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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 12:53


Kelly126 - 6 dager siden
Where zweihander?
Greg Ameele
Greg Ameele - 7 dager siden
When you were milling the slot, you could have flipped the jaw of the vice and rested the loops of the guard onto parallels, I think that would have been easier
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah - 14 dager siden
I love your work .it's amazing can u plz make a Turkish kiliç or a turgut axe from the series dirilis ertugrul
Killermetalwolf - 28 dager siden
4:45 I’ll bet that steak has a real nice *tang* to it
Maddox Simmons
Maddox Simmons - 29 dager siden
Alec looks like Sherman from Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Andrew Carr
Andrew Carr - Måned siden
Episode 15 is on their website on the page for the Zweihander
I Tinker with Things
I Tinker with Things - Måned siden
Cooking channel? Maybe you get in contact with AlmazanKitchen, they are doing *awesome* things... and maybe you can make their emblematic knife out of damascus steel. Win - win, right? :)
Blue_Kobolt - Måned siden
I will never get tired of watching Alec's visual representations of NordVPN
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - Måned siden
Time to make a forge BBQ unit
For those shop cook outs
GaMeRfReAkLIVE - Måned siden
Well thank lord you know how to cook a steak as well
Gil Conroy
Gil Conroy - Måned siden
This channel is now a cooking channel
Ben Heppell
Ben Heppell - Måned siden
Where's the next part
Roberto Alaimo di Loro
Roberto Alaimo di Loro - Måned siden
Hey, what happened to the Zweihänder?? It's approx. 2 months there is no new Video.
Wyatt Munter
Wyatt Munter - Måned siden
Zweihander has left the chat
KARdub - Måned siden
Yaaa. You guys broke it, didnt you?
Rasmus Plays
Rasmus Plays - Måned siden
10:25 am I the only one that knows that Black timber company made that hammer for Alec and yet still no gratitude what so ever? Black Timber Company made a custom Alec Steele wooden mallet
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson - Måned siden
So it’s been a couple months now and no finished sword. So my question is who broke it and how lol!?!
Joong Kim
Joong Kim - Måned siden
2 months now and I am a bit nervous if there will be another part soon.
Noah Gibbons
Noah Gibbons - Måned siden
Eagerly awaiting Zweihander 15!
Phillip Hamilton
Phillip Hamilton - 2 måneder siden
Am I missing something or has this sword fell off the face of the planet?
berobinson82 - 2 måneder siden
Did you break this sword? It's been ages.
J Sizzler
J Sizzler - 2 måneder siden
When are we gonna see the finished product?
miraxell - 2 måneder siden
What product?
SVRGN OG - 2 måneder siden
Where is Zweihander...
Ryan Westphal
Ryan Westphal - 2 måneder siden
When is the next episode or episodes coming on this? I’m totally soaked up into this build and I wanna know how it finishes!!!!
Skylur price
Skylur price - 2 måneder siden
Has something happened to this project Alec? Will?
Brady Daniel
Brady Daniel - 2 måneder siden
Do we not get to see it
Brad AmeerBeg
Brad AmeerBeg - 2 måneder siden
Been longer now, did they finish it?
onlyNAB - 2 måneder siden
It has been over a month...
ITALUXX 《 - 2 måneder siden
The forgotten project
Jim Alaska
Jim Alaska - 2 måneder siden
Where is the sword?
Musashi Miyamoto
Musashi Miyamoto - 2 måneder siden
Я так понял что этот проект закрыт. И продолжения не будет? А если будет то сколько ещё ждать 15 серию?
Splatninja - 2 måneder siden
Is this going to be finished?
Dan Witzke
Dan Witzke - 2 måneder siden
Shockin Vibez
Shockin Vibez - 2 måneder siden
Did you guys give up on this sword? Where's the final sword!!!???
Nasco Vladimirov
Nasco Vladimirov - 2 måneder siden
If you just broke it tell it to us:')
Karren Kuddlesberg
Karren Kuddlesberg - 2 måneder siden
In the hands of a mighty shota or savage loli, this weapon is the "THOTslayer"!
Jim Alaska
Jim Alaska - 2 måneder siden
Was the sword completed?
Zachary Friedel
Zachary Friedel - 2 måneder siden
What happened to this project? I don’t think I’ve heard a single mention of it. Did you forget? Did you mess it up?
Emanuel Schmid
Emanuel Schmid - 2 måneder siden
Zweihander is written Zweihänder trust me i'm german😉
J X - 2 måneder siden
So you just giving up on this project now?
jobanpreet singh
jobanpreet singh - 2 måneder siden
when is the 15th and hopefully the last part coming out
Bruno Prestes Neto
Bruno Prestes Neto - 2 måneder siden
Where is the sword??
The Fallen
The Fallen - 2 måneder siden
They broke it and they are afraid to tell us. Its been 3 weeks now. Come clean and the internet will forgive you
maccardi4431 - 2 måneder siden
This is awesome, and I know you all have a lot going on, but I'm patiently waiting for the completed sword!👌😆
Mick Ward
Mick Ward - 2 måneder siden
Any chance of seeing the finished sword?? Been waiting for 3 weeks now and nothing.
Isabella Hudson
Isabella Hudson - 2 måneder siden
Are you still making the Zweihander?
Dan H
Dan H - 2 måneder siden
Omg. 14.
The other weird guy
The other weird guy - 2 måneder siden
You know, "Covid" would be a good name for this amazing sword.
Wyatt Vogl
Wyatt Vogl - 2 måneder siden
I was wondering what would be the most important machine for a new blacksmith aside from obviously the forge.
Wyatt Vogl
Wyatt Vogl - 2 måneder siden
tphillips7602 ok thank you 😄
tphillips7602 - 2 måneder siden
If your planning on making blades definitely the belt grinder no competition.
Potato Mash
Potato Mash - 2 måneder siden
make a claymore out of nails with the welding method :D
Northern Wild
Northern Wild - 3 måneder siden
have you finished it now?
MrRedqicka - 3 måneder siden
Why do I have this bad feeling that either Alec or Will broke the zweihander and now they are just afraid to tell us about it?! It has been 2 weeks guys, come on I want to see the beauty built : )
MrRedqicka - 11 dager siden
@J.D. Stone It is finished already my friend, just search for it. It´s the beast and the beauty in one body.
J.D. Stone
J.D. Stone - 13 dager siden
3 months . . . No finished Zweihander. But he is making a mountain bike . . .
Gerry Martin
Gerry Martin - Måned siden
We're at 7 weeks, and not a word of this sword. I really hope nothing happened to it.
Ivan Israel Guzman
Ivan Israel Guzman - 2 måneder siden
MrRedqicka 6 weeks and counting 😢
Ante Taicho
Ante Taicho - 2 måneder siden
Same X'''D
Alex Duke
Alex Duke - 3 måneder siden
He must not like the way steak tastes. That wasn't enhancing the flavor that was smothering it out. My personal preference is salt and pepper. I cringe every time I have to ruin a steak for my girlfriend. She likes it well with Montreal steak seasoning and a1 sauce. It's like cutting into a dry dog turd not a steak
Juraj Turek
Juraj Turek - 3 måneder siden
Hi Alec and Will, I am writing on behalf of my 4yo son who really enjoys watching you make stuff. He wants to say hallo and also that he “wants to learn how to make swords”😆
Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark - 3 måneder siden
I've got some BBQ grates that you can season like that guard!
Hamish Kent
Hamish Kent - 3 måneder siden
Can you remove the e and then your last name is steel
Michael Parr
Michael Parr - 3 måneder siden
When ya putin out the next sword vid?
Sab Xander
Sab Xander - 3 måneder siden
Tbh, who thinks this

Alec is like that guy from LTT but a blacksmith which is very cool c:
Bailey Hayward
Bailey Hayward - 3 måneder siden
I like how simple the process of creating the handle has become now that everything else is unnecessary now that the balls are separate pieces. Alec could have just cut out his template, drawn it out and then attached the balls.
HawkGuns - 3 måneder siden
you need to get with Guga Foods on some cooking collaborations
Orange Zombie1
Orange Zombie1 - 3 måneder siden
Can you possibly make the coil sword from dark souls?
Morgan - 3 måneder siden
I know a lot of people probably say this but I would love to see Alec on Forged In Fire
tigerdragon511 - 3 måneder siden
Ah a Pittsburgh steak. In the iron factory's in Pittsburgh its known that workers would bring rare steak and cook it oh the hot iron.
Danie Müller
Danie Müller - 3 måneder siden
Did you lads remember to have some salad (chicken) with your steak?
Berend Werkman
Berend Werkman - 3 måneder siden
Can you make peters sword from narnia
koda lewis
koda lewis - 3 måneder siden
Do you reuse your metal shavings
Egosch Groscho
Egosch Groscho - 3 måneder siden
where is the next video?
Wupme - 3 måneder siden
Sous vide is french for "Person who can't cook". And please stop putting pepper on steaks before grilling them... it makes the pepper bitter. Try doing it afterwards, it tastes so much better.
nudel kuchen
nudel kuchen - 3 måneder siden
Wow he said zweihänder correctly, finally. Basicially a german now
fadeAway - 3 måneder siden
Binging with babish collab confirmed?
simo Marty
simo Marty - 3 måneder siden
Creative lunch!
Jesse Burgin
Jesse Burgin - 3 måneder siden
Love the cooking Chanel colab idea! I’m here for that!
Lukas Pahr
Lukas Pahr - 3 måneder siden
You write zweihänder not zweihander when you cant use a ä you write it zweihaender
noahadamh916 - 3 måneder siden
Collaboration with Guga Foods
Novus Kaiser
Novus Kaiser - 3 måneder siden
honestly watching videos like this make me want to forge a sword
paytin moore
paytin moore - 3 måneder siden
Do a video with Joshua Weissman!!!
Chris Rife
Chris Rife - 3 måneder siden
@Alecsteele you should look into a channel named “Sous Vide Everything”. I could see a really cool crossover show
Jesper Madsen
Jesper Madsen - 3 måneder siden
So much eqipment, yet you eat on a piece of cardboard. Maybe next machine you get will be a dishwasher and some plates? :D
Joram Claridge
Joram Claridge - 3 måneder siden
You should Collab with Binging with Babish 👍🏻
Michael Deamron
Michael Deamron - 3 måneder siden
Try firebrick it's the brick they use to make chimneys out off its made to with stand extremely high heat