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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 14:26


Joshua Ennis
Joshua Ennis - Dag siden
What is that stationary sander they use
Peter Carey
Peter Carey - 28 dager siden
Love how he just keeps on working with new stuff.
Dmytro Fedorovskyy
Dmytro Fedorovskyy - Måned siden
And now you know what's so exciting about software development ;) Thanks Alex! Made me remember that feeling when my code started doing what I wanted it to do long 20 years ago ;)
Jackson Mugar
Jackson Mugar - 2 måneder siden
5:46 Did he just say "Anti-Clockwise". Are we all gonna pretend it's not supposed to be "Counter-clockwise". Alec has such a fun accent
Su Wu
Su Wu - 2 måneder siden
Jackson Mugar so God damn true
Chaz Smith
Chaz Smith - 2 måneder siden
I feel like that little motor could lift 30 pounds with the right gear reduction and what not
circusmonkey28 - 3 måneder siden
I do not want to make light of Alec's character and effort. I am sure he went through so much stuff to be the man he is today. That being said, I'd like a hit of whatever he's having. Maybe I can steer my life somewhere else with it.
Daniel Looney
Daniel Looney - 3 måneder siden
I remember the first time I got an arduino to do something along those lines. Seeing an output change based on human-usable input, that I coded, was really friggin neat, basically couldn't stop smiling.
Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis - 3 måneder siden
the rest of the world:
alec the only millenial blacksmith: GUYS COMPUTERS!!!!!
Justin Chretien
Justin Chretien - 3 måneder siden
first thought was "counterweight(s)" might help :o
Chad Goodson
Chad Goodson - 3 måneder siden
I'm thinking why get a computer to do what would take a half second to do be hand!
Colton Strickland
Colton Strickland - 4 måneder siden
Alec Steele: artist,black smith, and according to this video, tech wiz
RRR Reptile
RRR Reptile - 4 måneder siden
You also could of done it without all the bullshit and had one single up and one single down pedal lol , I know it’s a learning experience and really cool , but ya could just use a small starter and reverse and momentary buttons etc , and you can just remain a simple minded person lol JK ,
Next on the list a no fuel forge strictly electric heat coils 😃
Daniel Rolfe
Daniel Rolfe - 4 måneder siden
Couldn’t you have just used a linear actuator ?
RanOutOfChannelNames - 4 måneder siden
Lol I love how needlessly complicated you made this, and without any additional thought on any level, you decided to teach yourself from the ground up how to code a board, rather than acknowledging there is a much simpler solution.
Bryce Dorey
Bryce Dorey - 5 måneder siden
If it was me I would make it so if the code sees the door is down then the program makes it go up, vis versa if the program sees the door up it makes the button make the motors put the doors down. This would mean only one button needed. Also make it lift both doors at once
James Ellsworth
James Ellsworth - 5 måneder siden
Paragon is awesome, based on your explanations and experiences. Yours is a wonderful channel for encouraging emerging technicians and for helping to show new would-be technical people several of the crafts that might interest them.
Gabriel Morrissey
Gabriel Morrissey - 5 måneder siden
14:00 The paragon forge looks like a hippo
Luiz Alberto Laus da Rosa
Luiz Alberto Laus da Rosa - 5 måneder siden
Please use bearings!
andrew hallard
andrew hallard - 5 måneder siden
Just use a cheap winch
Karl - 5 måneder siden
So... Alec is a Blacksmith, carpenter and now programmer?
Phil Dog
Phil Dog - 5 måneder siden
Any motor can lift 30 pounds. It's called leverage.
Also, you've way over-engineered this. A simple linear actuator and switch would be FINE. Better even because of the integrated limit switches.
Like, honestly, you've wasted a ton of money on this.
Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer - 5 måneder siden
Hey Alec, such a cool build. Did you consider linear actuators wide on the frame (away from the heat) to lift the door/gates up and down?
Cobhalla Games
Cobhalla Games - 5 måneder siden
Both motors at the same time is a hard wall from the arduino you are using unfortunately, unless you ramp up the sophistication of the code like 10 fold
daw - 5 måneder siden
Colin furz could of helped with this maybe made it hydrological instead of electric ?
Jake - 5 måneder siden
Al-loom-in-um....not Al-u-min-e-um.
Newarcticwolf11 - 5 måneder siden
XΔDΞS - 5 måneder siden
Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare
DDD45LC - 5 måneder siden
way too much electronics for a simple forge!!!
Bearded Shenanigans
Bearded Shenanigans - 5 måneder siden
My eyes began glazing over at about 7:01...
Nicholas Bergman
Nicholas Bergman - 5 måneder siden
I need an Alex soundtrack. You have the coolest music in your videos.
Time to Watch TTW
Time to Watch TTW - 5 måneder siden
omg that poor pocket knife…
Sage TX
Sage TX - 5 måneder siden
Sir Cumference
Sir Cumference - 5 måneder siden
Shoulda just done a collab with Michael Reeves seems like everyone is nowadays
Richard M.
Richard M. - 5 måneder siden
I’m not saying this is overly complicated. I’m just saying that a footpedal and a joint would lift it up a lot easier than all of the SelecTronics. Not to say there aren’t great lessons to be learned by what you’re doing. But my god this is the most complicated mouse trap I have ever seen in my life.
Richard M.
Richard M. - 5 måneder siden
So many of the comments are trying to help you with coding, and extra electric components and everything else. One of the things I absolutely love about blacksmithing is that most of the solutions that you find are incredibly simple. They’re ingenious in their simplicity. Blacksmithing and the other metal crafts, I think one of the reasons they have gained so much popularity over the last decade, it’s not because a stupid television show called forged in fire, but because everything is so damn complicated, and so automated, but people are searching out things that require actual skill and are complicated because they require thinking and actual tangible solutions rather than magical electronic something or others.
Terence Chipchase
Terence Chipchase - 5 måneder siden
Is his British flag upside down?
cerg - 5 måneder siden
The feeling of your first Arduino script actually doing something more than manipulating an LED is great. Big brain time.
Nidavellir Forge & Woodcraft
Nidavellir Forge & Woodcraft - 5 måneder siden
$3000.+ for a heat treating over!?!?
You smoking crack Alex? The prices on those are ridiculous
sierge1 - 5 måneder siden
Freakin idiot! You made it 50 times more difficult than it needed to be! All you needed was a DC motor from McMaster Car and a set of foot switches with speed controls built in.. Man you freakin millenniums really are stupid!
Ben Illingworth
Ben Illingworth - 5 måneder siden
Remember when there was blacksmithing and live shows and it was interesting. A motor spinning wow!
Bryce McReynolds
Bryce McReynolds - 5 måneder siden
Forgot to add the "Dagum" before saying snatch block...
Declan Tash
Declan Tash - 5 måneder siden
I so enjoy how excited Alec gets when learning something new and succeeding in applying the skill. You guys are awesome!
Jack Watson
Jack Watson - 5 måneder siden
"Blacksmith discovers electricity" is what the title should be. the pure joy is so wholesome when it starts rotating
Damas Damas
Damas Damas - 3 måneder siden
jason myneni
jason myneni - 6 måneder siden
Dear Alec, electronic winch. 1000 kg lift, already has a switch, 150 dollars.
Pedro Ibañez
Pedro Ibañez - 6 måneder siden
i think you will be better using pneumatic actuators instead of the stepper motors
M W - 6 måneder siden
Hmmm I imagined two vertical doors per side for and some reason.
John S
John S - 6 måneder siden
This remonds me of myself during my first arduino project.
Tom Ivar
Tom Ivar - 6 måneder siden
Pneumatic pistons and a footpedal would have been easier, faster and more reliable.
bendingsands87 - 6 måneder siden
Hot damn! A snatch block!
[Crimson] - 6 måneder siden
As soon as I heard Alec say snatch block I imagined Destin from smartereveryday suddenly looking up, his snatch block senses tingling. He knows...
Index - 6 måneder siden
I adore Arduino
kribashan naidoo
kribashan naidoo - 6 måneder siden
Hey Alec, connecting buttons pins to external interrupts of the Arduino could solve your problem of running both at the same time
Bond Keevil
Bond Keevil - 6 måneder siden
Alex, you can feed the STEP and DIR pins of both controllers with the same pins on the Arduino. If one motor is going the wrong direction just turn the plug going to the stepper motor 180 degrees. You will need to account for the mass of the door and give the door some acceleration, i.e. the velocity of the door should start from a slow value and ramp up to full speed. If you start the movement at full speed it will skip.
Maurita Larson
Maurita Larson - 6 måneder siden
What I found out that helps me with wiring and coding is Tinkercad, it's free and also has coding.
Marisol Zeledón
Marisol Zeledón - 6 måneder siden
Ah, as an electrical engineering student, watching Alec having fun making his arduino work gives me great pleasure. Reminds me of my electronics laboratories
s0und_m1nd - 6 måneder siden
What kind of drill bits do you use? I’m tired of low/mid grade bits
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin - 6 måneder siden
I recommend github for sharing the code... I believe its free for public projects, and has some tools built in for feedback... >_>
Praetorian IX
Praetorian IX - 6 måneder siden
Nice work which I like to see but sadly performed by a drama queen.
OSFI Tulsa
OSFI Tulsa - 6 måneder siden
I hope this ends up being an “April Fools” joke, because this is way beyond rational for a forge........sliding doors, with barn style rollers and you are done.
Infidel7153 - 6 måneder siden
Paragon heat treating ovens are junk .
Derek Beatty
Derek Beatty - 6 måneder siden
Infidel7153 your reasoning?
Ac Ca
Ac Ca - 6 måneder siden
i challenge you make a kung fu fan and an umbrella sword
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson - 6 måneder siden
Anti clockwise hahaha
Pepijn De pauw
Pepijn De pauw - 6 måneder siden
How can i buy an Alec steele hammer
Barney Storer420
Barney Storer420 - 6 måneder siden
sphinehy things - alec 2019
Liam McLay
Liam McLay - 6 måneder siden
Why can’t he just use a winch
Kevin McDonald
Kevin McDonald - 6 måneder siden
Please make demon slayer Inosuke's demon sword. To ask for the double would be too much.
Eric Litster
Eric Litster - 6 måneder siden
Alec, what video editing software do you use? Thanks! Love the Channel
Chris Chamberlin
Chris Chamberlin - 6 måneder siden
Where are you? No posts over a week.
AMAS Channel 2
AMAS Channel 2 - 6 måneder siden
"On Holiday" would be my British-flavoured guess.
isaacrcason - 6 måneder siden
Alec, you need to look into interrupts on the Arduino. It is what you need to get the Arduino to respond to multiple inputs at the same time. I'd love to take a look at the code and see if I can help. Also, as others have suggested, limit switches are a great idea to protect your motors and other vulnerable parts of the assembly. (I'm an industrial electrician by trade)
One more thing...steel rope on aluminum pulleys...Won't the rope eat through the pulleys as they are used? Is that just proof of concept?
TaranTatsuuchi - 6 måneder siden
Congratulations Alec, you've discovered the wonders of programming...

May God have mercy on your soul...
Benjamin Foster
Benjamin Foster - 6 måneder siden
When's the next episode? I'm in need of more education and excitement!
Anton Bäckman
Anton Bäckman - 6 måneder siden
you should make a dothraki arakh from game of thrones!!!
Joseph Janeth
Joseph Janeth - 6 måneder siden
Week ago
Elias Lindqvist
Elias Lindqvist - 6 måneder siden
"If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing."
Honestly Bored
Honestly Bored - 6 måneder siden
I watched your video about forging
The meteorite and if you still have the piece of meteor then I have an idea. What if you welded the edges
Of each side together so then it is much harder to split the metal. Or weld it in between to slabs of steel (if it is possible to weld those two metals together idk I just know that it is incredibly complex to weld two different metals together) and just squish it into a solid piece of metal,cut the sides that did kind of split and use that.
(If that is something that wont work just dismiss that idea. I am
Quite new to how metals are forged and made.)
jon Chedester
jon Chedester - 6 måneder siden
hey Alex I have a pattern suggestion for some Damascus steel, I think it would be a level up in patterning, from the base up, but I am not sure what the process will turn out. If your interested I can send some pictures your way of my idea.
prachtical edge
prachtical edge - 6 måneder siden
WHERE ARE NEW VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bud Woodman
Bud Woodman - 6 måneder siden
Whoa, this project is way over engineered to perform the simple task of opening and closing a door in front of the forge. Please tell me what is wrong with a simple pair of small swinging doors on the opening, each allowing half the opening space to be opened while the other remains closed (for putting smaller objects in and out out of the forge). The could be secured with a pair of sturdy hinges on the side. Another way to do it is to simply have a sliding door across the front that slides sideways to open it to a desired amount and then shut (think of sliding barn doors). Both could be built a marginal distance from the opening to allow the dispersal of gasses. You could save a lot of money, time and effort and have a fully functional 'mechanical' vs 'electronic' remedy for completing a task as simple as opening and closing a door. But then, that is how I would have approached this problem.
Shinykitten Gaming
Shinykitten Gaming - 6 måneder siden
Anti clockwise????
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos - 6 måneder siden
Can you make a damascus puukko knife?
Bailey Louque
Bailey Louque - 6 måneder siden
Need limit switched to stop it from crashing at the top and bottom