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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 18:38


Colette Simeons
Colette Simeons - 10 dager siden
Good God, what are blacksmiths coming to? My teacher made me do 10 totally seamless scarf welds in succession before working on a project! (This being England, NO flux!!) I dont doubt your skills, but maybe less power hammer and practice more traditional techniques?
Connor Mulkey
Connor Mulkey - 26 dager siden
Alec, I just got back yesterday from my One Station Unit Training. 3 months out of the game. I have to say it's awesome coming back to watch your videos. Keep on cracking
Robert A. Brokaw
Robert A. Brokaw - Måned siden
Was hoping you hadn't forgotten this sword. Impressive - stay safe
DED RXBBIT - Måned siden
*Will’s new rapper name*
Lil Globe Boi
Jesse Wamberg
Jesse Wamberg - Måned siden
Any idea when it’ll get finished?
sam schmitz
sam schmitz - Måned siden
What is this rotary carving Tool from dewalt at 0:38 called?
sam schmitz
sam schmitz - Måned siden
What is this rotary carving Tool from dewalt at 0:38 called?
Steven McAfoose
Steven McAfoose - 2 måneder siden
I love Joey Van Der Steeg's channel. He's such an amazing, classic blacksmith.
I think it would be a fun episode to reach out to him and ask him to forge the same guard to see how he would do it. I'd love to see the methods he would use
Cody - 2 måneder siden
Did I just watch several hours of this series to have it culminate in him forging a penis?... he even had to put on some foreskin... I can't even *smh* lol
Artur Arouck
Artur Arouck - 2 måneder siden
did alec had covid-19?
Jason Whitford
Jason Whitford - 2 måneder siden
I absolutely LOVE how you handle devastating setbacks. I can tell it sucks soooo bad, but you have a laugh, pick back up and get on with it.
I saw someone in a comment that this is about the only channel that makes sanding interesting. The very human story that you guys tell is the gold of this channel and it has me coming back time and time again to be with you in that workshop.
Mark Harris
Mark Harris - 2 måneder siden
I’ve got disabilities that make pounding away with a heavier hammer for a longer period very painful. many times can you reheat metal before you compromise it in any way? Or is it irrelevant as long as you heat treat it afterwards? I’d be really grateful if anyone could answer my question please.
Bryan Dean Caudill
Bryan Dean Caudill - 2 måneder siden
I wonder if you had a couple magnets if you could salvage some of the wasted material?
Shakingcow - 2 måneder siden
Forging a metal penis.
Shannlark - 3 måneder siden
1000th comment
MrSF247 - 3 måneder siden
Loved the editing on this vid: especially with the handle forging hammer blows and the cut to the broken off ball. All that was missing was a slow-mo shot of Alec on his knees (in the rain?), arms opened wide, shouting "Noooooo!" toward the heavens before dropping his head and hands down in near defeat.
Dan H
Dan H - 3 måneder siden
Hog splitter. Kills it. Take Z sword to Octoberfest in Munich.
kerbal man
kerbal man - 3 måneder siden
I used to work in a foundry and it was complete hell the whole time. We had to wear those respirators the whole time and I got tons of iron slivers EVERYWHERE when I used those carbide grinders.
Graham Parr
Graham Parr - 3 måneder siden
Not seen your videos for some time, nice to see you are still swinging that hammer.
Danie Müller
Danie Müller - 3 måneder siden
YASSSSSS.....Thread and screw the balls on the end!!!! YESSSSSS, young padawan! You have passed the test of "stop wasting time!" Like one of your shirts said; "Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeeeeeezy..."
Simple Simulation
Simple Simulation - 3 måneder siden
"Of course we turn the balls in the lathe"
Felix :P
Felix :P - 3 måneder siden
Do you know " armory smith "?
Bambuskus - 3 måneder siden
11:00 the biggest of oofs
Tim Watz
Tim Watz - 3 måneder siden
Why didn't you grind the balls into the guard like you did with the first guard. Also why didn't you just forge the guard from one piece instead of welding the balls in?
k.c O'connor
k.c O'connor - 3 måneder siden
This is what he's doing now...
I can't wait to see what he's doing in 10 years time.
Respect 💯 bruv.
adam ray
adam ray - 3 måneder siden
You cant end on such a cliffhanger like that! There better be a part 15 in the making!
Christopher Fields
Christopher Fields - 3 måneder siden
Alec looks a like he has lost weight hope he is okay✌👍⚔
Kazzoli Jake
Kazzoli Jake - 3 måneder siden
14:58 it looks like there is a face in the pattern, in the center of the shot
Kurt Joseph
Kurt Joseph - 3 måneder siden
I really like those ball scarves. Best ball scarves I've ever seen in fact. High artistry involved, even though he had to stuff his ball to keep it from flopping on the scarf, but still amazing.
Update: the ball failed. NVM.
mrsquirrel7 - 3 måneder siden
new band name, "Shmoo from the forge"
Eric - 3 måneder siden
Jamming wires is typically how I stop my balls from flopping.
Richie Hayes
Richie Hayes - 3 måneder siden
I hope everyone is keeping well. So...? Any updates on the zweihander? Please don't say you've broken it.
Hanzistorr Hanz
Hanzistorr Hanz - 3 måneder siden
Its a Flamberge not Zweihander I believe... Amazing work tho :)
Jeff Link
Jeff Link - 3 måneder siden
Guess we are never going to see the end of this. Wonder what happened
mokow - 3 måneder siden
Wait is the series done?
IronPuppy69 - 3 måneder siden
Can you forge oak wood?
Kelly Palmer
Kelly Palmer - 3 måneder siden
Dont let me down sir
Kelly Palmer
Kelly Palmer - 3 måneder siden
Why can't I get a response
Joel Loftis
Joel Loftis - 3 måneder siden
Love all of your videos! You make some truly amazing pieces. The amount of time devoted to the small details is what sets you guys apart from the rest. I've been waiting for the next video in this series so I can finally see this beautiful monster finished. I'm trusting you'll forge ahead and get it done soon. I also wish I had the kind of disposable income to buy one of those beauties, but sadly, I do not. Keep hammering away guys. Good work.
C M - 3 måneder siden
When will the next part be coming out?
MrMaster2k - 3 måneder siden
8:17 - Secure the ball? Why not use a Jock Strap?
Brett_Kendrick - 3 måneder siden
Bro whyd you forge a twig n berries
Chaos_Beamz - 3 måneder siden
Nice South African flag have u been here before?????
Nic R
Nic R - 3 måneder siden
so excited for the finale
T B - 3 måneder siden
I don’t know...sometimes I think you guys have “happy little accidents” just so you can show us new techniques for saving a project from utter ruin... Whatever, it is always a pleasure to learn something new!
Die Hard Mr M
Die Hard Mr M - 3 måneder siden
Rebuild the motor yourself
mervyn patterson
mervyn patterson - 3 måneder siden
Oh oh who dropped a bollock then, lol,never mind it’s fun watching you sort oopsies out
Dan H
Dan H - 3 måneder siden
I had to look. Is it done?
Broadus Thompson
Broadus Thompson - 3 måneder siden
Hey Alec, remember when you said coal forges suck? They’re really great for making fancy forge welded guards... might wanna build one if you keep this up lol
D G - 3 måneder siden
Uranus 😂
HippoandBear Makes
HippoandBear Makes - 3 måneder siden
It wouldn’t be an episode without hand sanding by Will 😂😂😂😂
Albrat Gaming
Albrat Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Alec... Dropped the ball. He dropped the Ball.. Dropped the BALL! Nope, ok. :(
James Caldwell
James Caldwell - 3 måneder siden
Threading seems like a good route. But I'm sure he wanted the challenge of actually forging them out. Which I'm sure he can do with practice. That or just have Will finish it out and hand file the balls in after all forging is done. 😂
Das_Bobster 7
Das_Bobster 7 - 3 måneder siden
This guy is annoying af.
James Ellsworth
James Ellsworth - 3 måneder siden
These projects take agonizing amounts of time and craft.
Norman Wunsch
Norman Wunsch - 3 måneder siden
It's so funny hearing you say the German word "Zweihänder" in the middle of an English phrase 🤣 I love it 😁
Taylor Knifeworks
Taylor Knifeworks - 3 måneder siden
Should get an angle die grinder bro. Better control
crush8873 - 3 måneder siden
Alec has been going to the doctor a lot lately, hopefully all is well, but is it possible that a little steel is on the way? Not trying to start a rumor, but I’m kind of curious.
Kim Alastalo
Kim Alastalo - 3 måneder siden
Refractory will break if you repeatedly heat it up and let it cool. This is caused by the fact that the material expands and then shrinks. I recommend that you cast two or three different blocks in separet molds. Then stack them inside your oven, but be sure to leave some wiggle room for the refractory. A little gap in between the blocks of refractory will relieve a great deal of the preassure and tension that caused it to break in the first place.
mike noble
mike noble - 3 måneder siden
Have you ever thought of making a bat’Leth? You know, the Klingon sword.
Eric Morrison
Eric Morrison - 3 måneder siden
This build is really breaking your balls...
John Robinson
John Robinson - 3 måneder siden
Some smooth riffs there. Also, nice sword!
BIG REV 1 - 3 måneder siden
Watching the scale fall of hammered steel @ 14:36 is extremely satisfying.
Alexis Andrey
Alexis Andrey - 3 måneder siden
I think a clean "diamond head" shape at the end of the guard would look better than balls...
Danny S
Danny S - 3 måneder siden
Alec singing in panic at potentially melting it: 10/10
mlipkin6708 - 3 måneder siden
Steele vs. Stelter - steel billiards cue
Cowter_4 Whit
Cowter_4 Whit - 3 måneder siden
Have you guys ever tried cooking food in the Paragon oven? I can’t remember e it could be fun
NUbored - 3 måneder siden
Omg I found you again😄
David Canoy
David Canoy - 3 måneder siden
Did the Halberd ever get finished?
Propermonkey - 3 måneder siden
Have you tried making pizza in Paragon heat treating oven 😄
Harmsy's Basement
Harmsy's Basement - 3 måneder siden

I see you're still watching AvE. He's the only other person I've ever heard use that word.
StickySlippers - 3 måneder siden
Love my Pargon BlueBird XL Kiln I used for glass work! Excellent quality
Hio Titan
Hio Titan - 3 måneder siden
Hi Alec, I would like to see you participate in the A&E Challenge on Fire TV program
Stone Dogg
Stone Dogg - 3 måneder siden
hey Alec, how about making a Macedonian sword from Alexander the Great?!
Jihyoung Kim
Jihyoung Kim - 3 måneder siden
I love your passion
PJ Almighty
PJ Almighty - 3 måneder siden
6:35 Oh, come on Will. Stop....SLAGGING off... :D :D

Either way, I now bumped the total eps for this project up to 40! YAY!!!
Amphicorp47 - 3 måneder siden
big thank you to paragon, i really hope your next oven is a RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
Archimedes743 - 3 måneder siden
Its always the last one. 😭
CorwynGC - 3 måneder siden
I am no expert, but it looked to me like your forge weld was low on flux. I would expect to see lots of flux come out of the joint on the first few hammer blows.
Reda Ba
Reda Ba - 3 måneder siden
Can you make the black Katana of Zoro from One Piece