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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 19:58


BreadLoaf ShovedUpMy
BreadLoaf ShovedUpMy - 29 dager siden
omega symbol be cool on it
yeeteditis - Måned siden
how many hammers do you need bro?
Tyler Fight
Tyler Fight - Måned siden
Could you have done a dove tail type deal to attach the rings to the guard
hobomnky - Måned siden
lmao "in our anaerobic state" love that
Mitchell Anderson
Mitchell Anderson - Måned siden
Zwei is pronounced "tsvai". In German the Z makes a ts sound, the W makes a v sound, the V makes a soft f sound, ei sounds like "eye", ie sounds like "ee", sch sounds like sh, and ch sounds like a hiss in the back of the mouth or a "ck" sound depending on the dialect.
Simply a cat enjoying life
Imagine how hard this sword was to craft in medieval times... what an insane craftsmen did they have back then?
Vincent Wong
Vincent Wong - 3 måneder siden
Me: oh boy another video from ma man Alec Steele
and. Breathe.
Johannes Hofmann
Johannes Hofmann - 3 måneder siden
Pronounce the "Z" a bit more agressive and it sounds perfect 😂 greetings from Germany 👍👍 Awesome Videos BTW 👍👍
crazy cabro
crazy cabro - 3 måneder siden
"We are just going to COLD hammering" immediately puts it in the forge tell it's red hot
PS: I don't know what cold hammering is just making a joke because it seems funny
don't yell at me
roger Brooke
roger Brooke - 3 måneder siden
12:58 R.I.P headphone users
Hans De Smet
Hans De Smet - 3 måneder siden
Phonetic...Tsweihender....I'm a Belgian. And 1 hand is Ain ha:nd.(phonetic) Two hands is SWO Hende (phonetic). Written. Zweihänder......
Sean Landers
Sean Landers - 3 måneder siden
If you have a tig welder you can still silver solder that joint. There's a technique called tig brazing by which you apply heat to the base metal without actually melting it, only melting the solder by indirect heat from the arc against the base metal.
Arnie Briscoe
Arnie Briscoe - 3 måneder siden
I'm a little offended by the utter disregard that you have for welding as a whole.
Austin Thornton
Austin Thornton - 3 måneder siden
Should've named the episode Oxygen Not Included
Holden Cagle
Holden Cagle - 3 måneder siden
Why would you not just weld a ball Bering onto the end
Eric Schuh
Eric Schuh - 3 måneder siden
mom: eat the damn food its not that hot
The food: 10:29
Jochem kromhout
Jochem kromhout - 3 måneder siden
You pronounce it “tswi-hander” and read the a the way you’d read the a in art in that
Vincent Aulen
Vincent Aulen - 3 måneder siden
actually would NEVER be used for combat .x its a CEREMONIAL sword xD otherwise superb job as always !
Allison Giles
Allison Giles - 3 måneder siden
aucourant - 3 måneder siden
"My hand-hammering/hand-forging-skills are dwindling as my time gets put into other areas"...........such as advertising?
lars honeytoast
lars honeytoast - 3 måneder siden
Hey alec it's called a push broom not a pull broom lol
Aaron Lagos
Aaron Lagos - 3 måneder siden
It should be 4S time and the fourth S should stand for safety. An overall look around for things wrong and also perhaps testing equipment, looking for things out of place, and making sure all machinery is in good working order before using.
Siddharth Mishra
Siddharth Mishra - 3 måneder siden
4:42 He is talking about 5S system by the Japanese. Naaaiceeee
Ludovic Crépel
Ludovic Crépel - 4 måneder siden
Zweihander, it is a German word, your pronunciation is perfectly right.
oneoone - 4 måneder siden
He really likes ovens
rthomaswright - 4 måneder siden
SPACE GHOST: "So, Alec! Are you getting enough oxygen?"
ALEC: "Unfortunately, no."
SuckmyBITballs Bitpimp
SuckmyBITballs Bitpimp - 4 måneder siden
how many times alec said thrilled , the right answer wins a ps4 ?
Marko Ollivandr
Marko Ollivandr - 4 måneder siden
So just read it like it is a english word: tswihander
Chris Graham
Chris Graham - 4 måneder siden
just call it the DoubleFister
Zygarde365 - 4 måneder siden
Alec, please put a "Rip Headphone Users" warning before those ear killing sounds.
James Miller
James Miller - 4 måneder siden
Also CI or continuous improvement is an associated but separate process. It is designating small projects to be completed or started at least and worked on about once a week in my experience 1 hour every Friday. This allows time to work on 5S issues that are larger than 25 or 30 minutes of picking up and reorganizing tools.
Standardizing processes and procedures will also help keep things neat and reduce the need for 5S daily. If the process is to always put a toll back in the same place every time it doesn't need to be reorganized every morning...
But these are LARGE scale manufacturing processes. They are designed for multiple shift plants and might not be all beneficial for a small throughput manufacturing company and the way you produce...🤷‍♂️
James Miller
James Miller - 4 måneder siden
5S Alec 5S...
1. Sort
2.Set in order
4. Standardize
It's a Japanese translation from Toyota's lean manufacturing model. Largely considered the king of lean manufacturing everyone tries to meet Toyotas lean manufacturing standards.
The problem is this works there because it's a culture driven by honor, the US is not lol.
Ted Williams
Ted Williams - 4 måneder siden
5 S! There’s 5 and the sixth S is safety!
SuperTeds Dead
SuperTeds Dead - 4 måneder siden
Alec whinges like an 8 year old girl! Talk about laying the blame on thick
Bananaland blu
Bananaland blu - 4 måneder siden
Loved the blacksmithing sounds!
Patrick Freeman
Patrick Freeman - 4 måneder siden
Tswhy-hender should come close.
I'm pretty awesome
I'm pretty awesome - 4 måneder siden
Seriously, not trying to troll... But you moved everything about two and a half feet from where it was and now it's amazing?
I'm pretty awesome
I'm pretty awesome - 4 måneder siden
Hey, if it works for you, then good job.!
Bennet Tucker
Bennet Tucker - 4 måneder siden
why not tig weld on the loops?
ThatOne Fangirl
ThatOne Fangirl - 4 måneder siden
This man's energy
Want it
Zeke Foucek
Zeke Foucek - 4 måneder siden
393stroker - 4 måneder siden
Ooh, Alec Steele hammers I can afford! 😏
Chris Searle
Chris Searle - 4 måneder siden
I EDC the raptor too; great tool, makes life easier.
Casey Roan
Casey Roan - 4 måneder siden
The company where I work we use 6S. Stands for:
- Sort
- Straighten
- Shine
- Standardize
- Sustain
- Safety
And to minimize steps we employ what is called “Flow”.
Glad to see you setting your shop up like this. It’s not easy but it makes a huge difference in the long run. Great content and keep hammering on guys!
Much respect!
Kur Norock
Kur Norock - 5 måneder siden
A zweihander guard should be as wide as the handle is long, give or take. So yours coming out an inch longer than planned is probably for the best.
Bjørnar Tollefsen
Bjørnar Tollefsen - 5 måneder siden
I pronounce it the same way you do, so I had to google it and found this: "So zweihander literally means 'two-hander' in German. Germans pronounce the letter Z as an S(roughly) and the letter W as a V, while a V is pronounced like an F. Hander is pronounced 'Handah' like the 'Han' in Han Solo and the 'da' in Panda."
WHAMaTRON - 5 måneder siden
We don’t need a cool tip now do we
Brohvakiin Dova
Brohvakiin Dova - 5 måneder siden
alright after consulting with the council of germans in the comments I think I've got the perfect word to read in english and pronounce zweihänder correctly: tsvaihander
Javofire - 5 måneder siden
Its spoken tswaihander with an big and typical american a
Bernd Bauch
Bernd Bauch - 5 måneder siden
The german "ä" like in "Zweihänder" is pronounced like the english "a". So say Zwei in german and hander in english and everything is allright :)
artdamage0 - 5 måneder siden
What video is the sword snapping incident from?
Rodrianius - 5 måneder siden
12:58 I hate you..
James Ellsworth
James Ellsworth - 5 måneder siden
Yes, this is craftsmanship...but to me, it also looks like wizardry.
Timothy Shaw
Timothy Shaw - 5 måneder siden
Feedback loop?!?!?! Try reversing the polarity. It’s so crazy, it just may work.
James Reid
James Reid - 5 måneder siden
Finally after watching you for 4 years you have embraced the U shaped work cell!!!
Safiro freedomhorse
Safiro freedomhorse - 5 måneder siden
Pronounce the Z like a ts and everything is fine😉
Up Inversion
Up Inversion - 5 måneder siden
Weld, weld, weld; the question is mig or tig
omaxman - 5 måneder siden
Alec, when are you building your own shop
Lopro94 - 5 måneder siden
Germans explaining the correct pronunciation being like:
Brohvakiin Dova
Brohvakiin Dova - 5 måneder siden
wot? best/easiest to type out for native english speaker is "tsweihander" well maybe except for the "wei" but most people get that part right naturally
Grant Sebring
Grant Sebring - 5 måneder siden
a good way to find out how much material you need is to mold your finale shape out of clay then mash it into the size of your stock
Derek Brown
Derek Brown - 5 måneder siden
I dont know if this was already answered in a previous video but what is the paper that you use for design templates called and where can you get it at?
Melanto - 5 måneder siden
Say "Warts Veihander" over and over, really fast, eventually you'll be saying "War Zweihander".
Nicholas Carlough
Nicholas Carlough - 5 måneder siden
Andy Aitken
Andy Aitken - 5 måneder siden
If people ever ask why Alec and Will’s pieces are so expensive watch this video and you have your answer. Alec is a master of his own craft and any of his art is worth the price.
Daniel Bonner
Daniel Bonner - 5 måneder siden
You should look into lost wax casting for pieces like the guard.
Ewan Kingham
Ewan Kingham - 5 måneder siden
Alec "Been there, tried it, failed epically, finally did it, pain in the butt" will probably try it again...
DEDI RUDIYANTO - 5 måneder siden
@ it's references to you. Indonesia has old tecnique to use meteorite metal as row material of @t Indonesia the blade called "Keris", and meteorite that use to material was called "Pamor". You will get a lot of viewers from indonesian.
Bef Feb
Bef Feb - 5 måneder siden
What do all the other peeps in the workshop do?
BlackOak - 5 måneder siden
I've done 6S and 5S, but I've never heard of cutting it down to 3S.
Let's see, Sort, Sweep, Standardize, Sustain... Damn, I don't remember the others, brb... Ah, found it, Set in order, and of course Safety.
Now that I'm thinking about it, I've had it so ingrained into me that I've been applying 6-S to my new job(that doesn't follow it) without really being aware of it. Glad I looked it up again XD
Andrew Weckstein
Andrew Weckstein - 5 måneder siden
Why solder the rings instead of welding them? Wouldn't welding be stronger?
Michael Wood
Michael Wood - 5 måneder siden
Whoever does the Youtube channel Schedule you should really consider releasing episodes every other day, if you have the content, sometimes you do 2 or 3 back to back then we have to wait a week... I would consider looking into this waiting 1 week between each release is rather disappointing :D
maplebrew - 5 måneder siden
Happy Brexit day Alex!
Stinkums - 5 måneder siden
It’s been a while since an upload... I have a funny feeling there is an issue with something
I - 5 måneder siden
Maybe the sword broke or something :/
Dylan Osmond
Dylan Osmond - 5 måneder siden
Make a trident
Rogue - 5 måneder siden
You should go on the show “Forged In Fire”
Giantdad Lives
Giantdad Lives - 5 måneder siden
ROYAL PALM - 5 måneder siden
Nice work and more creativity
Byron Pawlitschek
Byron Pawlitschek - 5 måneder siden
Is pronounced tsviehandet
Ryan Sather
Ryan Sather - 5 måneder siden
that pattern is a flameberge not Zweihänder.
Rob Reed
Rob Reed - 5 måneder siden
Someone switch Alec's coffee to
Nigel Metcalfe
Nigel Metcalfe - 5 måneder siden