track a position in the sky. !?!
Amra - 5 måneder siden
You know, you can just look up the datasheet/schematic for both buttons and compare them, would be a lot faster. The website or store you bought them from should have the datasheet on how they function. If not, they will have a part number, and a quick online search of that number should source it for ya.
D K - 5 måneder siden
get some lattice metal to make a cage around the counterweights and stepper motors.
Pebel - 5 måneder siden
The doors failure state being closed is still very very concerning.
ROB 13
ROB 13 - 5 måneder siden
Why didn't they just add more sheaves to the block? It would of reduced the weight even more
Glock21 - 5 måneder siden
orcrist sword from the hobbit
Kallefaen93 - 5 måneder siden
Armor, do armor
Scott King
Scott King - 5 måneder siden
If you need to do something like this again I suggest that you use bird shot or sand for the filler. No fumes and you can add/remove weight as needed.