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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 14:07


Jarrett Moore
Jarrett Moore - 14 timer siden
What's the weapons book referenced?
Peter Kozlowski
Peter Kozlowski - 5 dager siden
you should go on forged in fire!!
venomd54 - 5 dager siden
20k jesus
~B~ - 5 dager siden
It's no wonder that it hasn't sold
ross reynolds
ross reynolds - 10 dager siden
If anyone is curious, an atom is .0000000005 nanometers in diameter at the largest. Each layer of this sword is roughly .00000635 milimeters which comes out to about 6.35 nanometers... so the layers are nowhere close to as small as an atom. Relatively speaking. You would need a little under 50,000,000,000 layers to get the layers to the size of an atom.
135Fenrir - 15 dager siden
I do have a question now that my personal symmetry button has been pushed. Why not two pieces of leather on the upper guard rather than one? Seems to be easier (and of course, more symmetrical) to use two even swatches of leather and have stitching on both sides of the guard rather than one.
Sod White
Sod White - 15 dager siden
Stop distancing already. Hug the poor bastard.
Carlos Leany
Carlos Leany - 15 dager siden
Guys, if I had the money, (which I don't) I think it would be so much cooler to have the flamberge and the claymore as, like, a set
Brandon Short
Brandon Short - 16 dager siden
$20,000 though. What about it makes it $20,000?
Landry Adair
Landry Adair - 17 dager siden
Y’all should make a flamberge
James Ellsworth
James Ellsworth - 17 dager siden
Longest blade and longest time to completion. FINALLY...
Noel Wynder
Noel Wynder - 19 dager siden
Be sure to add this video to the playlist!
Cory Creay
Cory Creay - 20 dager siden
I can tell u don't play the game lvl 1 and 2 most mine lvl all the way up and I have over 80 players
Jonathan Lumsden
Jonathan Lumsden - 23 dager siden
Imagine after all this time you try test it and cut something and it breaks
studio 46
studio 46 - 24 dager siden
No way ! I'm a big fan and seriously i didn't expect that you speak french 😅😂 that makes me really proud of my nation and you are taking a really good place in my ten favourite youtubers
Andrew Bankhead
Andrew Bankhead - 24 dager siden
That blade is so freaking beautiful it makes me cry !
Eric Ruhlmann
Eric Ruhlmann - 25 dager siden
The leather rap: fire
The leather wrap: rough start
WEiRd KiD - 29 dager siden
Alec: the sponser of this video...
Me; it’s raid shadow legends isn’t it?
Alec: raid shadow legends
Me: of course it is
Ls Hn
Ls Hn - Måned siden
Hey mom, can i have 20000 dollars?? I really need this zweihander in my life.
Yury Gomez
Yury Gomez - Måned siden
I congratulate you .ferst for taking up this inportante part of history and making it happen. Keep doing what you are doing.
Yest one thing less grinding whith power tools, when it comes to the blade. More time on the blade by hand the finished product would have been different, and more of a more balanced sword.
You are on the right road.
And how much did it sell for.
And was it tested?
Keep doing what you're doing.
Is good.
All the best.
From London.
Elmer Pelt
Elmer Pelt - Måned siden
jonathan casey
jonathan casey - Måned siden
Do you really play that trash sponsored game
Shaved Alpaca
Shaved Alpaca - Måned siden
12:48 Are those inclusions?
DrGreenTea - Måned siden
It's an absolutely gorgeous sword!.. But will it KEEL? Someone fetch Doug Marcaida.
TSAV - Måned siden
Is the blade sharp tho
Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown - Måned siden
$19,900 is the price of anyone’s curious
POVadventure - Måned siden
I had forgotten that they were making this.
Viruzzz - Måned siden
I actually thought the stitched leather looked really good.
Xavier - Måned siden
Hey Alec! I haven't been a subscriber for too long now but I do indeed enjoy your videos a lot!
I've always wanted to own a self made / handmade knife from my hands. Sadly I don't have any opportunities to do so..
And also not to come to your studio / forge..
Is there any way I could possibly BUY a Knife from you maybe with my name worked into it?
But besides all that, please keep up your interesting and helpful content! :)
Xavier - Måned siden
Forget it ^^ I saw your shop.
Bryan Maldonado
Bryan Maldonado - Måned siden
You mad lad of a blacksmith it was an amazing journey
jeroen Nefkens
jeroen Nefkens - Måned siden
Why was Colin furze in the background at 10:06?
Daniel M
Daniel M - Måned siden
Lol I know you’re the entrepreneur and you seem to be very business orientated but I hope you give will at least like 25% of that swords 20k price tag since it seems like he did literally all the hard work.
A Childers
A Childers - Måned siden
Zweihander sword is beyond epic. This was totally amazing to watch be made..
Luke wilson
Luke wilson - Måned siden
Why don’t u use adds?
Dalaï Lamasticot
Dalaï Lamasticot - Måned siden
Look at that magnificent BASSCANNON !
rusticscruffy - Måned siden
Not test shots?
Michael Schoeman
Michael Schoeman - Måned siden
Love this build, pro tip, when marking leather for holes or even cutting, mark on the inside. That way there are no lines on the end product. If you're dying the leather, not so much a problem.
Louis-Marie david
Louis-Marie david - Måned siden
Ahaha excellent le moment où il parle en Français! Avec un bon accent en plus
Captain Twitchy
Captain Twitchy - Måned siden
Boys, I can appreciate ALL of the work you put into this sword, but I just don’t like it. I just don’t like the style. 🤷🏼‍♂️
KennyCleod - Måned siden
Im glad this man is still doing what his doing. But I want to see this man make a sword with magnesium alloy and 136cm in height.
Marc Pabel
Marc Pabel - Måned siden
I have designed a sword. Wouled you like to look into it?
sensen9900 - Måned siden
I mean its still a gread Job and a lot of Effort, but as a German i simply have to ask: Why is it soooooooooooooooo Wavery? The Blase is supposed to look like a Flame, also to cut and be sharpend all the Way through till the Leather Wrap appears.....and still it looks unsharpend and more like water waves in a glas...(very short and a lot of waves) as like a "fictional/imagined Flame" with long stretched smal radii ? o.o
niccovouk - Måned siden
emh isnt this a flamberge rather than a zwei???
Daniel Richards
Daniel Richards - Måned siden
Someone sign him a record label for that leather song
Jack McBride
Jack McBride - Måned siden
The world wasn’t experiencing a pandemic when u started this
Ger 13 NunYah
Ger 13 NunYah - Måned siden
Rizler900 - Måned siden
Ryan Antcliff
Ryan Antcliff - Måned siden
Kinda disappointed they didn’t slice a bunch of stuff up with it, but I’m happy it turned out so great and glad I got to be a part of this journey!
Bobson Project
Bobson Project - Måned siden
Wow beautiful!!
SUBLIS - Måned siden
Zweihänder is an amazing sword and if in the correct hands it is a devastating weapon but I’m not a sword person but a halberd man and speaking of halberds, love to see you make one.
zachell1991 - Måned siden
Now that's a blade for a Knight of the blazing sun!
jaycorvus1 - Måned siden
YouTube Certified
Live Above Average
Live Above Average - Måned siden
I just noticed Will's (?) last name, Stelter! My last name is Stetler! Distant, distant cousins! So cool.
Jan Papai
Jan Papai - Måned siden
Its called a fucking Zweihänder not zweihander!!! Either english (double handed sword) or german but dont mix both languages in one fucking word man..
Konor - Måned siden
What's that book at 6:00?
Jay Ly
Jay Ly - Måned siden
That’s some really great sanding by will . The shape of y
Lukas Burmeister
Lukas Burmeister - Måned siden
Am I the only one thinking that Alec never plays Raid shadow legends in his "real" life🤔😅 ?
YoutubeDemonitizeMe - Måned siden
Im in dire need of some leather, anyone got any ideas where he got his leather from?
Dennis M
Dennis M - Måned siden
Raid... YOURE freaking kidding me. This is such a disease
Michael Weusten
Michael Weusten - Måned siden
Hello. I’m a new subscriber, and I loved your weapon playlists, and I was wondering if you could make Longclaw from ASoIaF, or the Sword of Khorne from Warhammer Fantasy
The Prussian
The Prussian - Måned siden
the grooves are more for if you're doing a saddle stitch, makes it sit more flush
John Owoh
John Owoh - Måned siden
I want more zweihander cutting clips!!!
Mental - Måned siden
Alec's hair going from short to long was not the magic of editing, it was pure willpower and you can't convince me otherwise
Utathya Manna
Utathya Manna - Måned siden
Next the pata
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson - Måned siden
You can also use masking tape for leather templates. Just wrap whatever part you want the leather to cover with the tape then cut the tape where you want the seam.
Declan Wittkowske
Declan Wittkowske - Måned siden
please make a hook sword like from the avatar that last air bender
Ben Dutel
Ben Dutel - Måned siden
tu parles vraiment bien français l'ami
secretsquirrel726 - Måned siden
It's hard to argue with doing the grip that way. I have noticed that the stitching on old leather footballs is pretty good and hidden between the panels. When you open them up to look at it, the stitch is evident as a perpendicular single stitch about 1/16 of an inch apart. It might be worth taking one apart to see how it is done or looking it up, because it seems good, and hides the stitching material. When you sell the sword, you will be able to calculate how much professional grade hand sanding costs in labor per hour. It turned out really well, and the pattern is pretty remarkable.
secretsquirrel726 - Måned siden
You might try a resin plastic that doesn't stick or change shape after hardening for templates. You dab it on, heat it or wait for it to dry, and then cut it off and use the pliable plastic as a template.
Huetti01 - Måned siden
Hey Alec
I'm from Switzerland and I'm a huge fan of your videos.
In my region from which I come, the two-handed sword is also called "Gassenhauer" that means something like, with this thing you can clear an alley
Friendly greetings from Switzerland
Daniel Feldsien
Daniel Feldsien - Måned siden
Great handle, looks great, don't mention the anus. 7:19
Daniel Feldsien
Daniel Feldsien - Måned siden
I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.
HighbrowAxe - Måned siden
That raid shadow legends bs is pretty cringe. You tubers acting like they actually like that game is funny to me though.
Connor Williams
Connor Williams - Måned siden
Hold on a minute... am I the only one to see colinfurze in the background (10:05)
The Poor Man
The Poor Man - Måned siden
So at 10:06 is that Colin Firth in the background about to do some dumpster diving?
Geckomayhem - Måned siden
Congratulations. It has been a long journey, but well worth it.
Jamie, you outdid yourself on this one. Amazing work, mate. :)
Berserk Panda
Berserk Panda - Måned siden
I would love to see Shad form Shadiversity do some moves with this blade
PskGetCraZy - Måned siden
Alec I want you to see a Siamese sword (Krabi), it is a majestic, beautiful sword of Siam and especially the King’s Krabi is full of carving and gold plated stuff, you gonna like it.
Rust Belt Auto
Rust Belt Auto - Måned siden
After watching this video, I sneezed a lot. Just like seeing the sun, plucking nose hairs, or eating chocolate. I don't know what that means. Alternatively, skipping through your sellout introduction, and all the other things that had absolutely nothing to do with what you just did. Thank you. I have been wondering for weeks what you did with that thing. It is nothing like what an ancient forge smith, and Leather man can do. Keep up the great work! You will get there! When I look at ancient European weaponry, it is inconceivable how they made those parrying hooks on the same forge as the blade, with the flame-blade, and forge the guard, with only hand tools. I have never seen someone duplicate it properly.
Hrithik k
Hrithik k - Måned siden
10:03 is that the COLIN FURZE in the background 😋😋
Martin Jablonski
Martin Jablonski - Måned siden
15 episodes, months of work and not once was the sword name pronounced correctly xD
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
I dont know if anyone mentioned to you, your biggest mistake was working with dry leather.
Christoph Edlauer
Christoph Edlauer - Måned siden
I understand that channels like this depend on sponsored ads, but PLEASE. Please dont advertise mobile gambling games like raid.
It is horribly dishonest, iterative dribble coating a gambling site milking their prey for money.