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mrkiky - Dag siden
I think that handle would've been salvageable. Fill the inside with epoxy, fill that crack with superglue after the leather wrap it's solid. But I get why you don't wanna do that on a sword that you wanna sell for 20.000 dollars and the person who buys it has a detailed view of how it was built.
RedstoneEngineer123 G
RedstoneEngineer123 G - 3 dager siden
Allec just stop making swords with guards in February
Ian McHale
Ian McHale - Måned siden
Hey alec, I see you are still using 18 volt power tools, why not go for the more compact 20 volt power tools?
18 volt is really becoming inferior now because of 20 volt
Blue_Kobolt - Måned siden
That musical break was at the Martin Molin level of procrastination :)
Stephani -D
Stephani -D - Måned siden
possibly one of the best Nord VPN skits yet
Stephani -D
Stephani -D - Måned siden
the musical interlude had me bust out laughing
Gaspard Vadot
Gaspard Vadot - 2 måneder siden
4:00 "I'm back here now, only to infect more people" that aged well
King Of Yeet
King Of Yeet - 2 måneder siden
You should gather all the metal you grind down and melt it together for other projects
Jason Whitford
Jason Whitford - 2 måneder siden
I swear, your Nord VPN ads are literally the best ads I've seen on youtube.
Xagetta426 - 2 måneder siden
Bwahahahaha! Hey Alec, you guys should just make your own band! Here I even got a name for you; "Workshop Shenanigans"! 😆😆😆😂😂
Dan Mapp
Dan Mapp - 2 måneder siden
Water jet it
Joseph Thibodeau
Joseph Thibodeau - 2 måneder siden
Would cutting off the cracked portion of the handle past the crack, then shaping some mild steel or bronze as a cap for the bottom of the handle work? Put some dowel pins in like with the pommel to create a solid connection with the wood portion, and drill in on the other side to fit into the already existing pin on the pommel. Only downside I can think of is the change in balance and the looks not being totally historically accurate.
Nicholas Kemp
Nicholas Kemp - 2 måneder siden
I think you need to get an oscillating spindle sander for those inside areas fella!
glup12 - 3 måneder siden
New rock band right here.
Gavin Hillery
Gavin Hillery - 3 måneder siden
4:03 That comment did not age well.
Danie Müller
Danie Müller - 3 måneder siden
Hahahahaha....Feb, the month for failure!
James Reid
James Reid - 3 måneder siden
I want to hear alec speak more french!!!
Rich Cooper
Rich Cooper - 3 måneder siden
Worst Englishmen ever flipping trash can!!!
Come on it's a bin!
Ken Bar
Ken Bar - 3 måneder siden
Hi Alec, was it the Corona Virus you had?
greenbluemonkey - 3 måneder siden
People saying that the guard could have been saved. What about the handle? I think these guys just have a fetish for re-doing things. A small crack could have been dealt with by carefully prying it as far as possible, then using woodworkers glue and paper sticks to get it in as far as possible. And clamp it It doesn't even have to look pretty as its being wrapped.
Lai Parco
Lai Parco - 3 måneder siden
I still don't quite get why you have to angularly locate the pommel. The pommel is round, right?
David Larson
David Larson - 3 måneder siden
See what Montana does to you? Turns you into dorks
Seluecus1 - 3 måneder siden
the way i see it... if y'all are getting set backs, regardless of severity. Taking a break and having some fun (especially with the set backs) can really help with relaxing, opening up the mind, and going further into the project with a clear head.
I got a kick out of you improvising the saw with Will and the instrument. :D
Gillian Walker
Gillian Walker - 3 måneder siden
Will the tiny hammer at 3:03 made me burst out laughing. also new steele vs stetler idea, find scrap or broken piece and make something.
K S - 3 måneder siden
Tip for future builds maybe. If you want to get rid of porosity, one thing you can do is drill it out. Use a drill bit just bigger than your hole and drill it out then reweld. That is of course as long as it's not just a huge mass of bubbles. I'm a welder myself and have had to do this after gas failed or other issues.
TheEconomist79 - 3 måneder siden
Making music and Steele come together... you should forge something cool for Wintergatan's Marble machine X!
Virtual Admonisher
Virtual Admonisher - 3 måneder siden
I love your dorky humor. I can highly relate!
Geckomayhem - 3 måneder siden
I laughed hilariously at the percussion break. And the NordVPN practical explanation was so much fun. Oui!
Vitor DeCastro
Vitor DeCastro - 3 måneder siden
Little before 8 min. Can u not grind with the pieces on the handle at once to get it equal ?
Stephen T
Stephen T - 4 måneder siden
4:14 Ooooo....he's going to hit himself in the head with that guard
4:44 Hits himself in the head with the guard
Joshua Ridley
Joshua Ridley - 4 måneder siden
If you TIG with a stainless rod on Carbon Steel it will not show porosity. Even if you have already caused porosity it will do a much better job
Nehemiah Trostle
Nehemiah Trostle - 4 måneder siden
My wife would say it is because Mercury is in retrograde and projects should not be started/processed while it is because they often fail. I just blame Will ;)
The Ghost Rider
The Ghost Rider - 4 måneder siden
The "ça va bien" I like it sooooo much XD
I'm french you have a nice pronunciation !!!
paul lanier
paul lanier - 4 måneder siden
If you saved all the broken pieces you should make a sword or 2 out of a mess ups and auction it off or due a give away (preferably me) You can probably still make it look great and recoup some $ for some of the extra labor and materials that went into it.
Melanto - 4 måneder siden
Today on deliberately bad titles: Will & Alec make beautiful music together.
Russell Chapman Esq.
Russell Chapman Esq. - 4 måneder siden
I don't know what has happened but I miss you when you were in your workshop with a dirt floor in Norfolk. It is hard to explain, but I feel this channel has lost a lot of its soul since moving to the USA.
Rory E
Rory E - 4 måneder siden
Okay guys, investing in better woodworking tools might be a good idea...
Arne Burghouts
Arne Burghouts - 4 måneder siden
I always jawdrop when I see how skilled Alec is in blacksmithing and problem solving.

But also, I always grinch when Alec uses woodwork powertools.

sincerely, a Woodworker.
T3np1ng0d92 - 4 måneder siden
I cant understand why he doesnt mount the router on a table instead of trying to do it by hand.
Brett Gaetz
Brett Gaetz - 4 måneder siden
I spy with my regular sized eye, some full tang hatchets being made over by the drill presses.....😉
Erica Ferreira Bebegas
Erica Ferreira Bebegas - 4 måneder siden
Te súper admiro..😍😍👏👏👏
Kaleb Howard
Kaleb Howard - 4 måneder siden
best musical i ever did watch
Ian Gibson
Ian Gibson - 4 måneder siden
forging a Klingon bat'leth
troublogaMing - 4 måneder siden
Make a Damascus black powder shotgun or flintlock pistol
eLMagnifico - 4 måneder siden
Make a K A T A N A the traditional way please.
Fredric Lindberg
Fredric Lindberg - 4 måneder siden
Watch how they do wooden canoes with thin glas fibre cloth and epoxy. That on a handle would make it as beautiful, but alot stronger. ;) Not that traditional, but cool and strong!
DM Performance & Fabrication
DM Performance & Fabrication - 4 måneder siden
Nickel TIG rod might be a good choice for something like that. Blue Demon makes some good stuff. I use it for welding oil pump pickups to cast oil pumps. Works great. You can also use a stick rod and hammer the flux off using it as a TIG rod.
Ty Grimm
Ty Grimm - 4 måneder siden
Y'all should start a band XD
JR Hamilton
JR Hamilton - 4 måneder siden
K-ramen - 4 måneder siden
you should forge a scientist's ring stand used in chemistry. i reckon its pretty practical.
pyro 75
pyro 75 - 4 måneder siden
Alec, are you okay? You haven’t uploaded in a few days.
Jonathan Lloyd
Jonathan Lloyd - 4 måneder siden
Square edges crack
Ninja Hombrepalito
Ninja Hombrepalito - 4 måneder siden
So British to use soccer to explain NordVPN XD
MicFrom Texas
MicFrom Texas - 4 måneder siden
I commented a few months ago that Alex and will should have a TV show. My wife and I are in the UK for the first time and are watching TV. After an episode of “Forged in Fire” the station “Blaze” notifies us that up next is and episode of “Forged” with Steele.... mind blown
A A - 4 måneder siden
huh, so theres a specialized tool that makes the screw end, go figure
Micah Everall
Micah Everall - 4 måneder siden
you should make a Damascus knife with no power tools
Chris Balchin
Chris Balchin - 4 måneder siden
Hey Alec. Ive been following you for several years now. Im not able to do forge work due to illness; but I love watching you crafting your creations.
Have just seen a video on YouTube called Forging a German Longsword, the complete movie
By Freerk Wieringa
He used some different techniques I thought youd be interested to see (if you dont already know about them.
He uses planks of wood a couple of times. Let me know if this is some form of case hardening.
Many thanks mate. Love your work
Chris from Lancaster England
remy5405 - 4 måneder siden
Get some real wood tools. You have a 900 million lb hammer but not a legit saw. Wtf
Jacob Mccabe
Jacob Mccabe - 4 måneder siden
You should make tiny anvils and sell them on Alec Steele co
KHRIZSTARR Inc. - 4 måneder siden
Am I too late to buy an axe?
Whistle Bird Productions
Whistle Bird Productions - 4 måneder siden
You guys are the best! This is the best content on the tube!
Titus Evanoff
Titus Evanoff - 4 måneder siden
In the past you experimented with titanium alloy, you could try revisiting that with the canister damascus method will stelter learned from steve schwarzer
The-last-real -bad-guy
The-last-real -bad-guy - 4 måneder siden
I really love the Chanel I had an idea for y’all if u read these but for the more expensive swords you plan to sell you should include a flash drive with your videos of you guys forging the blade it would give the buyer more love for the sword
Caleb Dujmovic
Caleb Dujmovic - 4 måneder siden
Is there a way for me to pay for a knife?
Caleb Dujmovic
Caleb Dujmovic - 4 måneder siden
@Timothy S. thanks man
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 4 måneder siden
They currently do not take commissions however recently on Instagram they have teased that knives may be coming to their store
_cccp_ - 4 måneder siden
Hi Alec i realy love your projects and i wanted to ask if there is a chance that you someday forge the big viking axe from the game For Honor?
Jenn Trease
Jenn Trease - 4 måneder siden
Part One of making a guiro out of our old, broken handle 😂
Mike Kooz
Mike Kooz - 4 måneder siden
Alec finished this sword (Up Close with Battle Worn Swords May 18, 2018). They have been regressing on this build ever since. Don't give up fellows.
Jeff Link
Jeff Link - 4 måneder siden
YouTube job security... same activities... different episode. 😂
Robinson prospecting
Robinson prospecting - 4 måneder siden
The welding didn’t turn out because of the oil treatment. Put in the forge and burn oil out of metal
Boney Malone
Boney Malone - 4 måneder siden
Day #1 of asking Alec to finish the Gold Knife
dej-dej la crêpe du saloon
dej-dej la crêpe du saloon - 4 måneder siden
dont travel to china tho
Robert Evras
Robert Evras - 4 måneder siden
Man! Wow Alec....I Remember getting excited for you at 25,000! Proud of you young Man, and so glad you partnered with Will when opportunity came. You 2 are a fabulous duo! Keep on killing it as you move to the 10ML sub mark!
Florian R.
Florian R. - 4 måneder siden
Wood can easily be glued, just saying :D
UtahFive0hh - 4 måneder siden
Suprise Suprise Another project that 12 episodes in they need to restart.... Nothing like another 400 part sword.... Why don't you give us some other videos too while you do all of this...
Austin McDermott
Austin McDermott - 4 måneder siden
What was the feed and voltage for those Mig welds?
jgd480 - 4 måneder siden
I randomly watched 3 episodes of this, and in every episode Will was destroying something
J0hnny Rebel
J0hnny Rebel - 4 måneder siden
Alec, just and idea, get into gunsmithing, mix gunsmithing and blacksmithing and make damascus guns/gun parts :P lol id love to see a damascus 1911, that thing would look so sexy
Athos NER
Athos NER - 4 måneder siden
Hey, Alec, when ca we see you at "Forged in fire" competition?
Hanwenheng Liu
Hanwenheng Liu - 4 måneder siden
Just drop this blacksmithing and start a band already!
TrikeRoadPoet - 4 måneder siden
Use superglue to coat the ends of the handle to saturate the wood fibers. This strengthens the wood structure and helps prevent small cracks and imperfections from forming stress risers and cracking later. You can even use several coats of the superglue to form a sort of 'varnish' on the outer layer that will prevent wear from the leather over wrap from moving over time and wearing on the wood surface as much.