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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 12:14


mrkiky - 8 dager siden
Why would you do so much handsanding instead of using a rotary tool? Especially when you're not trying to keep clean lines but actually trying to blend them in? Just use a power tool and hand sand only the final grit.
Adam Whitestone
Adam Whitestone - Måned siden
Alec here predicting people in spring wearing his mask alone in his car
Scott Crosby
Scott Crosby - 2 måneder siden
Eerily prophetic public use of PPE.
Oster The Brony
Oster The Brony - 2 måneder siden
There is no time.... there is only sand
ICE BLOCK - 3 måneder siden
Man I bet getting one of those helmets is a breath of fresh air
Shaquille Wilson
Shaquille Wilson - 3 måneder siden
Will is not the hero we deserved, but the hero that we needed.
Spaghetti Monster bless this man and his hand sanding.
Camden Tellkamp
Camden Tellkamp - 3 måneder siden
Virgin Will: "Legally you have to tell me if you're filming me."
Chad Alec: "I actually don't."
That's right, Alec. Single party consent laws for the win! Too many people don't understand single party consent laws, and their importance in society. Sure, Alec wasn't using it for it's most righteous purpose, but that doesn't change the law. For those unaware, some states are known as "single party consent states," which means that, in a conversation, only one party involved in the conversation must consent that the conversation be recorded for the conversation be legally allowed to be recorded, and thus used in court. This law allows employees to catch abusive bosses and admit the recordings of abuse in court, and allows students to record abusive teachers, and use the recording against the teacher before the school board. Annoyingly, my high school decided that they were going to ban students from recording teachers "for the teachers' privacy." When it was really to protect the abusive teachers from getting caught.
joey rosenbaum
joey rosenbaum - 3 måneder siden
One of the edges on the guard looks smaller then the other and it upsets me
Richard Leknes
Richard Leknes - 3 måneder siden
I like your fart recirculation mask!
taylor42759 - 3 måneder siden
Gotta love hand sanding. Used to have to hand fit and hand polish rubber injection molds for a living. I feel your pain Will. I feel your pain.
Shmoe Joedesy
Shmoe Joedesy - 3 måneder siden
Gonna need to buy a mask with the virus going on. Hahaha
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese - 3 måneder siden
Zweihander, also know as a masochist pleasure toy
Oh look it's Matty
Oh look it's Matty - 3 måneder siden
I've seen those filter setups & by Gods it's something I need for the workshop, but $1500 is not an expensive I can justify
Bakked Potato117
Bakked Potato117 - 3 måneder siden
8:40 What band-aid is that
scoobtoober29 - 4 måneder siden
You need a small air powered or mini belt sander like this old tony. Or fire ball tool Jason probably has one. To get in the cracks.
GraniteOwlBear - 4 måneder siden
That leather tool is called an "Edge Beveler Skiving Tool"
kris m
kris m - 4 måneder siden
Is there a purpose to the scallop shape? Google didn't give a clear answer.
Ryan Sandmeyer
Ryan Sandmeyer - 4 måneder siden
How does the mask work for the coronavirus?
AR G - 4 måneder siden
We never really get to hear the power hammer, but you can tell just how loud it actually is when Alec was in his office talking and you could hear it hammering away in the background.
Travis Mann
Travis Mann - 4 måneder siden
You guys are awesome, keep up the fantastic work
Real - 4 måneder siden
Automatic like for using a scene from one of the most cringe inducing tv episodes of ALL time.
simplyme1974 - 4 måneder siden
Thank you for the commercial opportunities. I understand the need to survive, but I miss less yak yak and more whack whack.
Punched Godnobigdeal
Punched Godnobigdeal - 4 måneder siden
O lab w/ michealcathulu
Mya Tinsay
Mya Tinsay - 4 måneder siden
As Will’s will dwindles away.....
Welding Hero
Welding Hero - 4 måneder siden
Are you ever going to engrave a pistol Alec?
Maybe a Glock, or beretta or revolver?
rontz - 4 måneder siden
Obviously the Flamberge should get a hollowgrind, so Will has even more fun sanding ;D
Harley Retherford
Harley Retherford - 4 måneder siden
Time doesn't exist. There is only hand sanding. As someone who has built cabinets for a good while now, this is relatable.
A FISH CALLED TRUMP - 4 måneder siden
Another sword ? I'm not fond of the design, kind of ugly, particularly the guard. Way too much work for what it turns out to be...waste of time ??
Sean Jeppsen
Sean Jeppsen - 4 måneder siden
Guys, please...I know it’s a lot of work but I need you to add one more scallop....
The Car Studio
The Car Studio - 4 måneder siden
10:09 alec ain't taking his chances with the coronavirus out there.
butterflysrage - 4 måneder siden
I would really be interested to hear how many kilos of steel ended up on the grinding room floor by the end of this...
Justin Adkins
Justin Adkins - 4 måneder siden
I love your videos but the fact that your a ford man absolutely kills me to the core CHEVY all the way they can keep ford in Japan at the factory
oscar gonzalez escalera
oscar gonzalez escalera - 4 måneder siden
Alec I am an admirer of your work, you should make a video testing your swords.
sam ziegler
sam ziegler - 4 måneder siden
I'm sorry, that straight diamond section is too jarring to look at. Waves or straight, pick a form, you can't have both.
mthokozisi ndokweni
mthokozisi ndokweni - 4 måneder siden
What is ABS?
Stefan Herbruger
Stefan Herbruger - 4 måneder siden
did you just drop some sponsorship from "the helpful place"?? is so, Congrats!! its about time!
Ping Echelon
Ping Echelon - 4 måneder siden
davewreichert - 4 måneder siden
I found a book that has several chapters on heat treating assorted steels. covering annealing, normalizing, heat treatment, hardening, quenching, tempering, carburizing, and case hardening. It includes charts of critical temperatures for each of those steps for an assortment of different steels and explains why the temperatures are different for different alloys. Let me know if you would like to borrow it or want the title and author to try to find a copy for yourself.
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas - 5 måneder siden
The face will makes when he's asked about hand sanding is the same face my boss will give me when I ask for one of those masks.
Trent Webber
Trent Webber - 5 måneder siden
Where’d the outro music go?? That’s like my favorite song
Shift -Z
Shift -Z - 5 måneder siden
"...SO KIND OF"...pretty much the funniest thing in my day
Burrowsboy2 - 5 måneder siden
Can u try and make guilty thorn from sword art online plz
Burrowsboy2 - 5 måneder siden
Can u try and make guilty thorn from sword art online plz
Burrowsboy2 - 5 måneder siden
Can u try and make guilty thorn from sword art online plz
Roary - 5 måneder siden
iv been wondering why Will doesn't have his own versaflow to use ?
Frederick Decante
Frederick Decante - 5 måneder siden
Is nobody going to comment on the LIT CANDLE on the PPE helmet??
patrick charette
patrick charette - 5 måneder siden
Question: is it blood or red dykem in Alec’s nails?

Trick question, they’re one and the same
Frank & Sherry T
Frank & Sherry T - 5 måneder siden
Forget the fries, order a bunch of good Mexican food the day before you do a bunch of grinding. Remember where the air intake is.
VampireSilence - 5 måneder siden
Next Project: A damascus Chessboard, purely made of damascus steel!
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller - 5 måneder siden
I would like to see another feather Damascus sword. Maybe a long sword but I would love to see you gun blue the guard and some of the parts. I been watching Kyle Royer channel some he does it a lot and I like the look a lot. It would be cool to see you learn a new process and see what you could do with it. And who doesn't love feather Damascus.
SugarySnackMan - 5 måneder siden
I think the content vs. advertising is getting a little gross. This video series is dragging on, like a TV show that doesn't know how to end. I feel like they are caring more about revenue than art. But the video editing and music are good. I just wish they would finish and move onto something else.
maccardi4431 - 5 måneder siden
These are the coolest series of videos you've put out yet. I find myself looking forward to the new episodes every week. Nicely done so far 👌
yuszza - 5 måneder siden
Mybe Will should use something cylindrical to grind/sand around the sword wave.
David Aguirre
David Aguirre - 5 måneder siden
You should check out the impossible viking axe by Hassan Abu-Ismero(sp?). I could see a sword done that way looking amazing. Even better, make Damascus washers(mak ed Damascus rod, drill out center, cut into slices) and then make a sword. Would be amazing
Fabio Carpino
Fabio Carpino - 5 måneder siden
You guys should try 3M Superfine and Ultrafine backsponge sandpaper. A life saver when you need to sand curved shapes
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy - 5 måneder siden
Will, what's worse; hand sanding, for filing?
Darrell - 5 måneder siden
Project idea, a WW2 Fairbain Sykes fighting knife.
REBEL - 5 måneder siden
Hey Alec I need some help and was wondering if you could provide it. I recently obtained an old anvil that belonged to my great Grandfather and am trying to find out what some of the markings mean.
0 3 22
The foot under the horn has 1365 1 and a sideways 4 on it.
Got any clue what I have here? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Thomas Batista
Thomas Batista - 5 måneder siden
Lemme raise some hate: Alec wouldn't need the spacesuit to drive an electric pickup truck.
Matt Cerbone
Matt Cerbone - 5 måneder siden
Biggest tool in that shop is Will.
mo fox
mo fox - 5 måneder siden
Can you make a Bowie from ar500 steel
J Denmark
J Denmark - 5 måneder siden
BTW if Alec goes by Steele it's only fair that Will should change his name to Iron Will.
Matěj Kmoch
Matěj Kmoch - 5 måneder siden
Love the The office edit
Eric - 5 måneder siden
Must be nice to have dreams and aspirations, when the rest of us have depression and suicidal thoughts! Man what I would give to be this cool.
Oscar Lankford
Oscar Lankford - 5 måneder siden
heat the guard bright yellow then brush it as it cools to dull red then repeat a few times
JR Roloff
JR Roloff - 5 måneder siden
One thing about all that hand-sanding: It certainly points up to why a steady flow of apprentices was needed in the days before power tools! People got good at doing things the hard way because there WAS no easy way. The only way out was through.
Matt Kopf
Matt Kopf - 5 måneder siden
Instead of hand sanding, why not use a buffer and compound?
FaolantheWolf - 5 måneder siden
I'm not the only one hearing discord notifications am I
strikezrow - 5 måneder siden
Have you ever thought of trying an S-grind on a sword? I think that might be pretty epic if you could pull it off!
Resisting Entropy
Resisting Entropy - 5 måneder siden
Happy 2 million subscribers, gentlemen!
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson - 5 måneder siden
Hey Fellas. Long time fan. I‘be been watching this series - and I’m wondering why you guys ground the flameberge parts instead of forged them? Or even heating and bending them? I may have missed the explanation in an earlier vid... it kinda seems like the scallops are in the wrong direction...
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 5 måneder siden
They usually grind in the bevels and things like that to help preserve the Damascus pattern I'm sure they had a similar reason for doing the flamberge that way
Jim Williams
Jim Williams - 5 måneder siden
A good finishing abrasive is pumice powder. generally it can be used dry or made into a paste. If using dry, use face mask. After the fine pumice you can start to polish. polishing is where it's at..
Beau Kissinger
Beau Kissinger - 5 måneder siden
I just want a compilation of every time Alec pulls something out of the acid
XRIDER0002 - 5 måneder siden
2 million!!!!
Kody Choates
Kody Choates - 5 måneder siden
Ahh now i remember why I unsubbed to this channel
Daniel Tsai
Daniel Tsai - 5 måneder siden
So when he’s done with the sword, is he gonna auction it?
TOMeightoh - 5 måneder siden
10:21 Everybody in china right now
Dan H
Dan H - 5 måneder siden
Just got back from 5 hours of errands. Will is still grinding.
Art of the Ancients
Art of the Ancients - 5 måneder siden
Suggestion guys: when you've got very little "action-y" stuff to show around the forging/making of the current project, please make sure to film/show all the other stuff you're doing! Like the business stuff, the clothing, warehousing, distribution negotiations, etc. Just so we can all keep seeing how much you're doing even if you're not working much on the current project.
Antony Harrison
Antony Harrison - 5 måneder siden
Would be cool to see a project done with blue Damascus...